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Transcribed and submitted by Lynn Tooley

1847 - 1849

Birth Records, Town of Niles

Cayuga County, New York

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Jan.  6		George			Ira L.and Emma Moore
Feb.  1		Charles H.		Stephen and Mary DeBar
Feb. 17		Robert			Stephen and Axy Oakley
Feb. 18		Ruliff B.		Illegitimate
Feb. 19		Ann Nette		Berton H. and Eliza Ann Lewis
Mar.  6		Jackson V. & Jefferson L.  Harrison and Almira Fowler
Mar. 29		James			Joseph and Jane Dehart
Apr.  5		Amelia			William and Polly Bassette
Apr. 22		Mary Loira		Ross R. and Jane Oakley
May   5		Phebe Marian		Daniel J. and Lucinda VanAuken
May   8		Harriet M.		Albert and Margaret Simmons
May  16		Logesta Matilda		John and Mary Dempsey
June  3		Mary Ann		George S. and Eliza Sager
June  3		Lydia Ann		Jonah and Elizabeth Whipple
June  4		Benjamin		Abram and Betsey Rosebloom
June 22		Elizabeth		Abram and Evaline Defendorf
July 14		Walter Ugene		John and Roanna Welty
July  3		Adelaide		Richard and Rachel Selover
July 17		Orcelia			Abram and Sarah Ann Shaver
July 22		charles Henry		Chauncey and Philena Westfall
July 30		Eliza Ann		James and Hannah Derbyshire
Aug. 20		John Milton		Samuel and Hannah Dempsey
Aug. 21		Unnamed			Isaac d. and Sophia W. Gravit
Sep.  2		Ebenezer		James P. and Mary Ann Hoyt
Sep. 15		William I.		Wilber and Mary Baker
Oct.  4		John			Daniel and Polly DeWitt
Oct.  8		Mary Augusta		Levi and Emily Decker
---   -		Unnamed			Henry R. and Julietta Bodine
Oct. 11		Dewane			Joab and Margaret Austin
Oct. 12		Unnamed			Ames and Sally Palmer
Oct. 12		Mary Jane		Richard and Eliza Duryee
Oct. 25		Unnamed			Asa and Mary Robinson
Oct. 25		Unnamed			Daniel and Sarah Winters
Nov.  1		Orphia Ann		Abram and Ann DeBar
Nov. 11		Lina			Phillip and Lina Sherman
Nov. 19		Abalena			George and Ruth Hall
Nov. 23		Unnamed			William and Sophia Fritts
Nov. 28		Jesse			William and Katherine VanFleet
Dec. 12		William			Henry S. and Susan Kise
Dec. 15		Unnamed			Henry and Sally Bush
Dec. 18		Unnamed			Edmon and Elizabeth Robinson
Dec. 25		Unnamed			Jacob and Harriet Selover
Dec. 28		Unnamed			William and Jane Devinney


Jan.  5		Fidelia			Willhelinus and Ruth Cuykendall
Jan. 12		Helen			Barney and Minerva Starin
Jan. 12		William			Lyman and Asia Greenfield
Feb.  1		George Milton		Thomas and Harriet Whitmore
Feb. 12		Alice			Abram and Hannah Bodine
Jan. 25		Julia Ann		WilliamJ.N. and Lydia Shepard
Mar.  1		Jane Alida		Edwin V. and Rachel Chandler
Mar. 14		Harriet Eliza		Ezra and Eliza Mossman
Mar. 15		Martin			Erastus and Eliza Robinson
Apr.  3		James			Leonard and Jemima VanArsdale
Apr. 18		Emma			John and Huldah Dennis
May  14		George W.		Samuel and Leah Robinson
May  22		Phebe			Archibald and Ruth Lewis
May  30		Jenette			James and Nancy Odell
May  31		Julia			Lewis and Mary Lockwood
June  9		Genevieve Clara		James H.and Loiza Lewis
June 11		Nancy Jane		David and Rachel Winter
June 20		Sypranit		Alexander and Lydia Beebe
June 24		Annis Cornelia		William and Hannah Hayn
June 24		Alice Adelia		William and Hannah Hayn
June 30		Asenith Maria		Charles and Gitty Burch
July 27		Lindsley		John C. and Melvina Derby
July 27		Mary Elizabeth		James and Augusta Elizabeth VanDuyne
Aug. 14		Wellington		John and Jane Ann Cunard
Sep. 19		Charles Henry		Alonzo and Angeline Wood
Nov.  6		Antinette		Abel and Cornelia Darrow
Nov. 16		Odell M. 		DeWitt and Juliett Brinkerhoff
Nov. 18		Elizabeth Frances	Asahel and Lana Shaver
Nov. 24		Ellen Maria		J. Bishop and Maria Partels
Dec.  3		Jane Elizabeth		Allen and Permelia Bush
Dec. 11		Unnamed			William and Sally Slade
Dec. 26		Unnamed			Elias and Jane VanEtten
Jan. 28		Isabel			Benjamin and Huldah P. Duryee


Jan. 10		Manson			David and Catherine Devinny
Jan. 24		William Henry		Peter R. and Juliette VanDuyne
Feb.  4		Darius			Joshua and Nancy Clark
Mar.  1		Charles			Abram L. and Minerva Jones
Mar. 14		Dor ?			John and Mary DeWitt
Apr. 15		Frances E.		Baxter F. and Matilda Blakeley 
Apr. 27		Eugenius		Hiram and Rachel Ann Hall
May  24		James Myron		William and Maria VanDuyne
May  27		Miles			Reuben and Sophia Drake
June 10		Margaret Adaline	Richard and Rachel Selover
June 21		Jane Elizabeth		Levi W. and Eliza VanEtten
June 21		Milton			George S. and Eliza Sager
July  4		Martin R., Jr.		Martin R. and Lucy M. Streeter
Aug.  2		Chancey O.		Chancey and Adeline ---
Aug.  4		Lydia Ann		Phillipand Rebecca Kellogg
Aug. 13		Isaac Talman		William B. and Mrs. VanArsdale
Sep. 12		Eliza Ann		Henry and Mary Ann Amerman
Sep. 14		Laura Ann		Abram and Hannah Bodine
Sep. 15		John C.			Cornelius and Delila Bodine
Sep. 28		Unnamed			Abram and Lydia Sinderilla Taylor
Oct.  6		Minerva			Phillip and Lina Sherman
Nov.  5		Unnamed			Daniel J. and Lucinda VanAuken
Nov. 20		Polly			Ely and Lusina Devoe
Nov. 22		William Harris		James and Augusta VanDuyne
Dec.  4		Catherine Elizabeth	Isaac and Mary Selover
Dec. 12		John Milton		John C. and Malvina A. Derby
Dec. 14		Eliza			Richard and Eliza Duryee
Dec. 26		Rorzilla		Abram and Susannah Westfall
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