New Horizons Genealogy

"Specializing in New England and New York Colonial American Ancestry"

Names of Persons
for whom
Were issued by the Secretary of the Province of New York
Previous to 1784
Surnames Beginning With The Letter Z

By E. B. O'Callaghan

Printed by order of Gideon J. Ticker, Secretary of State.
Albany: Weed, Parsons and Company, 1860.


1764. Nov. 20 Zabrieske, John, and Jane Goelet M. B. VIII 412
1782. Nov. 30 Zabriske, Altje, and John Christopher M. B. XXXVII 102
1781. Aug. 17 Zabriske, Jasper, and Hannah Vreeland M. B. XXXIII 40
1773. Nov. 13 Zabriske, John, and Christina Zabriskie M. B. XXII 27
1773. Nov. 13 Zabriskie, Christina, and John Zabriske M. B. XXII 27
1775. Dec. 7 Zabriskie, John J., and Leentje Lansingh M. B. XXIII 225
1781. Nov. 29 Zanay, Joseph, and Frowy Ridly M. B. XXXIV 63
1769. Dec. 30 Zeegaart, Catherine, and John Gillelan M. B. XV 135
1761. Nov. 13 Zeegaerd, Andries, and Sophia Rol M. B. V 214
1777. Sept. 25 Zegers, Adriana, and John S. Jones M. B. XXIV 149
1762. Oct. 21 Zegren, Chistiana, and William Zobre M. B. VI 376
1775. April 21 Zeller, Samuel, and Sarah Tippey M. B. XXIII 15
1762. Oct. 21 Zobre, William, and Christiana Zegren M. B. VI 376
1761. April 3 Zulle, Janetje, and Adam B. Vroman M. B. IV 130
1770. May 1 Zuricher, Mary, and Frederick Eckert M. B. XVI 75