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Transcribed and submitted by Lynn Tooley

1847 - 1848

Birth Records, Town of Sennett

Cayuga County, New York

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Jan. 19		Franklin D.		Samuel and Rebecca Munn
Feb. 19		Jonas			Nathan M. and Elvira C. Baker
Feb. 17		Sophia Dikeman		Eliott G. and Hannah Sophia Storke
Feb.  1		Walter Martin		John W. and Mary Ann Becker
Feb. 11		William H.		Hugh and Dian Walker
Mar. 15		Clarence Day		James Harvey and Minerva Calhoun
Mar. 23		Rebecca Elnora		Abram and Almira Parsel
Apr. 25		Nelson Box		John L. and Malvina L. Gibson
May  25		Sarah Gertrude		Hiram and Betsey Stevens
May  29		Harvey C.		Charles and Lois E. Fuller
July  9		Alfred			William and Preserden Tibles
July  8		Eliner			Ira and Martha S. Mattison
July 13		Unnamed			L.W. and Almira Wells
July  1		Emma D.			John H. and Lodema Madison
July 24		Mary			Roswell and Eunicey Cook
June  2		Floretta C.		Isaac S. and Harriet L. Carpenter
June 17		Delpheus A.		Freeman and Amy E. Elsworth
Sep.  9		Sarah A.		John I. and Flora C. Prentice
Oct. 28		Unnamed			Nathan and Polly H. Bullock
Oct. 18		Delos F.		William S. and Den?? Gary
Oct. 13		Lydia Amogene		Alva and Rebecca Townsend
Oct.  4		Lucy			Charles W. and Lucy Brown
Nov. 17		Sylvia			Hiram P. and Minerva A. Crosman
Dec. 12		Charles			Napolean B. and Laura Ann VanSlyke
Dec. 13		Unnamed			Harvey W. and Mary Tibels


Jan.  9		Sarah C.		Horace A. and Allice Baker
Jan.  5		Elvira W.		Horace and Margaret Suderlin
Feb. 27		William T.		Thomas and Lydia A. Howlett
Mar.  7		Charles			Christian and Jane A. Lave
Mar. 25		Charles			Samuel and Jane Adsit
Apr.  6		Alice			Silas and Polly Bange
Apr.  7		Eliza Jane		James and Elmira Suffin
Apr. 28		Nancy Maria		Moses and Maria Dixon
Apr.  5		John D.			William and Hannah Bell
Apr. 29		John Q.			Robert and Eliza Owen
Apr. 29		William H. Seward	Robert and Eliza Owen
Apr. 29		Lea Martin		Robert and Eliza Owen
Apr. 19		Maria			Daniel and Catherine Bullen
May   8		Jane			James and Delilah Rosita
May  21		Susannah R.		Annias and Cornelia Elliot
May   5		Lewis			Lewis and Eliza White
July 14		Lucetta			Erastus and Christana ???
July  3		George			John and Mercy Burduff
July 30		George W.		Henry and Clarissa Houghtaling
Aug. 20		George			Franklin and Sarah Ann Cole
Aug. 20		Charles			Frederick and Emily Fellows
Sep. 18		Charles Henry		Myron and Amanda Sears
Nov. 22		Hiram			Nathaniel and Mary Horton
Nov. 17		Charles			Charles and Mary Webb
Dec.  6		Israel			Edwin and Mary Ann Munson
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