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Transcribed and submitted by Lynn Tooley

1847 - 1849

Birth Records, Town of Springport

Cayuga County, New York

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Jan.  1		Henry Porter		Timothy and Happelona Hope
Jan. 10		James			James and Catherine Farley
Jan. 12		John			Patrick and Ellen O. Hendrick
Jan. 14		Elva B.			Elias and Calantha Tuttle
Jan. 20		Henry H.		Jacob and Harriet Sovocool
Feb.  2		Louisa F.		Benjamin H. and Anna Brook
---   -		William Hacker		Charles W. and Gulielma N. Howland
Feb.  4		Clara F.		Charles and Caroline F. Sayles
Feb.  7		Frances M.		F. and Mary Ann Hoaglan
May   5		George Clayton		John and Adelia M. Hoaglin (Negro)
May   8		Horace			James and Margaret Thomas
May  31		James B.		William and Ann Hoff
Apr.  6		Olive			James S. and Luvia Flinn
Apr. 11		John Wesley		Andrew and Julia Ann Myers
Apr. 27		Lewis E.		Lewis E. and Eliza Burlew
May  12		Peter Philip		Samuel K. and Cornelia Winegar
May  19		Martin			Michael and Carolime Myers
June  8		Euphemia		Maxwell and Emily St. John
June 28		Lewis			Ephriam and Harriet Belding
July  5		Henry C.		Benjamin F. and Jane Wade
July  5		Unnamed			David Naracong ----
July  6		Lewis and Louisa	Norman and Mary Clark
Aug.  4		Rachel J.		John and Adeline Yawger
Aug.  5		Susan S.		George and Laura Ann Redman
Aug.  7		Angeline		Ephriam and Mary Ann Johnson
Aug. 23		Geroge Henry		Thomas and Mary Ann Fletcher
Aug. 24		Mary J.			Gordon and Jane Brown
Aug. 26		Unnamed			David and Mary Ann Cornwell
Aug. 28		Sarah J.		John C. and Ann Eliza Yawger
Sep.  2		Harriet A.		Hiram and Mary Finch
Sep.  4		Susan M.		William D. and Mary Jane King
Sep. 12		Ophelia			Benson and Sarah Ensign (Negro)
Sep. 13		Harkness		Hiram and Adeline Demun
Sep. 23		Unnamed			Hezekiah and Christian Burch
Sep. 30		Unnamed			Benjamin F. and Margaret Cumstock
Nov. 15		Patric			James and Mary Carroll
Nov. 15		John and Ann		Michael and Lucretia Hendrick
Nov. 23		Charles E.		Titus and Joanna Brewster
Nov. 30		Margaret		Jacob and Sally West
Dec.  1		Robert Leslie		Peter H. and Elizabeth Peterson
Dec.  3		Orlonzo			Charles and Lucy Farnham
Dec.  4		Ellen Amelia		Silas and Mary Catherine Cain
Dec.  7		Naoma			John and Sarah Richardson


May  10		Romayn P.		William and Harriet E. Lathrop
Nov. 13		Charles Edw.		James and Catherine Coutney
Dec. 10		James			Michael and Mary Clinton
Sep. 24		James			William and Mary Dunn
Apr.  2		Mariah E.		Rufus F. and Ruth Hathaway
Oct. 26		George Washington	Thompson and Margaret Gill
Nov. 24		Eliza Ellen		Barnard and Margarett Mackaw
Dec. 25		Hellen Frances		Hiram and Rhodyan MacDonald
Jan. 18		Mary E.			Orestus and Mary Isabella Burbanks
Sep. 25		Elizabeth		Haram and Saryann Strang
June 10		Parmelia		Dwight and Lucyann Ingram
Dec. 27		Unnamed			John and harriet Hulbert
Jan. 29		Elevetta		Horrace C. and Ann R. Carr
July 15		Unnamed			Jacob and Rosanna Smith
Oct. 14		Franklin E.		B. Franklin and Emily Angle
June 10		James Eugene		Barker and Caroline Thompson
Oct.  3		Unnamed			Stephen and Mary Everts
Dec. 12		Unnamed			Oliver and Margaret Sherman
Dec.  8		Unnamed			William and Fedelia White
May   2		Isabelle		Norman and Phebe Durkee
Feb. 17		Peter			Philip H. and Emily Yawger
Apr.  3		Julia Ann		Benjamin and Betsy Soryver
Aug. 22		Frances			Erastus and Harriet Myers
July 20		Sarah			John and Sary Negion
Mar. 28		Susan			Asa and Asusah Larow
Oct. 12		Frances			Barny and Bridget Clark
June 23		Joseph			Nathaniel and Catherine Gove
Oct.  6		Mary Susannah		Henry F. and Mary Johns
Jan.  7		Josephine Elizabeth 	Edward and Elizabeth Wheeler
Sep. 14		Fanny Mariah		Benjamin J. and Lucinda Greenfield
Aug. 23		Ailen			Wheeler and Adeline Smith
Nov.  3		Hellen Eugenia		James and Mary E. Arnold
Sep.  2		Horatio			William and Phebe Tompkins
Nov. 11		Lacy			John B. and Adelia Hoaglan (Negro)
Apr. 21		James L.		William and Eliza Mosher
Apr. 12		Caroline Amelia		Harry and Caroline Tripp
Aug. 11		Sarah Stell		Joseph and Catherine Wightman
July 23		Susan Caroline		Henry and Mehitable Haley
Dec.  8		Mary Eliza		William and Margaret Derrick
Sep.  4		Susan M.		William D. and Mary Jane King
Sep. 29		Ellen Grafton		Perry and CArolin- Barritt
Sep.  9		L. Herbert		Charles F. and Caroline Sayles
June 24		Inez Elizabeth		William and Caroline Anthony
Dec.  -		Ellen			Daniel and Anna Mariah Albertson
Mar.  4		Henry Franklin		William and Hannah A. Hathorn
June  1		Sarah Loisa		Joseph and Ruth Smith
Aug.  1		Latetia			Richard and Ursula Gonely
June 24		Eugene			Alanson and Celia Reynolds
Nov.  6		Elizabeth		David and Eliza Anthony
July 12		Martin Edela		Justus and susan Ask
Oct.  8		Loisa			E.G. and Roxiana Angel


Jan. 25		Margarett		James and Margarett McGerusk
Jan. 29		Sharlott A.		John and Harriey Smith
Feb.  8		James			Thomas and Margarett McKenney
Feb.  9		Sarah L.		Jacob and Mariah Schenck
Sep. 22		Horace C.		Horace C. and Ann B. Carr
Mar. 15		Emogene			Daniel W. and Euphema CArr
Mar. 20		Minervia		Philip L. and Mary Ann Yawger
Apr.  2		Barnard			William and Catherine Reynolds
July 25		Margarett S.		Charles W. and Gulielma Howland
July 27		Sarah E.		Robert and Jane P. Hoosick
July 28		Julia A.		Obia and Cornelia Montague
June  2		Frances			John H. and Candae Maurice
July 23		Charles			John and Lovina Oakley
Apr. 15		Eugene			Isaac and Mary Warrick
Aug. 10		John			James and Olive Clarck
Sep.  6		Emily			Philip H. and Emily Yawger
Sep. 16		Unnamed			Charles and Phebe Burlew
Oct. 12		Lucyan			George P. and Emily Newel
Nov. 26		Thomas			James and Mary Carroll
Feb. 22		George E.		Archibald and Mary Stewart
Jan. 30		Caroline F.		Charles and Jane Hamblin
Feb.  8		Fredric			Peter and Abigail Carr
Feb.  8		Male (Illeg)		Miss Caroline Slocum
Mar.  1		William			William and Laura Cozzens
Mar. 16		Helen M.		Andrew J. and May Jane Culver
May   1		Henry Clay		George and Margaret Tripp
Apr. 24		Carver B.		Nathan and Clarin Howland
May  19		Mary E.			Jonathan B. and Mary Ann Hoaglan
May  13		William H.		Elias and Calantha Tuttle
May  13		William Welmont		Elias and Calantha Tuttle
June  -		Unnamed			Luman W. and Eliza Capen
June 29		Charles M.		Jeremiah and Caroline M. Simons
July 19		Henry R.		William P. and Marilla Anthony
Aug.  5		Phebe Louisa		William and Caroline Anthony
Aug. 24		Charles Edwin		Jacob and Lucinda Roescrants
Sep.  2		George M.		Hiram and Mary Finch
Sep. 20		Charnci			Miss Martha Carr (Illeg)
Sep. 20		Ida Jane		John L. and Maryan Everson
Oct.  9		Fredric			Benjamin and Eliza Wheeler
Oct. 23		Sarah Catherine		Alansing and Manerva Quigley
Nov.  4		Caroline		Thomas and Hannah Patten
Dec. 16		David			John and Margarett Shank
Dec. 13		Unnamed			Frederic and Abigail Johnson
Dec. 21		Unnamed			R.M. and Ursula Conelly
Dec. 17		Henry L.		John C. and Aneliza Yawger

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