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Transcribed and submitted by Lynn Tooley

1847 - 1849
Birth Records, Town of Moravia
Cayuga County, New York

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Jan. 18		Louisa Ann		David and Sally Royce
Jan. 24		Lauren Martin		Lauren and Lucy Townsend
Jan. 25		Mary Jane		Coe and Frances Wilson
Feb. 10		Thomas Benton		Thomas and Amanda VanOradol
Feb. 12		Frances Mariah		Elias T. and Fidelia Roberts
Feb. 24		Amelia			Ralph and Arissa Studwell
Feb. 26		Unnamed			William and Elsie Harris
Mar.  1		Amos P.			Stephen and Sally Main
Mar.  1		Leander			G.W. and Electa Ann Bowen
Mar.  5		James Gordon		Gordon A. and Permelia Hewitt
Mar.  9		Minerva			Israel and Caroline Keeler
Mar. 10		Charles Anson		Anson and Jane Curtis
Mar. 17		Frances Jane		John and Charity Prine
Mar. 29		Rachel Alice		Isaac and Tinia Sanford
Apr.  1		Samuel			William and Diantha Miller
Apr.  3		Margaret Adell		Samuel and Katherine Dates
Apr.  7		Hannah Jane		Lafayette and Harriet Rosekrans
Apr. 11		Martha E.		Perkins and Mary Berean			
Apr. 22		Mary Elizabeth		James and Lucinda Allee
Apr. 23		Miranda			Simeon and Almira Kelley
Apr. 30		Unnamed			Caleb and Mary Palmer
May   1		Clarissa Elizabeth	Amasa and Eliza Palmer
May   6		Viletta			Dennis D. and Mary Roberts
May   6		William P.		Henry and Charlotte Wilson
June  8		Reuben L.		Spencer and Louisa Bailey
June 16		Lydia Ann		Samuel and Ann Huntley
June 19		Sally Jane		John and Calista Jane Dennis
July  8		Edgar Leonard		Philip and Malinda Ercanbrack
July 19		Ann Eliza		Zadoo and Ann Eliza Rhoads
July 28		Hannah Dorcas		Warren and Thirza Baker
Aug.  4		Catherine		Thomas R. and Hannah Belding
Aug.  8		Leonard M.		Silas and Sophia Main
Aug.  8		Leonard			David and Angeline Moffitt
Aug.  9		George M.		William and Jane Teed
Aug. 12		Elizabeth Frances	Christian Jr. and Caroline Fritts
Aug. 17		Mary			Erastus and Martha Reynolds
Aug. 19		Wright			Christopher and Eleanor Foster
Aug.  4		Elasco			Luther and Elizabeth Baker
Sep.  6		Unnamed			Isaac and Polly Reamer
Sep. 16		Orlin W.		John Jr. and Jennette Hicox
Sep. 17		George W.		William and Harrietia Bumford
Sep. 22		Unnamed			Isaac and Jane Austin
Oct.  4		Sidney Ellis		Edmund and Diantha Benjamin
Oct.  7		George			James and Abigail White
Oct. 30		Unnamed			Delos and Polly Bradley
Oct. 30		Unnamed			David and Margaret A. Wood
Nov.  8		George			Joshua Jr. and Mahala Fowler
Dec.  4		Louisa J.		Alvin and Lucretia Wilson
Dec. 17		Unnamed			William and Mary Clark


Jan.  9		Alida			Samuel C. and Charlotte Jennings
Jan. 28		Lovina Jane		Eliker P. and Electa Hibbard
Feb.  1		George Alfred		Martha Carscadin (Illeg.)
Feb.  2		Unnamed			Elijah and Elizabeth Goodell
Feb.  4		Abigail			Jeremiah J. and Hannah Reed
Feb. 11		Benjamin		Lindal and Mary Brown
Feb. 21		John A.			Joseph Jr. and Zilpha Lee
Mar.  3		Francis Marion		Lorenzo and Mariah Loomis
Mar.  5		George W.		Anthony and Melissa Austin
Mar.  5		Electa Lavena		Major and PHebe Champlin
Mar. 18		Mortimer		Harvey and Margaret Reynolds
Apr.  1		Mark			Peter and Harriet Brokaw
---  --		Unnamed			Harvey and Sirena Whipple 	
Apr. 25		Unnamed			Homer and Deborah Aldrich
May   9		Truman Kellogg		Ezra P. and Ruth Smith
May  17		Josephine		William and Nancy Whiting
May  18		Harriet Lorenze		John and Diantha Brokaw
May  25		Smith			John and Lydia Stoyell
June  5		George B.		William and Mary Richards
June  7		Susan			Nehemiah and Susan Knapp
June 10		Marien			Jeremiah and Eliza Hunt
June 26		Albert			Morgan L. and Aurelis Wood
July  5		smuel Brugess		David and Rebecca Dunham
July 13		Loretta			Conrad and Jane Rosekrans
Aug.  2		William			John A. and Sarah Robinson
Aug. 16		Unnamed			Henry and Louisa Harris
Aug. 18		Emma			Jacob and Jane Nostrandt
Aug. 27		Jefferson		Franklin P. and E.M.Howe
Sept. 		Elizabeth		Ira and Angeline Young
Sep. 15		Unnamed			Henry Jr. and Emily Cutler
Sep. 15		Mary Elizabeth		Cornelius W. and Ann Depuy
Sep. 15		John Day		Dewight and Mary Lee
Sep. 20		Charles Duane		William and Deborah Parker
Oct. 11		Unnamed			Alvin and Sarah Goodell
Oct. 19		Unnamed			William and Diantha ---
Oct. 19		Chloe C.		Tunis and Chloe Barhite
Oct. 20		George W.		John and Charity Prine
Oct. 30		Sarah A.		James A. and Sarah Ferguson
Nov. 10		Unnamed			John and Esther Hodge
Nov. 13		Ida			Alanson and Mary Dean
Dec.  1		James West		Luther L. and Asenath Lakey
Dec. 15		Tirshus			John and Sumantha Phelps
Dec. 26		Paulina			Hiramand Sarah Leroy


Jan.  4		James D.		William and Elspy Harris
Jan. 20		Edgar			Henry and Sarah Alley
Jan. 27		Unnamed			Beriah and Harriet King
Feb.  3		Mary			Simeon and Almyrah Kelley
Feb.  3		James Hanry		Abram and Elizabeth Norstrandt
Feb. 12		Charles			Israel and Caroline Keeler
Mar.  4		Ann Augusta		David and Angeline Moffitt
Mar. 13		John Henry		Elisha and Martha Conklin
Mar. 15		Unnamed			Isaac and Martina Sanford
Mar. 28		Frederick William	William and Melissa Whitney
Apr.  2		Mary Ann		Samuel W. and Catherine Dates
Apr.  5		George W.		Orson M. and Harriet Welch
Apr.  7		George Henry		Hiram C. and Julia L. Smith
Apr. 14		Cornelia		Lyman and Sarah Sabin
Apr. 30		Oscar			Corydon and Electa Arnold
May   1		Sarah			Daniel and Cordelia Lumbert
May   9		Sarah Louisa		Elijah and Betsey VanArsdell
May  17		Clinton C.		Stephen and Sally Main
May  22		Harvey Philo		Hiram and Clarinda Burch
May  31		Hellen M.		James M. and Emily Thornton
June  4		Orselia Augusta		Avery and Sally Lawrence
June 13		Phebe Jane		Isaac and Polly Bell
June 29		Unnamed			Stephen S. Birdsall and Wife
July  6		Day			Lyman and Mary Ann Card
July 22		Russell			Ephriam and Emily Robinson
July 22		James Henry		Alexander and Sally Shimer
July 29		Unnamed			James M. and Mariah Walker
July 31		Unnamed			Arotus and Betsey Sabin
Aug. 10		Lydia Powell		Ross S. and Nancy W. Allard
Aug. 11		Charles			John R. and Sarah Ann Cobb
Aug. 12		Unnamed			Lafayette and Harriet Rosecrans
Oct.  7		George			Isaac and Julia Ammerman
Oct. 18		Elijah J.		John and Dorcas Congdon
Oct. 14		Unnamed			Zadoo(Zadoc) and Ann Eliza Rhodes
Oct. 19		Jared F.		Jehiel and Sarah Jane Perkins
Oct. 19		Susannah		Lewis and Caroline Everson
Oct. 26		Truman A.		Samuel and Julia Royce
Oct. 28		Maryette		James and Abigail White
Nov. 10		Unnamed			David and Margaret A. Wood
Nov. 12		Dolfus C.		Samuel C. and Sabra Mosher
Nov. 24		Unnamed			Benjamin and Lucinda Davenport
Dec.  1		Clarissa		Abner and Lucretia Abbey
Dec.  3		Unnamed			Lydia Jane Scott (Illeg)
Dec.  5		Unnamed			James and Caroline Bynett
Dec. 13		Wing T.			John L. and Mary Parker
Dec. 16		Unnamed			John M. and Mary Stoddard
Dec. 27		George			John W. and Sarah Bouton

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