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1823 - 1846 Members Received
St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church
Town of Schoharie
Schoharie County, New York

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These names are abstracted from the council minutes. They are the names of persons reported by the minister to the council, as having received preparatory instruction, and in conformity with Article 14 of the Church Rules and Regulations, a resolution of the Council was required before they could receive Communion and be admitted to all the rights and privileges of members of the Church. When members were received on Certificate or otherwise, a special notation will be made.

Sept. 27, 1823

Sept. 18, 1824

Oct. 8, 1825

Sept. 30, 1826

Feb. 4, 1828

Oct. 4, 1828

Oct. 3, 1829

March 9, 1832

Oct. 20, 1832

Feb. 16, 1833

May 31, 1834

Oct. 18, 1834

March 21, 1835

March 3, 1838

Aug. 12, 1838

Feb. 16, 1839

Jan. 9, 1841

June 18, 1842

Oct. 22, 1842

May 6, 1843

Oct. 22, 1843

April 25, 1846

* Compare with second entry, Mar. 21, 1835.

Note: Particular attention is called to the factThat the names in the preceeding list, by no means agree with these names as they appear in the list of menbers in Volume III of the church record. The two lists should be carefully compared, as it would involve great detail and trouble to show all the difference here. I have compared both the original lists, and have rechecked every difference between the two; therefore, it can be safely said that this list and the one appearing in Volume III, are perfect transcripts. The names appearing on the preceeding page, from John Claw to Christina Reinhardt, are colored people, according to the list in Volume III.