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New York County New York Obituaries Extracted From The New York Tribune, New York, NY, 1886

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1886 Obituaries from The New York Tribune in New York, New York County New York.

ROY, Will Obituary

Murder By A Salvation Army Soldier

Buffalo, Oct. 7 (Special) - In the village of Castile, Wyoming County, today a murder took place in the family of Simon Roy, a painter. An Englishman, Robert Van Brunt, age twenty-five, a tailor, boarded with Roy. Van Brunt, who was one of the leading spirits of the Salvation Army, became infatuated with Roy's stepdaughter Eva, a pretty girl of sixteen. Bad feeling existed between Van Brunt and the girl's brothers. Early this morning "Will" Roy was to take a train to leave home for a time. Eva agreed to sit up with him. This angered Van Brunt and at 1 o'clock he came down stairs and told the girl she had better go to bed as her mother always required her to do at a certain hour.

"Ah," said the girl, "that was only to apply when you were with me." Van Brunt left the room and presently returned with a revolver. Without warning he fired on the brother, the ball taking effect just above the temple. Roy died at daybreak. [New York Tribune (New York, Ny), October 8, 1886]