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Transcribed and submitted by Lynn Tooley

Birth Records, Town of Middleburgh
Schoharie County, New York

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1847 Middleburgh, NY Birth Records

Child					Sex	Date of Birth	Parents
Steel, Sarah				F	Jan. 5		Henry and Mariah Cornelia Steel
Hutchins, Martha Adelia			F	Jan. 14		Morgan and Nancy Hutchins
Sitzer, George				M	Jan. 27		Jeremiah and Mary Ann Sitzer
Turner, Juliann				F	Feb. 3		Rufus and Adaline Turner
Mitchel, Mary (colored)			F	Feb. 3		Manuel and Betsey Mitchell
Mattice, Peter M.			M	Feb. 6		William J. and Elizabeth Mattice
Boomhaver, Anemariah			F	Feb. 25		Roswell and Angeline Boomhaver
Mattice, John W.			M	Mar. 5		Peter W. and Polly Mattice
Brooks, Jerome E.			M	Mar. 9		Benjamin E. and Christina E. Brooks
Danforth, Mary Ellen			F	Mar. 10		David B. and Angeline B. Danforth
Pax, Emeline				F	Mar. 10		Casper and Sophia Pax
(still born)				M	Mar. 10		Absolem and Anne Conklin
Schermerhorn, Melvin			M	Mar. 20		Abram and Eliza Schermerhorn
Mc Umber, Howland			M	Mar. 29		Ariha and Emily Mc Umber
Gidings, Mary Jane			F	Mar. 10		----- and Almira Gidings
Persons, Abram				M	Mar. 29		illegitimate
Randell, Olney Franklin			M	Apr. 3		Martin and Catherine Randell
Becker, Jacob L.			M	Apr. 8		Jeremiah L. and Ann Eliza Becker
Sturn, ----- (Colored)			F	Apr. 29		John Sturn
Denison, Leonard			M	Apr. 30		Isaac and Mary Denison
Spaetholdt, Amanda (Colored)		F	May 5		Henry and Sarah Spaetholdt
Crosley, Menzo J. (Crosby?)		M	May 15		Stephin C. and Charity Crosley (Crosby?)
Rickard, Freeman			M	May 15		Peter and Lany Rickard
Chase, George Arthur			M	May 29		Ira A. and Eliza Chase
Chichester, Lynus			F	May 29		Renselaer and Catherine Chichester
Dorman, Sharlot				F	Mar. 3		Daniel and Betsey Dorman
Russell, Gitty Mariah			F	Mar. 8		Peter R. and Nancy Russell
Meeker, Arkles				M	Apr. 15		Aaron and Elonor Meeker
Dudley, Lany Ann and Catherine Mariah	2F	Apr. 2		Daniel L. and Gitty Dudley
Coons, Sary Ann				F	Apr. 2		Dennis and Eve Coons
Gates, Ruth				F	May 3		Nathan and Ruth Gates
Schermerhorn, Margaret			F	June 2		Leonard and Sophia Schermerhorn
Brooks, Catherine E.			F	June 3		John E., Jr. and Elizabeth E. Brooks
Driggs, Roswell Gorman			M	June 2		Gorman and Martha Driggs
Beller, Marthian			F	Mar. 26		John J. and Caroline Beller
Post, Eave Esther			F	May 6		Jacob and Eave Post
Juice, Ida Elizabeth			F	June 1		Jonathan and Sarah Jane Juice
Snyder, Peter Henry (Colored)		M	June 4		Daniel and Caty Snyder
Pearce, Henry				M	June 14		Ralph and Mariah Pearce
Henman, John				M	June 15		John S. Henman and Nancy Paslsy (Parslow)
Campbell, Alexander			M	June 13		Mathias and Adaline Campbell
Teter, Mary Ann				F	July 2		Michael and Hariet Teter
Krum, Ameretta Syntha			F	July 15		William and Lusenda Krum
Efner, Albert S.			M	July 20		Henry and Rhoda Efner
Carpenter, Wesley			M	July 20		David and Sency Carpenter
Traver, Demarius			M	July 26		Abram and Dency Traver
Church, Rossetta			F	July 31		John and Lucinda Church
Scrum, Gitta Marget			F	July		Christopher and Magdaline
Mc Donald, Marshall N.			M	Aug. 3		John and Elizabeth Mc Donald
Bellinger, Henry			M	Aug. 9		Marius M. and Margaret Bellinger
Delamatter, Ellen			F	Aug. 9		Peter and Hannah Delamatter
Burnet, Isaac				M	Aug. 9		Isaac B. and Peggy Burnet
Wright, Margaret			F	Aug. 10		Jarvis and Seuth Wright
Silvernail, Mary Elizabeth		F	Aug. 11		John and Betsey Ann Silvernail
Lawyer, Andrew				M	Aug. 12		David and Lany Lawyer
Teuter, Alexander			M	Aug. 20		John and Lidia Teuter (Teter)
Bouck, Nancy Cornelia			F	Aug. 21		John M. and Maria Bouck
Scutt, Noah				M	Aug. 23		Henry and Matilda Scutt
Cornell, Wellington			M	Aug. 27		George W. and Julian Cornell
Lyons, Wesley				M	Aug. 28		Samuel and Maria Lyons
Pectle, Tumie				M	Aug. 31		John and Christina Pectle
Simpkins, Mary L. Cornell		F	Sept. 8		Nelson and Phelia Ann Simpkins
Vroman, -----				F	Sept. 12	Abram L. and Sophia Vroman
Jones, Mary Poor			F	Sept. 13	William A. and Elizabeth Jones
Coons, -----				F	Sept. 15	Henry and Catharine Coons
Durphy, -----				M	Sept. 29	David B. and Margaret E. Durphy
Flansburgh, Martha			F	Sept. 28	Margret Spurbeck (illegitimate)
Durfee, -----				F	Oct. 3		Benjamin and Mary Durfee
Teuter, Anson Birchaup			M	Oct. 6		Peter and Lucy Teuter
Canaday, Ann				F	Oct. 9		John and Elizabeth Canaday
Canaday, Paul				M	Oct. 9		John and Elizabeth Canaday
Doney, James Harvey			M	Oct. 10		Preston and Chlora Ann Doney
Dutcher, Margaret			F	Oct. 15		Darlotus and Maria Dutcher
Briggs, Lucinda				F	Oct. 15		Andrew Snyder and Catharine June Briggs
(still born)				M	Oct. 11		Lunus and Rosaline Wells
Dreifies, Aaron				M	Oct. 21		Manuel and Rebecca Dreifies
Gilbrt, Sarah Ann			M	Oct. 29		William M. and Sarah Gilbert
Barkman, Emily				F	Oct. 30		Henry and Mary Barkman
Brazee, -----				F	Nov. 8		Cornelius and Betsey Brazee
Wood, Lucious				M	Nov. 9		Juned L. and Polly Wood
Doney, Henry				M	Nov. 15		Alvin and Eave Doney
Armling, Margaret			F	Nov. 15		Henry and Margaret Armling
Clark, Alanson Agustus			M	Nov. 16		Minard Clark and Euphresha Ann Gilbert
Buckingham, Charles Augustus		M	Nov. 29		James G. and Angalirah Buckingham
Nasholts, -----				M	Dec. 7		Daniel and Annah Nasholts
Zimmer, ----- (Colored)			M	Dec. 12		Abram and Ann Zimmer
Bagley, William				M	Dec. 18		Harison and Sally Bagley
Estus, Harick				M	Dec. 20		Charles and Phebee Estus
Williams, William			F	Dec. 20		Hyram and Margaret Williams
Larkins, Thomas				F	Dec. 23		Henry and Eave Ann Larkin
Conklin, Richard			M	Dec. 26		Cornelius and June Conklin
Bouck, Christina			F	Dec. 27		Jacob and Eliza Bouck
West, Almyra				F	Dec. 29		Martin and Hariet West
Kelsey, John D.				M	Dec. 30		Jonas and Mary Eliza Kelsey
Sornberger, Hellen Matilda		F	July 10		Henry and Eunice Sornberger
Smawley, Ludia				F	Mar. 21		Isaac W. and Mary Smawley

1848 Middleburgh, NY Birth Records

Cook, Ophelia				F	Jan. 16		Bennet Cook, Anne Cook
Buckingham, Charles Augustus		M	Jan. 29		James G. Buckingham, Catherine Buckingham
Bigsbee, John				M	Feb. 2		Asa Bigsbee, Eve Bigsbee
Traver, Martha Jane			F	Feb. 4		Henry Traver, Catharine Traver
Youngs, Mary Jane			F	Feb. 5		Moses Youngs, Lucinda Youngs
Tallman, David W. and Malisson		1F,1M	Feb. 7		Umphrey Tallman, Elizabeth Tallman
Hallenbeck, William Henry		M	Feb. 9		Hiram Hallenbeck, Ester Hallenbeck
Youmans, Stevenson J.			M	Feb. 11		Abram Youmans, Mary A. Youmans
Billings, Emily J.			F	Feb. 13		John Billings, Nancy Billings
Rowe, Ophelia				F	Feb. 14		Jonas Rowe, Harriet Rowe
Vaughn, Stevenson J.			M	Feb. 20		Levi Vaughn, Sarah Vaughn
Shoefelt, George W.			M	Feb. 23		Anthony Shoefelt, Hannah M. Shoefelt
Woolford, Anthony W.			M	Feb. 26		William Woolford, Caroline Woolford
Snyder, George				M	Mar. 1		Augustus Snyder, Hannah Snyder
Traver, Harriet A.			F	Mar. 2		Alanson Traver, Lucinda Traver
Becker, Simion				M	Mar. 9		Paul Becker, Elizabeth Becker
Leman, Hanah				F	Mar. 18		Robert Leman, Abegal Leman
Ouderkirk, Catharine			F	Mar. 20		Jacob Ouderkirk, Labra Ouderkirk
Russell, George				M	Mar. 22		Uriah Russell, Marget Russell
Smith, Mary				F	Mar. 24		Susanah Smith (illegitimate)
Hattice, Nathaniel			M	Mar. 26		Peter P. Mattice, Eliza Ann Mattice
Bouck, Catharine Ann			F	Mar. 27		Cornelius Bouck, Eve Bouck
Spateholts, Martha Ann			F	Mar. 28		George Spateholts, Cristina Spateholts
Sanford, James A.			M	Mar. 29		Caleb Sanford, Maria Sanford
Smith, George				M	Mar. 31		George A. Smith, Poly Smith
Loucks, George				M	Mar. 31		Harmon Loucks, Eye Ann Loucks
Russell, Antanet			F	April 2		Luke Russell, Ann Russell
Alger, William				M	April 2		Christian Alger, Marget Alger
Tomkins, William			M	April 2		Samuel Tomkins, Abgel Tomkins
Winans, Edwin				M	April 2		Ira Warner, Nancy Warner
Laughton, Isaac W.			M	April 10	John Laughton, Sarah Eliza Laughton
Chichester, Jacob T.			M	April 10	Garret Chichester, Betsey Chichester
Zeh, not named				M	April 12	Philip Zeh, May Zeh
Bouck, unknown				F	April 15	Alexander Bouck, Anahmaria Bouck
Brayman, Harriet Matilda		F	April 20	Benjamin Brayman, Nancy Braydon
Bouck, Lucinda				F	April 20	George Bouck, Maria Bouck
Benedict, William			M	April 21	William Benedict, Hannah Benedict
Cameron, George W.			M	April 25	Potter Cameron, Lyda Cameron
Turner, Augustus			M	April 29	Caleb Turner, Olive Turner
Waggonhiser, John			M	May 1		Jacob Waggonhiser, Marget Waggonhiser
Picket, Nancy Jane			F	May 7		Eratus Picket, Eve Picket
Hollenbeck, Angaline			F	May 13		Henry Hollenbeck, Eve Hollenbeck
Sitzer, Mary E.				F	May 21		Jerramie Sitzer, Mary A. Sitzer
Brown, John Henry			M	May 25		John Brown, Sarah Brown
Reeves, Charles W.			M	May 29		Charles Reeves, Julia Ann Reeves
Wright, Marget Ann			F	June 1		Solman Wright, Eliza Wright
Boom, Harriet				F	June 2		Abram Boom, Ester Boom
Mattice, Mary Jane			F	June 8		Frederick B. Mattice, Eliza Ann Mattice
Mitchel, Sarah Ann			F	June 8		Amanaal Mitchel, Betsey Mitchel
Boomhauver, not named			F	June ?		Rauswell Boomhauver, Angaline Boomhauver
Delamatter, Charles W.			M	June 12		Willard Delamatter, Emaline Delamatter
Lenard, Francis				M	June 23		Robert C. Lenard, Marget Lenard
Turner, Mary				F	July 2		James Turner, Celanda Turner
Lord, not named				M	July 12		Lord, Amos, Eveastinah Lord
Tinckelpaugh, Marget Elen		F	July 13		William Tinkelpaugh, Antamissa C. Tinckelpaugh
Mickel, Anland				F	July 15		Andrew Mickel, Marget Mickel
Ressew, Rachael Ann			F	July 27		William Ressew, Jane Ressew
Ressew, Afaria				F	July 31		David Ressew, Diane Ressew
Winans, Egbert				M	July 31		Egbert Winans, Elethian Winans
Williams, Jane				F	Aug. 1		William Williams, Elzebeth Williams
Taylor, Olive				F	Aug. 5		Peter Taylor, Matilda Taylor
Bailey, William Henry			M	Aug. 6		Levi Bailey, Cristina Bailey
Bagley, Feba J.				F	Aug. 11		Jonas S. Bagley, Hannah Bagley
Bagley, Sobrina				F	Aug. 13		Benjaman Bagley, Elzebeth Bagley
Scamerhorn, Jacob			M	Aug. 17		Abram P. Scamerhorn, Eliza Scamerhorn
Gifford, Osten				M	Aug. 21		Philip Gifford, Nancy Gifford
Patrick, Hanah				F	Aug. 27		Daniel Patrick, Julie Ann Patrick
West, not named				F	Sept. 1		Jacob West, Sarah West
Armling, Promelia			F	Sept. 2		Philip Armling, Catharine Armling
Mc Cabe, Mary				F	Sept. 3		John Mc Cabe, Harriet Mc Cabe
Efner, Mary Elizabeth			F	Sept. 21	Joseph J. Efner, Almira Efner
Bruswe, Amos				M	Sept. 21	Jacob Bruswe, Harriet Bruswe
Engle, Jacob L.				M	Sept. 22	William H. Engle, Almira Engle
Hyzer, Demyre				M	Sept. 24	Stephen Hyzer, Sarahann Hyzer
Churchell, Martha			F	Oct. 1		Lucinda Churchell (illegitimate)
Bellinger, Mary				F	Oct. 2		John Bellinger, Eve Bellinger
Hitchmen, Josiah			M	Oct. 7		Haris Hitchmen, Sinderlia Hitchmen
Woolford, not named			F	Oct. 13		Henry Woolford, Eve Woolford
Van Auken, not named			M	Oct. 14		Edward Van Auken, Maria Ann Auken
Chichester, Catherine			F	Oct. 15		John Chichester, Marget Chichester
Watson, Hellen				F	Oct. 18		Chancy Watson, Harriet Watson
Vroman, James				M	Oct. 19		Adam Vroman, Catharine Vroman
Randle, Augusta L.			F	Oct. 22		Martin Randle, Catharine Randle
Vroman, George W.			M	Oct. 22		Abram L. Vroman, Sophia M. Vroman
Barber, William				M	Oct. 29		Stephen Barber, Emaline Barber
Dickenson, not named			F	Nov. 7		Stephen Dickenson, Sintha Dickenson
Sweet, not named			M	Nov. 10		Silas Sweet, Zenith Sweet
Shutter, Maria Ann E.			F	Nov. 10		Henry Shutter, Mary Shutter
Truax, Elizebeth A.			F	Nov. 9		William Truax, Abgle Truax
Haines, Barry R.			M	Nov. 21		John L. Haines, Marget Haines
Shutter, not named			M	Nov. 22		Cimian H. Shutter, Marget Shutter
Wilber, Ambrose				M	Nov. 24		Wilber, William, Ginnet Wilber
Armling, Lucelya			F	Nov. 30		John Armling, Betsey Armling
Funda, John				M	Dec. 5		John Funda, Marget Funda
Vawn, not named				
Larkins, Rebecca S. (Colored)		F	Dec. 12		Henry Larkins, Eve Larkins
Tryon, Feba A.				F	Dec. 10		Amos Tryon, Lucinda Tryon
Halenback, not named			M	Dec. 26		Jacob Halenback, Ester Halenback
Slater, Augustus			M	Dec. 30		George W. Slater, Catharine Slater
Bellinger, George W.			M	Mar. 3		James H. Bellinger, Margaret Bellinger
Blodget, Amelia				F	Aug. 15		John C. Blodget, Catarine Blodget

1849 Middleburgh, NY Birth Records

Shufelt, Chancy W.			M	Jan. 9		Phillip Shufelt
Conklin, Menzo				M	Jan. 12		Absalem and Annah M. Conklin
Stever, Calvin				M	Jan. 22		Henry P. and Julia Ann Stever
Danforth, Catharine			F	Feb. 1		David B. and Angaline Danforth
Bouck, Mattias W.			M	Feb. 5		George L. and Elizebeth Bouck
Rockefeller, Antonette			F	Feb. 7		George and Lydia H. Rockefeller
Netherway, Julyette			F	Feb. 16		Eazer and Susan Netherway
Carif, Ellen				F	Feb. 18		Richard and Sophia Carif
Bellinger, George			M	Feb. 20		Marcus and Marget Bellinger
Hizer, Demyers				M	Feb. 20		Stephen and Lania Ann Hizer
Keltz, Eliza				F	Feb. 21		Nicholas and Marget Keltz
Beavens, Anthony			M	Feb. 22		John and Catharine Beavens
Wells, Revilo				M	Feb. 28		John and Jane E. Wells
Gilbert, Charity C.			F	Feb. 28		William M. and Sally Gilbert
Loucks, Ira				M	Mar. 3		Jarramiah B. and Nancy Loucks
Laughten, John P.			M	Mar. 9		William and Sarah Laughten
Mondin, Wilson				M	Mar. 12		Cornelius and Betsey Mondin
Smith, Hulda				F	Mar. 12		Noah and Eliza Smith
Loucks, Nancy				F	Mar. 15		John P. and Cerestinia Loucks
Hinman, Albert S.			M	Mar. 15		John S. Hinman
Houghtailing, John L.			M	Mar. 29		Peter and Catharine Houghtailing
Eugle, Ugenia Ann			F	Mar. 31		William and Unis Eugle
Boyington, Elizebeth			F	Apr. 6		Moses and Polly Boyington
Stryker, Elizebeth			F	Apr. 6		Joseph and Catherine Stryker
Durham, John				M	Apr. 10		Josiah and Caty Durham
Decker, -----				M	Apr. 16		David and Fanny Decker
Eckerson, Judson			M	Apr. 24		Daniel and Sophia Eckerson
Dobbs, Charles W.			M	May 4		Abram Dobbs
Benedict, Cora				F	May 4		William and Hanah Benedict
Taylor, Jane				F	May 12		John and Sophronia Taylor
Bice, Elizebeth				F	May 12		JOhn C. and Nancy Bice
Crosby, Morgeanna			F	May 21		Clark Crosby
Durphy, Alfred				M	May 23		Benjamin and Mary Durphy
Snyder, Marcia L.			F	June 4		Adam and Christina Snyder
Van Patten, Trulove			F	June 7		William and Rebecca Van Patten
Shufelt, Harrett E.			F	June 11		Harry and Mrs. Shufelt
Stanton, William P.			M	June 13		Abram and Sabinia B. Stanton
Warrick, Charles			M	June 25		Samuel and Mary Warrick
Curcus, Adinijah			M	July 1		Adinijah and Clarisa Curcus
Campbell, John				M	July 1		Duncan and Catharine Campbell
Efner, Martha H. (or A.)		F	July 4		John and Nancy Efner
Shufelt, Peter				M	July 10		John and Gitty M. Shufelt
Bouck, George				M	July 12		George and Maria Bouck
Duel, Sally M.				F	July 22		James and Mrs. Duel
Sylvernail, Julia A.			F	July 31		William and Mary Sylvernail
Edwards, Thomas				M	Aug. 6		Thomas and Naomi Edwards
Shaver, William G.			M	Aug. 7		William and Aurica M. Shaver
Van Benscotin, Mary Ann			F	Aug. 23		Jacob and Elizabeth Van Benscotin
Posson, William H.			M	Aug. 23		Henry and Rosanah Posson
Alger, -----				M	Aug. 26		Jesse H. and Mary Alger
Best, Peter S.				M	Aug. 26		Charles and Eve Ann Best
Bouck, Ann E.				F	Aug. 31		John M. and Maria Bouck
Mattice, John H.			M	Sept. 9		Frederick B. and Eliza Ann Mattice
Mackcumber, -----			F	Sept. 14	Resolved and Manda Mackcumber
Snyder, Almira				F	Sept. 24	John and Mary Ann Snyder
Eckerson, Almira			F	Sept. 26	Abram and Christina Eckerson
Herron, Mary M.				F	Sept. 28	John and Lucy Herron
Meeker, -----				F	Oct. 18		Harry O. and Mary A. Meeker
Boomhauver, John N.			F	Oct. 18		Rosswell and Angaline Boomhauver
Mattice, Jane Ann			F	Oct. 25		Martinas B. and Christina Mattice
Cornwell, Alpherd			F	Oct. 30		George and Mrs. Cornwell
Reeves, Mary Jane			F	Nov. 2		Charles and Julia Ann Reeves
Bouck, Thomas				M	Nov. 2		Jacob T. and Eliza Bouck
Mickel, Sylvester			M	Nov. 15		Andrew and Marget Mickel
Bouck, Delooss				M	Nov. 19		John C. and Jezabee Bouck
Deyo, Egbert				M	Nov. 25		Marcus and Sara Deyo
Dodge, George Washington		M	Nov. 29		Daniel D. and Abby Dodge
Benedict, Ann Maria			F	Dec. 1		John O. and Betsey Benedict
Warton, Mary Marget			F	Dec. 11		Henry R. and hellen Warton
Biggsby, Noah				M	Dec. 11		Asa and Eve Biggsby
Louck, Andrew				M	Dec. 31		Harmon and Eve Ann Louck

Middleburgh New York Vital Records

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