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1847 - 1849 Marbletown, NY Birth Records
Ulster County, New York

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1847 Marbletown, NY Birth Records

Number of Births in the Town of Marbletown and County of Ulster, New York during the year ending 31st December, 1847.

Jan. 1, 1847Charlott Esther DewittJohn L. Dewitt and Almira PALEN
Jan. 2, 1847Emely DoggetWilliam and Matilda DOGGET
Jan. 4, 1847Eliza C. BushPeter and Sally Ann BUSH
Jan. 21, 1847Walter LyonsJohn Lyons and Jane KROM
Jan. 24, 1847Catharine WolseyClinton D. and Elizabeth WOOLSEY
Feb. 5, 1847Thomas D. W. DuBoisPeter and Maria DUBOIS
Feb. 6, 1847Margaret E. RobinsonAnthony and Betsy ROBINSON
Feb. 7, 1847Conelia AnnaBenjamin Vanclete and Helena KELDER (or HELDER)
Feb. 7, 1847AnnaLeve C. Lawrence and Eliza MORY
Feb. 9, 1847WilliamThomas F. Sheeley and Martha ANDERSON
Feb. 9, 1847Amanda EnderlySimon Enderly and Getty Ann VAN-TEE ?
Feb. 14, 1847Sarah MariaIsaac D. Sheely and Mary C. VANWAGONER
Feb. 10, 1847Elishe TrobridgeJoseph Trobrige and Nelly TEESE
Feb. 13, 1847Mary VandermakrHiram F. M. and Ann VANDERMARK
Feb. 16, 1847Julia Elizabeth WinfieldJohn and Susan WINFIELD
Feb. 22, 1847Mary SmithGardener and Jane SMITH
Feb. 25, 1847JohnJames Edward and Jane Elizabeth VANSTEENBERGH
Feb. 26, 1847John IrvineJacob and Eliza IRVINE
Mar. 4, 1847Richard LaunsberyFrederick and Esther DAVIS
Mar. 4, 1847Rachel EstherGross Hasbrouck and Sory Ann VANDEMARK
Mar. 8, 1847Esther EllenMartin and Lydia CANTINE
Mar. 12, 1847EliJohn F. Stokes and Sarah Ann DUBOIS
Mar. 24, 1847Grines Hudler DuBoisAbbert and Sarah Ann DUBOIS
Mar. 27, 1847Martha McGinnisJames E. and Mary McGINNIS
Apr. 1, 1847CharlottCharles E. Davis and Catherine SMITH
Apr. 4, 1847HiramDavid Wager and Sally PALEN
Apr. 5, 1847Simon E. VandermarkAbraham S. and Catharine VANDERMARK
Apr. 9, 1847JohnElijah and Phebe Catharine VANDERMARK
Apr. 11, 1847James Hill, Jr.James and Frances HILL
Apr. 17, 1847Sarah Harriet PlewNathan D. Plew and Margaret SLEIGHTER
Apr. 22, 1847Mary J. BevierHenry and Nancy BEVIER
Apr. 30, 1847-Isaac and Lawrenda BLOOM
May 2, 1847ClemintineJames R. Stokes and Jane Ann MORY
May 7, 1847Matthew D. ConstableWilliam and Sarah Ann CONSTABLE
May 7, 1847Lidia Elizabeth BushJohn and Jane BUSH
May 8, 1847James MaricleFrederick and Eliza MARICLE
May 8, 1847Rachael A. VanbeurenCornelius M. VANBEUREN and Cornelia
May 12, 1847Mary Ann Clarke BushWilliam Bush, Jr. and Elenor BUSH
May 19, 1847Cornelius H. VandermarkSolomon Vandermark, Jr. and Margaret BUSH
May 20, 1847Cindirelly ChristianaJohn H. Cristiana and Hannah MARIA
May 22, 1847Stephen H. DavisOakley Davis and Sarah CRISTIANA
May 23, 1847HiramJames A. and Westhey Ann DAVIS
May 24, 1847Benson B. WoolSilas Wood and Sarah ROBISON
May 24, 1847James N. NewberyBenjamin and Unice NEWBERRY
May 27, 1847Mary C. SmithPeter H. and Ann C. SMITH
June 12, 1847Albert BushHenry and Catharine BUSH
June 19, 1847AlmiraRichard and Catharine BROADHEAD
June 21, 1847FrancisMoses Van Leuven and Anna M. SCHOONMAKER
June 25, 1847William R. KromJacob M. Krom and Jane F. ?
June 28, 1847Anna ElizabethPeter Streets and Hannah E. CONNOR
July 3, 1847Silas H. SuttenAndrew D. and Sally SUTTON
July 4, 1847MeekesMartin N. Wykoop and Elena PIER
July 6, 1847EphraimAbraham J. D. Vanwagoner and Synther WOOD
July 16, 1847Elizabeth AnnaRichard L. and Lydia ADAMS
July 22, 1847MolinaJohn J. Sporling and Martha SMITH
July 26, 1847-Hilleam and Catharine DEPEW
July 26, 1847Phebe CatharineLeamuel and Harriet MIDDAGH
July 27, 1847IraHubbord and Eleanor TOMPSON
July 28, 1847Israel HungerfordWilliam F. and Sophia HUNGERFORD
Aug. 1, 1847Catharine MouleMartin and Susan MARKLE
Aug. 3, 1847Rachel JanePhilip A. Yeaple and Ann STOKES
Aug. 8, 1847Rachel MowrisAnthony and Margaret MOWRIS
Aug. 10, 1847Elijah C. BushElijah C. and Juliest BUSH
Aug. 28, 1847Thomas S. CantineJames and Sarah CANTINE
Aug. 30, 1847GeorgetteSolomon L. and Margaret PIERRINE
Sept. 2, 1847Lorenzo TerwilligerFrederick R. and Hannah TERWILLIGER
Sept. 4, 1847James H. BushJacob and Eve BUSH
Sept. 4, 1847Mary CherityWorren and Charlotte BENJAMIN
Sept. 7, 1847Thomas and Catherine (Twins)James and Bridget BURNES
Sept. 10, 1847FrangiskaEdward and Margaret DIETS
Sept. 13, 1847Isaac D. RobisonAlexander Robison and Maryan BELL
Sept. 14, 1847IreyJohn L. Smith and Elmira WAGOR
Sept. 21, 1847Fanny O'NeilJohn C. and Mary A. O'NEIL
Sept. 28, 1847LouisJames E. Atkins and Hannah YEAPLE
Sept. 31, 1847John JamesFelton Kelder and Lorvine VANDERMARK
Oct. 14, 1847Mary HellenPeter Longendyke and Elizabeth SPERLING
Oct. 25, 1847Marshal BeatyJohn Beaty and Anne PALEN
Oct. 27, 1847Uriah VanbleteIsaac A. Vanblete and Margaret BESIMOR
Nov. 4, 1847John M. WagerDaniel Wager and Lany BRANDLE
Nov. 4, 1847Cornelia KromWilliam C. Krom and Catherine Ann KROUCE
Nov. 4, 1847JaneAbraham H. Broadhead and Mariah H. WRENCE
Nov. 12, 1847JacobJames M. Stokes and Mary ATKINS
Nov. 16, 1847Sarah AbigailStiphen Yeaple and Rachel STOKES
Nov. 15, 1847Elijah C. HillHezekiah D. and Phebe HILL
Nov. 16, 1847IsaacJames and Charlotte CANTINE
Nov. 18, 1847Nalson (or Nelson)Sidney and Lydia ANDERSON
Nov. 22, 1847Edward O'NeilPeter D. and Lettitia BRINK
Nov. 24, 1847EugeneKrineas and Catherine Jane OSTERHOUDT
Nov. 25, 1847Henry HonondSamuel Honond ? And Maria L. HONROD
Dec. 1, 1847Henry E. VandermarkDavid and Maria VANDERMARK
Dec. 2, 1847Wymen VanvleteGilbert Vanvlete and ---- Anny MORORIS
Dec. 14, 1847Caroline SmithWorren A. Smith and Margaret CHAMBERS
Dec. 17, 1847DepewEphraim and Isobella F. DEPEW
Dec. 19, 1847William HenryHezekiah Washburn and Fanny TREWBRIDGE
Dec. 25, 1847Sarah I. CristiannaJames Cristianna and Elizabeth A. SMITH
Dec. 25, 1847Theodore ErnestJacob Ernest and Susan ERNEST
Dec. 27, 1847John G. MiddaghGeorge Middagh and Susan MIDDAGH
Dec. 29, 1847Sarah C. DewittHenry and Maria DEWITT

1848 Marbletown, NY Birth Records

Number of Births in the Town of Marbletown and County of Ulster, New York during the year ending 31st December, 1848.

Mar. 3, 1848Sarah AnnIlligitimate
May 30, 1848Alexander R. DewittJohn G. VanVliet and Rachel PALM
Aug. 27, 1848Rachel MargaretRichard VanDemark and Sarah Jane BUSH
Aug. 29, 1848Mary EllenJames Hillyer and Harrett CARSON
Oct. 19, 1848JuliaCornlius J. Hasbrouck and Jane FREER
Nov. 27, 1848MariettaJacob D. VanDemark and Sarah Jane ROBINSON
Nov. 6, 1848no nameJohn Hogan and Sally HOGAN
Dec. 23, 1848no nameWilliam and Eliza HOGAN
Mar. 7, 1848BenjaminMoses Tees and Marah H. DAVIS
Apr. 9, 1848JamesHenry Kelder and Christina RELYE
Apr. 18, 1848MatildaJohn Wagor and Jane Ann CONNER
May 7, 1848Gigty ElizabethJohn C. Smith and Elizabeth RILDER
May 27, 1848EstherJohn A. Prindle and Julia Ann SMITH
Dec. 24, 1848Mary AnnJoseph Terwilliger and Nelly TEES
Dec. 30, 1848Sarah LoisaJohn F. Baker and Catharine MARIKLE
Feb. 22, 1848JuliaHenry Enest and Maria VANDEMARK
Mar. 25, 1848HiramJosiah Depuy and Catharine VANSTEENBERG
May 3, 1848LeviAbraham Atkins and Sarah Catharin DEPUY
June 30, 1848John OakleyJohn Z. Roosa and Catharine OAKLEY
Sept. 8, 1848Mary AnnReuben C. Freer and Rachel Margaret SPERLING
Sept. 19, 1848WarrenBrower Raymond and Sarah Ann CALLAR
Sept. 26, 1848Sarah JaneEdward Lounsbery and Ann Jane BITTEY
Oct. 17, 1848Mariah JaneAbraham and Jane ELMONDORF
Sept. 14, 1848HenryWilliam and Mary VANDERMARK
Mar. 10, 1848JaneJames and Sarah WILEY
June --, 1848CharlotteJohn R. and Catharine Ann FREER
Aug. --, 1848LewisEdgar and Jane HASBROUCK
July --, 1848Emma CarolineElijah S. and Sarah QUICK
June --, 1848Garret H.Tjerck and Catharine DELAMATEER
Mar. 20, 1848no nameHiram and Charlott WOOD
May 12, 1848no nameGeorge and Sarah Catharine DAVIS
Apr. --, 1848Temperance JanePeter and Catharine PALIN
Apr. 11, 1848Walter MontgomeryThomas H. and Margaret H. JANSEN
Dec. 1, 1848William HenryWilliam and Catharine MORGAN
June 22, 1848Norman ElmondorfJames H. Elmondorf and Esther Catharine SHEELEY
Mar. 17, 1848Johanna CaseyJames CASEY and Johanna
Oct. 16, 1848Jemina RuhrDavid RUHR ? and Catharine
Jan. 14, 1848Martha CountramanFrederick Countraman and Maria DUTZ
Sept. 3, 1848John CarneySolomon E. Carney and Elizabeth COUNTRYMAN
Sept. 22, 1848Mary Ann CarneyWilliam CARNEY and Johanna
May 18, 1848-Hubbert Elmandorf and Jane DURUN
Feb. 16, 1848Solomon CarneyJohn Carney and Clarissa LOAR
Jan. 29, 1848Rachel Maria StokesAbraham Stokes and Harriet n. DIETS
Feb. 1, 1848Matilda SmithPeter Smith and Elizabeth SCHOONMAKER
Sept. 1, 1848James JohnsonPatrick Johnson and Alla WHALEN
Oct. 4, 1848Isaac Lewis ArmstrongJoshua Armstrong and Eliza DINGEY
June 12, 1848Esry BevierHenry C. Bevier and Eliza Maria JANSON
Apr. 16, 1848John TenEyck VanVlietEdward VanVliet and Eliza Maria WEAVER
Dec. 5, 1848George RinehartRobert Rinehart and Fanny E. VANKUREN
Dec. 10, 1848-Thomas Sheeley and Martha ANDERSON
May 6, 1848Elizabeth OsterhoutJoakim Ostrahout and Eleanor M. SLOUT
May 1, 1848Joseph HenryThomas Manean and Maria CALIGER
July 28, 1848Patrick RileyCharles Riley and Mary MCKINAGHAN
Aug. 12, 1848Margaret LynchPatrick Lynch and Jane CHRISTIE
Nov. 28, 1848Bridget DuffeyPatrick Duffey and Elizabeth COE
July 4, 1848Lewis CountrymanPeter Countryman and Susan FITCH
July 8, 1848Maria CurtisRichard Curtis and Rhoda COUNTRAMAN
Dec. 18, 1848Harris and Walter HasbrouckCalvin Hasbrouck and Christina ROBISON
June 14, 1848William AveryGeorge Avery and Margaret WEVER
Aug. 24, 1848Maria JaneLewis and Catharine BEVIR
Nov. 16, 1848ClintonTineyck VIDER and Jemina his wife
Oct. 23, 1848Charlott AmeliaAlenan and Matilda BEVIR
Aug. 19, 1848Catharine JaneJohn A. DUBOIS and Hannah Maria
Nov. 25, 1848DavidAndrew SMITH and Anna Maria
Nov. 1, 1848JaneStephen and Rebecca SCHOONMAKER
May 9, 1848LutherGeorge F. SHULTZ and Anna Maria
Oct. 5, 1848MathewCornelius OLIVER and Sarah Catharine
May 14, 1848GenetJames OLIVER and Gertrude
July 23, 1848Mary MargaretJohn MURDOCH and Christina
Oct. 20, 1848WilliamBenjamin ROBERTS and Sarah M.
Jan. 2, 1848LucindaJosiah H. BARNHART and Persis
July 19, 1848BenjaminJohn DINGER and Maria
Apr. 3, 1848no nameJacob J. STOKES and Maria
Nov. 15, 1848Ira KromCornelius Krom and Nancy KROM
Sept. 19, 1848James B. BloomIsaac and Josephine BLOOM
Oct. 12, 1848CharlesJohn H. and Sarah Jane DEGRAFF
Aug. 5, 1848James VanDemarkGarret VanDemark and Catherine VANDEMARK
Feb. 14, 1848Mary WentralNelson and Mary WINTIAL
Apr. 12, 1848Andrew CrawfordAndrew Crawford and Elizabeth CRAWFORD
Oct. 11, 1848Mary Ann TaylorJames and Ann TAYLOR
May 5, 1848Mary Elizabeth MarkleCar Markle and Gertrude MARKLE
Sept. 12, 1848John AllenAlex Allen and Sarah ALLEN
Apr. 4, 1848John J. MurdaghWm. Murdock and Elizabeth MURDAGH
Aug. 5, 1848Alex MoreJoseph More and Maria MORE
Dec. 29, 1848no nameMoses Woolsey and Carnelia WOOLSEY
Dec. 1, 1848Elizabeth WoodWilliam Wood and Rachel WOOD
Aug. 11, 1848Authaney Sampson coloredWilliam and Carniha SAMPSON
Oct. 7, 1848Luther Jonsan coloredGarret Janson and Catherine JANSON
Feb. 1, 1848Carnelia Robison coloredLewis Robison and Armst? ROBISON
Sept. 10, 1848Jane Hasbrouck coloredPeter Hasbrouck and Mary HASBROUCK

Geo. Davis, Town Clerk

Names of births in Marbletown School District No. 8 for year of 1848

(these were among the Marbletown Records)

Number of Births in the Town of Marbletown and County of Ulster, New York during the year ending 31st December, 1848.

Jan. 9, 1848John Oakley OstranderDaniel Seymour and Catherine OSTRANDER
Mar. 2, 1848John James BushWilliam A. and Margaret BUSH
Apr. 19, 1848Sarah DavisSamuel J. and Lucinda DAVIS
May 6, 1848Charlott Benjamin DavisAndrew B. and Ann DAVIS
May 6, 1848Sarah Louisa DepeuyCornelius VanDEMARK and Gitty Ann
May 21, 1848Acenith LockwoodLinas and Jemina LOCKWOOD
June 28, 1848Sarah ElizabethSanda and Mary BEACH
July 13, 1848William WoodPeter Dumond and Jane Ann WOOD
July 17, 1848Mary Ann RichardsonThomas and Susan Annette RICHARDSON
July 19, 1848-Jared Jones and Elizabeth CHAMBERS
Sept. 1, 1848Elizabeth WoodWilliam and Rachel WOOD
Sept. 12, 1848Margaret AnnGeorge and Jemina SLATER
Sept. 14, 1848Cornelia DewittAndries I. and Jeanett DEWITT
Aug. 22, 1848David DuboisBenjamin Low and Blandina DUBOIS
Oct. 14, 1848Joshua Brooke DuBoisDaniel and Helen DUBOIS
Dec. 16, 1848Amelia EnnestWilliam and Catharine ENNEST

1849 Marbletown, NY Birth Records

Number of Births in the Town of Marbletown and County of Ulster, New York during the year ending 31st December, 1849.

Jan. 18, 1849Samuel MidaghJames and Ann KROM
Mar. 9, 1849Mary CatharineHenry and Catharine BUSH
Mar. 8, 1849CorolineJames C. and Susan C. BUSH
June 3, 1849ElizabethJames H. and Cornelia CANTINE (colored)
July 9, 1849SarahBenjamin Smith and Eunice C. NEWBERG (or Y)
July 10, 1849Margaret AdeladeIsaac H. and Margaret BUSH
Aug. 4, 1849James WesleyPeter D. and Jane Ann WOOD
Sept. 6, 1849Cornelia AnnCornelia J. and Mary BODLEY
Oct. 6, 1849John OakleyHenry and Eliza Jane OAKLEY
Nov. 15, 1849Chs. TheodoreFrederick J. and Eliza MARACLE
Dec. 6, 1849Abraham FrancesWilliam and Lydus MCGLUE
Feb. 19, 1849Mary JaneJohn and Hannah MCMULLEN
Mar. 23, 1849MichaelHenry and Eliza M. VANDERMARK
Apr. 14, 1849Louisa JaneJohn T. and Rebecca ROOSE
Apr. 15, 1849AlonzoRichard and Maria OSTERHOUDT
May 15, 1849MichaelJohn and Jane LYONS
July 29, 1849JosephusWilliam and Catharine HOWVER
Nov. 19, 1849Elizabeth CatharineDaniel and Delana MAGER
Dec. 10, 1849Margaret AnnJames and Elizabeth CHRISTIANA
Jan. 29, 1849Sarah Ann WoodSimmon and Jane WOOD
Feb. 14, 1849Charles FrancesHenry G. Hellen VEEDEN
Mar. 14, 1849Mary FrancesJohn R. and Sarah VAN LEUVEN
Mar. 25, 1849John WilliamsAlexander and Mary BEASEMER
June 18, 1849HelenDaniel S. and Aseneth VAN DERMARK
July 24, 1849Rachel AnnIsaac R. and Margaret VANVLIET
Sept. 9, 1849Rachel CatharineIsaac and Kitty ROOSA
Dec. 14, 1849Milard FilmoreJames H. and Rachel VANDERMARK
Aug. 27, 1849LewisJohn Depuy and Ann STOKES
June 7, 1849DanielJames Finley and Ann BROWNSLEY
Sept. 17, 1849MarkPatrick Doud and Jane BENSON
Dec. 30, 1849AbrahamJohn P. Dewitt and Almira PALEN
Feb. 12, 1849DeborahArche Palen and Helen WOODS
Nov. 8, 1849JamesHenry Ennist and Mariah VANDERMARK
May 11, 1849Alonzo TrowbridgeSimon Trowbridge and Mary TROWBRIDGE
Aug. 4, 1849Jane OsteranderJames Ostrander and Sarah Ann OSTRANDER
Dec. 12, 1849-Abraham and Hannah DEPUY
Dec. 2, 1849Hannah MargaretTerry and Bridget GOW
Dec. 23, 1849Sarah GertrudeJacob and Ann RIDER
Aug. 17, 1849Hannah CatharineWilliam Broadhead and Phebe BROADHEAD
Apr. 23, 1849Mary ElizaWilliam B. and Phebe E. ATKINS
Jan. 5, 1849SimonLewis and Catharine BRODHEAD
Aug. 16, 1849CalvinLevi and Jane SCHOONMAKER
Aug. 31, 1849Henriett LouisaCross and Sarah A. HASBROUCK
May 6, 1849Elting D.Abraham and Eliza SCHOONMAKER
Feb. 12, 1849JosephineGeorge and Sarah CHAMBERS
Jan. 6, 1849Elizabeth JaneBenjamin and Helen VANVLIETS
Jan. 7, 1849ElmirahJohn D. and Dorcus WILKLOW
Nov. 26, 1849MosesWorner H. and Margaret SMITH
Nov. 10, 1849EliasFellen and Levina RELDEN
Nov. 1, 1849HiramJobe and Catharine SMITH
Apr. 15, 1849Rebeca AnnChas. and Catharine DAVIS
Jan. 31, 1849Gitty ElizabethCha. and Gitty VANDERMARK
July 1, 1849Jane EstenJohn G. and Almira SMITH
Dec. 15, 1849David PetersDavid and Sarah WAGEN

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