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Transcribed and submitted by Lynn Tooley

1847 - 1849

Birth Records, Town of Venice

Cayuga County, New York

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Jan. 20		Herbert			Peter and Elizabeth Chase
Mar. 13		Charles			Edw. and Bor Rudah Gray
Mar. 16		Sarah Ann		Jesse and Hannah Silcox
Apr. 30		Adeline			Daniel and Caroline Cannon
May  14		Wellington T.		William P. and Almana Close
May  26		Delworth		William A. and Betsey Lum
June  8		Nancy A.		John R. and Nancy A. Vandergrift
July  9		Thomas			James W. and Fidelia Green Sherman
Aug. 19		Unnamed			James and Lovica Young
Aug. 24		Martha Pauline		John L. and Paulina Luce
Oct. 11		Unnamed			Isaac L. and Sarah Morse
Oct. 18		Emaline R.		Like and Eleanor Belden
Oct. 25		Unnamed			Gilbert and Louisa Merritt
Nov. 28		Elizabeth		David and Lucy Jennings
Dec. 29		Unnamed			Adam K. and Elizabeth Mastin


Feb.  5		Wilson			Herman and Fanny Mosher
Mar.  4		Adelbert		Robert S. and Elizabeth Wood
Mar.  8		Francis Eugene		James T. and Fidelia Cannon
Mar. 10		Unnamed			Calvin and Hannah Tanner
Mar. 17		Alzy Delilah		Esli and Sarah Ann Fish
May  27		Helen F.		William J. and Elizabeth Phelps
June  7		Mary Frances		John P. and Hester Green
June 20		Unnamed			Solomon Congdon and Wife
June 26		Unnamed			Simpson and Wife
June 26		Lucy Urana		Ezra W. and Elmira Bateman
Aug.  8		Lemuel M.		Joseph and Sabrina Gregory
Aug. 21		Emeline			William and Elizabeth Miller
Aug. 25		William F.		Nelson and Jane Brownell
Aug. 26		Adillon			William D. and Angeline M. Bennett
Sep.  5		Unnamed			John and Nancy Ann VanDegrift
Sep. 13		Unnamed			Peter and Lucinda Signor
Oct. 16		Joseph			Elias and Julia Perrigo
Nov. 19		Unnamed			Andrew P. and Eliza Lawson
Nov. 20		Unnamed			Chancey B. and Emeline Jennings
Nov. 20		William H.		William and Sarah J. Wheat


Nov. 13		Mary Ellen		Franklin I. and Elizabeth How
Oct.  2		Unnamed			William H. and Emeline Andrews
Mar. 31		Suman? E.		David and Harriet Wood
Dec. 24		Almira			John and Ellen Lum
Feb. 16		Frederick		Jonas and Sarah Ann Wood
June 26		Benjamin F.		Edward and Fridah Gray
July  1		Lewis Jr.		Lewis and Mary Ann Hoglan
July 11		Edgar t.		Seth and CAroline Reynolds
Apr.  4		Harvey J.		Albra and cyntha Nickols
May  30		Edward			Jesse and Mary Kibler
Sep. 27		Allen			Giles and Lucretia Landon
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