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Transcribed and submitted by Lynn Tooley

1847 - 1849

Birth Records, Town of Genoa

Cayuga County, New York

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Jan.  1		Susan Francis		Peter and Lucinda Bower
Mar. 18		Albert			Lyman and Sarah Marshall
Mar. 24		Frederick		Thomas and Jane Pierce
Apr.  4		Unnamed			Isaac and Lucinda Snover
June  9		Emma Francis		Henry L. and Julia W. Green
June  9		William			Joseph and Fanny Stringham
July 10		Benjamin Franklin	William and Jane Slipper
July 23		Catherine Elizabeth	Darwin and Rosanna Ives
Sep.  1		Jesse			Alexander and susan Labar
Oct.  8		John			Frederick and Harriet Bement
Oct. 30		Frances			Ledyard and Mariette L. Hewitt
Nov. 21		Winifield		Robert and Abby Denton
Nov. 27		Unnamed			Chauncey and Phebe Jane Casar
Nov. 28		George F.		Corydon and Phina Tripp
Dec.  3		Unnamed			Samuel and Rachel Bayer
Dec.  9		Sarah Jane		Abijah and Ada Brown


May   4		Charlotte Elizabeth	Philo and Ann Augusta Clark
May   6		Unnamed			Volney and Clarissa Brundage
June 11		Ellen			Aaron O. and Hannah Creely
July 18		Hellen			John B. and Anna Maria Cheesman
Feb.  3		DeWitt			Augustus and Elizabeth Bates
Apr.  3		Larm?			Larm ? P. and Amand Strong
Apr. 27		Sarah			Abram C. and Polly W. Hinman
July  27		Moses			Alanson and Icy? Durfee
June 16		William Henry		Hewett and Phebe Ann Close
Apr. 16		Marcus			William and Polly Duvall
Aug.  5		Marcus			Geroge and Rebecca Snyder
Sep.  7		Marcus			Stephen and Clarinda Woodin
June 16		Maria Louisa		George and Battusa Woodin
Apr.  3		William Augustus	William and Amy Wilbur
June  2		Ann Elizabeth		Henry or Harry and Ann S. Avery
Jan.  9		Eugene			Amon? and Sarah Taber
Oct. 22		Emma			Hiram and Elsa Shaw
Feb. 26		Orin Newton		Orin and Harriet Hewett
Sep. 29		Unnamed			Abram and Lorana Stevens
Oct. 30		Unnamed			Sidney I. and Philinda Hewitt
June 10		Asa			Sidney and Lavina Goodyear
July  8		Eugene			William and Mary Goodyear
Feb.  1		William and Francis	Samuel and Henrietta Hess
Mar. 17		Harvey S.		Amos and Bernice S. Beach
Mar. 29		Emma Isabella		Noah and Catherine Lyon
Feb. 16		Unnamed			Joshua M. and Jerusha Sharpsteen
July 15		George Richman		Mark and Phebe Mills
Aug. 11		William Henry		Ruben C. and Phoebe B. Beach
Nov. 19		Unnamed			Lockwood and Jane Ferns
Nov.  6		Sarah J.		Amos and Sally Main
Feb. 29		Eliza Amanda		Richard and Betsey Boice
Nov. 16		Unnamed			George and Eliza Bockett
Sep. 20		Jesse			E. Curtis and Phebe Cornell


July  5		John			James and Mary McCravia
May   6		Allen			Lewis and Miranda Calhoun
June 22		Hartwell		Albert and Elizabeth Haynes
Apr. 25		Mary Ann		Richmond and Manervia Davis
Jan.  5		Frank Jefferson		Stephen and Sarah Clark
Jan.  3		Cornelia A.		Res ? and Elizabeth Goodyear
Oct.  9		William			Thomas and Sophronia Knapp
Feb. 16		Glen W.			Edwin P. and Charry King
Dec. 31		Unnamed			James and Sarah Anderson
Aug. 23		Annetta			Ezra and Rachel Ogden
Oct. 19		Alanson			Daniel and Matilda Brown
May  10		Unnamed			Isaac and Marinda Starks
May   8		Charles M.		Samuel and Hellen W. Pope
Sept.   	Unnamed			Elias and Catherine Dolson
Dec.		Emily Mariah		Josiah and Susan Everetts
Dec.		Unnamed			Frederick and Sarah Bordon
Oct.  1		Ashbel			Ashbel and Emeline Avery
June 24		Mary E.			David and Martha Lockwood
Oct. 23		I ?nah O.		George W. and Amanda Ferris
Nov. 21		Unnamed			Alexander and Orvilla Bothwell
June 10		Mary L.			S. T. and Temperance Martin
Jan. 30		Alfred D.		Lucas and Eliza Moe
May  10		Darius C.		Jesse and Mary Whitlock
Aug. 16		Amos			Amos and Eliza H---r
Mar. 27		Thomas E.		Intha and Mary Ann Durfee
Sep.  4		Jane			James and Phebe Moe
Dec. 13		May			Hiram and Ruth Youngs
Jan.  9		Unnamed			Stephen Holenshead and Wife
Jan. 24		Unnamed			Levi Sterns and Wife
May  10		Joseph and Franklin	Samuel and Sarah A. Smith
Aug.  1		John			Moses and Clarissa Lyon
May   6		May and Elizabeth	William and Elizabeth Maleson
Aug.  2		Warren W.		Thomas and Jane Pierce
Aug. 14		Mabell nd Jane		Daniel T. and Sarah Corwin
Nov. 26		Lewis and Henry		Philip and Christiana Algard
Dec.  7		Unnamed			Isaac and Margaret Peck
Dec. 31		Emiline			Arba and Hannah Mills
Nov. 18		Emma			Augustus and Phebe Ferris
Dec.  1		Caroline Olevia		Robert and Abby Denton

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