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Johnson Cemetery
Town of Wellsville
Allegany County, New York

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The Johnson Cemetery is located on West Genesee St. in the Village of Wellsville, NY.

This cemetery consisting of about one acre was laid out and started in 1854 as a private enterprise by Nathaniel Johnson.

At his death it went to his heirs, who on Aug. 30, 1926 transfered title to the First Trust Company of Wellsville.

It was the first authentic cemetery in the village and many of the town's prominent citizens of early days are interred there.

Mr. Johnson, a prominet Mason, willed a sum of money to the local Masonic Lodge, to be used for maintainance of the fence around the grounds.

Adjoining the cemetery proper on the north is a small plot of land which has been used for burial purposes. The entire tract is being maintained by the Woodlawn Cemetery Association of Wellsville.

Its tombstones records are included in the following but there are said to be many graves there of which there is no known record.

Johnson Cemetery Burials