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1812 - 1877 Marriage Records
Reformed Dutch Church at Beaver Dam
Town of Berne
Albany County New York

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Married by Rev. David Devoe

Marriages by Cornelius Bogardus, V. D. M.

Record of Marriages by John Van Wagenen, V. D. M.

Record of Marriages by Rev. Abraham H. Myers

Record of Marriages by Rev. W. Demarest

The first marriage ceremony performed by him took place July 19, 1846.

Record of Marriages by Rev. E. Vedder

Record of Marriages by Rev. J. C. Van Liew

Record of Marriages by Rev. R. Doig

1The name may be written "William Buller" in the original record.
2Mr. Demarest wrote the original record of this entry in lead pencil, on a page otherwise blank. Later on in the year, after he had forgotten about it, he thought the entry had been omitted. Consequently, he recorded it, out of chronological order.

Note. On original page 317, opposite the first four marriages, Rev. A. H. Myers wrote in lead pencil, a little summary with the evident intention of showing how much better a "marrying person" he was, then his predecessor. In the summary, he even included 14 marriages that he performed in Oppenheim (St. Johnsville), his previous charge.

The marriage record kept by Rev. Abraham H. Myers closes Oct. 22, 1835. There is no evidence in this record that Rev. R. D. Van Kleek kept a record of marriages. Nevertheless, he was the type of pastor that one would not expect to find neglecting this important duty. The record of Rev. William Demarest commences on July 19, 1846.

Rev. R. D. Van Kleek was called by the First Reformed Dutch Church of Berne and served that church for a year, before he was called by the Reformed Dutch Church of the Beaver Dam. He resided in the Village of Berneville. Therefore it is to be presumed that while these two churches had the same pastor, al the marriages he performed were recorded in the record of the Village or East Church.