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Albany County New York Family Sketches - Surnames G

Transcribed by Lynn Tooley

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Albany County New York Family Sketches - surnames G, extracted from the Landmarks of Albany County, New York, Edited by Amasa J. Parker of Albany, N.Y., Syracuse, N.Y., D. Mason & Co., Publishers, 1897.

GALLIEN, Henry, Family Sketch

Gallien, Henry, son of Henry and Eliza M. (George) Gallien, was born in Albany, N. Y., December 3, 1861. His father was born on the Isle of Guernsey and when sixteen years of age came to America and located in Albany, where for thirty years he was in the canal department and State comptroller's office, and for the last fifteen years that he was there held the offices of second deputy and deputy, holding the latter office at the time of his death in 1883. Henry Galhen was educated in the Boys' Academy, State Normal School, Public School No. 11 and the Albany High School, after which he was for a time in C. H. Van Benthuysen's paper warehouse. Subsequently he went to the Albany County Bank and the National Commercial Bank, where he remained eight years, and later was teller at the Park Bank of Albany for two years. From the Park Bank he went to the Exchange Bank, where be held the position of teller for three years, and left in 1894, to engage in business with his brother, E. J. Gallien, dealing in investment securities, with whom he remained one year. Then after a few months' experience as an expert accountant he was appointed by Commissioner Lyman, in April, 1896, auditor of the State Excise Department. Mr. Gallien is a member of Ridgefield Athletic Club, of which he is a trustee, and has held the office of secretary for three years. He was for one term financial secretary of the Albany Bicycle Club and organized the Albany County Wheelmen. He held the office of secretary and treasurer of the organization and subsequently held the offices of president and captain. He represented the Albany Bicycle Club and the Albany County 'Wheelmen for several years in the National Assembly, L. A. W., and is a member of the auditing committee of that body. For two years he has been treasurer of the Albany Press Club and is a director and member of the Albany Musical Association. Mr. Gallien is also a Mason, being a member of Masters Lodge No. 5, F. & A. M.

GARTLAND, John L., Family Sketch

Gartland, John L., son of James and Elizabeth Gartland, was born in Manchester, England, July 4, 1853, and was graduated from Kneller Hall, a military school of music in Hounslow, in 1872. Meanwhile he was for ten years a member of the 2d Battalion, llth Regiment of Foot, English army, which he entered in 1863 and in which he served a part of the time as musician, bemg stationed at Gibralter, Malta, Jersey (Channel Islands), Aldershot and Gosport. In 1878 he came to Portland, Me., where he followed his profession as a band musician. In 1874 he removed to Johnstown, N. Y., and became leader of the Johnstown Band and a dealer in books and stationery. He came to Albany in 1881 as a member of the old Austin Band and in 1884 was elected leader of the 10th Regt. Band, a position he held ten years. In 1894 he organized Gartland's Military Band of twenty five pieces and has since been its leader and conductor. January 1, 1896, he formed a partnership with Joseph Gioscia and organized Gioscia & Gartland's orchestra of twenty-five members. These two bodies are the leaders in military band and orchestral circles in Eastern New York and have filled many noted engagements. Mr. Gartland is also musical director of the First Lutheran church, and a member of Wadsworth Lodge, Temple Chapter, De Witt Clinton Council, Temple Commandery and Cyprus Temple of Masons. In 1879 he married Josephine, daughter of Charles E. Peckham, of Johnstown, N. Y., and they have one daughter, Elizabeth Peckham Gartland.

GARVIN, Martin L. R., Family Sketch

Garvin, Martin L. R., son of Martin and Mary (Harvey) Garvin, was born in Charlton, Saratoga county, December 36, 1856. His father was of Irish descent and his mother of New England ancestry. Mr. Garvin was educated in the common schools and worked on a farm until he was twenty-one years of age, when he moved to Schenectady, N. Y., and took a course in Professor Bennett's Business Institute, afterward becoming associated with Professor Bennett in conducting the Institute, having charge of the bookkeeping department. In 1881 he removed to Albany, N. Y.. where he obtained a position with E. J. Larrabee & Co., bakers, occupying successively the positions of shipping clerk, foreman and salesman, remaining with them nine years. Subsequently he was salesman for Squire, Sherry & Galusha of Troy, N. Y. , and later had the State agency for Barlow Brothers, printers and publishers, of Grand Rapids, Mich. In 1894 Mr. Garvin was made assistant manager of the Albany Terminal Warehouse Company and recently he was elected manager. He is an elder and deacon in the Sixth Presbyterian church of Albany and is a member of the board of managers of the Albany City Tract and Missionary Society. March 16, 1881, he married Rebecca Hogan of Troy and they have one son, Elmer B.

GEER, Robert, Family Sketch

Geer, Robert, son of James L. and Prudence Almira (Gallup) Geer, was born m Norwich, Conn., March 23, 1837. His mother died in 1847. His father was a cabinetmaker, a builder, and later was engaged in the aviction and commission business. About 1873 he retired and now lives in Norwich. Mr. Geer received a public school education; when fifteen he became a clerk in a drug store in Norwich, and three years later its owner. In 1861 he removed the stock to Syracuse. N. Y., and m 1864 sold out. April 20, 1864, he came to Albany as the local representative of the Salt Company of Onondaga, whose business he has managed ever since, becoming proprietor in 1871. In 1879 he also engaged in the flour and feed trade with Chester F. Bouton, as Bouton & Geer, and continued until Mr. Bouton's death in 1886. Three years later he discontinued this business. In 1892 he formed the Robert Geer Salt company, incorporated, and has since carried on the old salt business under that name as vice-president and manager. Mr. Geer has been prominently identified with several enterprises. He has been a trustee of the Home Savings Bank since 1884 and president of the Homestead Savings and Loan Association since its organization in 1888. A Republican in politics, he was supervisor of the Fourteenth ward of Albany from 1880 to 1886, was candidate for member of assembly in 1885, but withdrew because of a split in the party, and was candidate for senator in 1886. but was defeated by Hon. Amasa J. Parker, although he ran ahead of his ticket. He is a member of Temple Lodge No. 14, F. & A. M., Capital City Chapter No. 242, R. A. M., De Witt Clinton Council No. 22, R. & S. M., Temple Commandery No. 2, K. T., Cypress Temple, A. A. O. N. M. S., and all the Scottish Rite bodies 32°. He is a trustee of the Y. M. C. A., a member and for four years master workman of Capital City Lodge, A. O. U. W., senior vestryman of St. Paul's church, for fifteen years treasurer and trustee of the Albany Hospital for Incurables, and for the past ten years secretary of the Board of Albany Pier Proprietors. In October, 1860, he married Mary Sophia, daughter of William Gere of Syracuse, who died in 1886, leaving two children: Frederick Lewis and Clara Lovisa. In October, 1869, he married, second, Rhoda Kellogg Shedd. daughter of Ephraim Shedd of Jordan, N, Y. She died in December, 1882, leaving one son, Arthur Hamilton. In April, 1884, Mr. Geer married, third, Julia, daughter of Henry Richmond of Albany.

GISE, Peter, Family Sketch

Gise, Peter, was born in Rensselaer county in 1858, and is the son of Peter Gise (deceased) who came to Bethlehem in 1859 and settled on the farm where Peter Gise now lives, where he is a successful farmer and dairyman, running a large-milk route in Albany. He married Anna Dorothy, daughter of George Smith, a gardener of Kenwood, and they have one son and two daughters: Peter, jr., Carolyn and Lulu.

GLEASON, James M., Family Sketch

Gleason, James M., was born in Troy, N. Y., August 25, 1860, and removed to West Troy and Watervhet in 1865, where he has since resided. He was educated in the public schools, Troy Christian Brothers' Academy and Troy Business College. At an early age he became an active member of the West Troy Old Volunteer Fire Department and served as foreman of the J. C. Dayton Hose Company, and as assistant chief of the department until its disbandment in 1883, and is an exempt fireman. Before and since attaining his majority he has taken an active part in politics as an enthusiastic Democrat and is prominent in his party organization in city and county. Al the Watervliet town election in 1885 he was nominated and elected to the responsible office of collector of taxes and was re-elected in April, 1886. On January 1, 1887, he was appointed deputy court clerk by Hon. Robert H. Moore, county clerk, and served for three years to January 1, 1890, when he was promoted and appointed by Hon. A. C. Requa, county clerk elect, to the position of deputy county clerk, which he held until the expiration of Mr. Requa's term of office December 31, 1892, On December 4, 1893, he was appointed by Hon. Frank Campbell, State comptroller, a commissioner to make an examination of the papers, books, records and documents in the office of the surrogate of Kings county, N. Y., relating to the enforcement of the inheritance tax laws of the State of New York, and at the expiration of his commission he retired to private life and engaged in business in Albany, N. Y., where he is still located. Mr. Gleason was married February 16, 1886, and resides with his wife, two sons and three daughters, on Sixth avenue, in Watervliet, N. Y.

GLEASON, John H., Family Sketch

Gleason, John H., was born in the city of Troy, February 25, 1857, and was educated at the Academy of the Christian Brothers, supplemented by a course at Troy Business College. When about nineteen he began the study of law with A. D. Lyon, of Troy, afterward entering the office of Judge Landon in that city. After three vears' association with Hon. Galen R. Hitt, he was admitted to the bar early in 1880, and opened an office at West Troy, where his manifest abilities received earljrecognition by an appointment to the position of corporation attorney of West Troy, which he filled for three years with much credit. Joining the ranks of the Albanian legal fraternity in January, 1892, he continues the active practice of his profession in the capita! city and is now the city attorney of the new City of Watervliet, where he resides.

GODFREY, James H., Family Sketch

Godfrey, James H., was born on the site of his beautiful home, in 1841. He spent his whole life with his father, the late George A. Godfrey, one of the first settlers. Mr. Godfrey is a farmer and a dairyman, and his home is located so as to command extended views of the lovely landscape, of which the Mohawk Valley is widely famed.

GOLDRING, Samuel, Family Sketch

Goldring, Samuel, son of William, was born December 29, 1864, in West Dean, Sussex, England, and came to America in 1886. He was for two years foreman of the gardening department for W. C. Wilson, on Long Island, and in 1888 he came to Albany and first engaged in the flower bnsiness on Western avenue, and six months later formed a partnership with H. G. Eyres as Eyres & Co. They carried on a large floral business until February, 1895, when Mr. Goldring withdrew and formed a copartnership with his brother, Frederick, under the style of Goldring Brothers. They have a retail store at No. 30 North Pearl street, and also run the old Font Grove green-houses at Slingerlands, where they have over 77,000 square feet covered with glass; they do both a wholesale and retail business. Frederick Goldring came to America in 1878 and settled in Albany, where he was for eleven years orchid grower for Erastus Corning. Both brothers are members of the Society of American Forists and of the Royal Arcanum. Samuel Goldring is district deputy grand regent of the Royal Arcanum and a member of Wadsworth Lodge No. 417 F. & A. M., Temple Chapter, R. A. M., De Witt Clinton Council, R. & S. M., Temple Comraandery, K. T., the Elks and the Albany Press Club. In 1888 he married Miss Etta, daughter of William Potkora, one of the oldest florists in Albany, and their children are Edith Frederica and Jessica Louisa.

GOOLD, James, Family Sketch

Goold, James, was born in Granby, Hartford county. Conn., in the year 1789. When he was four years of age his parents removed to Stephentown, Rensselaer county, where he remained until he was ten or twelve years of age. In the winter of 1804 he went to Troy, N. Y., as an apprentice in the bookbinding establishment of Obadiah L. Penniman & Co. He left Troy shortly after and removed to Pittsfield, Mass., where he entered the carriage factory of William Clark and commenced to learn the trade that was to be his life work. After eighteen months' service, Mr. Clark failed and Mr. Goold engaged himself to Jason Clapp and completed his trade. In August, 1809, he went to Coxsackie, N. Y., where he worked for John R. Vandenburgh. The following winter he attended school at Lebanon, N. Y., and in May, 1810, after visiting New York, Newark and other places, in search of employment, he reached New Haven and worked with various firms until the following December. After a brief visit to his home in Stephentown, he worked for L. Thrall in Troy. April 15. 1813, he moved to Albany, N. Y., and commenced business on the corner of Maiden Lane and Dean street, on ground now occupied by Stanwix Hall. The building was leased from the late Peter Gansevoort; two years afterward, owing to increased business, Mr. Goold leased premises on Division street, below Broadway, then known as South Market street. In 1833 he moved part of his business to new buildings on Union street and in 1836, after having erected a sufficient number of buildings, he moved the entire plant thither. May 25, 1838, the works on Union street were totally destroyed by fire, and such was the feeling of sympathy that a meeting of citizens was called, at which meeting a committee was appointed which tendered to Mr. Goold a loan of a large amount, without interest, to enable him to re-establish his business; needless to say, all this money was duly paid back, in the required time. Since the rebuilding at that time the business has been continued uninterruptedly, with the exception that after Mr. Goold's death, the plant was moved from Union street to lower Broadway, where it is now located and doing business under the name of the James Goold Company, William D. Goold being president. In 1814 Mr. James Goold was married to Elizabeth, daughter of Samuel Vail. They lived together to celebrate not only their golden wedding, but the sixtieth anniversary as well. Such was the feeling existing between Mr. Goold and his employees, that when he celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of the establishment of the business, they presented him with a silver service. He was one of the oldest members of the Young Men's Association and served one term in the Common Council as alderman, having been elected by the Whigs. He was a prominent member of the Second Presbyterian church. He died October 1, 1879, in his ninetieth year, having won the respect and esteem of all who met him, and many were the hearts saddened by his demise.

GOVE, Ralph A., Family Sketch

Gove, Ralph A., son of Aurelius Gove, the oldest resident of Loudonville, and one of the oldest residents of the old town of Watervliet, was born at Loudonville, July 37, 1849. His boyhood days were spent on his father's farm; he attended district school No. 11 from six years of age until old enough to work. He worked on the farm in the summer and attended school in the winter until 1867, when he attended the Literary and Scientific Institution of New London, N. H. In 1868 he entered the grocery store of James Seamans of Brookline, Mass., as clerk and worked for $100 a year. In 1869 he attended Fulsom's Business College of Albany. In 1871 he opened a grocery store at Loudonville. In 1873 he was appointed postmaster and has held the office until the present date. In 1882 he was elected commissioner of highways for the town of Watervliet; for three years he was elected supervisor, and again in 1889, but prevented from holding office by a fraudulent vote. In 1876 he married Miss Matilda Van Vranken of Watervliet, by whom he has had two children. Florence M., born in 1877, and Ralph, born in 1888. Aurelius Gove, the oldest resident of Loudonville, was born of Quaker parents at Montpelier, Vt., March 28, 1820. His parents moved to Watervliet in 1823 and three years later to Albany, where his father engaged in the stoneware business. In 1832 they moved to Duane, Franklin county; returning in 1832 they moved to Watervliet, of which town Mr. Gove is still a resident. He was educated in the public schools in Albany and was married in 1843 to Hannah S. Everett, and has lived on the farm for fifty-two years which he purchased shortly after his marriage. Mr. Gove has taken an active part in the affairs of the town and has been for several years president of the Colonie Farmers' League, an organization which was largely instrumental in the division of the town of Watervliet, and which has done much for the good government of the new town. Mr. Gove is also well known among boatmen on the Hudson, having been for many years engaged in buying produce for the New York markets, also in bringing glucose meal from Long Island to Albany and Troy.

GRADY, Thomas G., Family Sketch

Grady, Thomas G.. is one of the leading merchants of West Troy. In 1881 he first began the merchant tailor business here, where he has since carried on a large enterprise. In 1886 he opened a new store, which has advanced his interest in a most satisfactory manner. He was born in Cincinnati, O. in 1859, and is a son of John A. Grady, a hotel keeper, now of Toronto. At the age of sixteen he learned the tailor's trade at Xenia, O. Mr. Grady is collector of the Society of Royal Arcanum and enjoys wide popularity among his fellowmen.

GRAHAM, Edward J., Family Sketch

Graham, Edward J., son of John and Margaret (Kirwin) Graham, was born in Albany, July 25, 1857, attended the public and high schools, graduating in 1874 and read law with Hand, Hale, Schwartz & Fairchild and with Attorney-General Charles S. Fairchild, being also a clerk in the attorney-general's office. He completed his law studies in the office of Hon. Sidney T. Fairchild. counsel for the N. Y. C. & H. R. R. R. and treasurer of the Hudson River Bridge Company, and was admilled to the bar in 1878. In May, 1885, he went to Washington as private secretary to Hon. Charles S. Fairchild, assistant secretary of the treasury, and remained with him in the same capacity while he was secretary of the treasury, resigning in April. 1889. Returning to Albany, Mr. Graham has since been in the active practice of his profession. In 1883 he was elected a member of the Albany Board of Public Instruction and served until he went to Washington. He was appointed a civil service commissioner by Mayor Manning and held the office about one year, when he resigned. In May, 1893, he was appointed by Comptroller James H. Eckels national bank examiner for the Northern District of New York, and still holds that position. He is a member and trustee of the Catholic Union and is unmarried.

GRAHAM, Hugh, Family Sketch

Graham, Hugh, one of Cohoes's most prominent business men, began life without a dollar. He was born in Belfast, Ireland, in 1844. He vifas brought up to the hardware, seed and grocery business, a son of a farmer in his native county, and upon coming to Cohoes in 1864 he accepted a confidential clerkship in a wholesale grocery. In 1868 he began business for himself on Willow street, as Stanton & Graham. The grocery business became so extensive that a large, handsome store was erected. Later his partner sold out to Mr. Conway, who died in 1896 when Mr. Graham also left the business. In 1888 he purchased the plant of the American Soap Company, and with Mr. Andrae the industry has become an extensive one, now known as the "American Soap & Washoline Company," of which Mr. Graham is president. He is a trustee of the Manufacturers Bank, a member of the City Hall Commission, one of the first commissioners of the Hospital Commission, an organizer and director of the Cohoes City Railway, president of the New York State Retail Business Men's Association, 1888, and was re elected again in 1892, and president of the Cohoes Business Men's Association four years, 1888 to 1892.

GREGORY, Hon. Clifford D., Family Sketch

Gregory, Hon. Clifford D., judge of the County Court, was born in the city of New York and liberally educated at La Fayette Institute and Columbia College. He became an Albanian in 1873 and a student of the Albany Law School, graduating from that institution two years later. He was for seven years associated with the firm of Parker & Countryman, and in 1894 formed a copartnership with his late brother, George Stewart Gregory, which continued until the death of the latter in 1888. He is a Republican in politics, but a politician of broad guage; his popularity is universal. His ability as a debater and his forcible and fearless advocacy of commendable measures, made him an acknowledged leader in the Board of Aldermen, to which he was first elected in 1888 and again elected without opposition. Judge Gregory is a life member of the Society of Colonial Wars, and vice-president of the Albany Chapter; a life member and president of the Albany Club; a life member of the Fort Orange Club; director of the Albany County Bank; from 1890 to 1894 was president of the Republican Executive Committee ofAlbany County; and a life member and president of the Ridgefield Athletic; Club. He is honored alike in political, professioual and social life.

GREY, W. W., Family Sketch

Grey, W. W., son of William C. and Mary (Burrows) Grey, was born in Bedford, England, in 1851. He received his early education in the Bedford schools and was apprenticed when very young as office assistant to the Howards of Bedford, England, manufacturers of agricultural implements and the inventors of the iron plow. He remamed there until 1871, when he came to America, having been preceded by his parents. Before leaving England Mr. Grey had been importuned to accept the position of bookkeeper in the office of Coolidge, Pratt & Co., brewers, of Albany. In 1872 the business, which is one of the oldest breweries in America, having been started in 1797, was incorporated under the name of the Albany Brewing Company. Subsequently Mr. Grey became a member of the company, and in 1890 he was elected assistant manager, which office he now fills. Mr. Grey is a 32° Mason and is the potentate of Cyprus Temple, A. A. O. N. M. S. He has been president of St. George's Society of Albany for two years and was its secretary seventeen years. He was commodore of the Albany Yacht Club for three years and was one of the organizers of the first fencing class in Albany. He is also president of the Erwin Manufacturing Company of Greenbush, N. Y., and was a director of the South End Bank. He is a member of the Press, Acacia and Albany Clubs, and also a member of the Albany Masonic Veteran Association.

GUTMANN, John, Family Sketch

Gutmann, John, a native of Albany, born December 14, 1853, is the son of John L., who was born in Doerbach, Prussia, Germany, came to Albany in 1851 and died here in July, 1889; he was a moulder, superintendent and director of the Albany Stove Company and president of St. Joseph's Benevolent Association; his wife, Elizabeth Hensel, died March 8, 1870. John Gutmann was educated in German private schools and the Christian Brothers' Academy, graduating in 1869, and also attended the Albany Business College. He read law with Henry N. Wickes, was graduated from the Albany Law School and admitted to the bar in 1874, and practiced in partnership with Mr. Wickes until 1882. Since then he has followed the profession alone. He was justice of the Justice's Court about four and a half years, police justice from 1884 to 1894, has been delegate to several Democratic conventions and is a member of various German organizations. In January, 1876, he married Theresa Kresser af Albany, who died in 1880, leaving two children: John H. and Julia T. He married second, in 1883, Christine E. Weber, a native of Kingston, N. Y., and their children are: Loretta C, Anna M. and Elizabeth C.

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