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Otsego County New York Obituaries Extracted From The Cherry Valley Gazette, Cherry Valley, NY, 1818-1829

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1818-1829 Obituaries from the Cherry Valley Gazette in Cherry Valley, Otsego County New York.

BUTTERFIELD, James Obituary, Nov. 12, 1818

DIED, At Hartwick, on the 31st ultimo, Maj. James Butterfield, aged 64.

CHAMBERLIN, Alfred Obituary, Thursday, Apr. 8, 1819

DIED, At Richfield, Otsego County, on the 4th instant, Doctor Alfred Chamberlin. The death of this young man will cause much grief among his friends and relations, which are very numerous. The deceased had but a short time since finished his studies and the prospect of his becoming eminent in his profession were very flattering. This instance of mortality ought to impress the minds of the young and gay, the uncertainty of life and the certainty of death.

CHASE, Rachel Obituary, Tuesday, Feb. 1, 1820

Died - At Worcester, on the 29th ult. Miss Rachel Chase, eldest daughter of Seth Chase, Esquire.

DIELL, Mary Obituary, Thursday, Mar. 25, 1819

DIED - In this village, on the 19th inst. in the 47th year of her age, Mrs. Mary Diell, relict of the late Mr. John Diell, formerly merchant of this place. To her children, and her numerous relatives and friends, the loss is irreparable. In the deceased, the virtues of the neighbor, friend, parent and Christian, shone conspicuous.

DOUGHERTY, John Obituary, Thursday, Dec. 10, 1818

DIED - Nov. 27th, John Dougherty, aged 16, eldest son of the late Roger Doughtery, Esq.

DUFFEN, Catharine Obituary, Tuesday, Apr. 17, 1821

DIED, in this town, on the 14th inst. Mrs. Catharine Duffen, aged 23 years, wife of Mr. James Duffen.

FITCH, George Elliott Obituary, Tuesday, Jan. 4, 1820

DIED, in this town, on Friday morning last, George Elliott, son of Major Benjamin Fitch, aged 4 years 7 months and 14 days.

FITCH, Sherman Henry Obituary, Tuesday, July 18, 1820

DIED, in this village on Friday the 14th inst. Sherman Henry Fitch, son of Maj. Benjamin Fitch, with the dropsy in the head, aged 13 months and four days.

FLINT, Rachel Obituary, Tuesday, July 12, 1825

DIED, In this town, on Wednesday last, Mrs. Rachel Flint, aged 44 years, widow of the late Elijah Flint.

GILCHRIST, William Obituary, Apr. 15, 1819

DIED, Suddenly, at Springfield, on the 9th inst. Mr. William Gilchrist, aged 70 years. In the death of this worthy man, we deplore the loss of one of our best citizens. This, with respectful grief, is our best eulogy.

GRAY, Sally Ann Obituary, Tuesday, June 6, 1820

DIED, in this Village yesterday morning, of a consumption, Miss Sally Ann Gray, aged 16 years.

HAMILTON, John Obituary, Thursday, Dec. 10, 1818

DIED - On Monday evening as three of the sons of Mr. David Hamilton of this town, were attending a lime kiln, a part of which suddenly gave way, and instantly killed John Hamilton, aged 14 years, who was asleep in a cabin close by the kiln. The other two brothers had just left the cabin to repair the fire, and providentially escaped unhurt.

HAMMOND, Maria Obituary, Thursday, Oct. 22, 1818

DIED, In this village, on Monday the 19th inst. Maria, daughter of J. D. Hammond, Esq. aged 6 years, 11 months and 19 days.

HANSON, Nicholas Obituary, Tuesday, Mar. 27, 1821

DIED, In this town on Friday last, Mr. Nicholas Hanson, aged 69 years, father of Mr. Ephraim Hanson of this village.

HOLLAND, Ivory Obituary, Tuesday, 11 July 1820

DIED, in Richfield, Otsego county, on the 3d instant, Capt. Ivory Holland, in the eighty first year of his age. He was one of the veterans who fought for the liberties of his country, and has always been a firm and undeviating supporter of the constitution, and the republican forms of our government. He was a member of the fraternity, and was interred on the anniversary of our Independence according to Masonic order, together with honors of a Soldier and a Patriot. His upright and amiable character gained him the esteem of all who knew him, and it is believed he has not left an enemy on earth. "Mark the perfect man and behold the upright, for the end of that man is peace."

JOHNSON, Martha Obituary, Tuesday, Aug. 22, 1820

DIED, on Friday last, Martha, daughter of Mr. Warren Johnson, aged 14 months.

JONES, Polly Obituary, Tuesday, Apr. 4, 1820

DIED - In Richfield on Friday evening the 24th instant, in the 23d year of her age, Mrs. Polly Jones, consort of Mr. John Jones, merchant of that place, and only daughter of Doct. Dorastus Hatch. This amiable young woman endured a long and painful sickness with Christian fortitude, and at last with the utmost composure and resignation commended her soul into the hands of her creator, with the hope of the resurrection to eternal life, through the merits of her redeemer Jesus Christ.

JUDD, William, Obituary, Dec. 12, 1820

DIED, at Petersburgh, Va. On the 27th ult, Mr. William Judd, aged 23 years, formerly of this Village.

LOUGHLIN, John, Obituary, Aug. 8, 1820

DIED, in this village, on Sunday last, at a very advanced age, Mr. John Loughlin, a native of Ireland.

LYMAN, Joseph S., Obituary, Mar. 27, 1821

DIED, At Cooperstown on Wednesday last, Joseph S. Lyman, a member of the last Congress from this district. Mr. Lyman was a native of Massachusetts, was a graduate of Dartmouth College, and was much esteemed by his numerous friends. He bore his last illness, which was protracted and distressing, with Christian fortitude, and founded his hopes of a happy immortality on the merits and sufferings of his Redeemer, whom he had professed to love.

MARVIN, William, Obituary, May 25, 1819

DIED, In Otsego, on Wednesday morning, 12th inst. Mr. William Marvin, in the 24th year of his age, son of Mr. Abraham Marvin. He was apparently in perfect health on the evening of Tuesday, and attended a small party with his friends, at a neighbor's, where he appeared, as usual, cheerful, and returned home at a late hour with a young woman living near his father's; and on the eve of taking his departure, asked the young woman for his hat, which she got up to hand him, and on turning to present it to him, she discovered him falling. She immediately called her father, who instantly got up; but death had marked him as his own. He never spoke, and lived but a few minutes.

RICHARDS, Daniel, Obituary, June 1, 1819

DIED, At Richfield, on the 22d of May last, Mr. Daniel Richards, aged 81 years.

ROBINSON, Eliza, Obituary, Mar. 28, 1820

DIED, in this Village, on Wednesday last, Eliza Robinson, aged 6 years, only daughter of Mr. Daniel Robinson.

RUNYAN, Stephen O., Obituary, May 2, 1820

DIED, In this village, on Sunday last, after a short but distressing illness, Stephen O. Runyan, Esq. Counsellor at Law, aged 48 years. The deceased was peculiarly distinguished for charity and benevolence - and his whole life has been characterised by a devotion to acts of public munificence. He never sought for self-aggrandizement - the public good was a paramount duty with him at all times. He died a penitent believer in the Holy Religion of Jesus Christ, with a perfect resignation to the will of God.

RUST, Prudence, Obituary, Sept. 14, 1819

Died, in this Village, on Sunday night last, Mrs. Prudence Rust, aged 75 years.

STANARD, Almira, Obituary, May 25, 1819

DIED, Suddenly in this town, on the 15th inst. Mrs. Almira Stanard, consort of Peter Stanard, Jun, aged 38 years. The death of this worthy woman is greatly deplored.

SWAIN, Darias, Obituary, Aug. 22, 1820

DIED, last week in this town, of a consumption, Mr. Darias Swain, aged about 45 years.

TENNANT, Hannah, Obituary, Aug. 22, 1820

DIED, in this village on Thursday last, Hannah, daughter of Mr. Tennant, aged 9 months.

TENNANT, James, Obituary, Oct. 10, 1820

DIED, in this village yesterday afternoon, of a fever, Mr. James Tennant, aged 32 years. The friends of the deceased are requested to attend his funeral this afternoon, at 2 o'clock.

THOMPSON, James, Obituary, Mar. 27, 1821

Another Soldier of the revolution gone.
DIED - In this town, on Thursday last, Major James Thompson, aged 59 years. Major Thompson in the beginning of the revolution entered as a private into the first New York regiment, commanded by Colonel Van Schaick, and served faithfully in that regiment until the disbanding of the army at or near West Point in June 1783. After the war Major Thompson settled in this town, where he has ever since resided - was soon honored with a commission in the militia, and discharged the duties of his office like a good soldier - He has reared a very numerous family, and has ever been considered one of our best citizens. His probity always shone conspicuous, and he scarcely ever had an enemy. His death is universally deplored.