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1847 - 1849 Adams, NY Birth Records
Jefferson County, New York

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1847 Adams, NY Birth Records

Number of Births in the Town of Adams and County of Jefferson, New York during the year ending 31st December, 1847.

BABCOCK, Lamont M. son of Elias and Melissa C. June 16, 1847
BABCOCK, Albert R. son of Nelson and Lucy Jan. 1, 1847
BARTLETT, Monroe F. son of Festus and Sylvina Jan. 15, 1847
BEARD, Angeline daughter of Alonzo and Esther Dec. 14, 1847
BEARDSLEY son of Orange and Sally M. Nov. 15, 1847
BORDON, Jenette daughter of Daniel and Irena Dec. 14, 1847
BRIMMER, Ambrose son of Jacob and Matilda July 28, 1847
BUNCE, Zebe son of Timothy and Nina May 16, 1847
CHAMBERLAIN, Alvira E. daughter of Joseph and Achsah Aug. 22, 1847
CHAMBERLAIN, Jane daughter of Solomon and Chloe Oct. 22, 1847
COOK, not named son of Walter and Permitta Dec. 3, 1847
CRAMER, not named daughter of Jonathan and Harriet Ann July 10, 1847
FELT, Harriet Ann daughter of Amos and Lucinda Feb. 9, 1847
FOX, Manerva daughter of Buel and Penda March 12, 1847
GREEN, Orson C. son of Alvah G. and Laura Sept. 28, 1847
GREEN, Sherman R. son of Franklin and Delia Ann March 27, 1847
GREEN, Sally Ann daughter of Reves and Mary Ann Sept. 15, 1847
GREEN, William Hanford son of William and Dorcas Apr. 26, 1847
GREENSLIT, Urnest L. son of Niles C. and Martha Nov. 3, 1847
HALL, Edgar F. son of James and Louisa Apr. 12, 1847
HARRINGTON, Amelia Genett daughter of Eri and Zurviah Aug. 25, 1847
NILES, Hiram C. son of Henry and Ruth Apr. 17, 1847
OATMAN, Caroline H.R. daughter of Leonard and Huldah May 13, 1847
OUDECORK, Mary M. daughter of Salmon and Perlina March 9, 1847
PARKER, Eldridge son of Giles and Rhoda Aug. 15, 1847
PERSONS, Lucy C. daughter of Leonard and Hannah Aug. 29, 1847
PETRIE, Joseph F. son of Rufus and Lucinda Sept. 6, 1847
PIERCE, Hellen G. daughter of Stephen C. and Jane Sept. 23, 1847
POTER, Francis Jared son of Daniel and Mary Ann Sept. 12, 1847
POTER, ? daughter of George and Harriet July 19, 1847
POWELL, William W. son of William W. and Mary Ann Oct. 28, 1847
PUTNAM, Wilford M. son of Semour and Harriet Sept. 19, 1847
RICKARDS ? Banjamin T. son of Moses and Sally July 25, 1847
RIPLEY, Frances F. daughter of William and Sarah L. June 27, 1847
STANLEY, Deforest son of Darwin and Mary June 29, 1847
STEPHENS, Rufus J. son of Alva and Huldah Oct. 10, 1847
STRICKLIN, Harris A. son of Orrin and Saroline Aug. 7, 1847
TENANT, Sarah Harriet daughter of Sanford and Harriet Aug. 3, 1847
THOMPSON, Calvin H., Jr. son of Calvin H. and Mary E. March 1, 1847
WILCOX, Alice L. daughter of Clark and Harriet May 22, 1847

1848 Adams, NY Birth Records

Number of Births in the Town of Adams and County of Jefferson, New York during the year ending 31st December, 1848.

ALLEN, Ambrosia daughter of Alforce and Mary Jan. 11, 1848
BABCOCK, Dwight son of John and Elvirah L. Nov. 28, 1848
BABCOCK, Dwight son of John and Elvira L. Nov. 28, 1848
BEALS, Mary R. Letti daughter of Charles M. and Persis Nov. 13, 1848
BOND, Mary Elizabeth daughter of Samuel M. and Elizabeth C. Dec. 24, 1848
BOSWORTH, Anna Rosetta daughter of Newton and Ann March 4, 1848
BRADSHAW, Silas Slater son of Victor and Petsy Apr. 25, 1848
BRIGHT, Herbert son of Thomas and Jane Feb. 1, 1848
BROWN, Thomas Levant son of Jedediah, and Catharine July 9, 1848
COMEY ?, Emma Jane daughter of Christopher and Meroa Nov. 6, 1848
DYRE, George L. son of Levi L. and Susan A. Apr. 1, 1848
ELLIOTT, Charlotte L. daughter of S.G. and Prudence G. May 1, 1848
FARNHAM, Mary E. daughter of Timothy and Tirzah L. Aug. 28, 1848
FOX, Anna Electa daughter of Julus and Caroline Sept. 8, 1848
FULLER, Abigail Phidelia daughter of Amos and Mary Ann Oct. 1848(?)
GIFFORD, Albert son of James Monroe and Penelly June 10, 1848
GILBERT, Mary Emma daughter of Henry and Almyria Sept. 1, 1848
GREEN, Clarissa A. daughter of John H. and Eunice Sept. 21, 1848
GREEN, ? daughter of Lorenzo and Orvilla Aug. 24, 1848
GREEN, Rosetta C. daughter of Paul Jr., and Hannah May 5, 1848
GREEN, Lanora L. daughter of John and Caroline Jan. 11, 1848
HAMMOND, Edgar son of John and Glorian Sept. 6, 1848
HAZEL, Elizabeth daughter of Richard and Elizabeth Sept. 15, 1848(?)
HEATH, Sarah W. daughter of Morrison and Salina June 27, 1848
IVORY, ? daughter of Horace and Marilda Dec. 22, 1848
JUDKINS, Edgar son of Joseph and Fanny A. Aug. 23, 1848
KELLOGG, Ellen Jane daughter of Luke and Ada June 27, 1848
LEWIS, Syllestia J. daughter of Mortimer C. and Mariah Apr. 1848(?)
LOVELAND, ? daughter of Hiram and Laura June 19, 1848
MACK, Edward Dwight son S. D. and Mary June 20, 1848
McBRIDE, George W. son of Morris and Zintha March 23, 1848
McCONNELL, David Henry son of Isaac and Sally Lovisa Jan. 4, 1848
McGREGOR, Susan Gertrude daughter of Robert and Frances L. May 12, 1848
MERRIAM, Allice C. daughter of William and Elmina March 17, 1848
MILLS, Roswell Harrison son of Luther and Ann Marion Sept. 15, 1848
MORE, ? son of Joel and Marinda Oct. 18, 1848
MORGAN, Frances Malinda daughter of Heman and Belinda Jan. 25, 1848
MURPHY, George S., Jr. son of George S. and Caroline Oct. 30, 1848
PATRICK, Charles Frederick son of Leander and Deborah R. May 11, 1848
PATRICK, Frances daughter of Charles and Juliett Jan. 14, 1848
RELLWAY, Meriah Almina daughter of Abel and Charlotte Sept. 15, 1848
RICE, ? daughter of Albert and Mary Nov. 4, 1848
RICHARDS, ? daughter of Moses, Jr. and Jane Etta M. Dec. 9, 1848
RICHARDS, Lucy Adeline daughter of Isaac and Lovisa Apr. 15, 1848
ROGERS, ? daughter of Stephen and Lydia March 4, 1848
ROGERS, Frank D. son of Charles W. and Joanna M. July 15, 1848
SALISBURY, Reteena daughter of Edward S., and Charlotte July 20, 1848
SALISBURY, John Herbert son of DeEsting and Juliett Jan. 16, 1848
SAWYER, Mary Elizabeth daughter of Elisha and Dolly Aug. 30, 1848
SMITH, Joseph Byron son of Jeremiah and Maranda Feb. 17, 1848
SPICER, Celia daughter of Charles A. and Achsa June 27, 1848
STANLEY, Sarah Ann Elizabeth daughter of Frederick S. and Elvira E. Dec. 22, 1848
STONE, Lemira daughter of Oliver and Rhoda July 15, 1848
THOMAS, Albert H. son of Rowland and Louisa June 19, 1848
THOMAS, ? son of Ira Jr., and Amelia Aug. 15, 1848
TYLER, ? son of Manning and Polly Sept. 21, 1848
UTLEY, ? daughter of John E. and Maryett Aug. 8, 1848
VAN VOLKENBURGH, ? son of Wisley and Jane Catherine July 18, 1848
WELLS, Margett daughter of David and Mary July 15, 1848
WIGHTMAN, Mary Elizabeth daughter of A.O. and Betsey May 9, 1848
WILLARD, Hannah D. daughter of John and Mariah Nov. 29, 1848
WILLIAMS, Ira H. son of Howard and Eliza Feb. 24, 1848
WILLIAMSON, Almina Malissa daughter of Samuel and Ann Sept. 16, 1848
WRIGHT, Gmaraell ? son of George and Adelia Jan. 22, 1848
YORK, Walter Anson son of Marvin C. and Eliza H. Aug. 3, 1848

1849 Adams, NY Birth Records

Number of Births in the Town of Adams and County of Jefferson, New York during the year ending 31st December, 1849.

ADAMS, Harriet E. daughter of William C., and Lucy A. Apr. 14, 1849
ARMS, ? son of Henry and Sarah Ann Nov. 29, 1849
BABCOCK, ? son of Samuel L. and Almira June 16, 1849
BANJAMIN, J. Willis son of Samuel and Elizabeth July 29, 1849
BEBEE, John J. son of Samuel and Catherine Aug. 20, 1849
BRIMMER, Sarah daughter of Jacob and Matilda May 22, 1849
COLTON, Julia E. daughter of Chauncey and Angeline Aug. 30, 1849
COWLES, Annette Melissa daughter of Eber and Nancy Sept. 1, 1849
CROWNER, Harriet Amelia daughter of Johnson and Harriet Ann Aug. 25, 1849
DENNEY, Olive Catherine daughter of Philip and Ann Eliza March 15, 1849
FELT, ? daughter of Amos and Lucinda July 6, 1849
FOOT, Emily M. daughter of N. B. and Mariah C. Nov. 26, 1849
GIBS, Annette daughter of Chapin and Ann Feb. 20, 1849
GREEN, Sophronia Rosaline daughter of Alva G., and Laura July 16, 1849
GREEN, Martin Whitford son of William and Dorcus Apr. 21, 1849
HAINS, Charles son of John and Sina(?) May 10, 1849
HALE, Sarah Sophia daughter of Abner C. and Sally Ann Dec. 19, 1849
HALL, Cassius George son of George and Almira July 30, 1849
HEATH, Hiram son of Peter and Ruth July 18, 1849
HUBBARD, DeAlton Marcellus son of Henry H. and Polly H. Sept. 3, 1849
JONES, Frances Philancy daughter of Paul and Matilday Feb. 6, 1849
LEE, ? son of Albert N. and Sally April 3, 1849
LEWIS, George son of John S. and Julia M. May 15, 1849
MAXON, ? son of S. P. and Roxy L. Aug. 4, 1849
MILLS, ? son of Alonzo S. and Lydia Nov. 30, 1849
MORGAN, Franklin H. son of J. P. and C. L. Oct. 30, 1849
OATMAN, ? daughter of Ezra and Amanda Nov. 24, 1849
OATMAN, Harriet Ellen daughter of Elijah and Lyda June 29, 1849
OATMAN, ? son of Leonard and Huldah E. Nov. 7, 1849
ODELL, Aurelia Josephine daughter of Hiram and Muva(?) Jan. 24, 1849
PARKER, Evilyn A. daughter of Henry A. and Charlotte M. June 9, 1849
PEARSE, Harriet Josephine daughter of Stephen C. and Jane June 21, 1849
POTTER, ? son of Daniel and Mary Ann Nov. 9, 1849
SPENCER, Lovilla Irena ? daughter of Asa and Eliza July 16, 1849
STRICKLAND, Emma Levantia daughter of Orrin and Caroline M. June 28, 1849
TALCOTT, Sarah Adell daughter of Daniel R. and Lucy Ann Jan. 28, 1849
THOMAS, Bennett son of Ezra and Julia M. July 28, 1849
TROWBRIDGE, Loren Jones son of Orrin P. and Henrietta March 30, 1849
VANWORMER, John D. son of Rufus R. and Eunice M. March 14, 1849
WHEELER, Hannah A. daughter of Edmond and Mary M. Sept. 7, 1849
WHITFORD, Stilman C. son of Asa M. and Catharine March 23, 1849
WHITFORD, ? daughter of Burton and Sally Feb. 19, 1849

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