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1827 - 1865 Marriage Records
Reformed Dutch Church
Town of Middleburgh
Schoharie County, New York

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1827 - 1865 Marriages

1At the time, Rev. J. M. Scribner was pastor of the Reformed Dutch Church at Schoharie; the marriage is also recorded there.
2I have no knowledge of a place called "Oak Hill", in Schoharie County. The village of that name in the town of Durham, Greene County, is probably the place intended.

Note. The figures in the witness column are the fees received.

Original pages 77 and 78 are blank.

Original page 80 is blank.

The last four marriages were recorded by Rev. John M. Scribner.

The next page following in the original record is blank; it is numbered page 276, commencing from the other end of the book.

The back part of the original record, after turning it over and starting like a new book, was used principally for the Minutes of the Consistory. However, besides the minutes, there are a number of pages devoted to lists of members, and one page of baptisms, entered by Rev. Ryneir Van Nest. The baptisms in question were copied into the record by Mr. Van Nest, from memoranda which he found, when he became the pastor in July 1797. They follow on the next page. In order to readily identify the original page numbers at the Consistory end of the book, the original pagination shown at the right hand corner of the transcribed page, is prefixed with the letter "c".