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Transcribed and submitted by Lynn Tooley

1847 - 1848

Birth Records, Town of Sterling

Cayuga County, New York

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Jan.  3		Catherin		Amasa and Catherin Bunnell
Jan. 17		Sarah E.		Augustus and Polly Carman
Jan. 20		William Albert		Hiram and Hester Carman
Jan. 25		John Martin		Abram and Cornelia Buck
Feb.  3		Sarah Elizabeth 	Richard Bowell and ----
Feb. 19		CAroline F.		Elias and Syntha Cole
Mar.  6		William Albert		Wiliam and Jane Galy
Mar. 10		Luther			John A. and Elma Stewart
Mar. 11		Sally A.		Levy and Runa ? Lyon
Apr.  2		Isaac			John and Polly Finch
Apr. 17		Elnor			Samuel and Emerline Fuliton
May  10		Joseph			John and Jane Rose
May  17		Ebinzer			James and Hannah Keelor
June  2		William			William and Sabra Qeuron
June 21		Alex			James A. and Marie Wasson
Aug.  8		George			Jonathan and Nancy McAlister
Aug. 31		Charles D.		Reuben and Nancy Jinkins
Sep. 28		Hellen A.		Alex and M. Carmen
Sep. 12		John E.			Jeremiah and Catherine McCrady
Sep. 28		Mary Lois		Swight and Margaret Reed
Oct.  1		Theodore		Seth and Betsey Furmer
Oct.  5		Unnamed			Ezra and Julia Howell
Oct. 13		John Alexander		Thomas and Dorothy Corwin
Oct. 25		Philip Hate		Alexander and Emeline Proudfit
Oct. 30		Helva D.		Henry N. and Margaret Hodges
Nov.  8		Wallas			Rubin and Caroine Root
Nov. 17		Alexander		George and Sarah Ann Turner
Nov. 21		Unnamed			Hinry and Ann Eliza Cooper
Dec.  1		Andos			Harvy and Cyntha Fields
Dec.  4		Jonathan Robbins	Jonathan R. and Margaret Pettit
Dec. 14		Albert			Isaac M. and Caroline Hoppins
Dec. 21		Monroe			Truman and Sally M. Skeels
Dec. 23		Hellen Marie		George and Lucinda Holcomb


Jan.  6		Emiline			Walter and Catherine Bloomingdoll
Jan. 15		Susan Annet		Edward and Abigail Rowland
Feb.  8		Margaret Elizabeth	John and Mary Jane Roberts
Feb. 16		Elizabeth		Peter and Nancy Hickey
Feb. 27		James roberson		James and Catherine Crosier
Mar. 10		Unnamed			Philander and Lucy Stong
Mar. 13		Hulbert			Dean and Rebe Lake
Mar. 20		Unnamed			Joseph and Elizabeth Albring
Mar. 27		Ralph Hewitt		Washington and Lydia Rose
Apr.  9		Elodian			Hart Williams ---
Apr. 11		Rosella			Alexander and Ellen Sturgess
Apr. 15		Sarah			Isaac and -- Van Duzer
Apr. 16		Malcomb			Robert and Ann Harper
Apr. 20		Jane Ann		Clerbis ?? and Jane Ann Churchill
May  13		Sarah			David and Angeline Lester
May  23		Walter			William and Margaret Oliver
June  3		William Duncon		Richard and Mary Blakie
June 27		Lyda			Julius and Emily Moss
July  3		Nicholas Needer		Charles and --- Hussey
July 15		Jane			Ira and Betsey Gilbert
Aug. 17		Peter J.		Joel and Loisa Naracong
Aug. 25		Margaret Elizabeth	James and Catherine Harris
Sep.  2		James			John and ---- Hinds
Sep.  5		John Luther		Rial and Jane Ingersoll
Sep. 19		Samuel			Samuel and Mary Gibs
Sep. 25		Hannah Catherine	Jesse and Mary Lyon
Oct.  3		Lucy			Solomon P. and Rebeckey Culver
Oct.  4		Harris			Wyman and Mary Granger
Oct.  9		John DeWit		John D. and Rose T. Cole
Oct. 24		Josephine		William and Betsey Rassmussen
Nov. 22		Augustus F.		Sylvester and Charlott Ferris
Nov. 29		Emma Jane		John and Lydia Bloomindoll
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Home | Vital Records | New York State Vital Records | 1847 - 1848, Sterling, NY - Birth Records

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