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1847 - 1849 Rosendale, NY Birth Records
Ulster County, New York

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1847 Rosendale, NY Birth Records

Number of Births in the Town of Rosendale and County of Ulster, New York during the year ending 31st December, 1847.

Jan. 25, 1847WilliamAlexander and Cornelia CLEARWATER
Jan. 27, 1847Margaret CaireyPeter and Julia CAIREY
Feb. 15, 1847Daniel TilsonTimothy and Abigail TILSON
Feb. 17, 1847William H. SmithGeorge and Jane SMITH
Feb. 18, 1847Stephen ShadenJohn H. and Catharine SHADER
Feb. 23, 1847Bridget McCartyDennis and Bridget MCCARTY
Feb. 25, 1847Susan Jane RobinsonJames H. and Abby ROBINSON
Feb. 6, 1847Ann Alida HoffmanHenry and Sally HOFFMAN
Mar. 5, 1847Elmyra TilsonDavid and Phebe Jane TILSON
Mar. 14, 1847Frederick KestelGeorge Kestel and Catharine KESTEL
Mar. 17, 1847Ellen LeeJames and Jane LEE (or GEE)
Mar. 21, 1847Mary Jane CoutantJoseph M. and Bethany COUTANT
Mar. 28, 1847George W. BastenPeter C. and Sarah Elizabeth BARBEN
Apr. 3, 1847Jane AnchmoodyJames and Blandina AUCHMOODY
Apr. 6, 1847Margaret SlavenWater and Maria SLAVEN
Apr. 8, 1847Mary KromCharles and Maria KROM
Apr. 17, 1847Mary BogardusWilliam H. and Mary BOGARDUS
Apr. 19, 1847Frances FreerElvy and Sarah FREER
Apr. 20, 1847John Jerrmiah ClearwaterJermiah and Gertrude Maria CLEARWATER
May 9, 1847Thomas McDermottBernard and Margaret MCDERMOTT
May 11, 1847Myron AuchmoodyJacob and Catharine AUCHMOODY
May 17, 1847Jacob SnyderBenjamin H. and Maria Catharine SNYDER
May 29, 1847Cornelia SchoonmakerFrederick J. and Mary SCHOONMAKER
June 3, 1847Margaret Newck?Martin and Magdalene NEWEK
June 20, 1847Rachel Ann DavisJacob H. and Amelia DAVIS
July 6, 1847George VandermarkJohn and Ann Eliza VANDERMARK
July 7, 1847Jacob SeamanAlexander J. and Ann Margaret SEAMAN
July 11, 1847Henry DuBoisAbraham H. and Sally DUBOIS
July 12, 1847Arthur WoodSimon F. and Eliza Maria WOOD
Aug. 9, 1847William H. HowelFrederick E. and Jane HOWEL
Aug. 9, 1847Thomas DunnThomas and Catharine DUNN
Aug. 18, 1847Cornelia SnyderBenjamin F. and Hellen SNYDER
Aug. 23, 1847Catharine Rebecca LeePeter and Maria LEE
Aug. 25, 1847John HerringPatrick A. and Allen HERRING
Aug. 26, 1847Ellis Jane BurnJacob and Catharine BURN
Aug. 29, 1847George Henry DavisCharles and Leah DAVIS
Sept. 2, 1847Elizabeth McCoolJames and Mary E. MCCOOL
Sept. 1847Thomas MurryGeorge and Susan MURRY
Sept. 5, 1847Frances GeltzingerGeorge and Phebe GELTZINGER
Sept. 5, 1847Jane Elisa KromHiram and Rebecca Ann KROM
Sept. 6, 1847Thomas MowelHenry and Rebecca MOWEL
Oct. 1, 1847Mary ChurchStephen H. and Anna CHURCH
Oct. 2, 1847Margaret Ann ArnoldJohn I. and Harriet Eliza ARNOLD
Oct. 3, 1847Jacob D. VanwagonenJohn Andrew and Anna Maria VANWAGONEN
Oct. 6, 1847Eliza Jane DurhamRichard and Elisa DURHAM
Oct. 13, 1847Mary Catharine McAlisterLorrence and Mary MCALISTER
Oct. 15, 1847William Henry DavisGeroge and Cornelia DAVIS
Oct. 15, 1847Lewis AtkinsJames and Hannah ATKINS
Oct. 28, 1847Mary Catharine TilsonJob. and Catharine TILSON
Oct. 29, 1847Eleanor BeachPhineas H. and Martha BEACH
Oct. 31, 1847Elizabeth DuBoisSamuel A. and Magadline DUBOIS
Nov. 5, 1847John CaireyJohn Cairey and Bridget CAIREY
Nov. 14, 1847Stephen BurrMartin Burr and Susan BURR
Nov. 23, 1847James SnyderChristopher and Harriet SNYDER
Nov. 23, 1847William Henry HopperWilliam Jr. and Eve HOPPER
-Alexander J. Seaman, Town Clerk

1848 Rosendale, NY Birth Records

Number of Births in the Town of Rosendale and County of Ulster, New York during the year ending 31st December, 1848.

Dec. 26, 1848-Dewitt DEYO
Dec. 24, 1848Abraham EdwinAndrew Smith and Margaret ARES
The above two names could possibly be for Dec. 1887--
Jan. 13, 1848Maria SnyderJames and Pam SNYDER
Feb. 5, 1848Mary McDonaldJohn and Hannah MCDONALD
Feb. 23, 1848John PietraDuncan and Catharine PIETRA
Feb. 22, 1848John ElizabethAbram and Getty Elizabeth CLEARWATER
Feb. 26, 1848George LawrenceJohn and Elizabeth ROBERSON
Mar. 19, 1848MuriettaPeter C. and Lydia VANWAGENON
Mar. 28, 1848Emma SnyderWm. H. Jr. and Saray SNYDER
Apr. 5, 1848Delai GrahamAlbert and Rachel GRAHAM
Apr. 10, 1848Peter EdmunJohannis C. and Eliza FREER
Apr. 16, 1848Margaret HayesTimothy and July Ann HAYES
Apr. 16, 1848Andrew W. DuboisDanie C. and Ann C. DUBOIS
Apr. 7, 1848David Vandalyn BurrWilliam and Maria BURR
May 1, 1848ElizabethBenjamin AIRES
May 2, 1848James A. CoutantJames A. and Sarah COUTANT
May 5, 1848Charles SnyderSilas and Jane SNYDER
May 8, 1848Orlando DUBOISIllegitimate - Decker Descendants
May 16, 1848Mary GradyJohn and Bridget GRADY
May 15, 1848Joseph Henry ManionThomas and Mary MANION
May 20, 1848Wilson AdolfusIllegitimate
May 21, 1848Amanda ContantJacot and Cornilia COUTANT
May 23, 1848Sarah DavisAbram A. and Jane DAVIS
May 23, 1848William DietzJohn and Jane DIETZ
May 20, 1848Mary EllenCharles and Maria KNOM
May 27, 1848Granville DavisWilliam A. and Eliza A. DAVIS
June 11, 1848Edward Augustus BudingtonEdwin W. and Grace A. BUDINGTON
June 12, 1848Thomas Morris StrongThomas C. and Mary W. STRONG
June 12, 1848Jonathan SchoonmakerJonathan I. and Eliza SCHOONMAKER
June 16, 1848John Henry WurtzJansen and Sarah WURTZ
June 29, 1848Margaret L. HardenburghCharles and Elizabeth HARDENBURGH
July 6, 1848Andrew SchoonmakerFrederick I. and Mary SCHOONMAKER
July 1, 1848Martin SeamanAllexander J. and Margaret Ann SEAMAN
July 12, 1848Marthy Depuy WoolayDavid and Margaret L. WOOLSEY
Aug. 9, 1848Eli and Asa KromHiram and Rebecca Ann KROM
Aug. 14, 1848Ernest Alfanso CarterArlow B. and Orphy CARTER
Aug. 18, 1848Silas KeatorHenry C. and Elizabeth KEATOR
Aug. 18, 1848Mathew LemonianJohn M. and Marthy Jane LEMONIAN
Aug. 18, 1848Hannah Mariall LefeverJoseph S. and Elisa LEFEVER
Aug. 24, 1848Livi RosaAbram and Elizabeth ROSA
Aug. 28, 1848Luther Hoffman LawrenceGeorge and Mary Jane LAWRENCE
Sept. 4, 1848George WetselJohn and Hellen WETZEL
Sept. 1, 1848Silas Snyder SlaterPeter and Elmira KEATER (or SLATER)
Sept. 16, 1848Lewis Cass KromWilliam W. and Rachall C. KROM
Sept. 19, 1848Alfred General Taylor EasslowJohn and Elizabeth Ann EASSLOW
Oct. 1, 1848John HasbrouckJacob L. and Ann HASBROUCK
Oct. 1, 1848Ellen McCartyCharles and July MCCARTY
Oct. 1, 1848Mary F. KeatorJacob M. and Catharine KEATOR
Oct. 6, 1848James CairnyPeter and July CARNY
Oct. 23, 1848James AbramsoThomas and Maria ABRAMS
Nov. 1, 1848John LynchMichael and Julia LYNCH
Nov. 13, 1848Charlotte CoutantWilliam and Lydia COUTANT
Nov. 17, 1848Danile B. FreerAbram A. FREER
Nov. 19, 1848Dennis WareDennis and Oniaford (?) WARE
Nov. 22, 1848Amanda LowWessel and Hannah LOW
Nov. 27, 1848Almira VansteenburghWilliam and Mary Catharine VANSTEENBURGH
Nov. 28, 1848Rachel Ann DeyoChristian J. DEYO
Dec. 2, 1848Elisa Maria PierceJoseph and Mary Ann PIERCE
Dec. 1, 1848Johanna ----Illegitimate
Dec. 10, 1848Abraham DietsAndrew and Julia Ann DIETS
Dec. 25, 1848Sarah Elizabeth McCartyJoseph and Mary MCCARTY
Dec. 29, 1848Lewis DavisCornelius D. and Sally DAVIS
Dec. 30, 1848---- StokesLawrence and Catharine STOKES
--Conelius and Maria BODELY
Chas. Wm. Budington, Town Clerk

James D. Terwilliger, Town Clerk

1849 Rosendale, NY Birth Records

Number of Births in the Town of Rosendale and County of Ulster, New York during the year ending 31st December, 1849.

Jan. 16, 1849Ann McDormottBarnard MCDERMOTT and Margaret
Jan. 26, 1849William RoateChristian ROATE and Amelia
Jan. 28, 1849Luther BodleyLevi BODLEY and Elizabeth
Mar. 12, 1849Benson LeFevreSamuel LEFEVRE and Sarah
Apr. 20, 1849Edwin AbramIra Abram and Phebe Ann ABRAM
Apr. 20, 1849Nicholas GainsboughNicholas GAINSBOUGH and Mariah
June 11, 1849Salvinus CoutantJoseph M. COUTANT and Bethany
June 23, 1849Elias Van NorstandJohn VAN NOSTRAND and Rachel
July 6, 1849John Van NorstandElias VAN NORSTAND and Rachel
July 10, 1849Mary A. TillsonTimothy I. TILLSON and Abigail
July 27, 1849John ShackleyChristian SHACKLY and Frances
Aug. 14, 1849Elzina KeatorJohn D. KEATOR and Catherine
Sept. 11, 1849Adeline DeitsJohn J. DEITS and Lucy
Sept. 15, 1849Abram KromGilbert KROM and Sally
Sept. 23, 1849Peter SlaterWilliam SLATER and Delia
Oct. 20, 1849Phebe J. KromSimon KROM and Cornelia
Nov. 17, 1849Herman CoutantJames A. COUTANT and Sarah
Oct. 30, 1849Simon CoutantJacob COUTANT and Cornelia
Apr. 16, 1849Elmira BurkePeter BURKE and Hannah
July 15, 1849Marcia MeaguireThomas MEAGUIRE and Mary
Sept. 14, 1849Letty C. CraigJohn W. CRAIG and Mary

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