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1847 - 1849 Lloyd, NY Birth Records
Ulster County, New York

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1847 Lloyd, NY Birth Records

Number of Births in the Town of Lloyd and County of Ulster, New York during the year ending 31st December, 1847.

Jan. 19, 1847no nameWilliam and Adaline SMITH
Feb. 4, 1847John DonaldsonWilliam H. and Susan DONALDSON
Feb. 6, 1847Francis QuickElias and Elizabeth QUICK
Feb. 9, 1847Mariah StephensJohn J. and Mariah STEPHENS
Feb. 14, 1847Ellen DeyoGeorge and Delvina DEYO
Feb. 28, 1847Marey KetchJames H. and Marey KETCH
Feb. 30, 1847Silas W. BereyannWilliam and Rachel BEREYANN
Mar. 1, 1847Hannah PerkinsHenrey J. and Charlotte PERKINS
Mar. 2, 1847Kaira Isadore DeyoLuther and Frances DEYO
Mar. 4, 1847Sarah Ann JohnsonBenjamin and Susan JOHNSON
Mar. 9, 1847Mariah Elizabeth TompkinsAbram and Darcos JOHNSON
Mar. 11, 1847James F. DuboisJosiah C. and Eliza DUBOIS
Mar. 17, 1847William W. FerrisNelsoh and Delilah FERRIS
Mar. 25, 1847Theora J. LefeverPhilip D. and Almira LEFEVER
Mar. 24, 1847no nameJacob Eckert and Mariah ECKERT
Apr. 6, 1847Peter BrownIsaac and Sally BROWN
Apr. 8, 1847Rachel EltingRoelif and Blandina ELTING
Apr. 15, 1847Jarvis HortonJames and Margaret HORTON
Apr. 15, 1847Itheodore WoodenHomer and Eliza WOODEN
May 5, 1847Emey T. MaultbeyArther and Sarah MAULTBEY
May 5, 1847Case T. MaultbeyArther and Sarah MAULTBEY
May 13, 1847Robert H. PalmatierWillson and Eliza PALMATIER
Mar. 20, 1847Abraham H. MarchAlva and Phebey MARCH
May 23, 1847Samuel ElmoreRiverious and Magalien ELMORE
June 13, 1847no nameHarvey Palmer and Jane PALMER
June 24, 1847Adaline EltingJehul and Rachel ELTING
July 2, 1847John BrundageGeorge and Rebecca BRUNDAGE
July 2, 1847George Edward JenkinsJames and Marey JENKINS
July 3, 1847Mary Elizabeth BennettJothan and Mariah BENNETT
July 9, 1847Joseph J. PalmatierAlen and Elizabeth PALMATIER
July 13, 1847Moses DaleyJames and Catherine Mariah DALEY
July 16, 1847Roelif EltingAbram D. B. and Eleanor ELTING
July 17, 1847Thomas H. RogersGeorge and Ebey ROGERS
July 17, 1847Leonard CraftAaron and Leah CRAFT
July 17, 1847James D. HeartGeorge W. and Anna HEART
July 20, 1847Emely Frances HalsteadLymin and Sally HALSTEAD
July 20, 1847William Eliot WillcoseWilliam and Susan WILLCOSE
July 20, 1847Susan Jane HuttonIlligitimate
July 23, 1847Marey E. WordenJames H. and Hannah WORDEN
Aug. 3, 1847Elizabeth TuthillJohn and Catherine TUTHILL
Aug. 17, 1847Henry SilasHenry and Catherine SILAS
Aug. 17, 1847Catherine Ann BushWilliam H. and Loretta BUSH
Aug. 20, 1847no nameAbram S. and Mariah DUBOIS
Aug. 20, 1847Laviner J. FreerMarerice W. and Sarah Hellen FREER
Aug. 20, 1847David S. RelyeaJohn and Sarah RELYEA
Sept. 3, 1847Miltton KilbyEbenezer and Ann KILLY
Sept. 7, 1847Albert S. HasbrouckDewitt and Phebey HASBROUCK
Sept. 15, 1847Marey O. NashEdward O. and Marey NASH
Oct. 1, 1847Florenc Sthicer EaganDaniel and Jane A. EAGAN
Oct. 5, 1847John Benjamin PerkinsElie and Phebey PERKINS
Oct. 12, 1847Amey SasetonJohn and Elizabeth SASETON
Oct. 12, 1847George W. PurdyDaniel and Elizabeth PURDY
Oct. 12, 1847Marey E. CoeLewis H. and Julia COE
Oct. 20, 1847Andrew MarshStephen H. and Marey S. MARSH
Oct. 27, 1847no nameDuBois and Martha DUNCOMB
Oct. 28, 1847Sarah Ann WardellIra and Catherine WARDELL
Nov. 2, 1847Margaret A. HasbrouckJacob J., Jr. and Eliza HASBROUCK
Nov. 3, 1847Mathew WhygantJohn B. and Eliza WHYGANT
Nov. 8, 1847no nameHenry S. and Rachel LEFEVER
Nov. 16, 1847Theodore NesbetJohn and Catherine NESBET
Nov. 20, 1847Henry A. BarkerAbraham and Marey BARKER
Nov. 20, 1847Emely Jane SandfordWilliam, Jr. and Elizabeth SANDFORD
Nov. 26, 1847Marey AkkerRobert and Mariah AKKER
Dec. 6, 1847no nameJohn and Hannah WORDEN
Dec. 18, 1847John CareyJohn and Catherine CAREY

James D. Terwilliger, Town Clerk

1848 Lloyd, NY Birth Records

Number of Births in the Town of Lloyd and County of Ulster, New York during the year ending 31st December, 1848.

Jan. 20, 1848Amos M. VanwaginnerElie A. and Jului VANWAGINNER
Jan. 26, 1848Jane Ann PalmatierHiram and Betsey PALMATIER
Feb. 15, 1848Sarah M. CalhounCalib and Jane CALHOON
Mar. 1, 1848Andrew LefeverCornelious and Catherine LEFEVER
Mar. 9, 1848Hannah Mariah KearneyPaterick and Julia KEARNY
Mar. 12, 1848Emely B. PerkinsStephen and Easter PERKINS
Mar. 12, 1848Minard V. W. RoseRobert E. and Sarah ROSE
Apr. 12, 1848David CarneyDaniel G. and Margaret CARNEY
May 1, 1848Absalom J. PalmatierJoseph C. and Elizabeth PALMATIER
May 10, 1848Benjamin Franklin HardenberghJacob and Mariah HARDENBERGH
May 16, 1848Clarey M. SimpsonWilliam and Saley SIMPSON
May 19, 1848Johannas DuBoisRoelif and Gertrude DUBOIS
May 31, 1848Daniel M. MerritBernet W. and Abey Jane MERRIT
June 6, 1848Charlotte N. WeedeBarton and Emeritt WEEDE
June 13, 1848Andrew L. DeyoAlvy Deyo and Lydia S. DEYO
June 22, 1848Sylvester SmithDeyo and Cornelia Ann SMITH
July 6, 1848Sarah Maria FosterAlonzo and Malissa FOSTER
July 16, 1848Charles H. LaneWilliam and Mary LANE
July 17, 1848Leonard DunnUriah Dun and Gitty Ann DUN
Aug. 4, 1848Marey E. PeirceEdmond S. and Mary L. PIERCE
Aug. 9, 1848Phebe Ann KnappReuben G. and Julia KNAPP
Aug. 14, 1848Henry Edward TembrouckJames and Delia Jane TEMBROUCK
Aug. 16, 1848Charity Alice WlklowWilliam and Lusindy WILKLOW
Aug. 27, 1848Mercious HeartGeorge and Amey HEART
Aug. 30, 1848Alice MoreHarvey and Margaret MORE
Sept. 1, 1848no nameGriffin and Eliza CARPENTER
Sept. 15, 1848Eliza Jane TuthillJohn and Catherine TUTHILL
Sept. 30, 1848Adelia LounsberyJohn and Rachel LOUNSBERY
Oct. 3, 1848Catherine Elizabeth TraverEdward and Martha TRAVER
Oct. 6, 1848no nameStephen H. and Mary MARSH
Oct. 11, 1848no nameJacob L. Dayton and Jane DAYTON
Oct. 26, 1848Matildy Ann VandebortJames and Henritta VANDVERT
Nov. 11, 1848Cornlerey DaytonHustead and Marey DAYTON
Nov. 16, 1848Madison HasbrouckRichard and Rachel HASBROUCK
Nov. 25, 1848Richard Franklin DeyoDaniel and Eliza Ann DEYO
Nov. 25, 1848Murey Augustus SimpsonMichael and Rachel SIMPSON, Jr.
Nov. 27, 1848no nameFerris H. and Julia COE
Dec. 2, 1848Jacob Elting, Jr.Jacob Elting and Elizabeth ELTING
Dec. 4, 1848no nameJacob C. and Annah DUBOIS
Dec. 19, 1848Eleanor Murrah HateGilbert ? And Tryphesrna HATE
Dec. 26, 1848George W. TompkinsJohn and Catherine TOMPKINS
Dec. 29, 1848Emely MartainGeorge and Pheby Jane MARTAIN

James D. Terwilliger, Town Clerk

1849 Lloyd, NY Birth Records

Number of Births in the Town of Lloyd and County of Ulster, New York during the year ending 31st December, 1849.

Jan. 8, 1849Millard ElmondorfNoah and Phebey Ann ELMONDORF
Jan. 15, 1849Clie ChurchJoseph T. and Angeline CHURCH
Feb. 13, 1849Alexander CraftAaron and Leah CRAFT
Feb. 14, 1849Noah DuBoisNoah and Elthea DUBOIS
Mar. 12, 1849Mary Jane RelyeaTjerick and Mary RELYEA
Mar. 16, 1849Fowler WardellJohn and Jane WARDELL
Apr. 2, 1849Daniel MerrettStephen and Cornelia MERRETT
Apr. 4, 1849Reuben Dewitt LefeverAndrew S. and Delia LEFEVER
Apr. 14, 1849Francis LefeverNathaniel J. and Magdalene LEFEVER
May 31, 1849Mary Frances BensonAbram and Rebecca BENSON
June 1, 1849Edward L. DeyoJohn L. and Elizabeth DEYO
June 9, 1849William B. NicholasCharles H. and Margaret E. NICHOLAS
June 20, 1849Caroline LefeverPhilip D. and Almira LEFEVER
June 25, 1849Norman FreerPhilip and Mariah FREER
July 16, 1849no nameOliver H. and Elizabeth SMITH
July 16, 1849no nameMorroe and Abigal DEYO
July 30, 1849Sarah Elizabeth RelyeaCharles and Elizabeth RELYEA
Aug. 3, 1849no nameBenavger and Malenda LOCKWOOD
Aug. 7, 1849Either KeasilerOliver and Sophiar Anna KEASELER
Aug. 15, 1849Margaritta TompkinsAbram and Darcas E. THOMPKINS
Aug. 26, 1849Rachel Mariah RUGARPhilip and Catherine RURGAR
Aug. 30, 1849Literning M. DouningJohn and Hannah Ann DOUNING
Sept. 2, 1849Annetta ElmoreRiverias and Magdalin ELMORE
Sept. 15, 1849Mary Jane SherwoodCharles E. and Mary SHERWOOD
Sept. 25, 1849Margaret E. DeyoTheron and Phebey Jane DEYO
Sept. 24, 1849Charles Henry BerryannDavid and Jane BERRYANN
Oct. 4, 1849Margaret Ann VandevortDinnis and Hannah Eliza VANDEVORT
Oct. 6, 1849Hermin BarrettDaniel and Mariah BARRETT
Nov. 1, 1849Isaac EllisDavid and Mary ELLIS
Nov. 16, 1849Martha CarmonWilliam and Pheby CARMAN
Dec. 11, 1849Hannah M. BennettJotham and Mariah BENNETT
Dec. 31, 1849no nameAlobren J. and Derandy Pra---- (?)
May 6, 1849Sarah Catherine BoyersGeorge and Aby BOYERS
Apr. 6, 1849Sarah Catherine LaneAlfred and Mary LANE
July 3, 1849Mary TerwilligerJosiah and Sally Ann TERWILLIGER
Aug. 17, 1849Sarah Armintha JohnsonEmery and Mary JOHNSON
Sept. 6, 1849Sarah Catherine LaneThomas and Catharine LANE
Sept. 28, 1849Samuel S. ForseJames and Dolly FORSE
Nov. 22, 1849Osroe JonesOrach L. and Jane JONES

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