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Transcribed and submitted by Lynn Tooley

1847 - 1850

Birth Records, Town of Summerhill

Cayuga County, New York

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Jan.  6		Althea			Freeman and Eliza Barber
Jan.  9		Daniel S.		Moses and Esther Marble
Jan.  9		Ellen Vilette		Jonathan and Lydia Hoxie
Feb. 28		Franklin Berdette	John and Margaret Wilson
Feb. 28		Daniel			Benjamin and Lucy Sheldon
Mar. 30		Orissa			James and Mary Maltbie
Mar. 31		Charles E.		John and Sarina Bottom
Dec. 16		Unnamed			Dwight and Sarah Cummings
Mar.  4		Unnamed			Seymour B. and N.C. Clarck
Apr. 13		Mary			Henry and Clarissa Lick
Jan. 22		William H.		Isaac and Caroline Mosher
May   2		Unnamed			Philander and Patty Jacobs
July 27		Salmon H.		Salmon and Fanna Stanley
Nov. 10		Morvin			John and Lucy Wood
Dec. 12		Unnamed			William and Alma Bowker
Jan. 23		Sarah Ellen		Horace and Cleu Woodard
Aug. 23		Daniel Julius		Samuel and Sophronia French
Feb. 18		William T.		Roswell and Lydia Peck
Mar. 26		Caroline Holmes		Peter and Lucretia H. Close
May  15		Archibald		Jasper and Ann Bowker
Jan.  4		Emma			William H. and Melissa Whitney
June 10		Mary F.			Aaron and Isabella S. Walker
July 16		Sarah E.		Horace and Harriet R. Brown
Jan.  3		Ellen Lavern		Samuel and Olive Scovill
Feb. 15		Slijah Ambers		Elijah and Tabithy Berryan
Mar. 19		John			Andrew and Polly J. Douglass
June 10		Unnamed			Ira. and Sarah Smith
Nov. 12		Humphrey D.		Frederick A. and Lydia Van Schaick
Dec.  6		William Squire		William and Sarah Peters
Sep. 10		Frederick		Joel and Betsey Smith
Oct.  2		Frencis Eugene		Jarius and Susan Webster
Feb. 16		Abigail			James and Loiza Patten


Jan.  5		Millard F.		Roderick S. and Mary Ann Richards
Jan. 25		Unnamed			Walter and Phebe Goodin
Jan. 17		Alwilda			Josiah and Mary Ann Lawrence
Feb.  1		Jane			Leroy and Vynthia Maxum
Feb. 18		Esther			Haskill and Sally Gillett
Feb. 25		William			Chandler and Ann Alexander
Feb. 25		Unnamed			John and Betsy Bartlett
Mar.  1		George Wash.		Abram V. and Mahilda Snell
Apr. 12		Charles A.		William and Hannah Evins
Apr. 12		Horace			Benjamin and Sarah Atwood
Mar. 10		Helen V.		William S. and Phebe Ann Briggs
May   5		Alonzo			Zepheniah and Charlotte Mosher
May   7		Cortland 		William and Arvill Lawrence
May   7		Fidelia Manerva		Richard and Maria Flinny
June  1		Clarinda		Daniel and Velanta Wood
June 22		Alanson P.		Patrick and An Eliza Keenan
June 29		Dewitt C.		Philo E. and Angeline Freeman
Aug.  5		Ruth E.			Thomas P. and Alice Goodyear
Aug. 16		Daniel J.		Aaron and Isabella Walker
Aug. 25		Harrop			Dewitt C. and Sarah Freeman
Sep.  3		Catherine		John and Harvilla Saxton
Sep.  5		Abigail			Jacob and Charlotte Powell
Sep. 11		Charles E. and		George W. and Melissa Gibson
Oct. 15		Unnamed			William A. and Annis Martin
Nov. 25		Frederick R.		Roswell and Lydia Peck
Dec. 30		Unnamed			Henry E. and Louisa M. Ranney


Jan.  1		Unnamed			Horace and Cloe Woodard
Jan. 15		Emi Jne			Jacob and Esther VanHousen
Jan. 17		Mary E.			James and Abigail Crane
Jan. 23		Francis Marion		Gethroe and Mary Mosher
Jan. 23		Cynthia Maryum		Gethroe and Mary Mosher
Feb.  2		Freeman B.		Moses and Esther Marble
Feb.  2		Chemont Elliot		Alonzo and Cornelia Campbell
Mar. 15		Caroline		Charles and Nancy Andrews
Apr.  6		Julia Ann		Charles and Sarah Robinson
Apr. 15		Emma Lavern		Samuel and Dolly Scovill
Apr. 27		Ennamed			Otis and Mary Ann Dresser
May  15		Franklin		Joel and Fanny Diskill
May  31		Alfred B.		Bilins and Catherine Birch
Aug.  3		Mary Cornelia		Andrew and Polly Douglass
Aug.  9		Unnamed			John and Polly Knight
Sep.  1		Lewis M.		Horace H. and Harriet Brown
July 10		Julia			Philander and Martha Jacobs
Aug. 11		Theodore		William and Phebe Ann M. Briggs
June 15		Francis			Charles and Diana Tuttle
Oct. 13		Unnamed			Jonathan and Fanny Bell
June  4		Olive Lamira		Jason and Olive Hathaway
Oct. 12		Unnamed			Haskill and Sally Gillett
Nov. 16		Mary Ella		William and Frances Eaton
July  8		Francis			Jasper and Ann Bowker
Nov. 18		Unnamed			Arba and Sophia Rice
Nov. 18		Unnamed			Arba and Sophia Rice
Apr. 13		Adelia			Nathaniel and Emeline Eaton
Aug. 20		Elen Adelia		William and Hannah Evins


Jan.  8		Mary			Joel and Betsey Smith
Mar. 23		Elizabeth		Zennas and Minerva Howland
Apr.  7		Helen L.		Daniel and Valanta Wood
Apr. 28		Mary H.			Elijah C. and Charlotte Ranney
--   --		Alida			William and Adeline Phillips
May   9		Edwin M.		FrancisM. and Harriet Mix
June 20		Ellen L.		Robert and Hepsey Fish
Aug. 20		Joshua S.		Daniel and Maria Whipple
Oct. 29		Ambrose			John C. and Margaret Wilson
Dec. 17		Nelson J.		George and Arvilla McCowan

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