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1867 - 1875 Death and Burial Records
St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church
Town of Berne
Albany County New York

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1867 - 1875 DEATHS and BURIALS

A record of deaths & burials kept by Rev. James Lefler, Nov. 1, 1867.

1The date of death may be written "Sept. 1, 1871"; but certainly the "t" is not crossed, nor is there a period after either "p" or "t".

Note. It will be observed that three pages are recorded in this transcript for original page 97, wich was very much crowded in the record. In the original, the entries appear in two columns; the end of the first column is indicated by the broken line on page 52.

On the original page, all these entries appear in the first column; the second column is blank, except the headings.

Original pages 90 to 96 are blank. Original pages 99 to 108; and 114 to 120, contain a list of Benevolences for the years 1887, 1888 and 1892. The lists contain the names of the persons and the amounts donated. All these lists are omitted from this transcript, for the following reasons: the matter is of too recent date and covers years later than the period occupied by the record, and is therefore in my opinion, not a part of the original record; the data is of a type usually found in the Treasurer's accounts, and never should have been entered in this book, in any event.