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1847 - 1849 Kingston, NY Birth Records
Ulster County, New York

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1847 Kingston, NY Birth Records

Number of Births in the Town of Kingston and County of Ulster, New York during the year ending 31st December, 1847.

Jan. 5, 1847TheodoreCornelius J. and Mary Louise HOUGHTALING
Jan. 6, 1847JuliusMarius and Elizabeth SCHOONMAKER
Jan. 15, 1847Henerritta and JohnJames and Jane CROOK
Jan. 22, 1847no nameAugustus and Mary DECKER
Jan. 22, 1847Mary ElizabethJacob P. and Annamaria OSTERHOUDT
Jan. 25, 1847Jacob DewittJacob and Fanny RUSSELL
Jan. 27, 1847Maria CatherineJohn F. and Catharine BRINK
Feb. 5, 1847ClaraRev. Cyrus and Eliza SHOOK
Feb. 5, 1847Catharine AnnWilliam and Ellen DENNIS
Feb. 7, 1847Mary AnnSamuel and Eliza STANFORD
Feb. 14, 1847CalvinTjerk and Maria Catharine BURHANS
Feb. 19, 1847CarolineOrvin W. and Catharine NEWBURV(G)
Mar. 1, 1847WesleyJohn E. and Hannah HOUGHTAILING
Mar. 9, 1847WilliamWilliam and Julian TICE
Mar. 11, 1847Julia FrancesJonathan and Hannah HASBROUCK
Mar. 14, 1847RobertThomas and Sarah ERWIN
Mar. 20, 1847Dorcus JohnstonThomas and Elizabeth HARLEY
Mar. 26, 1847CassiusJohn and Catharine SHUTTS
Mar. 28, 1847EmilyHenry and Cristina COOLEY
Mar. 28, 1847Mary ElizabethIsaac and Sarah LAYMAN
Mar. 29, 1847HenryTjerck and Cristina BURNPAGH
Apr. 2, 1847AlidaJosiah and Emaline JOY
Apr. 4, 1847DavidBrodhead and Sarah Matilda MONEL
Apr. 7, 1847CharlesJohn E. and Margaret OSTERHOUDT
Apr. 8, 1847James GrahamCynus and Rosina VANKEUREN
Apr. 10, 1847Sarah AnnWilliam I., Jr. and Maria BRINK
Apr. 10, 1847MiltonJames and Margaret HOW
Apr. 11, 1847MilissaWilliam and Nancy YORK
Apr. 17, 1847JosephineJames and Sharlotte HENRY
Apr. 20, 1847Mary RosinaThomas and Julia HOUGHTALING
Apr. 21, 1847JohnWilliam and Sharlotte DOWNING
May 4, 1847no nameJames and Antinett WOOLSEY
May 5, 1847MaryPhilip V. K. and Annania HENDRICKS
May 10, 1847WilliamRobert and June CHARLTON
May 17, 1847CatharineJohn and Ellen CABE
May 27, 1847Mary SWARTJohn C. F. and Lucy Maria HOES
June 5, 1847Richard M. JohnstonFrancis and Jane RINEHART
June 9, 1847EmmaDaniel S. and Jane DECKER
June 9, 1847GilbertElihu and Sarah M. SCHOONMAKER
June 10, 1847William AnthonyThomas and Harriet TENBROECK
June 11, 1847MaryJames and Mary EMSLEY
June 11, 1847Richard A.Anthony and Mary S. MCCLUNG
June 14, 1847JeromeEdgar and Sally Ann DEWEY
June 14, 1847MaryCasper and Cristina BEAVER
June 17, 1847JuliaFrancis and Eliza VANBRAMER
June 22, 1847Sarah MariaJohn and Catharine SICKLER
June 27, 1847DeliaHenry and Eliza DEWITT
June 28, 1847PhebeAbraham S. and Eliza M. VALKENBURGH
July 3, 1847no namePatrick and Marda BRIT
July 7, 1847GeorgeJacob and Mary RIDER
July 11, 1847no nameWilliam W. and Sally Ann BRINK
July 11, 1847Charles HenryAndrew and Jane Ann STORRY
July 18, 1847AaronPeter and Maria JOY
July 27, 1847JessePeter and Jane PRINCE ?
July 28, 1847BridgetJeremiah and Catharine GARY
July 29, 1847Mary TerresaPeter and Augustine GALLIGHAM
Aug. 1, 1847Sarah HelenHenry and Sally Catharine BUNTON
Aug. 2, 1847MaryEdward and Margaret FITZGERALD
Aug. 5, 1847JohnWilliam and Ann DOUGHERTY
Aug. 6, 1847David AugustusJohn and Dina HOUGHTAILING
Aug. 7, 1847no nameHenry G. and Eliza VANBUREN
Aug. 8, 1847EmelyJames and Joanna LINDERMAN
Aug. 10, 1847Daniel RobertThomas and Sarah JOHNSTON
Aug. 12, 1847Harriett AugustaThomas and Maria Jacox
Aug. 15, 1847AnnJohn and Mary Ann MURREY
Aug. 16, 1847no nameMoses and Sarah MULKS
Aug. 16, 1847LydiaAndrew and Mahala VRADENBURGH
Aug. 16, 1847CatharineTjerck and Pammelia INGRAHAM
Aug. 16, 1847Thomas WhittikerSolomon A. and Peggy BRINK
Aug. 20, 1847ElizabethEdward and Sarah Ann DUBOIS
Aug. 24, 1847NancyDavid and Ann MASTEN
Aug. 27, 1847Augustus F.George E. and Sarah E. PERRINE
Aug. 27, 1847Joseph S.John R. and Caroline SCHEPMOES
Aug. 29, 1847RachelJoseph and Mary CHRISTIAN
Aug. 31, 1847Mary C.David and Amelia BRADBURY
Sept. 4, 1847Peter HenryJacob M. and Leah BRINK
Sept. 9, 1847SamuelWilliam and Mary Ann HASBROUCK
Sept. 15, 1847Frances AgustusAbraham and Emily WINFIELD
Sept. 19, 1847CharlotteAlfred and Ann Eliza SEARS
Sept. 26, 1847JohnWilliam H. and Eliza D. HENDRICKS
Sept. 26, 1847Janathan AlonzoIsaac P. and Anna ROSSA
Sept. 28, 1847SarahSamuel and Sarah MCINTYRE
Sept. 30, 1847James D.Joshua and Julia LOUNSBURY
Oct. 2, 1847Sarah ElizabethTobias and Mary Ann SCHEMERHORN
Oct. 3, 1847JohnJohn and Margaret BLACKWELL
Oct. 3, 1847Frederick CecilJesse and Charlotte S. MYER
Oct. 6, 1847HarriettJames and Margaret E. GREEN
Oct. 6, 1847no nameErastus and Harriet H. PUTNEY
Oct. 7, 1847SopheliaAros and Emma Eliza JOHNSTON
Oct. 7, 1847Susan AugustaHarry and Annett TENBROECK
Oct. 9, 1847GeorgeWilliam S. and Rachel STYLES
Oct. 11, 1847JosephineWilliam H. and Annamaria BLACK
Oct. 15, 1847Julia FrancesChristopher D. and Sarah C. KESTER
Oct. 17, 1847MaryWilliam and Phebe MASTEN
Oct. 18, 1847John CalvinAbraham M. and Annamaria FRANCE
Oct. 19, 1847John GilbertJohn and Sopha CASSELL
Oct. 23, 1847Nathaniel MeadJoshua and Lydea ALLEN
Nov. 4, 1847no nameJohn P. and Hannah HILL
Nov. 6, 1847Richard GriffonMoses and Sarah SHIPMAN
Nov. 6, 1847LaticiaRobert and Jane LUCAS
Nov. 10, 1847no nameCornelius B. and Mary Eliza TIPP
Nov. 12, 1847no nameAaron N. and Maria BURHANS
Nov. 12, 1847no nameAbel A. and Mary RANSOM
Nov. 18, 1847MargaretIlligitimate
Nov. 22, 1847no nameIlligitimate
Nov. 23, 1847Mary DewittWilliam F. and Jane ROMER
Nov. 28, 1847JosephJoseph and Rebecca LENNEGETT
Nov. 28, 1847CarolineMatias and Mary WINEMAN
Dec. 1, 1847James EdwardLewis and Eliza Ann CASHDOLLAR
Dec. 6, 1847no nameAbraham and Catharine COLE
Dec. 9, 1847HelenWilliam and Mary MERCHANT
Dec. 10, 1847ElizaJohn W. and Eliza KERR
Dec. 10, 1847JuliusMarten and Elmira CRISPELL
Dec. 12, 1847John HenryJacob and Margaret SICKLER
Dec. 14, 1847WilliamPatrick and Ann DAVISON
Dec. 18, 1847MargaretJerry and Mary DEEDSALL
Dec. 21, 1847JasonWilliam Gilbert and Abigal M. VAN ETTEN

1848 Kingston, NY Birth Records

Number of Births in the Town of Kingston and County of Ulster, New York during the year ending 31st December, 1848.

Jan. 1, 1848MariaAndrew and Ann QUICK
Jan. 3, 1848MichaelJohn and Rosinah WIESMANTLE
Jan. 17, 1848GeorgeJohn A. and Rebecca VAN ETTEN
Jan. 21, 1848Sarah T.Isaac A. and Nelly Ann DAVIS
Feb. 6, 1848LewisL. and E. CLOVE (GLOW)
Feb. 8, 1848DinahSmith and Dina ROOSA
Feb. 8, 1848James AsbaJoel and Clarissa TYLER
Feb. 8, 1848Isaac CongesFrederick and Sally BRITT
Mar. 14, 1848EmilyPeter E. and Catharine BURHANS
Apr. 7, 1848HowardSamuel and Elizabeth A. VANAKEN
Apr. 18, 1848George EdwardDavid H. and Mariamma SMITH
Apr. 30, 1848DavidMeichael and Mary HALLEHAN
May 6, 1848Edward S.Daniel and Rachel GRIFFEN
May 1, 1848Jane A.Stephen and Rachel VANAKEN
May 2, 1848Prisella CatharineBenjamin D. and Joanna E. RELYEA
May 30, 1848Eliza CatharinePeter and Catharine VAN ETTEN
June 15, 1848OscarLyman and Nahala HUSTED
july 25, 1848AlfredAndrew and Catharine CANWRIGHT
July 28, 1848MargaretJohn and Mary MARRISSE
July 29, 1848Sarah AnnWilliam and Ann CODY
Aug. 2, 1848Sarah Margaret BurhansAbraham C. and Anna WARREN
Aug. 7, 1848no nameMichael and Jane RILEY
Aug. 11, 1848George and FrederickTjerck and Cristina BURNPAUGH
Aug. 15, 1848no namePatrick and Eliza BRANNAGAN
Aug. 28, 1848Maria CatharineJohn and Eve Eliza WALLACE
Sept. 12, 1848DavidAnthony and Margaretta Ann FRIES
Sept. 15, 1848Ann ElizaJoseph and Sydia WATTS
Sept. 23, 1848Morris BenjaminJohn and Emaline SCHEPMOOS
Sept. 25, 1848Jane RebeccaDavid and Helen Eliza CARLE
Sept. 29, 1848John SilasSmith and Sarah A. REQUSH
Oct. 3, 1848Maria TheresaAbel and Harriet WINCHESTER
Oct. 9, 1848John OsterhoudtTjerck D. W. and Peggy WHITTIKER
Oct. 10, 1848Mary SouesaHenry O. and Margaret S. BURHABS
Oct. 19, 1848Mary AlidaAbraham R. and Arrietta BRINK
Oct. 23, 1848Jane AnnJohn H. and Sarah Elizabeth OSTERHOUDT
Nov. 2, 1848JaneJames and Antonett WOOLSEY
Nov. 9, 1848John HarmonHenry E. and Sally Ann MYERS
Nov. 19, 1848no nameMorris B. and Asseneth OLIVETT
Nov. 19, 1848IsabellaHaviland and Penelope YALE
Nov. 22, 1848John PhilipJohn Michael and Sehelah TOUT
Dec. 1, 1848AlexanderJacob A. and Harriet Eliza KIERSTAD
Dec. 19, 1848FrederickFrederick and Catherine MOOTS
Dec. 30, 1848Sarah ElizabethSmith O. and Sarah E. COUTANT
Dec. 30, 1848no nameAbraham S. and Rachel S. DEMYER

Chas. Van Andrew, Town Clerk
Feb. 10, 1849

1849 Kingston, NY Birth Records

Number of Births in the Town of Kingston and County of Ulster, New York during the year ending 31st December, 1849.

Jan. 11, 1849Hannah CatharineGeroge W. H. and Elizabeth Malinda SISUM
Jan. 14, 1849JamesUriah and Maria SAUNDERS
Feb. 9, 1849JosephineCharles and Helen DEDERICK
Feb. 12, 1849OgdenJohn O. and Ann M. LEGG
Feb. 23, 1849Peter OsterhoudtSilas and Harriett M. M. MEYER
Mar. 4, 1849MagdalanePeter and Sarah CRAMER
Mar. 15, 1849Julia A.Stephen G. and Julia A. CHAMPLIN
Mar. 26, 1849GeorgePatrick and Ann DANELSON
Apr. 6, 1849AnnaJacob W. and Susan M. BRINK
Apr. 10, 1849Mary AmeliaFrederick B. and Rachel Ann LOW
Apr. 23, 1849Ann ElizaWilliam P. and Margaret FELTER
May 20, 1849George Morrisnot stated
June 25, 1849Elizabeth AmeliaJohn and Elizabeth LOWE
June 26, 1849LeviJonas and Helena HOW (HARN)
June 30, 1849Charles LymanJohn F. and Ann Eliza POST
July 28, 1849JosephRichard and Ann HICKEY
Aug. 2, 1849Peter HenryPhilip and Caroline FRANCE
Aug. 11, 1849BridgetMichael and Jane O'RILEY
Aug. 14, 1849ChristinaTjerick and Christina BURNPAUGH
Sept. 1, 1849JohnRichard and Margaret TOBUON
Sept. 7, 1849PeterGeroge and Mary DEEDSALL
Sept. 12, 1849CatharineJohn and Elizabeth CLARY
Sept. 27, 1849MaryMathias and Mary WINEMAN
Oct. 14, 1849Mary CatharineJames H. and Sarah C. JAGGER
Oct. 16, 1849Margaret AlidaDavid S. and Eliza TENBROECK
Oct. 23, 1849JamesTeunis P. and Catharine OSTERHOUDT
Oct. 30, 1849OnerJames and Catherine LAHER
Nov. 7, 1849RosinaJohn and Rosina WIESMANTTE
Nov. 26, 1849ThomasThomas and Ann BENETT
Dec. 26, 1849BenjaminPeter O. and Mary MEYER

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