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Albany County New York Family Sketches - Surnames K

Transcribed by Lynn Tooley

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Albany County New York Family Sketches - surnames K, extracted from the Landmarks of Albany County, New York, Edited by Amasa J. Parker of Albany, N.Y., Syracuse, N.Y., D. Mason & Co., Publishers, 1897.

KEELER, John, Family Sketch

Keeler, John, son of Daniel and Margaret (Murphy) Keeler, was born in Albany. N. Y., January 7, 1843. He received a common school education and in 1865 went to work in the restaurant of his brother William, on Green street. In 1871 he succeeded his brother in the management of the Green street restaurant and remained there until July, 1884, when he and his brother formed a partnership and opened a restaurant at No. 56 State street. In 1890 Mr. Keeler again assumed management of the Green street restaurant and since then his sons, William H. and John, have been the proprietors of the State street restaurant.

KIBBEE, William Backus, Family Sketch

Kibbee, William Backus, son of Austin S. and Anna (Meeker) Kibbee, was born in Albany, N. Y., February 1, 1852, and was educated at the Albany Academy and Oberlin College. He is in direct line from Edward Kibbee, who, with his wife Deborah, were living in Exeter, England, in 1611. Their son Edward, with his wife, Mary Partridge, came to New England in 1640; in 1643 Elisha, the third child of Edward, lived in Salem, Mass., and in 1683 removed to Enfield, Conn., and was one of the founders of that town and a large land owner. His son Isaac was the first male child bora in Enfield. He married Rachel Cook, and his son Edward with his wife, Dorothy Phelps, were among the first .settlers of Somers, Conn. Thus it will be seen that the ancestors of the subject of this sketch played no small part in the early settlement of the country. The followmg names of ancestors, with dates of birth, show the Ime of descent: Edward, born May 11, 1611; Elisha, September 9, 104;{; Edward, February 2, 1670; Elisha, February 25, 1697; Charles, May 11, 1737; Joel, September 15, 1764; Joel, March 1, 1786; Austin S., November 22, 1822; and William B., February 1, 1852. About 1875 there was a remarkable gathering at the old homestead of Horatio Kibbee at Ellington, when ninety children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren sat down together to celebrate the ninetieth birthday of Mrs. Valorous Kibbee, who was the daughter of Allerton Cushman, and so a direct descendant of Thomas Cushman and Mary Allerton of Mayflower and Pilgrim fame. Mr. Kibbee is engaged in the lumber business with his father, Austin S., and they have one of the largest yards and businesses in the State. Mr. Kibbee married Carrie Staats, who is a descendant of Abraham Staats, a surgeon, who went to Rensselaerwyck in 1642 and who was one of the founders of Albany city. They have three children: Fanny Abbott, Austin Staats and Wilham Bertram.

KIMMEY, Edson, Family Sketch

Kimmey, Edson, manager of the Postal Telegraph Company at Albany, is of Holland Dutch descent and was born March 15, 1867, being the son of Philip and Jane A. (Hotaling) Kimmey. His father, an eminent citizen of Albany, was born in 1810 and died in 1893; he was State boiler inspector under Gov John A. Dix and in the fifties was a large property holder at Kimmey's Corners, in South Bethlehem, where he built the first saw and grist mill, the tall chimney of which, recently blown up by dynamite, was a landmark for many years. Edson Kimmey was graduated from the Albany High School in 1885 and shortly after took up telegraphy being first employed by the Commercial Union Telegraph Company, under whose direction he opened several branch offices in Northern New York. Later he accepted the managership of the Baltimore & Ohio Telegraph office at Long Branch and soon afterward became operator and clerk for the district superintendent of the same company, in New York city. Later he and several others incorporated the New York and Long Island Telegraph Company, which was the first extension of telegraph facilities ever put on Long Island in opposition to the Western Union. He was shortly afterwards chosen a director and still holds his interest in this capacity. He soon accepted a position as chief operator and was made district manager of various postal oftices in New York city. When the latter company absorbed the Commercial Union, he was selected as manager of the Albany office, which position he now holds. Mr. Kimmey was married in 1892. He has been prominently connected with the political interests of Albany. He is a member of Masters Lodge, F. & A. M., and is identified with the business affairs of the city.

KIMMEY, John B., Family Sketch

Kimmey, John B., is the son of Richard Kimmey, who was formally years engaged in the produce shipping business at Cedar Hill, and was twice member of the Legislature. He died in 1879 and left two sons: William of New York and John B., who remained on the homestead and is a farmer and gardener, and is also postmaster. He has two sons, Myndart V., and Clarence. Mr. Kimmey's grandfather was Frederick, whose father, John Kimmey, came from Holland and settled in Bethlehem.

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