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1847 - 1849 Saugerties, NY Birth Records
Ulster County, New York

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1847 Saugerties, NY Birth Records

Number of Births in the Town of Saugerties and County of Ulster, New York during the year ending 31st December, 1847.

Jan. 2, 1847Silas W. RussellJames and Cathrin RUSSELL
Jan. 4, 1847Salina AnnJessa and Elisa COOK
Jan. 5, 1847Enford KingWilliam and Caroline KING
Jan. 5, 1847David E. ValkDavid S. and Cathrin VALK
Jan. 8, 1847Joseph TeacherSamuel and Margaret TEACHER
Jan. 12, 1847Sally Ann SwartBenjamin and Sally SWART
Jan. 13, 1847Harriet Emily FingarPhilip and Elizabeth FINGAR
Jan. 14, 1847Jeremiah BrinkJohn M. and Sophia BRINK
Jan. 17, 1847Charles H. ValkJohn and Margaret VALK
Jan. 15, 1847Ann Cathrin HommelJeremiah and Christina HOMMEL
Jan. 15, 1847not namedJohn and Mary SICKLER
Jan. 20, 1847Albert WolvenJohn V. and Maryon WOLVEN
Jan. 20, 1847Edmons AckertRobert C. and Rachel ACKERT
Jan. 15, 1847John RileyPatrick and Bridget RILEY
Jan. 22, 1847John FlynJames and Mary FLYN
Jan. 22, 1847no nameHenry and Susan FRANCE
Jan. 22, 1847William KroweWilliam and Cathrin KROWE
Feb. 1, 1847Annah G. LasherAlfred and Elizabeth LASHER
Feb. 4, 1847Theresa AlmstedPeter and Margaret ALMSTED
Feb. 6, 1847Thomas AdamsJohn and Cathrine ADAMS
Feb. 6, 1847Eunace SitzerWilliam W. and Mary SITZER
Feb. 8, 1847Ellen BritonPatrick and Cathrin BRITON
Feb. 10, 1847Edward V. WinansEdward and Ellen WINANS
Feb. 10, 1847Cathrin LinkenburghArnest and Catherin LINKENBURGH
Feb. 11, 1847Hannah CathrinJohn and Eliza MOWER
Feb. 13, 1847Mary Jane ValkenburghJohn and Jane VALKENBURGH
Feb. 15, 1847Sarah S. MaginusWilliam and Mary MAGINUS
Feb. 15, 1847John VanAkenDavid and Leah VANAKEN
Feb. 16, 1847Bridget WierThomas and Bridget WIER
Feb. 17, 1847Ellen Amana PostNelson and Cathrin M. POST
Feb. 18, 1847Cornelius M. LashJonas S. and Ann LASHER
Feb. 18, 1847Patrick FlynnPatrick and Cathrin MITCHEL
Feb. 22, 1847Emma EversWilliam and Elisa EVERS
Feb. 24, 1847John MorrisJohn and Margaret MORRIS
Feb. 25, 1847Lada Murphey ShawRobert and Mary SHAW
Feb. 25, 1847Adelia PlassLewis PLASS and wife
Feb. 27, 1847Martin I. WolvenPeter I. and Sarah Cathrin WOLVEN
Feb. 28, 1847William BlanseyFrancis and Hannah BLANSEY
Mar. 2, 1847John FlynnMicheal and Sarah FLYNN
Mar. 2, 1847Marietta MowerJeremiah and Cathrin MOWER
Mar. 7, 1847Oakley CrawfordSamuel and Susan CRAWFORD
Mar. 9, 1847Nathan H. WhitakerAbram L. and Nelly WHITAKER
Mar. 11, 1847Martha Ann PorterJames and Mary PORTER
Mar. 11, 1847Clara SpelmanSmith and Cornelia SPELMAN
Mar. 14, 1847Edward E. RushJohn and Jane RUSH
Mar. 14, 1847Johannah PostAndrew and Margaret POST
Mar. 15, 1847Mary Cathrin RoosaAndrew V. L. and Eliza Cathrin ROOSA
Mar. 18, 1847Maria CocklinPartick and Ellen COCKLIN
Mar. 18, 1847Margaret Frances SickelsJames and Rebecca SICKELS
Mar. 19, 1847Jane M. AckermanJohn and Christina ACKERMAN
Mar. 22, 1847Ruth Hellen SmithSoloman B. and Orrey B. SMITH
Mar. 23, 1847Jane BirdJames and Jane BIRD
Mar. 25, 1847Benjamin SwartPeter B. and Jane SWART
Mar. 30, 1847Margaret Jane FraysureMicheal and Matilda FRAYSURE
Apr. 1, 1847Grandfield CouchJames B. and Rachel COUCH
Apr. 4, 1847Ellen McCarthyMichael and Mary MCCARTHY
Apr. 6, 1847James ArmstrongAnderson and Ann Eliace ARMSTRONG
Apr. 7, 1847Jane JonesJohn and Henrrietta JONES
Apr. 7, 1847Charles SwartJames and Jane SWART
Apr. 10, 1847Eliza CarcomiePatrick and Bridget CARCOMIC
Apr. 10, 1847Susan JohnsonJames and Orannge JOHNSON
Apr. 11, 1847Charles E. UnderhillElijah -- and Hannah UNDERHILL
Apr. 12, 1847Frederic Roger WellsChristian M. and ---- WELLS
Apr. 12, 1847Anna ClarkMichael and Mary CLARK
Apr. 12, 1847Edward KilduffEdward and Mary WILDUFF
Apr. 16, 1847Lucey Jane WhitakerPeter and Chritina -- WHITAKER
Apr. 18, 1847James MullinPatrick and Mary MUNLLIN (or MINLLEN)
Apr. 19, 1847Wm. H. AllenWm. And Nelly ALLEN
Apr. 23, 1847Ann ColvinAndrew and Julia Ann COLVIN
Apr. 23, 1847Sarah Jane FullerAmos and Mary FULLER
Apr. 24, 1847John FarrellJoseph and Margaret FARRELL
Apr. 26, 1847Albert SnyderEnoch and Charlity SNYDER
Apr. 27, 1847Elizabeth Ann SpenceJohn and Jane SPENCE
Apr. 27, 1847Harlow TeetselJohn R. and Mahala TEETSEL
Apr. 27, 1847William Russell CraftAbram and Idas Ann CRAFT
Apr. 27, 1847George GradyJohn and Mary GRADY
Apr. 28, 1847Peter Mynderse FieroAbram J. and Catherine FIERO
May 2, 1847Emeline GrassfieldJohn and Anna GRASSFIELD
May 7, 1847James Wesley TeetselJames and Christina TEETSEL
May 7, 1847Howard HanmoreJohn and Eleanor HANMORE
May 7, 1847Mary Adeline BigelowEdward and Caroline BIGELOW
May 10, 1847Peter Jacob ColeJacob S. and Rebecca COLE
May 11, 1847Peter M. YoungPeter and Jane M. YOUNG
May 11, 1847Charles O. BraseeWm. H. and Sarah E. BRASEE
May 11, 1847Mary HanniganHenry and Mary HANNIGAN
May 14, 1847Elijah T. BoveeJacob A. and Sophia BOVEE
May 14, 1847Sarah Maxwell HawleyWm. W. and Rosina HAWLEY
May 17, 1847Jane CromenJohn and Ellen CROMEN
May 17, 1847Emily RickwayJohn and Elisa RICKWAY
May 19, 1847John McCluskyArthur and Elizabeth MCCLUSKY
May 19, 1847Martin DevlinJohn and Julia DEVLIN
May 20, 1847Wm. DeWittWm. A. and Amanda BOWEN
May 20, 1847Francis E. FieldJohn and Sally FIELD
May 23, 1847James NewtonChristopher and Margaret FIERO
May 26, 1847Henry McCormickJohn and Bridget MCCORMICK
May 27, 1847Martha MyerHenry P. and Elizabeth MYER
May 27, 1847Mary Adeline WardHarvey and Clarissa WARD
May 30, 1847Augusta DemerestE. Oreville and Ann Maria DEMEREST
June 2, 1847Mortemore TurnerDiah and Emeline TURNER
June 3, 1847Peter MacksGeorge and Leah Catherine MACKS
June 7, 1847Emma MaxwellJames and Elisa Jane MAXWELL
June 8, 1847James DonahuePatrick and Bridget Donahue
June 9, 1847Sulvester BrownJohn and Catherine BROWN
June 9, 1847Malissa WolvenJoel and Christina WOLVEN
June 12, 1847Martha LewisJohn G. and Rebecca LEWIS
June 14, 1847Henry Elliot HaleGeorge and Hannah HALE
June 14, 1847Ann Maira VanKuerenPeter and Rebecca VANKUEREN
June 19, 1847Harmon SchoonmakerSamuel and Alida SCHOONMAKER
June 21, 1847Wm. Henry MyerEdwin and Alida MYER
June 25, 1847Margaret SaleyDene and Bridget SALEY
June 25, 1847Augustus FranknerJohn and Mary FRANKNER
June 27, 1847Mary Elizabeth GilesJames and Margaret GILES
July 4, 1847Rosa McCoyPartick and Ellen MCCOY
July 5, 1847Peter F. B. DowlinJames and Gertrude DOWLIN
July 4, 1847Hellen CaswellZebina and Caroline CASWELL
July --, 1847Ann Leackey (?)Thomas and Mary LACKY (?)
July --, 1847Peter SmithPeter and Rachel SMITH
July 7, 1847John PostWm. and Rachel POST
July 9, 1847Charles A. SwartweutNicholas and Caroline SWARTWOUT
July 15, 1847Elizabeth McCormickFrank MCCORMICK
July 16, 1847Mary Elisa DeWittJohn P. and Margaret MYER
July 17, 1847Margaret SuderlyC. F. and Sarah SUDERLY
July 17, 1847Julise LuskStephen and Augusta LUSK
July 17, 1847Benjamin Myer GillispyJohn I. and Jane GILLISPY
July 18, 1847Levina Catherine SwartHarvey and Ellen R. SWART
July 18, 1847Edward SchamlinEdward and Sarah SCHAMLIN
July 23, 1847Edward R. WhitakerWm. L. and Malaly WHITAKER
July 31, 1847Elias SimpsonEdward and Margaret SIMPSON
Aug. 2, 1847Emaline PersonsSanford and Margaret PERSONS
Aug. 5, 1847Dubois HoovenberghJohn H. and Elisa HOOENBERGH
Aug. 8, 1847Morgan Alfred StallHarvy and Christance STALL
Aug. 8, 1847Elisa PindergrassThomas and Nelly PINDERGRASS
Aug. 8, 1847Simeon P. ThompsonJeremiah TOMPSON
Aug. 9, 1847Mary TompsonJohn and Ruly TOMPSON
Aug. 11, 1847Eugene HaleWm. C. and Nancy F. HALE
Aug. 12, 1847Thomas WhitehouseHenry and Anna WHITEHOUSE
Aug. 13, 1847not namedMark and Susan RUSH
Aug. 14, 1847William BowenRichard and Rachel BOWEN
Aug. 15, 1847Thomas McCoyArthur and Catherine MCCOY
Aug. 15, 1847Mary Jane DuboisPeter and Rhoda DUBOIS
Aug. 15, 1847Elizabeth BlackburnHenry and Emiline BLACKBURN
Aug. 15, 1847no nameCornelius and Elisa VANDYEK
Aug. 17, 1847Robart FeltonCharles and Susan FELTON
Aug. 21, 1847Ann DonahueMartin and Susan DONAHUE
Aug. 21, 1847John W. HommelDavid and Debby HOMMEL
Aug. 23, 1847Melissa WolvenAndrew and Julia WOLVEN
Aug. 24, 1847Sarah M. TeneyckPeter F. B. and Catherine TENEYCK
Aug. 25, 1847John T. SchoonmakerPeter P. and Rachel Jane SCHOONMAKER
Aug. 25, 1847Peter C. ValkBenjamin and Luch VALK
Sept. 1, 1847Michael O'ConnorFrancis and Margaret O'CONNOR
Sept. 2, 1847Joseph HammondCharles and Mary HAMMOND
Sept. 2, 1847Peter W. PelinJoseph and Margaret PELIN
Sept. 3, 1847Elizabeth HOPKINSDavid and Margaret HOPKINS
Sept. 8, 1847Ann E. SchoonmakerTjerck and Elizabeth SCHOONMAKER
Sept. 15, 1847Sarah BassetHenry and Hester BASSET
Sept. 15, 1847no nameAdam and Elisa RUSSELL
Sept. 16, 1847John MitchellThomas and Caroline MITCHELL
Sept. 16, 1847Sarah LavertyRobert and Mary LAVERTY
Sept. 18, 1847Geroge H. MorganWilliam and Sally MORGAN
Sept. 20, 1847Margaret DooleyThomas and Sarah DOOLEY
Sept. 23, 1847Charles A. ColePeter and Serena COAL
Sept. 26, 1847William TitterHenry and Jane TITTER
Sept. 27, 1847Mary CarwrightAbram and Sarah CARNWRIGHT
Oct. 4, 1847Mary Ann CoxJames COX
Oct. 4, 1847William RileyJohn O. RILEY
Oct. 5, 1847Charles ConklinStephen and Elizabeth CONKLIN
Oct. 5, 1847Alonzo CarleGeorge and Catherine CARLE
Oct. 5, 1847Ann O'RoakeEdward and Ann O'ROAKE
Oct. 7, 1847John AdamsJohn and Mary SICHELS
Oct. 7, 1847George A. VromanChristian and Lucretia VROMAN
Oct. 16, 1847Dewitt Clinton HillGeorge and Martha HILL
Oct. 13, 1847Annatta OsterhoudtTjerch L. and Sarah OSTERHOUDT
Oct. 13, 1847Mary Ann CoxJames and Mary COX
Oct. 8, 1847Lydietta RushtonHiram and Patience RUSHTON
Oct. 9, 1847Wm. RowleyJohn and Ann ROWLEY
Oct. 13, 1847Alexander MackRobert and Clarissa MACK
Oct. 17, 1847Dewitt CunyesWm. H. and Pegy CUNYES
Oct. 18, 1847Anna M. PostSamuel and Nelly POST
Oct. 19, 1847Lucy AllardThomas and Emeline ALLARD
Oct. 19, 1847no nameJames and Emeline NEWKIRK
Oct. 21, 1847Samuel CantineSamuel and Julia CANTINE
Oct. 23, 1847Laura Ann SwartHenry S. and Hannah SWART
Oct. 23, 1847Adeline KisselbeckJohn and Cornelia KISSELBECK
Oct. 26, 1847not namedChristopher GANTHER
Oct. 26, 1847no nameLuman SMITH
Oct. 24, 1847no nameHenry and Maria WHITNEY
Nov. 1, 1847no nameEly and Mary A. DUBOIS
Nov. 2, 1847no nameZachariah and Ann C. RANSOM
Nov. 8, 1847Eliza DillonJohn and Elisa DILLON
Nov. 8, 1847Armstrong ConineThomas and Filis CONINE
Nov. 10, 1847James RawertyDaniel RAWERTY
Nov. 11, 1847Carroll P. WhitakerEgbert and Luncinda WHITAKER
Nov. 12, 1847Thomas TunneyJohn and Ellen TUNNEY
Nov. 14, 1847Margaret LasherEli and Jane LASHER
Nov. 15, 1847Cornelius RileyPeter and Ann RILEY
Nov. 16, 1847Catherine B. BattelCornelius and Catherine BATTEL
Nov. 16, 1847Wm. BurtMimson BURT
Nov. 16, 1847no nameJohn and Agnes FISH
Nov. 17, 1847Corah WynansHenry W. and Ester A. WYNANS
Nov. 21, 1847no nameAdam VANAKIN
Nov. 22, 1847Partick ThomasMary HOGEN
Nov. 17, 1847Curtis MyerJosiah and Mariann MYER
Nov. 26, 1847Samuel HughesJohn and Elizabeth HUGHES
Nov. 30, 1847David H. WhitakerHenry and Hester WHITAKER
Dec. 1, 1847Sarah McBlameWm. and Catherine MCBLAME
Dec. 12, 1847no nameJohn and Christina SIMMONS
Dec. 12, 1847no nameC. P. and Loisa BRINK
Dec. 13, 1847no nameLyman and Elizabeth SCRIBNER
Dec. 15, 1847John H. VedderJohn and Mary VEDDER
Dec. 17, 1847Thomas CarleWm. and Mary CARLE
Dec. 17, 1847George T. WilliamsGeorge and Elsa WILLIAMS
Dec. 19, 1847Margaret Van AkinMargaret VAN AKIN
Dec. 21, 1847Rachel A. GayJoseph G. and Jullith GAY
Dec. 28, 1847no nameJames and Sally M. PINE
Dec. 30, 1847Egbert PostAbram E. and Frances POST

C. N. HUMMEL, Town Clerk

1848 Saugerties, NY Birth Records

Number of Births in the Town of Saugerties and County of Ulster, New York during the year ending 31st December, 1848.

Jan. 7, 1848Emma DerbyCharles DERBY and C. DERBY
Jan. 7, 1848Elizabeth RussellPetter RUSSELL and Saray RUSSELL
Jan. 8, 1848Wm. HannahWm. and Nancy HANNAH
Jan. 11, 1848GeorgeHenry L. FIERO and L. FIERO
Jan. 16, 1848James H. WhitikerJames and Jane M. WHITIKER
Jan. 20, 1848Sarah E. GlennonEdward and Sarah GLENNON
Jan. 30, 1848JosephineIllegitimate
Jan. --, 1848Nelson W.Nelson MYER and Ellen CARTER
Feb. 1, 1848Wm. I. AdamsWm. and Mary ADAMS
Feb. 2, 1848LauraHenry and Mariah WILLIAMS
Feb. 7, 1848Henry WynkopTjerck SCHOONMAKER and Sarah DEWITT
Feb. 10, 1848Mary ElizabethPeter B. and Sarah M. CATERHOUDT
Feb. 11, 1848Annaetta ElizabethEgbert and Masish VOSBURGH
Feb. 15, 1848Eliza CatherineGeorge and Delai WATERS
Feb. 17, 1848John McWainPatrick and Elizabeth MCWAIN
Feb. 26, 1848JuliaMichael and Eliza LAWLER
Feb. 28, 1848Ephrino MyerCornelius LEGG and Rachel I. MYER
Feb. 29, 1848John H. WolvinMenassa and Hannah WOLVIN
Mar. 1, 1848John StevensFrederick and Mary STEVINS
Mar. 4, 1848Ransom FingerPhilip and Elizabeth FINGER
Mar. 8, 1848MartinLuke KENNEY and Mary KENNEY
Mar. 8, 1848HowardBenjamin and Mary Ann OSTERHOUDT
Mar. 15, 1848George W. MillerJohn F. and Sarah MILLER
Mar. 17, 1848Francis H. DeckerJohn and Delia DECKER
Mar. 17, 1848Rachel MyerBenjamin and Mary L. MYER
Mar. 23, 1848Charles MiltonLewis EGNOR and Mary EGNOR
Mar. 25, 1848James ShehanJeremiah SHEHAN and Marget SHEHAN
Mar. 28, 1848Cornelius GardinerCornelius and Fibethy GARDINER
Mar. 29, 1848George KnorrGeorge and Cath KNORR
Apr. 1, 1848Ann LavinaJosiah MINKLER
Apr. 6, 1848Sarah E. VanVoorisBenjamin and Sarah VANVOORES
Apr. 8, 1848Ann FlaniganRobert and Bridget CARR
Apr. 10, 1848Justin BrainardI. W. SHALER and Margaret BRAINARD
Apr. 11, 1848Margaret FlarielWm. FRIEL and Friballa ARIEL (?)
Apr. 11, 1848James WalterPeter and Mariah TEETSELL
Apr. 12, 1848RosannahBarny (?) and Bridget DOYLE
Apr. 13, 1848-Wm. S. WHITIKER and Mariah WHITIKER
Apr. 10, 1848WilliamValentine and Elenor MILLER
Apr. 10, 1848Clarissa AnnGeorge VEDDER and Dolly HOMMEL
Apr. 16, 1848CharlottHugh and Margaret SMITH
Apr. 19, 1848Wm. HenryDavid M. and Sally COLE
Apr. 20, 1848CharlesPeter and Elizabeth RIGHTMYER
Apr. 22, 1848Wm. Henry EglestonMajor (?) and Matilda EGLESTON
Apr. 27, 1848ChristinaCornelius LONGADYKE and Jane DUMONT
Apr. 28, 1848Wm. HenryMartin and Ida Cath RELTA
Apr. 29, 1848Sloaterman (?)John and Mania (?) G. SLOATERMAN (?)
May 3, 1848HarrietL. and Adeline VAN VALKENBGH (?)
May 9, 1848Cath ElizabethDaniel and Rachel FRIESE (?)
May 10, 1848Allen H. MyerJacob F. and Lucretia MYER
May 11, 1848RichardAndrew and Margaret MYER
May 11, 1848Hugh JacksonMartin and Christin JACKSON
May 12, 1848RachelLemuel CUNYES (?) and Jane Cath DEWITT
May 14, 1848Michel AustinMichel and Margaret AUSTIN
May 14, 1848StephenJohn B. and Nelly WHITIKER
May 15, 1848Charles E. BrinkAndrew I. and Elizabeth BRINK
May 15, 1848Claron WynkoopHezekiah and Julia WYNKOOP
May 16, 1848May AugustusJacob A. and Ann M. ZEETSELL (?)
May 17, 1848John McLeashWm. MCLEAH and Cath MCLEAH
May 20, 1848Pursilla CathBenjamin RILES and Johannah E. LONGENIYKE (?)
May 23, 1848Wm. -- CooperBenjamin COOK and Susan COOK
May 29, 1848Frances E. DeckerEdward E. and Mary DECKER
May --, 1848Mary (or May)John SCHUTT and Eliza SNYDER
May --, 1848MaryHerry Vedde and Delia MYER
June 1, 1848Mary J. SmithJoseph and Mary SMITH
June 1, 1848HenriettaHenry and Susan PLOUGH
June 1, 1848Margaret McLanglinBarry McLANGLIN and Eliza MCLANGLIN
June 3, 1848HughHugh LUNN and Cath LUNN (or LUMM?)
June 4, 1848Amos DeckerIsaac and Rachel DECKER
June 5, 1848Miss WillsonDrake and Lida WILLSON
June 6, 1848Emily SnyderWm. I. and Sarah SNYDER
June 10, 1848David IrwinHenry and Sarah ABIEL
June 11, 1848George W. SicklerGilbert and Margaret SICKLER
June 17, 1848MargaretJames and Bridget LEWERY (?)
June 18, 1848Isaac VanGosbeckLeonard and Dina VANGOSBECK
June 20, 1848Daniel MurphyJames and Margaret MURPHY
June 20, 1848CyrusBenjamin E. OSTERHOUDT and Jane E. DUBOIS
June 24, 1848C. P. PostWm. and Sarah E. POST
June 27, 1848Heerdon E. JacobsAntony and Mary L. LARVER (or JARVER)
June 27, 1848Leonard McGeeJacob and Sally Ann MCGEE
June --, 1848Siman WesleyJacob I. SMITH and Eliza Valk ---
July 4, 1848DanielAbraham LOW and Margaret LOW
July 5, 1848Libbie C. HyserEdward and Emily F. HYSER
July 5, 1848Marritta CampbellDaniel and Mary Ann CAMPBELL
July 6, 1848James WashingtonReuben and Jane COLE
July 14, 1848Herman WilliamPeter F. and Phebe I. DUBOIS
July 15, 1848Miss PostWm. and Rachel POST
July 15, 1848-Henry TEAL and Ann TEAL
July 21, 1848Margaret McLanglinWm. and Mary McLanglin
July 22, 1848John H. LasherEli and Cleary LASHER
July 25, 1848MichalPeter and Bridget FILBURN
July 27, 1848Mariah HornbeckChristopher and Elida HORNBECK
July 31, 1848EdwinEdwin and Ann L. KNIGHT
July --, 1848Wm.Wm. Carrisan and Ann C. MINKLER
Aug. 2, 1848Matilda StewardChancey and Matilda STEWARD
Aug. 5, 1848Margaret E. BrinkWm. M. and Ann Y. BRINK
Aug. 11, 1848MerchantPatrick and Mary BOODY
Aug. 12, 1848Elida DilancyEdward and Saray DELANCY (or DILANCY)
Aug. 12, 1848Edgar LasherEdward LASHER and Almira SMITH
Aug. 13, 1848AmandayJoel and Janet RIGHTMYER
Aug. 15, 1848WilliamWilliam and Mary Ann ALEXANDER
Aug. 18, 1848George W.Wm. and Matilda PATTERSON
Aug. 18, 1848Mary GlennonJohn and Lucy GLENNON
Aug. 20, 1848MaryPeter and Margaret BRADY
Aug. 25, 1848Wm. H. SimmansJohn S. and Julia SIMMANS
Aug. 25, 1848Andrew OscarAaren and Emma NEWKIRK
Aug. 25, 1848MargaretAbraham and Mary BAND
Aug. 26, 1848AlliceHenry FIERO and Mary Ann FIERO
Aug. 27, 1848DavidLemuel and Jane Catherine LASHER
Aug. 29, 1848Sarah FrancisPhilip and Hellen BURHANS
Aug. 29, 1848Benjamin C.Peter L. RUSSELL and Harriet RUSSELL
Sept. 1, 1848Benjamin SheridanJoseph and Gitty M. TEETSELL
Sept. 8, 1848-D. P. and Lavina MILLER
Sept. 11, 1848Anna MariahLevi and Christine HOMMEL
Sept. 11, 1848Allice K. MooryGeorge and Rachel MOORY
Sept. 12, 1848Mary FieroMichael and Eliza FIERO
Sept. 12, 1848Marian CantineRufus and Sarah CANTINE
Sept. 15, 1848Eliza CatherineGeorge and Adeline WATERS
Sept. 15, 1848Margaret A. FrailighSoloman H. and Gertruie FRAILIGH
Sept. 17, 1848Christopher JamesJames and Phebe JAMES
Sept. 17, 1848Ephraim-- B. and Emily HOUGHTALY
Sept. 18, 1848Julia I. DuniganMichael and Margaret DUNIGAN
Sept. 18, 1848Aribella EdwardsThomas and Rachel EDWARDS
Sept. 19, 1848Mary O'ConnerPhilip and Margaret O'CONNOR
Sept. 21, 1848Mortimer PostAndrew and Margaret POST
Sept. 23, 1848-A.V.L. ROOSA and Elizabeth C. ROOSA
Sept. 27, 1848Reuben BurnettAlbert and Catherin BURNETT
Sept. 20, 1848Mary O. DilanorCharles and Catherin DILANOR
Sept. 21, 1848Adeline MinerEdward and Mary H. MINOR
Oct. 1, 1848JohnMathew CARROLL and Margaret CARROLL
Oct. 6, 1848-Benjamin and Sally SWART
Oct. 6, 1848AlexanderJames DOWLY and Gertrude LASHER
Oct. 6, 1848Mary EllenHenry and Elizabeth FRAILEIGH
Oct. 7, 1848James DeaderickJames and Magdalin DEADERICK
Oct. 10, 1848---- OsterhoudtPhilip and Cath OSTERHOUDT
Oct. 13, 1848JohnJames IGE and Hannah IGE
Oct. 14, 1848SaurcesDavid and Elizabeth SAURLES
Oct. 17, 1848-John E. and Almira LASHER
Oct. 18, 1848SaldonMartin and Susan SPENCER
Oct. 18, 1848Edmund C.David and Margaret HANNAH
Oct. 18, 1848George SwartSanday and Mary SWART
Oct. 23, 1848Mary L. MyerSiman P. and Christiana M. MYER
Oct. 23, 1848Martha JanePeter H. and Margaret Myer FRIELIGH
Oct. 25, 1848-Wm. P. and Sarah LEWIS
Oct. 26, 1848-Jacob and Sophia BAZEE
Oct. 26, 1848-Brainard and Ellen B. CONLEY
Oct. 28, 1848Sarah DewinThomas and Margaret DEWIN
Oct. 28, 1848-Benjamin and Ann Cath MYER
Oct. 29, 1848MaryWm. and Mary BAILEY
Oct. 30, 1848-Wm. and Manda TAYLOR
Oct. 31, 1848-Jonas and Elizabeth GREY
Nov. 2, 1848MaryHenry W. and Ann BACKUS
Nov. 2, 1848Sarah AmelaiHenry and Julia DAVIS
Nov. 4, 1848Silas BrinkZeehariah and Maria BRINK
Nov. 5, 1848Cornelia AnnAlva and Sarah Cath CLARK
Nov. 7, 1848-Giles and Jane CANTINE
Nov. 7, 1848-Wm. and Caroline WINNE
Nov. 8, 1848Eliza AnnLeonard and Christine MOWER
Nov. 14, 1848Thomas LackeyJames and Mrs. LACKEY
Nov. 16, 1848Mary SilverGeorge W. and Eliza SILVER
Nov. 17, 1848CatherinePatrick and Catherine DUFFY
Nov. 18, 1848EvelineJohn and Margaret RANSOM
Nov. 23, 1848Margaret FletcherC. FLETCHER and Margaret FLETCHER
Nov. 19, 1848CoonSamm C. COON and Julia N. COON
Nov. 23, 1848Charles E. WolvinAndrew E. and Eliza C. WOLVIN
Nov. 20, 1848James Wm. DeaderickWm. M. and Nelly DEADERICK
Nov. 25, 1848Jane CatherineDavid and Meland SNYDER
Nov. 26, 1848John Teach---?Samuel and Margaret TEACH--?
Nov. 26, 1848Marida ClineFrederick CLINE and Sophia CLINE
Nov. 28, 1848Alfred HorenAlfred HOREN and Mary Ann HOREN
Nov. 28, 1848JohnJames and Eliza LOATHER
Dec. 2, 1848-John D. and Rachel MOWER
Dec. 4, 1848Merrit DuanePeter J. and Margaret WHITIKER
Dec. 2, 1848HoatermanHenry and Elir HOATERMAN
Dec. 5, 1848-Wm. and Peggy OVERBAGH
Dec. 9, 1848-Henry and Hellen BAZES (?)
Dec. 10, 1848-John HENRY and Julia Ann WOLVEN
Dec. 10, 1848-Moses and Ann FRALIGH
Dec. 10, 1848ElizabethJohn B. and Cath PALMER
Dec. 10, 1848ClermantAry KING and Martha KING
Dec. 18, 1848-Peter B. and Mary Ann HAMMEL
Dec. 23, 1848-Zechariah B. and Ann Cath RANSOM
Dec. 22, 1848Robert C. AckertRobert C. and Rachel ACKART
Dec. 24, 1848ThomasMichel and Bridget MALONE
Dec. 25, 1848ThomasThomas and Ann FANNERY
Dec. 30, 1848WelcomeWelcome and Persilla BUSH
Dec. 29, 1848Dennis DunnDennis and Bridget A. DUNN

Peter A. SCHOONMAKER, Town Clerk

Names of births in Saugerties School District No. 8 for year of 1848

(these were among the Saugerties Records)

Number of Births in the Town of Saugerties and County of Ulster, New York during the year ending 31st December, 1848.

Jan. 7, 1849Rufus CrandleEli CRANDLE
Jan. 8, 1849Belinda HoffJohn and Belinda HOFF
Jan. 9, 1849Alonzo PultzWilliam and Sophia PULTZ
Jan. 14, 1849Herman TerpenningBenj. and Jane ? TERPENNING
Jan. 17, 1849Missoura CoonAugustus and Catherine COON
Jan. 27, 1849Horace CrumbJonas and Sarah CRUMB
Feb. 2, 1849Allen McCormickFrancis MCCORMICK
Feb. 7, 1849James HenryIlligitimate
Feb. 14, 1849MaryAnthony and Abigail DILMORE ?
Feb. 19, 1849JamesMartin and Helen MIDDOCK
Feb. 23, 1849William ProsperWilliam G. and Hannah C. HAWLEY
Feb. 25, 1849Charles HenryMiss Anna Catherine BRINK
Mar. 4, 1849Helen NewtonJames and Mary NEWTON
Mar. 9, 1849Mary NahanDaniel and Margaret NAHAN
Mar. 11, 1849ElizabethJames and Rebecca SICKLES
Mar. 11, 1849William HenryJacob and Ann LEWIS
Mar. 11, 1849Sarah JaneWilliam and R____? HAWLEY
Mar. 11, 1849Sarah CatherineSawny ? And Sally WHITTIKER
Mar. 11, 1849CharlesWilliam and Rachel GRIFFITH
Mar. 12, 1849JohnJohn and Mariah MANNING
Mar. 22, 1849MarcyDaniel RAFTRE
Mar. 21, 1849-Tunnon SMITH
Mar. 24, 1849SarahPhillip and Elizabeth PULTZ
Mar. 27, 1849ThomasPatrick and Bridget DUNNAHAN
Mar. 27, 1849MartinJohn and Ellen PHILLIPS
Mar. 28, 1849Henry NewellCornelia and Eliza Catherine VANDYCK
Mar. 29, 1849Rebecca AllenTjerck SNYDER
Mar. 29, 1849FardesFrancis and Sarah SUDDERLY
Mar. 30, 1849Ellen M.Benj. and Mary ARTMAN
Mar. 31, 1849William LewisJacob and Fanny RUSSEL
Apr. 1, 1849TrumenJacob and Rachel Ann SHEFFER
Apr. 3, 1849EdwardPeter and Amelia DOWNE
Apr. 15, 1849Mary AnnWilliam LYNCH
Apr. 20, 1849OpheliaAlva and Sarah FRITTS
Apr. 21, 1849Mary C.Wm. and Mary H. SITZER
Apr. 21, 1849James HenryIra and Mary Ann SNYDER
Apr. 22, 1849Peter BenjaminStephen and Margaret MYER
Apr. 22, 1849DanielLevi and Amelia YORK
Apr. 23, 1849John AbrahamHenry and Cornelia LONGENDYKE
Apr. 26, 1849WilliamPeter and Jane CRAFT
May 1, 1849ElizabethPeter K. and Sarah MYER
May 1, 1849-Michael BOLESTY
May 1, 1849LucindaWilliam and Jane WINCHESTER
May 2, 1849AranoHenry and Catherine FRELEIGH
May 2, 1849Mary EllenSamuel and Susan OBRYENE
May 7, 1849William CourtlandHenry and Elizabeth MYER
May 11, 1849Mary SackeyThomas and Mary SACKEY
May 7, 1849Martha ChristinaJesse and Nelly E. COOK
May 3, 1849Albert BurtonDaniel and Catherine BURTON
May 10, 1849JaneJohn and Margaret KNOX
May 14, 1849ThomasJohn and Bridget MCCORMICK
May 15, 1849David R.Peter and Flora WEST
May 15, 1849BridgetJohn and Mary GRIM
May 17, 1849JamesOwen and Betty TULLY
May 19, 1849ThomasAndrew and Jane GRIFFITH
May 21, 1849JonathanJoshua and Lilly HAGUE
May 28, 1849Margaret AmandaSebastian and Catherine BRINK
June 1, 1849JohnAndrew and Anna E. ARMSTRONG
June 2, 1849ThomasDavid and Elizabeth COLLINS
June 4, 1849MaryMartin and Ann DEVONY
June 9, 1849George A.Edmund and Elizabeth Ann CAPER
June 9, 1849HenryWilliam and Elena VANBUSKIRK
June 9, 1849William H.William E. and Ann E. BARBER
June 10, 1849LucindaHenry and Manciea NAVE
June 11, 1849JohnJames and Ellen JOHNSON
June 14, 1849Mary JaneHugh MCCAY
June 16, 1849Sarah SHERISAAbraham F. and Mary Ann CALKINS
June 17, 1849JohnDaniel and Eliza MEE
June 17, 1849Margaret MariahHenry E. and Caroline SNYDER
June 18, 1849WilliamJames and Charlotte SWART
June 20, 1849EleaChany and Catherine SWART
June 22, 1849AnnaJohn and Catherine RUST (RUSH?)
June 29, 1849WilliamJohn and Catherine DEADERICK
June 29, 1849Mary CatherinePatrick and Bridget BRADY
June 30, 1849AnnJohn and Mary BRADY
July 1, 1849Luther L.Nathan and Hellen KELLOGG
July 2, 1849MaryHoward FIERO
July 5, 1849BridgetPat and Mary CALKINS
July 8, 1849MaryThomas and Ann BYRON
July 9, 1849JohnWilliam and Catherine TURNER
July 12, 1849HenryDaniel and Hannah STRANAHAN
July 12, 1849Mary EllenBenjamin and Catherine HEWMER
July 12, 1849Cornelius EdwardWalter and Mariah COOK
July 15, 1849Peter JewettWilliam and Mahala VANDERBOGART
July 16, 1849NaomiLewis and Mary Ann EYGNOR
July 16, 1849Sarah ElizabethI. Y. and Christiana HOMMEL
July 17, 1849William FranklandPhile and Selena Ann SNYDER
July 18, 1849Charles EdwinPeter and Ann SAYMAN
July 19, 1849Mary ElizabethJesse and Catherine ROOSA
July 24, 1849Daniel LeonardJosiah and Mary LEONARD
July 22, 1849JemittaAbraham and Margaret MINKLER
July 23, 1849CatherineJohn and Margaret MORRIS
July 24, 1849FranklandFrances and Sarah KEYLEMAN
July 25, 1849Rosetta JaneE.D. and Rachel C. JONES
July 27, 1849Margaret E.Elton and Elizabeth WILSON
July 28, 1849Hannah C.Abraham and Rachel WINY
July 28, 1849CharlesWilliam and Leah REYHTMYER
Aug. 5, 1849ElizabethLyman and Elizabeth SCRIBNER
Aug. 5, 1849MahalaCollye S. CATELLO
Aug. 8, 1849AnnBenjamin and Lavina SNYDER
Aug. 8, 1849MichaelBernard and Bridget FLANIGAN
Aug. 12, 1849AnnPatrick REAKS
Aug. 15, 1849JuliaPeter and Mary EVERT
Aug. 20, 1849-James and Ann ENNIS
Aug. 22, 1849ElizabethRichard AUSTIN
Aug. 26, 1849AvarettaWilliam and Adelia BEAR
Aug. 31, 1849Susan MariahA.N. and Nancy M. CASTLE
Aug. 31, 1849EdwardEdward and Maria SIMPSON
Aug. 31, 1849AbijetJames and Abijet NOON
Sept. 7, 1849MargaretAbsolum and Sophia CARNWRIGHT
Sept. 11, 1849Lucy M.Henry and Maria DICK
Sept. 15, 1849JohnJohn and May GUSLIN
Sept. 26, 1849EdwardCornelius P. and Louisa BRINK
Sept. 30, 1849EdwardDavid and Margaret MORGAN
Oct. 1, 1849Charles A.John and Lucinda GRASFIELD
Oct. 5, 1849CatherinePeter and Catherine RECK
Oct. 9, 1849ElizabethJames and Elizabeth MURPHY
Oct. 11, 1849Mary Ann and SolomonSamuel and Manee SNYDER
Oct. 11, 1849-Lucas and Mariah POST
Oct. 13, 1849-S.A. and Sarah STEWART
Oct. 14, 1849ThomasJoh and Bridget MCCORMICK
Oct. 16, 1849James EdgarStephen and Sally FISHER
Oct. 16, 1849KavanKavan and Catherine HARVEY
Oct. 20, 1849MargaretJohn and May LYNCH
Oct. 24, 1849AlexanderDavid and Margaret E. FRANCE
Nov. 1, 1849AnnJohn and Bridget ROE
Nov. 3, 1849MaryPatrick and Catherine GORMAN
Nov. 4, 1849Sarah ElizabethElijah and Mary Ann DAVIS
Nov. 5, 1849-Nelson and Sarah C. BURHANS
Nov. 5, 1849-James W_LLIS
Nov. 8, 1849LucyPeter and Sarah C. SHULTIS
Nov. 10, 1849LucindaMorgan H. and Mariah C. FINGER
Nov. 13, 1849-William H. and Margaret GUNGER
Nov. 15, 1849JosephineJohn E. and Julia DUMOND
Nov. 15, 1849William H.William and Catherine BAMBER
Nov. 14, 1849WilliamThomas and May BACKEY (?)
Nov. 14, 1849-Andrew CALVIN
Nov. 19, 1849EllenDennis and Catherine CROWLEY
Nov. 27, 1849-John I. CARLE
Nov. 29, 1849SarahEdward and Hellen M. WINONS
Dec. 1, 1849CharlesLawrence and Alena JUDSON
Dec. 11, 1849-Valentine and Eleanor (?) MILLER
Dec. 15, 1849Orvill W.George A. and Margaret HENN (?)
Dec. 19, 1849ElizabethJacob P. and Lucretia MYERS
Dec. 20, 1849-Samuel and Rebecca CURTIS
Dec. 22, 1849-John and Eygnes (?) FISHER
Dec. 25, 1849Emma ElizabethJohn and Sarah MAXWELL
Dec. 27, 1849-Lowis PLESS

Henry L. FINGER, Town Clerk, Jan. 28, 1850

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