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Cattaraugus County, New York Wills, Volume 1, 1830-1849

Copied by Matthew Tooley

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Cattaraugus County, New York selected wills, 1830-1849 as found in the Cattaraugus County, New York Surrogate Court.

LOCKE, Moses, Will

Moses Locke of Machias. Son Joseph $1.00. Eldest dau. Eunice or hairs of Jesse Mervill, dec., $1.00. Dau. Lydia or hairs, wife of Sylvester Carver $1.00. Dau. Anna or hairs wife of Joseph Butler, $1.00. Youngest dau. Pircis, wife of Levi Gordon, $3.00. Youngest son Charles remainder of estate. Chester Locke appt. sole exec. Moses signed with his mark. Written June 9, 1829. Witnesses: Increase Locke, Norman Brace and Philander Locke. Presented for prob. Sept. 27, 1830. P.1.

McCLUER, Benjamin, Will

Benjamin McCluer of town of Franklinsville. Wife Betsey to support and educate 4 children. Elizabeth, Benjamin, Mary Jane and William Monroe until they are of age. Plara Howard shall continue to live with and faithfully labour for and obey lawful commands of my wife Betsey until he shall become of age. I direct he be decently and comfortably clothed and furnished with the ordinary and usual comforts of life suitable to his age and condition and when he is 21 my exec. to pay him $100 out of my estate in such property as may be suited to his condition in life or $100 in cash within one year next there after. I did enter into a contract with my father and eldest brother James to provide for my youngest sister Lydia McCluer for 1 equal 1/2 of time as long as she remain unmarried and continue unable to provide for herself. Contract to be strictly observed and complied with by my exec. Porter McCluer and wife Betsey appt. exec. dated Jan. 3, 1832. Witnesses: Joseph McCluer, Charles M. South and John Rice. Presented for prob. Mar. 15, 1832. P.3.

CHAPMAN, Ezekiel, Will

Ezekiel Chapman, "in a weakly state of body". Eldest daughter Louisa, wife Lydia. Minor children Sylvester, Silas and Elnathan. Friend Ezekiel Seekins appt. exec. Will dated Mar. 28, 1831 at New Albion. Witnesses: Samuel S. Burdick, Arad Rich and Heman Rich. Presented for probate Mar. 2, 1833. P.5.

BLANCHARD, James, Will

James Blanchard, of Conewango, Cattaraugus Co. Wife Eunice appt. sole executor. Eldest son Hiram and sons Emera J. and Solotus M. all under 21 years of age. Daughters Emeline, Henrietta and Lucinda J. all under 18 years of age. Will dated Feb. 28, 1833. Witnesses: Henry Day, John Fairbank and Ezra Amadon, Jr. Presented for probate May 16, 1833.

SALISBURY, Richard, Will

Richard Salisbury, James Powell gets all money granted to Richard Salisbury by petition I have made to Congress or War Dept. of U. S. A. under act of June 7, 1832 granting pensions. James Powell sole executor. "I have lived most of my time for many years with James Powell." Witnesses: Abraham Searl and Israel Day.

SALISBURY, Richard, Petition to prove will from Box 93

Richard Salisbury, died July 16 last past in Town of Randolph. Petition dated May 29, 1834. Left no widow. Left 9 children. Stephen Salisbury of Western, Oneida Co., Lawrence of somewhere in Penn.; Otis of Jefferson Co., N. Y.; Russell of Lyons, Jefferson Co. (sic); David Salisbury; Betsey Wheelock, Clothilda, wife of James Powell, Richard Salisbury of Napoli, Catt. Co.; Polly Miller of Connewango, Catt. Co.; Sally Worden, wife of Wm. of Black River County all of full age.