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Record of Pastors
Methodist Church
Town of St. Johnsville
Montgomery County, New York

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Pastor When Appointed When Removed   Where Remarks
Benjamin G. Miller April 1915    
Benjamin G. Miller April 1916    
Benjamin G. Miller April 1917    
Benjamin G. Miller April 1918    
Benjamin G. Miller April 1919 Dryer Mem Utica April 1920
C. E. Hastings April 1920 New York Mills April 23, 1923
John D. Poppe April 1923    
John D. Poppe April 1924    
John D. Poppe April 1925 Clayville  
C. A. Robinson April 1926    
C. A. Robinson April 1927    
C. A. Robinson April 1928    
C. A. Robinson April 1929    
C. A. Robinson April 1930    
C. A. Robinson   1931 Depauville Perch River
Royal B. Fishbeck April 1931    
Royal B. Fishbeck April 1932    
Royal B. Fishbeck April 1933    
Royal B. Fishbeck April 1934    
Royal B. Fishbeck   May 1935  
C. Frederick Miller May 1935    
C. Frederick Miller   May 1945, Lee Center  
L. Alden Smith May 1945 Sept. 21, 1947, Clinton  
Frederick A. Wood Sept. 28, 1947 May 20, 1949, No. Columbia  
Leland W. Webster May 1949 Sand Creek 1953  
Roger F. Williams May 1953 North Chili 1955  
Frederick W. Cole May 1955 Sept. 1957  
John H. Preasey Oct. 1957 Boston, Mass., Sept. 1958  
Charles G. Montgomery Oct. 1958 May 1967 Refused Methodist appointment
Durward K. Winner Sept. 1967 June 1971, LaFargeville  
William Davis June 15, 1971