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Transcribed and submitted by Lynn Tooley

1847 - 1850

Birth Records, Town of Victory

Cayuga County, New York

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Dec.  4		Grace			Robert F. and Louisa Dutcher
July  8		Caroline		Charles and Delaney Colman
July  8		Carloss			Charles and Delaney Colman
May  31		Francis E.		Patrick and Emeline Murphy
July  1		Ann			George and Oive Vosler
Nov. 26		Charles H.		Sanford and Emily Forbes
Jan.  7		James Henry		Adison and Mariah Parsons
Jan. 13		Elen Josephine		Samuel and Adeline Lafavour
Feb. 13		Hamilton		Samuel and Minerva Wetherby
Dec.  3		Unnamed			Samuel and Seloma Glass
May   7		Rose Limda		Freeman and Pricilla Patch
Nov.  5		Ann Katherine		John and Hannah Couling
Oct.  8		William Bradley		Eli N. and ? Botsford
Mar. 11		Pharosine Amelia	Henry and Mary Garthwait
June  9		Lucy Ardilla		Harman and Polly Timerson
June 19		William Adelbert	John and Sally Mariah Gott
Aug. 29		Eli Mortimer		Dyer Sendleton and Betsey Lewis
Oct. 13		Ellen			John and Betsey VanHooser
Oct. 13		Edwin			John and Betsey VanHooser
Nov. 10		James Albert		Nelson and Anda Phelps
June 30		Lewis Fenlon		Elias v. and Mary Ann Cooley
Nov.  9		Rufus Slosson		Matthews and Lavina Campbell
May  13		Mary Jane		John and Alice Ann Sarts
Feb. 18		Mary Jane		William and Phebe Stephens


May  20		Cecelia A.		Jacob and Harriet M. Bogart
Oct.  8		Sarah P.		Al ? C. and Mary A. Worden
Apr. 29		George W.		Joseph and Martha A. Thompson
Oct.  6		William Henry		Robert W. and Marilla Taylor
Nov.  4		Hobart M.		Allen W. and Mary Ann Soules
Nov.  9		Frank P.		David and Cyntha E. Woodford
Feb. 24		Elsie Miner		George and Lucinda Lockwood
Apr.  4		George			Joseph and Julia Koon
Apr.  2		Ervin			Sanford and Olive Ann Wetherby
May  10		Charles W.		Daniel and Adeline Willson
Aug. 23		Meletes??		Jacob and Abigail Baldwin
Sep.  4		John			William and Hannah A. Williams
July  2		Henry Clay		John and Sarah Wetherby
June  1		John			Whitney and Miranam Hopp
Aug. 15		Unnamed			Albert and Almira Jones
Jan. 16		Margaret		Peter and susan Wilabrant
Mar.  5		Sarah Phelps		William and Sally Olmsted
July 25		Reuben			Kendrick D. and Anna Blanchard
Dec.  2		Ezra			Philip and Elizabeth McIntire
June 16		Charles Albert		Henry and Betsey Bennett
Aug. 18		James			James L. and Betsey E. Moores
Dec.  4		Josephine		Christopher and Arninte Cornue
Jan. 14		Nancy Jane		William and Amanda Ann Teachout
June 13		Olive Cordelia		Oliver and Orpha Albro
Sep.  9		Joseph Ebenezer		Daniel and Mary Bird
Oct. 27		James			James and Sarah Jane Drummond
Nov.  7		Aaron			John and Ester Sabine
Jan. 25		Unnamed			Nicholas J. and Susan VanPatten
Apr.  8		Mary			Jamesand Elizabeth McCabe
Apr. 10		Caroline		Jacob and Harriet VanHooser
July  8		David Henry		Linden and Charlotte Lamphere
July 21		George Washington	George W. and Delia VanHooser
Aug. 11		Cornelia		Lorinda Finch (Illeg.)
Nov.  2		Sarah Mariah		Andrew B. and Betsey VerPlank
Nov. 16		James Albert		John and Sarah Mariah Gult
July 14		Charles			Joseph and Sarah Elavige
June 25		Homer			Hanson and Mary Campbell
Apr.  1		Unnamed			Nathan and susan Peirce
Feb. 15		Unnamed			John M.and Mary Taber
Dec. 13		Sarah A.		Reuben and Mary Coon


Jan. 25		Josephine		Hiram and Juliette Adle
Feb. 14		Susannah		Jacob and Eliza Timerson
Feb. 16		Mary Ann		Saul and Eliza Ann Gurney
Apr.  5		Mary Elizabeth		Reuben and Caroine Root
Apr. 12		Almeron			Harmon and Polly Ann Timerson
Apr. 23		George Allen		Cornelius and Maria Barr
May   8		Hellen Mary		Solomon and Phebe R. Jewell
May  18		Almira			William and Margueritte VanWie
Aug. 15		Verderina		John and Lena Drew
Sep. 19		Mary Elizabeth		Charles and Margery Timerson
Nov.  3		Wynard			John and Betsey VanHooser
May  27		Ervin H.		Barnabas and Sarah J. Philips
June  2		Charles			James and Sarah Aumick
June  2		Sarah E.		Fayette and Ellis McIntyre
Feb. 28		Sarah Electa		William and Eliza Mead
May   4		Nancy Jane		Mathew and Caroline Cooper
June 30		Charles Homer		Philo and Charlotte Camp
Dec.  5		Mary Elliot		Phares and Lucinda Chittenden
Dec. 29		Mary Ann		John and Hannah Couling
Jan.  6		Alonzo			Byron and Susan Coppernoll
Dec. 12		Unnamed			William and Hannah Williams
Apr. 15		Mary A.			Riley and Abigal Watson
Feb. 18		Emma			Elias H. and Betsey Mitchell
Nov. 18		Unnamed			Jacob and Abigail Baldwin
Jan. 10		Stephen N.		Alanson and Salina Benedict
Aug.  4		Unnamed			William and Louisa L. Morris
Sep. 12		Alice			James and Mary Canada
Sep. 12		Adaline			James and Mary Canada
Aug. --		william Nathaniel	Peter and Forette Fuller
Feb. 23		Mary Ann		Timothy and Electa Sibley
May   7		Rebecca S.		Alfred and Arminta Morse
Aug.  2		Jeremiah		Abraham and Mary Vanderheydern
June  7		Peter			Jeremiah and Esther Ann Christian
Feb. 26		Unnamed			Tompkins and Sally Tripp
July 26		Charles A.		Philander and Sally M. Cutting
June 11		Mary Elizabeth		James M. and Louisa Allen
Jan.  7		Austin L.		Abraham and Lydia Halstead
July 16		Charles H.		Lewis C. and Abigail Miner


Jan. 18		Lyman			Rufus and Sally Johnson
May  15		Eleanor Jennett		Henry and Betsey Bennett
May  22		Sarah Elizabeth		Medad and Lurinda Downs
Sep. 25		Unnamed			Jeremiah and Margaret DeForrest
Dec. 13		Unnamed			Henry and Eunice DeForrest
Mar.  4		Susan			Peter and Susan Blanchard
Nov. 10		Kendrick		Kendrick and Anna Blanchard
Mar. 16		Irving			John and Nancy Wager
Dec. 10		Unnamed			David and Laura Hunter
Aug. 24		George			Wileman and Sally Olmstead
July 24		Isora			Patric and Emaline Murphy
Dec. 12		Unnamed			Walter and rosannah Crowley
Mar. 18		Clarke			Nathaniel and Zelinda Wheeler
Oct. 18		Fidelia			James L.and Betsey Moore
Nov.  7		Byron Eugenia		Isaac R. and Catherine Merritt
July 25		Francis Jane		W. D. and Mary C. Sayre
Sep. 15		Ann Elizabeth		Alonzo and Sarah Ann Woodford
Mar. 28		Seward			Ira and Caroline Hanscomb
Nov. 15		Unnamed			Allen W. and Mary Ann Souls
Sep. 26		George Henry		John and Sarah Lansing

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