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1847 - 1849 Rochester, NY Birth Records
Ulster County, New York

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1847 Rochester, NY Birth Records

Number of Births in the Town of Rochester and County of Ulster, New York during the year ending 31st December, 1847.

Jan. 3, 1847 Rachel Alexander BURGER and Elizabeth FOWLER
Jan. 5, 1847 Albert Isaiah QUICK and Abigail VANATTEN
Jan. 31, 1847 John Jacob John S. KROM and Maria WESTBROOK
Feb. 1, 1847 Sarah Jane David L. ATKINS and Agnes MOREY
Feb. 11, 1847 Joannah Samuel M. DECKER and Caroline his wife
Feb. 17, 1847 Nancy Jane Thomas ROSEKRANE and Judith his wife
Feb. 18, 1847 David Elias D. OSTERHOUDT and Harriet FREER
Feb. 20, 1847 Abraham Henry DECKER and Susan his wife
Feb. 27, 1847 Almira Cornelius L. ADDIS and Hannah his wife
Mar. 10, 1847 Hesakiah Hesakiah PERSELE and Catharine his wife
Mar. 15, 1847 Simon Jacob WOOD and Maria BAKER
Mar. 22, 1847 Mary Catharine Daniel and Blandina B. HASBROUCK
Mar. 29, 1847 John Henbry O. HARP and Elisa C. G. JANSEN
Apr. 9, 1847 Josephus Morris KORTRIGHT and Catharine M. DEYO
Apr. 9, 1847 Elijah Jacob C. BAKER and Catharine BURGER
Apr. 11, 1847 Elijah Ransom TOWNSEND and Sarah J. SCHOONMAKER
Apr. 15, 1847 Mary Elizabeth Walter CLARK and Ann T. MANNY
Apr. 18, 1847 Maria Johannis SLATER and Maria his wife
May 1, 1847 Francis Lewis ROOSA and Sarah his wife
May 7, 1847 George Reuben KROM and Catharine ROSEKRANS
May 14, 1847 H. Dewitt Abram CATANT and Elizabeth Ann TUTTLE
May 22, 1847 Mary Catharine Isaac D. and Maria SAHLER
May 23, 1847 John Bekamin Cornelius D. ALLIGER and Maria HASBROUCK
May 25, 1847 Lydia Maria Cornelius QUICK and Eliza QUICK
June 12, 1847 Augustus Simon LUMMUS and Mary HARKNESS
June 20, 1847 Charles Cornelius TERPENING and Sarah M. VANWAGONEN
July 4, 1847 Elizabeth John P. YEAPLE and Cornelia D. ALLIGER
July 8, 1847 Daniel William TERWILLIGER and Catharine his wife
July 12, 1847 Oscar Jonathan T. BELL and Jane his wife
July 18, 1847 Amelia Martin L. SCHOONMAKER and Nancy his wife
July 24, 1847 James Illigitimate
July 28, 1847 Ann Elizabeth Abram VERNCY and Anna Maria his wife
Aug. 12, 1847 Jeremiah Richard STRICKLIN and Catharine QUICK
Aug. 15, 1847 Rachel Elizabeth Henry W. SCHOONMAKER and Phanuel FOWLER
Aug. 15, 1847 Rachel Elizabeth Henry HORNBECK and Maria his wife
Aug. 24, 1847 Rachel Elizabeth Jonathen F. WESTBROOK and Hannah his wife
Aug. 28, 1847 John John DECKER and Sarah Maria his wife
Sept. 1, 1847 William Wessel BROADHEAD and Jane his wife
Sept. 8, 1847 Henry Dewitt Henry DW. HORNBECK and Jane KORTRIGHT
Sept. 9, 1847 Philip Dubois William H. BURGER and Maria Ann HORNBECK
Sept. 13, 1847 Lucinda Philip KIDNEY and Margaret his wife
Oct. 8, 1847 Elizabeth Philip HORNBECK and Elizabeth his wife
Nov. 8, 1847 Sarah Lavina John M. ROOSA and Catharine his wife
Nov. 10, 1847 Sarah Lavina Evert GOSLIN and Jane SCHOONMAKER
Nov. 12, 1847 Finetus Cornelius KORTRIGHT and Hannah HORNBECK
Nov. 17, 1847 Edwin Hasbrouck Isaac ALLIGER Jr. and Hannah Maria his wife
Nov. 18, 1847 Edwin Hasbrouck Elijah SCHOONMAKER and Rachel his wife
Nov. 24, 1847 Edwin Hasbrouck Thomas WOOD Jr. and Maria WOOD
Dec. 3, 1847 Robert Hasbrouck Josephet J. FREER and Sarah Maria DUNN
Dec. 5, 1847 Robert Hasbrouck Felton H. MERKLE and Hannah BAKER
Dec. 11, 1847 Robert Hasbrouck Evens WITHEY and Maria LAWRENCE

Andres R. VANWAGONEN, Town Clerk

1848 Rochester, NY Birth Records

Number of Births in the Town of Rochester and County of Ulster, New York during the year ending 31st December, 1848.

Dec. 3, 1848 - Jacobus I. and Catherine WYNKOOP
Feb. 11, 1848 Lavorna Dubois B. and Maria DECKER
Aug. 10 (?), 1848 Josephet Moses and Smitha SLATER
Oct. 18, 1848 Isaac Daniel and Ann LANDRES
Mar. 16, 1848 Francis Benjamin and Rachel VANWAGONN
Jan. 4, 1848 Alonzo Isaiah and Elizabeth SCHOONMAKER
Dec. 6, 1848 Henry Cornelius S. and Maria ROOSA
May 21, 1848 Martin Luther Schmit (?) Isaac A. ROBISON and Levnia VANDRMARK
May 14, 1848 Mary Frances Isaiah TERWILLIGER and Olsha (?) WASHBURN
Mar. 27, 1848 Daniels Webster Nathan D. BRODHEAD and Susan Ann HANMON
Aug. 17, 1848 Catharine Jane Aaron STRICKLAND and Melissa Ann TERWILLIGER
May 2, 1848 David Benjamin John D. HOORNBECK and Ann WIGGEN
Oct. 19, 1848 Ann Elizabeth Peter P. YAPLES and Ann ALIGER
June 15, 1848 James Murphry Andres R. VANWAGONN and Maria ALLIGER
Mar. 8, 1848 Amy John HOAR and Permilia ALLIGER
Mar. 17, 1848 Harriet George HAMDREW and Catharine HOAR
Apr. 25, 1848 no name Edgar KROM and Rachel Ann BLACKWELL
Sept. 11, 1848 Phebe White Marcus DECKER and Elizabeth S. BRODHEAD
Feb. 23, 1848 Oliver C. Morris B. CAMERON and Margaret Ann TERWILLIGER
Oct. 17, 1848 no name Peter B. DAVIS and Maria HALL
Nov. 18, 1848 Lucretia Isaac Annatger CAMERON
Nov. 8, 1848 Maria Untta Thomas ROSENCRANS and Jude ROOSA
Sept. 5, 1848 James Henry James KELDER and Jane KROM
Feb. 9, 1848 Simon Frederick VANWAGONN and Hannah SCHOONMAKER
Feb. 19, 1848 Zachariah Peter QUICK and Maria MERICKLE
Sept. 1, 1848 no name Lucus KROM and Sarah HOORNBECK
Aug. 30, 1848 Amelia David WILKLOW and Rachel Ann TERHUNE
Feb. 17, 1848 Hellena Simon P. HOORMBERK and Margaret QUICK
Aug. 29, 1848 - Aldert OSTERHOUDT and Maria SMITH
Aug. 26, 1848 Hannah Henry M. and Hellenah HENDRIKSON
---- 18, 1848 Charlotte Henry and Rebecca OSTROM
Aug. 18, 1848 John Benjamin Dewitt C. and Susan GUNSSALUS
---- 24, 1848 Stephen and Mary Cat ?erine Joseph TERWILLIGER and Conerlia Catharine GRAY
Jan. 24, 1848 Caleb David ROOSA and Sarah TOWNSEND
Aug. 17, 1848 Elsie Jeremiah BESIMER and Gitty TURNER
Aug. 24, 1848 Peter Edmund Jacob CODDINGTON and Margaret VANETTEN
Dec. 7, 1848 Lony Egnrs (?) David BESIMER and Sally TERWILLIGER
May 22, 1848 John Benjamin Ransom T. TOWNSEND and Sarah Jane SCHOONMAKER
Oct. 22, 1848 Maria Catharine Stephen SCHOONMAKER and Rebecca SUTTON
Sept. 11, 1848 DuBois Henry M. GERMAN and Anna Maria VANWAGONN
Feb. 27, 1848 Benjamin Benjamin BURGHER and Catharin QUICK
Oct. 28, 1848 - Jacob HOORNBECK and Anna Margaret SAHLER
Feb. 26, 1848 Maria Henrietta Jacob VANDMARK and Nelly SMITH
Nov. 20, 1848 Emmaline Benjamin D. P. SCHOONMAKER and Hellen TOWNSEND
July 20, 1848 Susan William BURGHER and Maria TURNER
July 24, 1848 Elizabeth John MCDERMONT and Margaret MADGADER
Mar. 14, 1848 James Kline Alexander H. KLINE and Elizabeth HALSTEAD
Apr. 27, 1848 Charles Burger John BURGER and Ann DAVENPORT
Aug. 24, 1848 Lewis Cass Burger Alexander BURGER and Elizabeth C. FOWLER
Aug. 13, 1848 Mary E. VanWaggonen Peter VANGAGONN and Mahala YEAPLE
Nov. 5, 1848 Melissa Wood Isaac R. WOOD and Sarah A. BELL
Nov. 10, 1848 not named Robert B. ROOSA and Anna K. LAWRENCE

Simon S. WESTBROOK, Town Clerk

1849 Rochester, NY Birth Records

Number of Births in the Town of Rochester and County of Ulster, New York during the year ending 31st December, 1849.

Dec. 11, 1849 Elizabeth Solomon KROM and Elizabeth
May 11, 1849 Twins Richard STRICKLAND and Catherine QUICK
Sept. 27, 1849 Matilda Jacob WOOD and Maria M. WOOD
Apr. 11, 1849 no name Jacob E. BAKER and Catherine BAKER
Nov. 7, 1849 Silvester Eliza SCHOONMAKER and Rachel DAVIS
Feb. 10, 1849 Joanna Frederick WACKMAN and Sarah SCHOONMAKER
Nov. 25, 1849 Abraham Robert ADDIS and Ann DEWITT
Aug. 6, 1849 Isaac H. Peter H. ADDIS and Eliza FREER
Mar. 15, 1849 Cornelia Ann Cornelius DAVIS and Elizabeth SCHOONMAKER
Jan. 11, 1849 Henrietta Samuel M. DECKER and Susan C. DECKER
Dec. 26, 1849 Ebenezer John D. DECKER and Sarah M. SCHOONMAKER
Sept. 26, 1849 Catherine Jane Lewis ROOSA and Sarah E. PERSELL
Jan. 29, 1849 Mary Helen Joshua D. VAN KOOF and Anna
Sept. 10, 1849 Henry Hoornbeck Elias CONTRAMAN and Eve ROOSA
Apr. 27, 1849 Jacob and DuBois Abraham SCHOONMAKER and Maria C. DECKER
June 10, 1849 Jesse Daniel CODDINGTON and Rachel BELL
May 23, 1849 Eliza J. Ephram SCHOONMAKER and Jane VANETTEN
Aug. 20, 1849 - Dennist CONNER and Abigail PECK
July 29, 1849 no name Joseph D. P. VAN ETTEN and Jane DELAMATER
Nov. 10, 1849 - Levi ROOSA and Sarah TOWNSEND
Dec. 11, 1849 Catherine Jane Abraham VANETTEN and Marthy DUNN
Jan. 17, 1849 Cornelius Benjamin James Davenport and Maria HENDRINSON
Feb. 7, 1849 Frances Ann and ---- Twins Silas PANERA ? and Maria OSTERHOUDT
Feb. 9, 1849 Sarah Rebecca Wm. ANDERLY and Catherine VANBERWAN
Apr. 30, 1849 Jacob John GRIFFIN and Jane THOMPSON
May 7, 1849 Ambrose Reuben KROM and Catherine ROSEKRANSE
July 2, 1849 Cornelia Ann Thomas DEWITT and Hannah F. FROST
Aug. 8, 1849 Lewis B. Lewis B. HASBROUCK and Rachel JANSEN
Aug. 21, 1849 Electa Margaret Illegitimate
Aug. 22, 1849 Mary Ellen Andrus HARP and Ester Ann YEAPLE
Aug. 25, 1849 Anna B. Benjamin DEPUY and Maria KROM
Nov. 11, 1849 Hannah Margaret John I. DAVIS and Patty KRONS
June 7, 1849 Coolberry Benjamin M. RIDER and Sarah OSTERHOUDT
Nov. 14, 1849 Hannah C. John John R. ENDERLY and Maria C. WOOD
Oct. 23, 1849 Maria C. Henry B. SMITH and Maria ENDERLY
Feb. 4, 1849 John Benjamin David RIDER and Hannah WOOD
Oct. 3, 1849 Simon C. Wm. M. DANN and Nancy RIDER
June 16, 1849 Anna Margaret Benjamin R. HOORNBECK and Getty ENDERLY
Feb. 15, 1849 Isnur or Jenur ? John L. MIDDAGH and Pheby OSTERHOUDT
Sept. 1849 Sarah Louisa Martin WYCKOFF and Ellen PEER
Apr. 1849 Sarah Elizabeth Ira BRODHEAD and Margaret VAN GASSBECK
Oct. 1849 Anna Margaret Edwin HASBROUCK and Elizabeth D. ALLIGER
July 1849 Isabella John P. YAPLES and Cornelia ALLIGER
Nov. 1849 no name Benjamin ALDRICH and Wyche DEWITT
Dec. 1849 no name Henry MILLER and Diadame FALEN
Oct. 3, 1849 George Henry VAN OSTRUM and Rebecca BEATTY
July 1849 Catherine Ann Daniel WIGGINS and Levina YAPLES

Simon J. WESTBROOK, Town Clerk

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