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Transcribed and submitted by Lynn Tooley

1847 - 1849

Birth Records, Town of Sempronius

Cayuga County, New York

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Jan.  1		Thomas B.		Griffin and Christina A. Reynolds
Jan. 15		Esther			Isaac and Esther Hart
Jan. 24		Benjamin		Giles P. and Ann S. Ripley
Jan. 31		Salvina			Otis and Mary Ann Dresser
Mar.  7		Ebenezer W.		Ebenezer and Uretta Heald
Mar. 12		Lydia Maria		Stanton Wilcox ---
Apr.  7		Orra Louisa		Evi and Hetty Stoddard
Apr.  8		Helen			Stephen and Elizabeth Newland
May   5		Unnamed			Joseph and Zanna Chandler
May   8		Ida Alphena		(Illigitimate)
May  11		Norven A.		Alexander and Fidelia E. Harmon
May  22		Julius Cephas		Henry and Sally Smith
May  25		Malcom			Miss Betsey Hewett
May  29		Unnamed			Adna M. and Louisa Griffin
June 26		Ellen			Ebenezer and Adeline Eaton
June 26		Unnamed			William and Mary Pressy
July  6		Emma Jane		Volney B. and Ada Newland
July  9		Celestia		Gardner Mott and --
July 18		Unnamed			William and Loranda Sweet
July 23		Bradley			Demas and Cynthia Cutler
Sep.  1		Artemas			Jacob and Jane Updike
Sep. 11		Jason			William R. and Louisa Manley
Sep. 20		Ellen ELiza		George and Amanda Southwick
Oct.  8		Unnamed			John and Relief Alcott
Oct. 26		Zuriah			Samuel and Jane Scott
Dec.  8		John Henry		John and Polly Minard
Dec.  9		Unnamed			Arnold and Harriet Swift
Dec. 18		Unnamed			Rosel C. and Jounah
Dec. 26		Rosetta			Nathaniel Clark and ---
Dec. 26		Unnamed			Lucius and Isabel Fitts


Jan.  5		Mariah			Andrew and Eliza Perry
Jan. 13		Caroline		Jehiel and Sophronia Mather
Feb. 10		William Downer		Alonzo and Nancy Perry
Feb. 15		Harriet			Nathaniel and Mary Baly
Mar. 16		Charles			Lewis and Emeline Dresser
Mar. 20		Laura Mariah		Samuel and Betsey Nelson
Mar. 15		Mary			David and Anelisa Kellogg
Apr.  7		Charles			Newland and Sophia Sherman
Apr. 28		Alma Maria		Amasa B. and Amy Ann Hardy
Apr. 29		James			David H. and Polly Foster
May   4		John R.			John and Elmira Cleaveland
May  10		Mary			Isaac and Eliza Ann Conklin
May  30		Sarah Jane		John and Fanny Spore
May  31		Diadama			Jacob and Deborah Brown
June 17		Maria Elizabeth		Charles and Naomi Heald
June 21		Celia Ann		Nathan and Cordelia Colwell
July 10		Irena			Amos and Jane Rathbun
Aug.  1		Unnamed			John and Roxena Youngs
Sep.  2		Luzerne Z.		Schuyler and Maranda Matterson
Sep. 14		Silas H.		William Y. and Eunice Smith
Oct.  7		Earl			Zeriah G. and Sophia Rhoads
Oct. 24		Sanford H.		Henry and Sally Smith
Oct. 26		Cashus M.		Edw. and Maria Clark
Nov.  7		Arthur			Denton and Phidelia Smith
Nov. 14		John			Henry and Jane Atwood
Nov. 30		Mariah Arminda		Alexander and Fidelia Harmon
Dec.  6		Unnamed			John and Lydia Richardson
Dec. 18		Nancy A.		Daniel and Harriet Briggs
Dec. 25		Unnamed			Hezekiah and Diantha Havens


Feb.  1		Delia M.		Stephen and Sarah Randel
Mar. 13		Erastus E.		John W. and Lucyann Tift
Apr.  6		William D.		Stephen and Mariah Rhoads
Apr. 18		Alveretta		Henry and Sopbia Spore
Apr. 19		Horatio M.		Nathan D. and Emaly Headdy
May  13		Eugene Emmet		Doolittle (Illegitimate)
June 11		C or Ozarrina Y.	Darius F. and Lovicy Clark
July  9		Edwin			Elijah and Eliza C. Parsons
July 13		George E.		Caleb and Electa Gurnee
July 18		Unnamed			William and Loranda Sweet
July 23		Rachel F.		Cyrus and Lydia Perry
Aug. 23		Algeron			Nathan and Emily Legg
Aug. 25		Ralph			Joseph W. and Hepsabeth Robins
Sep. 30		Unnamed			Adna H. and Louisa Griffin
Oct. 31		Josephine		John and Hannah Chase
Nov. 11		H. Greely		J. Ishum and Sophronia S. Cady
Dec.  2		Milissa			Seneca and Betsyann Miller
Dec.  6		Mary M.			Samuel and Betsy Patten
Dec. 15		Charles H.		P.H. and Abigail VanSchaick
Dec. 16		Unnamed			Timothy and Sarah Williams Woodward

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