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Transcribed and submitted by Lynn Tooley

1847 - 1849

Birth Records, Town of Scipio

Cayuga County, New York

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Apr. 20		Eugene M.		Aaron and Mary Yale or Gale
Mar.  6		Frances			Gideon and Deborah Tallman
Apr. 23		Caroline A.		Volney and Sarah Bishop
Mar.  8		Caroline M.		Ira and Elenor Akin
July 20		Elijah A.		Williamand Matilda Lawrence
Feb.  1		Lois			Hiram and Martha Wheat
June 30		Mark			Benjamin and Nancy Trim
Aug.  1		Abraham			Henry and Eliza Sawyer
Sep. 12		Charles E.		William E. and --- Hudson
Oct. 23		Elizabeth		Edward and Harriet M. Akin
Aug. 26		Mortimer		Peter and Mary VanArsdale
June 19		Leo-a			Franklin and Ordelia Parker
Nov. 22		Elen			Orman and Laura Sherwood
May  26		Mary			Nathanieland Margaret Allward
Dec. 24		Bridget			John and Mary Grimes
Feb. 27		Charles B.		Urial and Amy Tracy
Mar. 31		John T.			John C. and Sarah J. Backus
Oct. 12		Unnamed			Harvey and Emily Raynolds
July 21		Georgiania		Abiel and Rossanah Luther


Sep.  8		Caroline		Thomas and Silva White
Jan.  9		Ophelia			Anthony and Sophia Shaw
Aug. 22		Unnamed			Braddock and Elvira Clark
May  24		Unnamed			Ethan and Sarah Clark
Aug. 28		Emily			DeWitt C. and Hannah Gould
July 10		Unnamed			Noyes M. and Elizabeth Merrill
July  9		Mary E.			Christopher and Samantha Roffee
Sep. 26		Caleb A.		Christopher and Mary Ann Roffee
June  3		Lovina F.		Orin and Phila Ames
Aug. 26		Sarah A.		John J. and Elizabeth Reed
Nov.  9		Charles M.		Morell S. and Laura L. Fitch
Oct. 12		syntha M.		Jonathan E. and Sarah Smith
May   8		Newton E.		Ledia W. and Hannah T. Watkins
June 16		Mary and Sarah		John W. and Hannah A. Higgins


Jan. 27		George Arthur		Samuel and Joyce Goodman
Apr.  3		Unnamed			John S. and Parmelia Parks
Apr.  7		Unnamed			Peter and Henrietta Fox
May  20		Florence		Hiram and Laura A. Close
May  23		Phebe E.		Erastus and Polly Hill
July 25		Unnamed			William and Mary Ann Morgan
July 30		Unnamed			Hiram and --- Wood
Aug. 20		Helen			Gideon and Deborah Tallman
Aug. 28		Eliza E.		George L.and Ann E. Watkins
Sep. 29		Hiram M.		R.E. and susan M. Beardsley
Oct. -1		Edna M.			Jerome and Marandy Clark
Oct. 22		Lewellyn		Christopher and Samantha Roffee
Nov. 19		Unnamed			Joshua and Mary Rhinehart
Nov. 24		Unnamed			Samuel and Cornelia P. Griggs

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