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1850 - 1875 Marriage Records
St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church
Town of Berne
Albany County New York

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1850 - 1875 MARRIAGES

Marriages by A. P. Ludden

(N. B.) The last two marriages were copied by Rev. J. C. Brodfuhrer to whom they were sent by mail with a request from Rev. Js. Lefler to that effect.

1 The date first written "Feb. 22".
2 Probably intended for John Wesley Zimmer.
3 Lutheran clergyman, at the time pastor at Cobleskill.
4 The last recorded by Rev. James Lefler.

Note. This is the first section only of original page 172. It closes the marriage record kept by Rev. Lambert Swackhamer. The next pastor, the Rev. A. P. Ludden, commenced his marriage record, a few pages back in the original record. Mr. Ludden kept his record in chronological order, except that he was obliged to skip over Mr. Swackhamer's marriage record. The second section of original page 172, is transcribed on page 44.

The memorandum above is written in the original record, because the marriage record of Rev. L. Swackhamer commences on original page 171.

This is the second section of original page 172. It is placed here in the transcript to bring the marriages performed by Rev. A. P. Ludden all in proper chronological order. For first section, see page 37.

The foregoing is the last page in the record that has writing upon it, with the exception of a little scribbling on the back cover. I might add that the book was inverted when Dr. Lintner wrote the first entries, and that this is really the second fly leaf of the volume. Pages 174, 175 and 176 are blank.

Two peculiarities of Mr. Lefler are worth noticing; the use of parentheses, to take the place of punctuation; and a marked objection to the use of the word "Witnesses". He has carefully erased the "es" every time that he noticed it.