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Transcribed and submitted by Lynn Tooley

1847 - 1849

Birth Records, Town of Mentz

Cayuga County, New York

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Jan.  3		Alanzo			William and Lucy Thomas
Jan. 10		Maria E.		Benjamin and Rebecca Snyder
Jan. 10		Mary			Benjamin and Rebecca Snyder
Jan. 11		Edward			Richard A. and Emily Hoff
Feb.  1		William John		Rathburn and Mary Ann Hagadoon
Feb.  4		Sarah Rolinda		Reily and Ann Wilson
Feb. 19		Charles Henry		John and Catherine DeGroff
Mar.  1		Phoebe E.		Abram and Frances Knapp
Mar.  2		Salina			T.B. Myers ---
Mar. 22		Mary Jane		Richard and Francis Cheats
Mar. 23		Lorenzo			Joel and CAroline Goodsel
Mar. 12		Thomas J.		John and Julia Bell
Apr.  2		Philip K.		Ezekel K. and Hannah Henry
Apr.  7		David B.		John B. and Catherine Kinne
Apr.  9		Justus B.		Frederick and Hannah Kibble
Apr. 23		Amelia			Thomas and ELiza Ann Blass
May  11		Laura Frances		Egbert and Hannah Davis
May  24		George S.		Israel W. and Patience Petty
May  24		Isabella		Joseph and Hannah Hagder
Jun. 22		Charles Lyman		Eli and Eliza E. Wilson
Jun.  2		Thomas St. John		DeWitt C. and Helen Akin
Jun. 22		Edgar			Edgar and Martha C? mon
Jul.  2		Samuel N.		Samuel and Elizabeth Daugherty
Jul. 14		Jessey Annett		William T. and Jane A. VanDooran
Jul. 19		Stephen			David and Mahala Morris
Jul. 21		Clarence L.		Alvarez and Ursula A. Tupper
Jul. 23		Emma A. S.		Benjamin B. and Laura J. Clapp
Jul. 31		Sampson Reight		Herman and Lucy Wright Myers
Aug.  1		Albert			David and Julia Lewis
Aug. 14		Francis E.		Edward and Margaret White
Aug. 14		Sarah Cornelia		Ezekial and susannah Lampher
Sep. 18		Unnamed			Joseph and Amand Smith
Sep. 28		Jane			Robert and Sarah Goulding
Oct. 24		John F.			Asahel D. and Lucy Ann Avery
Oct. 26		Silas Wright		William W. and Elizabeth Mills
Oct. 30		Unnamed			Jabez S. and Ann Ashley
Nov.  2		Unnamed			Abran and Louisa Teachout
Nov. 15		John			Lewis and Catherine Sullivan
Nov. 25		Unnamed			Palmer M. and Sarah Nelson
Dec.  1		Catherine A.		Nathaniel and Catherine Saxton
Dec. 10		Unnamed			Albert and Louisa Allis
Dec. 11		Eliza			Isaac and Floretta Graham
Dec. 11		Adelia			Jacob and Lorane Williams
Dec. 14		Unnamed			Wellington and Jane Buck
Dec. 23		Lewis McCarty		Washington J. and Betsey Mary White
Dec. 25		John G.			Peter and Loisa Wandover
Dec. 26		Unnamed			Samuel and Angeline Hetfield
Dec. 29		Unnamed			John and Betsey Ann Copp

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