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Littleville Cemetery
Town of Avon
Livingston County, New York

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The Littleville Cemetery is a small cemetery of approximately 100 graves. It is located on Pond St. next to the Scout House (Avon Boy Scout Troop 26) in the Town of Avon, Livingston County, New York. Pond St. is off Littleville Rd. just beyond Malone's Antique Shop on Rt. 39 in plot 185 on the Town of Avon map.

The graves on a terraced hillside with large old trees surrounding it. As far as can be determined, it was a burial place for the inhabitants of the Littleville district.

The cemetery is an inactive cemetery governed by the Rural Cemetery Act of 1847, which is Town Law 291. This law states that all inactive cemeteries fall under the town's jurisdiction. It is well-maintained by the Town of Avon Highway Department.

Littleville Cemetery Burials