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Transcribed and submitted by Lynn Tooley

1847 - 1849

Birth Records, Town of Ira

Cayuga County, New York

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Jan. 21		Jerusha			Alfred and Chloe O. Worden
Jan. 23		Susan			William and Sarah Cook
Feb.  1		Sarah Adelaide		Elias A. and Margaret Hatch
Feb.  2		John			John V. and Charlotte Green
Feb.  2		Ellen			John L. and Clarissa Lent?
Feb. 16		Joanna			William and Eliza Green
Feb. 20		John			Edwin and Cynthia Shumway
FEb. 23		George Adam		Gildbert and Magdalene Williams
Mar.  4		Unnamed			Caleb and Bladassah Everts
Mar.  6		Emily			John S. and Ann Barlow
Mar.  6		Emily			John S. and Ann Barlow (2nd entry)
Mar.  9		Frank			Reuben and Sophia St. John
Mar. 16		Ruth Maria		Benj. and Sarah Ann Burgess
Mar. 21		Charles Eberlee		John and Sarah Ann Thompson
Mar. 29		Margaret		Alex and Selina Terpening
Apr.  1		Mary Lovinda		Leonard and Sarah Jane Ward
Apr.  9		Racine			Gideon and Margaret Acker
Apr. 11		Adelbert		John and Nancy VanPatten
Apr. 13		Archibald		John M. and Mary Willes
Apr. 18		Mary Elnora		John and Betsey Harris
May  27		Mary			Smith and Sarah Shattook
June 11		Cynthia Ann		James Rice and - -
June 26		Mortimer Wilmot		James Hunt - - -
July  2		Mary Jane		John and Permelia Lindsley
July 16		George Henry		Henry Whitmore and - - -
July 17		Abraham			Robert and Sarah Lent
Aug. 22		Orsovilla		George W. and Eliza Perry
Sep.  3		Mary			Martin and Olive Chase
Sep.  6		Emily L.		David H. and Mary A. Bradt
Sep. 18		Mary M. and Martha	James and Rebecca Law
Sep. 18		Norman Wesley		Lyman and Gerusha Fox
Sep. 23		Mabel Maria		Henry and Rosina Culver
Sep. 28		Charlotte		John and Sarah Pernilore
Sep. 28		John Hammond		Alexander and Harriet Kerr
Oct.  1		Mary Ann		Samuel E. and Lovina VanScoy
Oct.  1		Laura M.		John M. and Matilda Shepherd
Oct.  7		Mary Elizabeth		John and SusanE. Bartholomew
Oct.  9		Richard James		Jacob and Elizabeth Terwilliger
Oct.  9		Unnamed			Theodore and Elizabeth Rich
Oct. 22		Eliakim Cheesebro	Solomon B. and Angelic VanAuken
Oct. 25		Unnamed			William and Harriet E. Lampman
Nov.  1		Elmina			James and Margaret Steward
Dec.  4		William			David W. and Caroline E. Telford
Dec.  5		James W.B.		Albert and Caroline Robinson
Dec. 10		Oscar Briggs		Cornelius and Eliza Flint
Dec. 16		Unnamed			June VanScoy (Illeg.)
Dec. 18		Unnamed			Truman F. and Phebe Brackett
Dec. 27		Jane			William Youngs and - -


Jan.  3		Loretta Adell		Chauncey A. and Fanny Smith
Jan. 22		Adelbert		James and Leoratia Terpening
Mar. 20		Margaret		Joseph and Adelia Caffinger
Feb. 28		Adelbert		Jacob Countryman and - -
Apr.  6		Mary Eugenia		Birdsey and Adelia A. Curtis
Apr.  6		Telotes			Benjamin and Hester VanAuken
Apr.  9		Alexander B.		Maria Burchard (Illeg.)
Apr. 20		Ellen			Benjamin and Elizabeth VanAuken
May   1		Chloe			Russell and Prudence Carter
May  31		Tammy Jane		William and Rennet Terpening
May  13		Sarah Margaret		Wendell and Catherine Helebrant
June  2		Unnamed			Smith W. and Catherine Holcomb
June  9		George			John F. and Ann Eliza Squares
June 10		Sarah Caroline		John and CAroline Johnson
June 21		Job. B.			Lewis B. and Louisa L. Conger
June 30		Unnamed			Ransom and Sally McGraw
July  4		Harriet Lucy		Philander and Lucy Palmer
July  9		Alonzo			Richard and Jane Terpening
July 11		Unnamed			Ebenezer and Sarah Stranaham
July 24		Maria			George Gilbert and - - -
July 16		Albert D.E.		Jacob and Polly VanPatten
Aug.  8		Pamelia Jane		Jesse and Sally Potter
Aug. 12		Robert Emmett		Joseph B. and Sally Potter
Aug. 24		George Wesley		David and Lovina McCausey
Sep.  4		Unnamed			Josiah and Loretta Rice
Sep. 17		Eugene and Josephine	Gural ? and Angeline Palmer
Sep. 14		J. C. (male)		John and Sarah Andrews
Sep. 15		John			John Marvin and - -
Sep. 16		Almon Eugene		William and Lydia Ells
Sep. 17		Morris			Warren and Emeline Blake
Sep. 25		Mary			Philip Sharp and - -
Sep. 26		Alice Amelia		Hugh and Sally Hunter
Oct. 14		John			Isaac and Polly Hunt
Nov.  1		Unnamed			Mason S. and Eliza Carter
Nov. 12		Charles Henry		Civillia Ells (Illeg.)
Nov. 15		Charles			Edwin and Cynthia Shumway
Nov. 20		Unnamed			Jedediah E. and Sally Loverige
Nov. 29		Unnamed			George B? and Clarissa Andrews
Dec.  2		Unnamed			Willis and Sophronia Phelps
Dec. 22		Unnamed			Charles and Eliza McCaunsey
Dec. 28		Unnamed			Philo t. and Miranda Booth
Dec. 31		Mary and Maria		David and Mary J. Kellogg


May  21		John Bentis?		Thomas and Sarah A. McChese
May  25		Unnamed			Samuel and Catherine Terpening
May  25		Walter			John and Morilla Phelps
June  4		Charles and Daniel	John and Mary Mullegan
Mar. 19		John			James and Ann Copelan
May   5		William W.		Hiram Jr. and Betsey Strickland
Nov. 13		Georgiana		Alfred and Jane Phelps
Dec. 19		- - - 			James and Diantha Hunt
Mar.  9		Unnamed			Hiram and Harriet Crossett
Jan. 14		Harvey S.		Charles and Emeline Rich
Feb. 10		Grata			George R. and Peggy Ann Rich
Feb. 23		Irvin Jerome		John N. and Lydia Melissa Martin
Feb. 25		Sis			Caleb and Theodosa Everetts
Mar. 14		Sarah Ann		George and Hester Pane
May  15		Allice			Tunis T. and Nancy A. Suydam
July  2		Charles			Christon and Sophronia Fink
Sep. 13		Sis			John P. and Evaline Chamblin
Sep. 17		Joseph Henry		Henry R. and Hannah Knowlton
Nov.  8		James Henry		Peter and Louisa Lyon
May  26		Allice Thresia		Harvey and Polly Root
May  29		Leone Mariah		Gideon and Peggy Ann Acker
Nov. 29		Sis			Stephen C. and Gratia Wallace
Aug. 17		Baby (Male)		Charles and Jane P. Smith
Aug. 30		rufus Henry		Jeremiah and Elizabeth Defendorf
June 19		Unnamed			Sollmon and Anjebrick VanAuken
Apr. 10		Unnamed			Alexander and Hariet Kerr
Jan.  3		George Horace		E. Parker and susan Cook
Oct. 26		Angeline Sharpley	Justus and Susan M. Townsend
Dec.  7		Unnamed			Russell and Prudence Carter
Feb.  8		James Benjamin		James and Harriet Ann VanPatten
May   6		Mary Alid		Derius and Lucy Gould
July  3		Warren			Eleazer Frisby and Gertrude M. James
Sep. 22		Harriet Elizabeth	Lucas and Betsey Terpening
Dec. 18		Unnamed			Washington and Almira Harris
July  6		Sweetheart		Chauncey and Fanny Smith
Nov. 19		Ephriam J.		Augustus and Sarah Stockwell
May  10		James			James and Mary Hallesy
Feb. 25		Anne Adella		John and Lidian Spickerman
Feb.  2		Childs W.		Levi B. and Caroline Morris
May   1		John W.			John and Ladisca Guppy
May  14		George			George and Rebecca Copelin
Feb.  9		Elizabeth Ann		Barnet and Betsey Ann Marvin
July 31		Unnamed			Henry and Catherine VanDusen
Nov. 16		William Wallace		Almarian and Annica Holcomb
July 14		Ruth Ann		Hiram and Aseneth Coon
Oct. 24		William Henry		Henry and Hester VanAuken	
Jan.  2		Edward			Joseph and Jane E. Bullard
Oct.  7		Alis Loisa		Gilbert and Phebe Eliza Jones

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