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1818 Pew List
Reformed Dutch Church
Town of Middleburgh
Schoharie County, New York

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The last document shows that the Congregation"made a beginning to rebuild" in 1785. The building progressed in the year 1786 and was completed in the fall of 1787. Concerning this event, the following is quoted from the Historical Address, by Hon. George L. Danforth.

"In the Zelie Low Dutch Bible, printed in 1618 and purchased by David Zelie at Albany in 1726, and now in the possession of W. D. Zelie of White Water, Wisconsin, in this record, referring to this building, and written either by Col. Peter U. Zelie or his youngest brother, Martinus.

'1787. November 18th day, was his first sermon delivered in our new brick church in Schoharie by Dominie Schneyder. His first text was our of the Acts of the Apostles, 7th chapter, the 47, 48, 49, 50, verses.'"

A complete description of the church edifice, both exterior and interior, appears in Mr. Danforth's Address. In 1818, extensive repairs were made to the church and parsonage. The cost of the work amounted to $601.20. This amount was assessed on the pews and slips, which were sold at auction, on Oct. 31, 1818. The list of purchasers follows, as it appears in the minutes of the Consistory.

We certify the above Pews sold to the above persons at the Annual rent assessed to the names.
John O'Brien, Auctioneer
George Danforth, Clerk