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Transcribed and submitted by Lynn Tooley

1847 - 1849

Birth Records, Town of Owasco

Cayuga County, New York

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Jan. 11		Orin			Obadiah and Fanny Howland
Jan. 31		Hannah E.		Martin and Catherine Graham
Feb.  8		Tyler S.		Saffarine and Elizabeth DePuy
Feb. 25		Louisa M.		William and Louisa Bassett
Mar. 15		George L.		Jacob L.and Sarah Deboe
Mar. 19		Frances Louisa		Jacob B. and Catherine Fries
Mar. 20		Daniel			Merick and Loeresia Edson
May  17		Arvilla			Edwin and Arvilla Sherman
May  20		Martha E.		John G. and Elizabeth WMson
May  23		Janes S.C.		A. B. and E.L. Winfield
May  23		Sarah N.		Calvin and Merv?? Groff
May  26		James M.		Benjamin and Sarah Deboe
May  29		Richard			Roelif and Almyra Parsell
June 12		Harriet			William and susan DeGroff
June 27		Winfield		Peter and Sarah Frair
Aug. 13		Frederick		John P. and Mary J. Adams
Aug. 27		Winfield		John and Marie Stryker
Sep.  5		William D.		Jeremiah and Sophronia Burroughs
Sep. 18		Mary E.			Al--am and Elizabeth Quick
Oct.  1		Mary J.			Daniel and Elizabeth Conklin
Oct.  8		Mary			David and Catherine Parsell
Oct. 21		Ann Louisa		Henry and Mary A. Brinkerhoff
Nov.  5		Unnamed			John T. and Nancy Brokaw
Nov. 13		Unnamed			Richard and Margaret A. Amerman
Nov. 21		Elenor A.		Samuel B. and Catherine Noyes
Dec. 11		Unnamed			Henry and Lydia Conklin


Jan.  1		Isora			Manuel G. and Jane Deboe
Jan. 11		Abby Jane		Hamilton and Abby Jane Perkins
Feb. 23		Sarah M.		William and Mary Ann Greenwood
Mar. 17		James H.		Eli and Eletha Barup		
Mar. 24		John H.			Henry and Sarah Francisco
Mar. 26		Emma J.			Stephen and Nancy Pero
Apr.  1		James M.		Aretusand Angeline Sabin
Apr.  3		John Henry		Henry and Jane Francisco
Apr. 10		Lucinda			Samuel P. and Mary Terwilliger
Apr. 22		Elizabeth A.		John R. and Elizabeth Conklin
May  11		Hannah P.		William and Caroline Brinkerhoff
June 30		Jasper L.		Leroy and Sally Hopkins
July 14		Lusena			Joseph and Charlotte Bell
July 28		Alfred			John T. and Mary Ann Brinkerhoff
Aug. 12		Julia			Elam T. and Sarah Balwin
Aug. 30		John R.			Roelif and Almira Parsel
Sep. 23		Unnamed			David and Harriet Brinkerhoff
Oct. 13		Ann Maria		Peter and Emily Moore
Oct. 19		Peter			Stephen and Eliza Groff
Oct. 20		Unnamed			Aubros J. and Phebe Freeland
Nov. 11		Annetta			William and Margette Van Varnn--?
Nov. 19		Unnamed			Martin and Catherine Graham
Nov. 24		John			Amphrey and Sarah Havens
Nov. 27		Sarah			Jerome and Jane Groff
Dec. 13		Unnamed			Jacob S. and Sally Deboe
Dec. 15		Reece			Leonard and Sharlotte Harmon


Aug.  6		Hannah Elizabeth	Saffarine and Elizabeth DePuy
Oct. 19		Unnamed			Henry and Lydia Conklin
July 21		Phebe Jane		Peter and Sarah Friar
Oct.  4		Reuben			William and Sarah Hawkins
Sep. 23		Aaron R.		Peter J.and Sarah E. LeFever
Sep.  4		Catherine		Elexander and Magdaline Etting
June  8		Ema Ursula		John and Amy Kimpton
Sep.  8		Lana Alrad		John and Ann Pickard
Jan. 11		Eliza			George and Jane Pickard
July 23		Maria Allett		Rufus and Mariah Potter
June  6		Mary L.			Isaac and Mary Christian
Oct.  7		Margaret		James and Eliza Basson
Dec. 15		Norman			Michael and Margaret Beach
Sep. 16		Sarah A.		John and Mariah G. Stryker
July  6		Mary Ann		Noah and Deborah Robinson
Nov. 28		Harriet			Adam and Hariet Fries
June  1		Samuel			John E. and Elizabeth Wmson 
Nov.  7		Mary Jane		Peter and Abigail Howard
Sep. 19		Sarah			William and Aseneth Howard
May  20		Hardenburgh		John T.E. and Leah DeWitt
Feb. 18		Narusea			Morgan and Sally Owen
Dec. 12		Unnamed			John B. and Sarah Cuykendall
Dec. 16		Cornelius V.		Anthony V. and Mariah Cuykendall
Aug. 20		William F.		William H. and Mary Dunning
June 30		John Q.			John and Mary Ann Adams
July  2		Orville			John and Elizabeth Ann Miller

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