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Subscribers for the Erection of the Church, 1795 - 1797
First Protestant Dutch Reformed Church
Town of Glen
Montgomery County, New York

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"Charleston July 5th, 1794 at a meeting held at the house of John Miller by a number of the inhabitants, unanimusly agreed and put forward a superscription in the name of Peter Voorhees, Jesse Grote & Garret Putman in order to see what each person would sign for the purpose of building a Reformed Church between the house of John Miller and Daniel Lane and then omitted1.

Charleston Feb. 6, 1795 at a meeting of a number of the inhabitants held at the house of Jeremiah Sm[ith]2 Unanimusly agreed and purchased 1 & 1/2 acres of land of Daniel Lane for the purpose of build[ing]2 a Reformed Dutch Church & no other use then omitt[ed]2."

Feb. 25, 1795. William Hall appointed to take charge of erecting the meeting house; Hendrick Voorhees and Jeremiah Smith to keep the accounts, gratis.

Mar. 2(6?), 179(3?)
May 25, 179(3?)
Oct. 6, 1797

Note. 1The use of the word "omitted" is unusual; it appears to be used in the sense of "adjourned".

2 Indicates that the manuscript is destroyed.

Note. The foregoing list occupies five pages of the packet. The money subscribed at different times from Mar. 26, 1795 to 1797, was expended by William Hall, the overseer or Superintendent, in building the church. In the packet, the opposite pages contain an itemized list of the expenditures which reach the samt total of £ 362: 10: 2; the footings have not been verified. Several items from the expense account follow. Most of the items are for building material and labor. Dates are not shown, but the period was from Mar. 26, 1795 to June 24, 1797.

By Cash paid Daniel Lane for ground for Church

By Cash paid Mr. Caldwell for 10,000 shingles at 16

By Cash paid John Patterson for 5,000 Do at 16

By Cash Do for two thousand, 500 shingles

By Cash Do John W. Hall for 552 lights wash (?) at 6d