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Copied by: Lynn Tooley

1832 - 1852
Marriage Records
Ira Hand, Justice of Peace
Town of New Lebanon
Columbia County, New York

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Marriages in the Town of New Lebanon, Columbia County, New York for the years 1832 - 1852.

1832 Marriages
Jan. 20	Greenman, Rusel D. of Stephenson, N.Y.
	to Miner, Lydia of Tyringham, Mass.

Jan. 28 VanVleck, James H. of Dalton, Mass.
	to Haskin, Mary M. of Washington, Mass.

Feb. 7	Murphey, Timothy of Mansfield, Conn.
	to Priscilla DeForest of Lee, Mass.

Feb. 9	Leonard, George of Roxbury, Mass.
	to Mahan, Lucy of Dalton, Mass.

Feb. 14	Jones, David W.T. of Buckland, Mass.
	to Trumbell, Thankful E. of Washington, Mass.

Mar. 5	Strong, Horace E. to Clapp, Sybbella both of
	South Hampton, County Hampshire, Mass.

Apr. 28	Bisel, Israel of Hinsdale, Mass.

May 14	Luce, David of Hancock, Mass. to
	Bell, Mary Ann of Pittsfield, Mass.

June 7	Brown, James, Jr. of Blandford, Mass. to
	Waterman, Emeline of Russel, County Hampden, Mass.

July 15	Sweet, Russell of Stephentown, N.Y. to
	Waterman, Polly of Stephentown, N.Y.

July 24	Collier, William to Hathaway, Rebecca
	both of Chesterfield, Mass.

July 28	Bracket, Paschal of Middlefield, Mass.
	to Haskin, Betsey of Hinsdale, Mass.

July 30	Niles, John E. to Adams, Teresa
	both of Worthington, Mass.

Sept. 6	Fields, John of Old Stockbridge, Mass.
	to Sweet, Ann of Barrington, Mass.

Sept.13	Cook, Daniel to Judd, Alsina both of Lenox, Mass.

Sept.18	Stevens, Moza of Lenox, Mass.
	to Brown, Sophia of Old Stockbridge, Mass.

Sept.19	Root, Elihu D. to Todd, Lucy both of Northampton

Sept.28	Peck, Levi of Pownal, Vt.
	to Flower, Aurelia of Adams, Mass.

Sept.29	Reed, Henry of Nassau, N.Y.
	to Thompson, Laura C. of New Lebanon, N.Y.

Oct. 7	Isham, Lemuel, Jr. of Pittsfield, Mass.
	to Orcutt, Wealthy Orcutt of Goshen, Mass.

Oct. 10	Barker, George W. of Pittsfield, Mass.
	to Thayer, Cordelia of Hinsdale, Mass.

Oct. 17	Sprague, Ira, Jr. to Hall, Elizabeth S. both of Pittsfield

Oct. 23	Cresa, John to Weller, Catherine both
	of New Lebanon, N.Y.

Nov. 6	Washburn, Seymour to Roberts, Juliet both
	of Williamstown, Mass.

Nov. 11	Roth, William of Worthington, Mass.
	to Loveland, Amanda of Washington, Mass.

Nov. 24	Benjamin, Samuel, Jr. to Axdell, Harriet
	both of Adams, Mass.

Dec. 16	Roberson, Robert to Hamilton, Elisa
	both of Pittsfield, Mass.

1833 Marriages
Feb. 16	Foster, Moses to Danforth, Lorinda
	both of Pittsfield, Mass.

Feb. 17	Kelson, Paul of Lenox, Mass.
	to Hambleton of Pittsfield, Mass.

Feb. 21	May, Jasper to Tourjie, Sally both of Washington, Mass.

Feb. 28	Hall, John of Lenox, Mass.
	to Holmes, Sylvia of Old Stockbridge, Mass.

Mar. 15	Bisel, Benjamin Pierce to Lee, May W.
	both of Chesterfield, Mass.

Apr. 14	Swart, David to Clark, Mahittable
	both of Pittsfield, Mass.

Apr. 29	Otis, Shuball to Butts, Trena
	both of Dalton, Mass.

Apr. 30	Holmes, Rufus E. to Leonard, Cynthia
	both of Worthington, Mass.

May 22	Waters, Henry of Colchester, Conn.
	to Bailey, Phoebe of Pittsfield, Mass.

May 23	Oakley, Elbridge G. to Tinney, Urania
	both of Pittsfield, Mass.

May 23	Sears, Ansel to Corkins, Elizabeth
	both of Springfield, Mass.

May 26	McCowth, Daniel F. to Northup, Julia
	both of Cheshire, Mass.

July 4	Butler, Hiram of Washington, Mass.
	to Leonard, Rhoda of Old Stockbridge, Mass.

July 6	Osborn, James H. to Ladwin, Rebecca
	both of Pittsfield, Mass.

July 14 Thayer, Lyman of Plainfield, Mass.
	to Smith, Mary of Lamesborough, Mass.

July 25	Bevens, Anthony of Salisbury, Conn.
	to Fuller, Harriet E. of Washington, Mass.

Aug. 25	Miner, Giles R. of Old Stockbridge, Mass.
	to Holenbeck, Luzetta Avalin of Egremont, Mass.

Sept. 1	Huleth, Theodore B. to Bailey, Mary Amelia
	both of Pittsfield, Mass.

Sept. 1	Tucker, Thomas Jefferson of Pittsfield, Mass.
	to Morris, Jane of Lenox, Mass.

Sept. 8	Hyde, William W. to Ferry, Louisa
	both of Stockbridge, Mass.

Sept.12	Fletcher, Merrick of Springfield, Mass.
	to Grant, Henrietta of Pittsfield, Mass.

Sept.12	Perry, Datus E. to Jadwin, Hannah
	both of Pittstown, Mass.

Sept.15	Jinks, Jesse A. of Cheshire, Mass.
	to Smith, Ann Eliza of Norway, Herkimer C., N.Y.

Sept.15	Thompson, Franklin to Henrietta odell
	both of Stephentown, N.Y.

Sept.17	Whitney, Albert A. of Pittsfield, Mass.
	to Brown, Mary Jewett of Cheshire, Mass.

Sept.21	Nichols, Rufus to Maryette Witt
	both of North Adams, Mass.

Sept.26	Barnaby, Adin of Middlefield, Mass.
	to Drake, Martha of Chesterfield, Mass.

Sept.29	Brown, William to Testimony Hewen
	both of Pittsford, Mass.

Oct. 3	Hewitt, Rufus of Barrington, Mass.
	to Hinkley, Sally of Meredith, Delaware Co., N.Y.

Oct. 9	Williams, Samuel to Harriet Lewis
	both of Lenox, Mass.

Oct. 16	Morey, Harvey to French, Mahala voth of Westfield, Mass.

Oct. 20	Kittle, Philip to Orpha Alderman
	both of Stephentown, N.Y.

Oct. 24	Lindsey, Daniel(Maybe cross out) S. to Perry, Mary both of Pittsfield

Nov. 3	Daniel	Just the word Daniel on this line

Oct. 24	Loomis, Daniel of Rochester, N.Y.
	to Bradley, Eunice J. of Lanesborough, Mass.

Nov. 3	Lindsey, Daniel S. to Mary Perry both of Pittsfield

Nov. 5	Peters, David to Caroline Annons both of Pittsfield

Nov. 14	Tincker, Isaac P. of Westfield, Mass.
	to Hamilton, Sally of same County

Nov. 16	Dudley, Stephen to Salome Collins
	both of Tyringham, Mass.

Nov. 28	Aldridge to Sarah Bailey both of Pittsfield

Dec. 3 Thomas, Henry of Richmond, Mass.
	to Smith, Mary of Pittsfield, Mass.

Dec. 12	Johnson, Marshall of Becket, Mass.
	to Howland, Susan of Lee, Mass.

1834 Marriages
Jan. 9	Gray, Thomas to Miranda Sibley both or Richmond, Mass.
	both of Richmond, Mass.

Feb. 4	King, Stephen to Orisa Kemball Voth of Amherst, Mass.

Feb. 5	Knapp, Munroe to Lois Horton both of New Lebanon, N.Y.

Apr. 13	Burbank, Abraham to Julia Brown, both of Pittsfield

Apr. 13	Platt, Anson B. to Harriet Williams both of Pittsfield

May 1	Pratt, George to Catherine Alden both of North Adams

May 5	Platt, George W. to Eliza Carrington both of Pittsfield

June 1	Schofield, John of Winsted, Conn.
	to Thayer, Abigail of Hinsdale, Mass.

June 8	Parmer, Platt of Stephentown, N.Y.
	to -------------- Carpenter of New Lebanon, N.Y.

Aug. 10	Stewart, Johiel of Lanesborough, Mass.
	to Whittecur, Annis of Hancock, Mass.

Aug. 10	Tolcott, Albert to Rhoda Daniels
	both of Lanesborough, Mass.

Aug. 10	Petsinger, John of Westhampton, Mass.
	to Wolcott, Prispah of Chesterfield, Mass.

Sept.24	Woodward, Porter of Nassau, N.Y.
	to Watson, Zylphi C. of Canaan, N.Y.

Oct. 6	Gurdam, Peter to Caroline Lauders
	both of Tyringham, Mass.

Oct. 3	Thomas, Abram of Schodack, N.Y.
	to Quick, Hannah of Lee, Mass.

Nov. 12	Mack, William of Hinsdale, Mass.
	to Watkins, Maria of Peru, Mass.

Nov. 13	Williams, John of Stockbridge, Mass.
	to Dunbar, Maryan of West Stockbridge, Mass.

Dec. 8	Gibson, Minor to Mary Rust both of Chester, Mass.

Dec. 11	Talcott, Alanson to Elizabeth Goodrich
	both of Pittsfield, Mass.

Dec. 31	Calkings, Ebenezer of Tyringham, Mass.
	to Stevens, Mahittable of Lee, Mass.

1835 Marriages
Feb. 24	Brown, Isaac of Pittsfield of Williamstown, Mass.
	to Roberts, Elissa of Williamstown, Mass.

Mar	Gear, William T. of Pittsfield, Mass.
	to Weller, Dolly Ann of Westfield, Mass.

May 25	Hatch, Norris W. to Lucy Butley
	both of Richmond, Mass.

June 7	Campbell, Harry or Cammel of Canaan, N.Y. to
	to Hill, Polly of New Lebanon, N.Y.

June 12	Reynolds, William to Sary Ann Safford
	both of Troy, N.Y.

June 24	Brooks, Crod to Ann Maria Austin both of Pittsfield

July 4	Hall, Washington of Egremont, Mass.
	by Schofield, Fidelia of Sheffield, Mass.

July 5	Bearden, Samuel to Orinda Bennet
	both of Stephentown, N.Y.

Aug. 9	Ormsby, Eliphalet W. to Emeline Holmes
	both of Lee, Mass.

Aug. 30	Hylier, Daniel of Atwater, Portage Co. Ohio
	to Gillett, Rebecca of Southwick, Mass.

Sept. 8	Cutting, George A. to Cynthia S. Fairchild
	both of Lee, Mass.

Sept.14	Lloyd, Elijah E. of Blanford, Mass.
	to Bartlett, Mary E. of West Hampton, Mass.

Sept.	Scott, Francis A. of Northampton, Mass.
	to Masimpson of Worthington, Mass.

Sept.26	Wheeler, Nelson to Mary Stedman both of Lenox, Mass.

Sept.27	Davis, Heman of Alford, Mass.
	to Andrews, Harriet of Austerlitz, N.Y.

Oct.	Apthorp, William to Chloe Howard both of Pittsfield

Nov. 1	Bagg, Allen to Jane Lunn both of Pittsfield, Mass.

Nov. 8	Mallery, Harvey W. to Mary A Cole
	both of New Ashford, Mass.

Nov. 12	Cole, James M. of Northampton, Mass.
	to Slade, Mary of Worthington, Mass.

Nov. 15	Wood, Elisha to Paulina Daniels both of Cheshire, Mass.

Nov. 18	Jackson, Henry to Lucy Lloyd
	both of Lanesborough, Mass.

Dec. 24	Fisher, Minor of Lanesborough, Mass.
	to Austin, Emily Angeline of Hamcock, Mass.

1836 Marriages
Jan. 5	Cady, John B. of Austerlitz, N.Y.
	to Merritt, Susan of West Stockbridge, Mass.

Jan. 9	Hoxie, Sirus of Cheshire, Mass.
	to Dower, Asenath of Pittsfield, Mass.

Jan. 15	Daniels, Joel L. of Pittsfield, Mass.
	to Atwood, Sophia of Middlefield, Mass.

Jan. 23	Reynolds, Sidney L. to Emily M. Reynolds
	both of Petersburgh, N.Y.

Jan. 23	Worthington, David of Petersburgh, N.Y.
	to Allen, Roxanna of Grafton, N.Y.

Jan. 31	Ostrander, Alexander to Hannah Sparrowhawk
	both of New Lebanon, N.Y.

	In presence of Deforest, Betsey and Deforest, Mehitable
	both of New Lebanon, N.Y.

Feb. 24	Owen, John B. to Susan C. Cotton both of Otis, Mass.

Mar. 4	Lee, Stephen of South Hadley, Mass.
	to Holliday, Betsey of Rockingham, Windham Co., Mass.

Mar. 5	Allen, Morgan to Fanny Haykes
	both of Petersburgh, N.Y.

Mar. 14	Tincker, Edward B. to Angel, Mary A.
	both of Norwich, Mass.

May 23	Leland, Moses of Worcester, Mass. to Spring, Sary M.
	of Washington, Mass.

Mar. 26	Peck, Sirus of Troy, N.Y. to Hocksey, Fanny
	of Cheshire, Mass.

Apr. 20	Wells, Shubal to Mason, Eunice both of Cheshire, Mass.

Apr. 30	McKoy, Paddock to Henry, Julia both of Hinsdale, Mass.

May 7	Curtis, Daniel B. to Carpenter, Mahittable
	both of Pittsfield, Mass.

May 10	Dodge, Jonas to Tyler, Lydia both of Pittsfield, Mass.

May 11	Lovering, Levi, Jr. to MaCampbell
	both of Royalston, Worceste Co., Mass.

May 25	Walker, Joshua to Stevens, Miranda L.
	both of Pittsfield, Mass.

May 28	Peck, Elisha S. of Adams, Mass. to Pitt, Rosina C.
	of Pownal, Vt.

May 29	Vardon, Griffeth Baven to Beverly, Ann Frances
	both of Pittsfield, Mass.

May 31	Jordan, Quincey to Darling, Catherine P.
	both of Lanesborough, Mass.

June 4	Jones, James L. to Thomas, Sarah P.
	both of Petersburgh, N.Y.

June 9	Smith, Porter to Root, Ruth of Lenox, Mass.

June 23	Kinne, Nathan to Ward, Malinda of West Stockbridge, Mass.

June 29	Cranston, John of Kinderhook, N.Y. to
	Thompson, Elizabeth of Lee, Mass.

June 30	Lewis, James 2nd of New Ashford, Mass.
	to Gregory, Amanda M. of Lanesborough, Mass.

July 3	Seymour, Chester to Bassett both
	of Lee, Mass.

July 4	Perry, Titus E. of Windsor, Mass. to
	Jadwin, Phoeba M. of New Lebanon, N.Y.
	in the presence of Jadwin, John of New Lebanon

July 5	Fields, Albert to Fields, Lucy Ann both of Pittsfield

July 10	Harris, Edward to Hunt, Mary to Sandlake, N.M.

July 23	Evarts, David M. to Youngs, Julia M.
	both of Hilsdale, N.Y.

July 30	Carpenter, Mucius to Harrington, Betsey
	both of South Adams, Mass.

Aug. 15	Churchill, William M. of Middlefield, Mass.
	to Jinks, Espersia of Pittsfield, Mass.

Oct. 15	Cole, Henry W. of Adams, Mass.
	to Whitman, Elisa A. of New Ashford

Oct. 25	Burlingame, Leland of Pittsfield, Mass.
	to Ward, Lucinda of Westfield, Mass.

Nov. 10	Tyler, John W. to Stevens, Eunice both
	of Richmond, Mass.

Nov. 10	Briggs, Zepheniah P. to Stevens, Sybil
	both of Richmond, Mass.

Nov. 13	Blanchard, Allan of Aurelia, Cayuga Co., N.Y.
	to Walling, Mercea P. of Spencertown, N.Y.

Nov. 17	Seelys, Thomas B. of Pownal, Vt. to Phelps, Laura
	of Otis, Mass.

Nov. 18	Mattoon, Alvin to Fogal, Mary Ann both of Pittsfield

Nov. 23	Searls, Joel S. to Fairman, Maria
	both of Norwich, Mass.

Nov. 23	Searls, Ebenezer S. of Norwich, Mass.
	to Harrington, Betsey Ann of Chester, Mass.

Nov. 24	Rivenburgh, Liander of Kinderhook, N.Y. to
	Parmelee, Lydia of Hancock, Mass.

Nov. 27	Johnston, Daniel, Jr. to Holcomb, Hannah Amanda
	both of Chester, Mass.

Nov. 30	Hayes, Chauncey S. to Gile, Sally A. both
	of Blandford, Mass.

Dec. 1	Roberts, Fredrick of Pittsfield, Mass. to
	Hall, Mary Ann of Sheffield, Mass.

Dec. 3	Volk, John of Old Stockbridge, Mass. to
	Race, Paulina of South Canaan, Conn.

1837 Marriages
Jan. 1	Odell, Robert S. to Hinckley
	both of Stephentown, N.Y.

Jan. 2	Rouse, Lothrop to Clark, Nancy both of New Lebanon, N.Y.

Jan. 12	Reed, James of Lee, Mass. to Helen Shanley Esperence
	of Schoharie, N.Y.

Jan. 14	Field, Orrin to Daniels, Louisa both of Adams, Mass.

Jan. 16	Wood, George M. of Lanesborough, Mass. to
	Stocking, Marietta of Pittsfield, Mass.

Jan. 18	Talcott, William to Bradley, Loisa both
	of Lanesborough, Mass.

Feb. 2	Herrick, Edwin to Coit, Orlinda both of Blanford, Mass.

Feb. 10	Jones, Chancey W. to Fields, Almira both
	of Pittsfield, Mass.

Feb. 16	Spencer, Samuel to Greenwood, Louisa both
	of Richmond, Mass.

Feb. 19	Swift, Erastus S. to Stevens, Sarah A. both of
	Pittsfield, Mass.

Feb. 22	Corbon, Fayette to Mills, Laura both
	of Williamstown, Mass.

Feb. 25	Nichelson, William of Lowville, Lewis Co., N.Y.
	to Brown, Maryett of Cheshire, Mass.

Feb. 26	Gpay, Kertland W. of Pittsfield, Mass.
	to Pease, Sarah M. of Lee, Mass.

Feb. 26	Clark, Thomas to William, Mary E.
	both of Pittsfield, Mass.

Mar. 2	Isbell, Myron to Timothy, Frances
	both of Williamstown, Mass.

Mar. 2	Perry, Valentine to Jackson, Irene of Hinsdale, Mass.

Mar. 5	Mason, Rufus L. of Cheshire Mass. to
	Potter, Genett L. of Lanesborough, Mass.

Mar. 9	Burke, Charles of Pittsfield, Mass.
	to Gardner, Adeline of Lanesborough, Mass.

Mar. 22	Smith, Calvin of Middlefield, Mass.
	to Crosier, Harriet M. of Peru. Mass.

May 1	Willis, William to Harrison
	both of Westfield, Mass.

May 6	Goodell, Nathaniel B. to Brooks, Sophia H.
	both of Pittsfield, Mass.

Apr. 6	Torrey, Justin to Convers, Olive both of Willismstown, Mass.
	In presence of, Myron & Giles Torrey of Williamstown

May --	Swart, Westley of Pittsfield, to Spring, Cleo
	of Hinsdale, Mass.

May 12	Wild, Jesse W. to Hall, Elisa
	both of Pittsfield, Mass.

June 11	Rogers, Raphel of Old Stockbridge, Mass.
	to Cooley, Sarah Elizabeth of Pittsfield, Mass.

June 24	Thompson, Timothy to Brown, Chloe S.
	both of Chester, Mass.

Aug. 13	Wylie, John to Squires, Malissa both of Pittsfield, Mass.

Aug. 20	Baxter, Lyman to Jackson, Mary both of New Ashford, Mass.

Sept. 2	Howard, Stephen of Barrington, Mass to Demming, Emeline
	of Pittsfield, Mass.

Sept. 2	Smith, James to Perkins, Mary both of Pittsfield, Mass.

Sept. 2	Everts, Clark to Mallory, Ann both of
	Old Stockbridge, Mass.

Sept.16	Hall, John M. of Richmond, Mass. to Elizabeth Volk
	of Old Stockbridge, Mass.

Sept.26	Horton, Levi to Mix, Laura both of Lenox, Mass.

Sept.30	Roberts, James H. to Bailey, Lavinna both
	of Pittsfield, Mass.

Oct. 1	Moon, John, Jr. to Babcock, Alsina both
	of Stephentown, N.Y.

Oct. 3	Bolster, John to Smith, Naome both of Cheshire, Mass.

Oct. 3	Howes, Samuel C.  of Lenox, Mass.
	to York, Maryett of Beckett, Mass.

Oct. 15	Bowdish, William to Mason, Sarah both
	of Cheshire, Mass.

Nov. 2	Norton, Edward H. to Holly, Marth both
	of Pittsfield, Mass.

Nov. 15	Smith, Abner, Jr. of Chester Mass. to Robbins, Mary M.
	of Becket, Mass.

Nov. 16	Torrey, John G. to Worthey, Betsey Ann both
	of Williamstown, Mass.

Dec. 7	Brown, Thomas of Worthington, Mass.
	to Hamilton, Elisa of Pit sfield

Dec. 9	Brown, Abraham S. to Clark, Adeline A. both
	of Sternsville, Mass.

Dec. 21	Tucker, Edmund to Stanbro, Almyra both of Dalton, Mass.

Dec. 30	Thomas, Elijah, Jr. to Sparks, Lucinda both of Lenox, Mass.

1838 Marriages
Jan. 1	Barnum, Nelson to Holcomb, Mary both
	of Williamstown, Mass.

Jan. 6	Eldridge, Norman A. of Hancock, Mass. to
	Cole, Nancy J. of New Ashford, Mass.

Jan. 11	Bliven, Perry to Cherevoy, Amanda both of
	Lanesborough, Mass.

Jan. 17	Gunn, Samuel M. to Brooks, Lucy E. both of Pittsfield, Mass.

Feb. 1	Raymond, Abraham I. to Booth, Mary Ann both
	of Hinsdale, Mass.

Feb. 9	Hinckley, Josiah of Lee, Mass. to Steadman, Harriet
	of Lenox, Mass.

Feb. 22	Wentworth, John F. of Winsor, Mass. to Reed, Mary Ann
	of Savoy, Mass.

Mar. 15	Bardin, Albert  C. to Bassett, Martha both of Dalton, Mass.

Apr. 1	Treadwell, William to Ensign, Marium Zeziah both
	of Pittsfield

Apr. 26	Gardner, Dr. Benjamin to Ruth D. Kinne both
	of Chesterfield, Mass.

Apr. 28	Goodell, William to Holister, Mahala both
	of Stockbridge, Mass.

Apr. 29	Parmer, Hosea H. of Lee, Mass. to Danforth
	of Pittsfield, Mass.

June 3	Hamilton, Charles of Pittsfield to Whittlesey, Louisa
	of Catskill, N.Y.

June 13	Howes, Erastus to Cram, Isabella both of
	South Adams, Mass.

June 16	Dunbar, Thadideus of Bennington, Vt. to
	Morrandville, Lois D., of Lanesborough, Mass.

June 20	Carrier, Joseph to Hitchcock, Harriet both
	of Springfield, Mass.

June 20	Bolmer, George B. of Yonker, N.Y. to Savery, Mary Ann
	of Washington, Mass.

June 22	Stark, Willwam of Northampton, Mass. to Hall, Nancy
	of Westhampton, Mass.

July 3	Weeks, Hezekiah to Angel, Minerva both of Norwich, Mass.

Sept. 2	Mason, David of Savoy, Mass. to Colson, Elisa N.
	of Cheshire, Mass.

Sept.12	Booth, William S. of Sandlake, N.Y. to Curtis, Sarah

Sept.25	Morrison, John of Tyringham, Mass. to Harris, Elisa
	of Salisbury, Conn.

Sept.27	Vanderpool, Isaac of Lee, Mass. to Hulbert, Diannah
	of Lenox, Mass.

Sept.29	Arnold, Silas H. of Nortah Adams, Mass. to Brown, Zylpha P.
	of Cheshire, Mass.

Sept.29	Bennett, Ambrose of Cheshire, Mass. Wait, Mary Augusta
	of Saratoga Springs, N.Y.

Oct. 16	Bidwell, Hiram of Barrington, Mass. to Harris, Laura
	of Salisbury, Conn.

Oct. 20	Stanton, Charles H. to Ticknor, Harriet both of Lee, Massachusetts

Oct. 14	Boerdalaer to Edwards, Abigail, both of Lenox, Mass.

Oct. 14	Johnson, Robert of Dalton, Mass. to Coats, Eunice
	of Middlefield, Mass.

Oct. 25	Watkins, Horace of Pittsfield, Mass. to Pamelia
	Bearden of Dalton, Mass.

Nov. 1	Pitsinger, Warren to Chelson, Elvira both of East Otis, Mass.

Nov. 13	Loyd, Samuel of Blandford, Mass to Herrick, Eunice of
	Norwich, Mass.

Nov. 29	AllenAlbert to Yale, Lucretia of New Lebanon, New York

Dec. 6	Washburn, Henry L. to Potter, Laura E. both of Lanes-
	borough, Mass.

Dec. 15	Parkes to Shaver, Lorinda both of Washing on

Dec. 26	Demon, Austin to Odell, Mary both of Gt. Barrington, Mass.

Dec. 29	Beach, William of Washington, Mass. to Loveland, Lucy of Hinsdale, Mass.

Dec. 30	Garlick, Rufus to Potter, Phoebe both of Lanesborough, Mass.

1839 Marriages
Jan. 1	Blake, George R. to Williams, Ruth both
	of Stockbridge, Massachusetts

Jan. 1	Ferguson, William, Jr. to Parker, Lois both of Adams Mass.

Jan. 1	Holmes, Levi of Adams, Mass., to Phelps, Lurana of Rowe, Mass.

Feb. 11	Scholfield, Isaac to Clark, Diadama both of Pitts-
	field, Mass.

Feb. 13	Warren, Caleb L. to Flemming, Mariah C. both of Dalton, Mass.

Feb. 23	Clark, George to Powers, Malissa both of Petersburgh New York

Mar. 9	Cook, William H. to Fuller, Mary Minerva both of Lenox, Mass.

Mar. 19	Shields, Michael H. of Hinsdale, Mass. to Cobbet, Margaret of Dalton, Mass.

Mar. 30	Davis, Frederick W. of Hawley, Mass. to Kough, Margaret
	of Hinsdale, Mass.

Mar. 30	Muron, Andrew J. to Mary I. Robertson both of Cheshire, Mass.

Apr. 13	Chapel, Calvin Chapel to Metcalf both of Chester, Mass.

Apr. 22	Jones, Jeremiah to Daniels, Adeline both of Adams Mass.

Apr. 30	Anable, Nathaniel of Chestervield Mass. to Clark, Lucinda of Northampton, Mass.

May 9	Lane, William T. of Stockbridge, Mass. to Goodell, Anne E.
	of Hancock, Mass.

May 12	Smith, Orrin C. to Blinn, Orpha both of North Adams, Mass.

May 23	Eldridge, Shaler W. to Norton, Mary R. both of Southampton, Mass.

May 26	Tucker, Horace to Harriet Stanbro both of Dalton, Mass.

May 26	Brown, William of West Stockbridge Mass. to Tanner, Rebecca of Stuyvesant, N.Y.

May 28	Anthony, David to Angel, Jane Marie both of Adams Mass.

June 16	Vandebogart, William H. to Caroline, Holdridge both of Nassau

June 17	Cross, Abel, Jr. to Simpson, Clarissa both of Berlin, N.Y.

June 20	Wells, Henry to Fanny M. Segers both of Pittsford, Mass.

June 29	Shaw, Ott T. to Jordan, July Ann both of Lee, Mass.

July 3	Craft, Michael of Middlefield, Mass. to Knox, Harriet of Blandford, Mass.

July 6	Brown, Benjamin S. to Fuller, Sophia both of Lenox, Mass.

July 13	Jenks, Albert to Mason, Philancy both of Cheshire, Mass.

July 20	Backus, A.L. of Pittsford Mass. to Fowler, Frances of Southwick Mass.

July 27	Wilson, Jacob to Snider both of Gt. Barrington, Mass.

July 28	Bradley, William of Lanesborough Mass. to Miller, Clarissa D. of S. Adams Mass.

Aug. 8	Watkins, George of Pittsfield, Mass. to Mary Kellogg of Windsor

Aug. 10	Crafford, Joseph of Rutland Vt. to Brown, Pauline of Pittsfield Mass.

Aug. 11	Weir, George to Holder, Ann both of Pittsford Mass.

Sept.10	Warren, Oliver of Chester Mass to Ursul, Meacham of Norwick, Mass.

Aug. 13	Maynard, Jotham of Dalton, Mass. to More, Thankful of Becket Mass.

Sept.19	Bliven, Samuel of Lanesborough Mass. to Cook, Susan of
	Williamstown, Mass.

Sept.19	Bartlett, Thadeus to Clark, Lena both of Otis Mass.

Sept.19	Thomas, Manna L. to Mroga, Almira R. both of Recket, Mass.

Sept.19	Michael, James of Lenox, Mass. to Mollen, Martha of
	Pittsfield, Mass.

Sept.21	Howland, David to Harberness both of Adams, Mass.

Sept.25	Tower, Peter G. to Smith, Sarah Ann both of Adams, Mass.

Sept.28	Wharfield, Rheuben of Pittsfield Mass. to Lloyd, Catherine of Dalton, Mass.

Sept.28	Bates, Ezekiel to Burt, Jerusia both of Pittsfield

Oct. 1	Root, Rodney C. to Babcock, Nancy both of Lenox Mass.

Oct. 2	Ely, Aaron of Southampton, Mass. to Hasset, Jane of
	Middlefield, Mass.

Oct. 2	Parsons, Abram of Claverack New York to Wells, Mary Ann Frances

Oct. 3	Hogan, John of Albany N.Y. to Cotrelle, Henriett M.
	of Stockbridge, Mass.

Oct. 3	York, Daniel to Wrisle, Lucretia, both of N. Adams, Massachussetts

Oct. 6	Shaw, Samuel H. to Socole, Louisa M. of West Becket, Mass.

Oct. 10	Fuller, Waldo C. to Stocking, Henritta, both of Pittsfield, Mass.

Oct. 15	Anderson, Alexander to Hamblin, Ann both of Lee, Mass.

Oct. 22	Gladden, Theadon of Northampton, Mass. to Mead, Ann Elizabeth of Pittsfield, Mass.

Nov. 3	Whitman, Harman H. to Sweet, Eliza Ann both of Hancock

Nov. 4	Siser, Levi to Osborn, Harriet both of Blandford, Mass.

Nov. 4	Osborn, Luke of Blandford, Mass. to Keep, Jane of Granville Mass.

Nov. 5	Putnam, William N. Putnam, Mary Ann Humpsted
	Mr. from Becket & Miss Humpsted
	from Dalton, Mass.

Nov. 5	Church, Seth H. of Becket, Mass. to Putnam, Julia F. of Dalton, Mass.

Nov. 5	Jenne, Moriah to Williams, Jane both of Lenox, Mass.

Nov. 9	Harris, William M. to Fordice, Amy J. both of Stephentown
	New York

Nov. 13	Hawley, John of Tolland Mass. to
	Caroline N. Judd of Litchfield Conn.

Nov. 29	Dayton, Milo M. to Cynthia A. Loomis both of Westfield Mass.

Dec. 14	Allen, Henry M. of Windsor Mass. to Electa C. Davis of Hawley Mass.

1840 Marriages
Jan. 19	Parker, Zenas of Chester Mass. to Sarah m. Coburn(Corbum) of Westfield

Jan. 20	Simmons, George to Greenwood, Elizabeth both of Pittsfield Mass.

Mar. 10	Clark, John of Lanesborough Mass.
	to Carpenter, Spede of Stephentown, N.Y.

Mar. 14	Bradway, Amasa to Smith, Lovinda of Stephentown New York

Mar. 26	Morey, Benjamin B. to Davis both of Lee, Mass.

Mar. 29	Brown, Laurin to Parker, Caroline both of Lanes-
	borough, Mass.

Apr. 2	Monson, William P. of Wharley Mass. to Damon, Rachel J.D.
	of Chesterfield

Apr. 6	Hubbard, John A. of Lenox Mass. to Montague of

Apr. 9	Tucker, Daniel G. of Kalton Mass. to Nye, Eunic E. of Chester Mass.

Apr. 18	Scarborough, James H. to White, Sarah of New
	Lebanon, N.Y.

Apr. 20	White, Jason, Jr. Hancock Mass. to Baker, Eunice of
	Lanesborough, Mass.

Apr. 28	Corbet, John to Brown, Julia both of Pittsford, Mass.

June 20	Fields, Rhodaufus to Jenks, Elisa both of Cheshire, Mass.

June 25	Furlow, William of Westfield, Mass. to Mary Ann Royce
	of Lisle Broome Co. N.Y.

July 2	Beebe, Levi to Ball, Mary Ann both of Lee, Mass.

July 20	Vosburgh, Harry to Nancy Ann Harrison both of Hancock, Mass.

Sept. 2	Jones, Jason to Fields, Betsey both of Pittsfield Mass.

Sept. 5	Baffes, William to Williams, Harriet both of Old Stock-
	bridge Mass.

Sept. 5	Fletcher, Benjamin of West Springfield Mass. to Louise
	Freeman of Ashfield, Mass.

Sept. 5	Williams, Harvey to Davis, Delia E. both of Old Stock-
	bridge Mass.

Sept. 6	Fergerson, William to Tower, Thede A. both of Dalton, Mass.

Sept.17	Bates, Cortland of Skeneatles Onondage Co. N.Y. to
	Pomeroy, Julia Ann of Williamsburgh, Mass.

Sept.29	Hall, Lyman of Lanesborough Mass. to Blair, Patieno of
	New Ashford Mass.

Oct. 2	Minerson, David Robertsto Violet both of Washinton, Mass.

Oct. 15	Seley, Henry of Barrington Mass. to Sabrina Bill
	of Pittsfield

Oct. 24	Knickerbocker, Byron to Elizabeth Van Dusen both of
	Copake, N.Y.

Nov. 7	Scott, Samuel to Worcester, Mary both of Williamston, Mass.

Nov. 16	Brown, Henry J. to Southworth, Louisa A. both of Cheshie, Mass.

Nov. 25	Stocking, Horace to Fairfield, Jane both of Dalton, Mass.

Nov. 25	Smith, Henry to Lawrence both
	of Dalton Massachusetts.

Dec. 2	Daley, Lester of Chatham N.Y. to Bearden, Susan of Canaan New York

#( 7	Palmer, James M. to Benedict, Mariah both of Stock-
	bridge Mass.

Dec. 20	Fish, Georgeo of Chesire, Mass. to Cole, Lucy M.
	of Lanesborough

1841 Marriages
Jan. 13, Carpenter, Thomas G. to Daniels, Sarah H. both of
	Pittsfield, Mass.

Feb. 24	Pomeroy, Henry S. of Washington, Mass. to Mills, Caroline
	of Blandford, Mass.

May 2	Derby, Samuel to Jinks, Nancy both of Hancock, Mass.

May 23	Turfs, John to Hamilton, Lucinda both of Pittsfield, Mass.

May 23	Root, James B. to Bater, Harriet L. both of Pittsfield, Mass.

May 27	Savery, Harvey to Messenger, Nancy W. both of Washington, Mass.

June 5	Gregory, Alfred S. to Gallup, Rhoda C. both of Dalton, Mass.

June 20	Brownell, Stephen D. to Thayer, Mary both of Chatham, New York

June 20	Kendall, Thomas to Smith, Nancy of Dalton, Mass.

July 4	Hubby, David L. of Pittsfield, Mass. to Montageu
	of Lenox, Mass.

Aug. 30	Molly, John of Hudson, N.Y. to Mariah Jacobs of
	Egremont, Mass.

Sept. 4	Bates, Marshall L. of Cummington Mass. to Mason, Nancy C.
	of Cheshire, Mass.

Sept. 4	Fuller, Sirus S. to Clark, Julia L. both of Dalton, Mass.

Sept.14	Russell, William H. of Springfield, Mass. to Ware, Sophia W.
	of Dalton, Mass.

Sept.12	Chase, Reuben to Fish, Jane both of Cheshire Mass.

Sept.16	Carpenter, Nathan C. to Ingram, Sophia M. both of New
	Ashford Mass.

Nov. 3	Snow, Luther C. of Cunnington Mass. to Weeks, Susan of
	Norwick Mass.

Nov. 6	Watkins, Charles B. to Fairchild, Fanny both of Dalton, Mass.

Dec. 25	Clark, Samuel G. of Berlin NY to Wheeler, Sarah A. of
	Hancock, Mass.

Dec. 25	Saunders, Thomas to Kane, Ellen both of Pittsfield, Mass.

Dec. 31	Robertson, John to Redfield, Priscilla both of
	Pittsfield Mass.

Dec. 31	Hinds, John to Hart, Margaret both of Lee Mass.

1842 Marriages
Jan. 1	Howard, Joseph J. of Pittsfield Mass. to Dunham, Marth M. of
	Windsor, Mass.

Feb. 24	Corbin, Amasa T. to Derby, Sarah Ann both of Williamstown Mass.

Mar. 20	Oates, Philip to Hall, Elisa both Westfield Mass.

Mar. 23	Barnard, John M. to Holmes, Scynthia L. both of Pittsfield, Mass.

Apr. 7	More, George to Sanders, Eleanor both of Pittsfield Mass.

Apr. 30	Thompson, Henry  to Freeman, Emeline both Lee, Mass.

June 8	Smith, Moses to Cowan, Olive of Williamstown, Mass.

June 26	Hogan, James to Donahue, Margaret both of Pittsfield, Mass.

July 2	Jones, John to Urana Mcintosh both of Pittsfield, Mass.

July 3	Cook, Henry to Williams, Mary both of Stockbridge, Mass.

July 3	Harvey, Consider of Austerlitz N.Y. to Crocker, Almira
	of Hancock, Mass.

July 4	Clough, Charles of Hanford Vt. to Davis, Harriet E. of
	Pittsfield, Mass.

July 18	Harrison, Jared F. to Comstock both of
	Pittsfield, Massachussetts

July 28	Rice, Augustus to Griswold, Cynthia L. both of North Adams Mass.

Aug. 21	Miller, John to Isham, Wealthy both of Pittsfield, Mass.

Sept. 1	Brown, Spencer of Hatfield Mass. to Margaret Jackson of
	Williamstown, Mass.

Sept.22	Noble, Nathan to Priscilla Sibley both of West Springfield, Mass.

Sept.27	Burlingham, Augusta of Lanesboro, Mass. to Laura Barker
	of Hancock, Mass.

Sept.28	Curtis, Henry of New Lebanon N.Y. to Sherman, Eugene of Adams Mass.

Oct. 4	Chatfield, David J. of Canandagua N.Y. to Longley, Olive M.
	of Hawley Mass.

Oct. 9	Field, Albert of South Adams, Mass. to Abigail M. Porter of Cheshire, Mass.

Oct. 14	Slack, William to Crisp both of Northampton, Mass.

Oct. 16	Mellen, Joel B. to Harrison, Louisa both of Pittsfield, Mass.

Oct. 23	Evans, John to Penny, Mary both of  Old Stockbridge, Mass.

Oct. 24	Green, Dyer P. of Berlin, N.Y. to Sherman, Lydia of Williamston, Mass.

Oct. 30	Walker, John to Siser, Asenath both of North Blanford, Mass.

Sept.28	Church, Richard of Becket Mass. to Carter, Julia of Rus-
	sell Mass.

Dec. 10	Robinson, James of Hinsdale, Mass. to Vesbee of
	Chesterfield Mass.

Dec. 13	Smith, Alexander J. of Hinsdale, Mass. to Burton, Henrietta
	of Pittsfield, Mass.

Dec. 25	Knight, Calvin to Damon, Lucretia A. both of Chesterfield, Mass.

1843 Marriages
Jan. 5	Blake, James to Torrey, Sarah both of Hancock Mass.

Jan. 7	Brown, Andrew J. to Field, Mary Ann both of Cheshire, Mass.

Jan. 7	Franklin, Benjamin Green to King, Lucy Ann of Cheshire, Masss.

Feb. 1	Baker, James H. of Lenox, Mass. to Chamberlain, Fanny of
	Pittsfield, Mass.

Feb. 22	Bennet, Luther M. to Elise Beach both of Cheshire, Mass.

Feb. 23	Kershaw, Thomas to Thompson, Augusta Maria both of
	Pittsfield, Mass.

Feb. 26	Bow, Jabes of Lenox, Mass. to Jones, Ruth Ann of Stockbridge, Mass.

Mar. 6	Allen, Isaac to Perry, Mary N. both of Dalton, Mass.

Apr. 2, Winchell, Homer of Lee, Mass to Elizabeth Farnam of
	Lanesboro, Mass.

May 10	Couch, Albert G. to Durkee, Mary Elias both of Lee, Mass.

May 19	Haskell, Lester of Peru, Mass. to Dolbey, Jane Elisa of
	Pittsfield, Mass.

May 21	Hamilton, Francis to Franklin, Katherine both of Pitts-
	field, Mass.

June 26	Rice, James of Hinsdale Mass. to Thrall, Lydia of Pitts-
	field, Mass.

July 9	Foot, Osman to Hulbert, Mary Ann both of Dalton, Mass.

Aug. 7	Edwards of Worthington Mass.

Aug. 10	Rice, James P. to Haskins, Dyantha both of Savoy Mass.

Aug. 10	Maynar, Eber to Betsey Wing, both of Svoy Mass.

Sept.14	Gardner, Charles to Robinson, Elizabeth both of
	Sheffield Mass.

Sept.23	Alesworth, Samuel to Hamilton, Martha both of Lenox Mass.

Oct. 3	Dodley, John to Clegg, Belinda both of Adams Mass.

Oct. 9	Nelson, William to Fellugan, Lucretia both of Pitts-
	field Mass.

Oct. 25	Stebbens, Dan of Chester Mass. to Mary Roberts of
	Hartford, Conn.

Nov. 9	Edmunds, Ezra of Cheshire Mass. to Dodge, Louisa M. of
	Lanesboro Mass.

Dec. 11	Arnold, Samuel D. to Chapman, Margaret both of Berlin, NY

Dec. 22	Kinsley, William to Spurr, Sarah both of Pittsfield, Mass.

Dec. 27	Torrey, John of Cummingham, Mass. to Kingsley, Lucy of
	Williamsburgh, Mass.

Dec. 30	Thorne, Stephen to Gay, Sarah Ann both of Lee, Mass.

Dec. 30	Little, Edmund to Sheffield, Harriet both of Lee, Mass.

Dec. 31	Ailsworth, Rufus to Horton, Pamelia both of Berlin, New York

1844 Marriages
Feb. 16	Petit, William Henry of Lanesboro Mass. to Brown, Martha
	of Cheshire Mass.

Feb. 25	Gun, John to Brown, Mary Elizabeth both of Pittsfield, Mass.

Mar. 24	Mandigo, William S. to Norton, Sarah both of Pittsford, Mass.

Apr. 3	Strong, Charles to Root, Lucy both of Northampton, Mass.

Apr. 13	Brooks, Thomas L. of Pittsfield, Mass. to Wilcox, Cynthia A.
	of Lexington Green Co N.Y.

Aug. 23	Nash, Henry to Jackson, Lucinda both of Pittsford

Aug. 31	Congdon, Henry C. of Washington Mass. to
	Sikes, Harriet of Pittsfield, Mass.

Apr. 14	West, John of Pittsfield Mass. to Harris, Mary Ann of
	Cheshire, Mass.

May 2	Thompson, Richard of Lenox Mass. to Anthony, Maria of
	Sheffiled Mass.

May 19	Wood, Daniel L. of Cheshire Mass. to Bourne, Chloe Ann of
	Lenox, Mass.

May 24	Mullin, Jacob of Pittsfield Mass. to Jackson, Dinah of
	Lenox, Mass.

June 2	Farnum, John to Williams, Minerva Ann both of Lanes-
	boro Mass.

June 25	Palmer, James M. to Clark, Louisa both of Stockbridge, Mass.

July 4	Turfs, Charles of Lenox Mass. to Mullen, Harriet of
	Pittsfield, Mass.

July 4	Reed, John P. Tyringham Mass. to Anderson, Rachel R.
	of Stockbridge, Mass.

July 11	Wilson, Samuel A. of Smura N.Y. to Clark, Antoinette
	of New Lebanon, N.Y.

July 11	Nolcott, Edmund to Vanderwayken, Eunice both of New
	Lebanon, New York

1844 Marriages
July 26	Loker, Ephraim to Carter, Sarah both of
	Carlisle Massachussetts
Aug. 6	Parker, William N. of Cheshire Mass. to Mason, Sophia M.
	of Savoy, Mass.

Aug. 15	Shephardson, Abial of Lanesboro, Mass. to Mead, Maria Antoin-
	ett of Pittsfield, Mass.

Aug. 15	Miller, Lyman to Shephardson, Rhoda Sophia both of
	Lanesboro, Mass.

Sept.12	Cady, Andrew J. of Greenwich Washington County, N.Y. to
	Stroud, Harriet of Stanford, Vt.

Sept.12	Smith, Benjamin to Hall, Emily Ann both of N. Adams

Sept.15	Daniels, Jehiel to Finch, Phoebe both of Pittsfield Mass.

Oct. 3	Clark, William of Williamstown, Mass. to
	Quackenbush, Lucy of Sand Lake, N.Y.

Oct. 3	Spencer, John to Stewart, Fanny both of Pittsfield, Mass.

Oct. 3	Bennett, Oliver of Williamstown, Mass. to Curtis, Hannah M.
	of Pittsfield, Mass.
Oct. 17	Rumrall, Ebenezer B. of Roxbury Mass. to Dudley, Lucy
	of Roxbury, Mass.

Oct. 30	Morrall, George to Tanner, Jane Mary both of New
	Lebanon N.Y.

Nov. 6	Farnum, Franklin of Lanesboro, Mass. to Hungerford, Maria
	of Pittsfield, Mass.

Nov. 28	Nichols, Ransom of Washington Mass. to Herring, Jane
	of Becket Mass.

Dec. 7	Linsted, Alfred P. to Comsock, Mary both South Lee, Mass.

Dec. 9	Williams, Samuel to Pratt, Anna both of Lenox Mass.

1845 Marriages
Jan. 30	Sykes, Abiathus of Pittsfield Mass. to
	Noble, Sarah Ann of Gt. Barrington, Mass.

Feb. 11	Sanderson, William L. of Troy N.Y. to Middlebrooke, Sarah
	of Lanesboro, Mass.

Feb. 19	Moore, Almar of Troy N.Y. to Tyler, Sarah of Florida, Mass.

Feb. 22	Hamilton, Henry to Tucker, Harriet E. both of Pittsfield, Mass.

Mar. 12	Tryon, Edward to Brown, Julia Ann both of Pittsfield, Mass.

Mar. 20	Derby, Solomon of Hancock Mass. to Morey, Cordelia E.
	of Stephentown, N.Y.

Apr. 10	Hayden, Noah to Carlisle, Marcelia both of Otis, Mass.

Apr. 26	McCarty, John to Dagnin, Catherine both of Lenox, Mass.

May 18	Ellis, Thomas to Way, Laura both of Puttsfield, Mass.

July 8	Beach, Eli to Snow, Ackey both of Tolland, Mass.

June 8	Burton, Horace to Gould, Charlotte both of N. Adams, Mass.

July 18	Peters, John to Whitford, Sarah both of Lenox Mass.

July 18	Adams, Jacob of Tyringham, Mass. to Peters, Sarah
	of Lenox Massachussetts

July 19	Miller, Joseph of Tyringham Mass. to Avery, Julia B.
	of West Stockbridge, Mass.

July 24	Mowles, George of Pittsfield Mass. to Alley, Emeline F.
	of Nantucket Mass.

Aug. 3	Ingham, William of Richmond Mass. to Mitchell, Elizabeth
	of Pittsfield, Mass.

Aug. 14	Cole, Thomas to Ballard, Ruth N.T. both of West Spring-
	field, Mass.

Aug. 24	Lull, James W. to Harrington, Sarah A. of Pittsfield,

Sept. 2	Weeks, Lewis to Mayhew, Julia A. both of Norwich, Mass.

Sept.13	Andrews, James E. of Cheshire Mass. to Dudley, Cynthia M.
	of Adams, Mass.

Sept.15	Kirkland, George G. to Carver, Martha D. both of Pittsfield, Mass.

Nov. 27	Culver, George of Lee, Mass. to Jacobe, Juliette,
	Charlemont, Mass.

Sept.24	Frarey, Duty to Gibbs, Ann Elisa both of Blandford, Mass.

Oct. 7	Siser, Reuben to Harris, Hannah M. both of Becket Mass.

Oct. 23	Shelden, William E. of Stephentown, N.Y. to Woodsworth,
	Rachel of West Stockbridge, Mass.

Nov. 2	Streeter, Horace S. to Edmonds, Mary A. both of North
	Adams, Mass.

Nov. 2	Pierce, Charles of Pittsfield Mass. to Edgeline, Anna Maria
	of Pittsfield, Mass.

Nov. 10	Sweet, Rev. John of East Hartland, Conn. to Clark, Mrs. Pheobe
	of Tolland Mass.

Dec. 5	Watkins, Samuel H. to Sophia Balcom both of Pittsfield, Mass.

1846 Marriages
Mar. 24	Hinds, Patrick of Lenox, Mass. to Heys, Nancy of Pitts-
	field, Mass.
Apr. 23	McAusland, James to Weed, Maria Louisa both of Pitts-
	field, Mass.

July 23	Hoose, Algeron of Dalton mass. to Sucker, Sylvia of
	Lanesboro, Mass.

Aug. 30	Dauggy, Lewi of Pittsfield, Mass. to Boadock
	Dalton, Mass.

Oct. 7	Baker, Henry to Wrisley, Fenny both of Conway, Mass.

Nov. 8	Hootihard, Thomas to McAusland, Elizabeth both of
	Pittsfield, Mass.

Nov. 8	Reed, Daniel B. of W. Stockbridge, Mass. to Maine, Minerva L.
	of Canaan, N.Y.

1847 Marriages
Jan. 7	Smith, Murray A. to Hosford, Laura M. both of Williamstown, Mass.

Jan. 15	Bowers, Joel L. to Kilbourn, Sarah A. both of Chester, Mass.

Feb. 10	Loveland, William of Hinsdale, Mass. to Tower, Lucrina A.
	of Dalton, Mass.

Feb. 10	Stocking, Homer of Pittsfield, Mass. to Merryfield, Maria L.
	of Dalton, Mass.

Mar. 4	Buck, Charles to Shepherd, Clarissa both of Lanesboro, Mass.

Mar. 25	Williams, Horatio to Wilbur, Ann Elisa both of Pittsfield, Mass.

Apr. 25	Rogers, Hiram to Mitchell, Elizabeth both of Pittsfield, Mass.

May 26	Merry, John A. to Hungerford, Ellen T. both of Pittsfield, Mass.

May 27	McWithey, Chester of Washington, Grandville Co. N.Y. to
	Pope, Sarah Jane of Poultney, Vt.

May 30	Finemus, Esra D. to Tucker, Hannah G. of Pittsfield, Mass.

June 12	Johnson, Israel H. to Wicher, Catherine A. both of Lenox, Mass.

July 2	Brown, Edgar A. to Merrills, Esther E. both of Stephentown, N.Y.

July 4	Lorain, Albett H. to Sherman, Mary, both of Gt. Barrington, Mass.

July 4	Barton, Henry S. of Cheshire Mass. to Gardner, Leah B.
	of Plainfield, Mass.

July 31	Hamilton, David A. to Durham, Sarah both of Pittsfield, Mass.

Aug. 19	Durkee, Henry S. to Palmer, Henrietta both of Pitts-
	field, Massachussetts

Aug. 21	Franklin, Lorenzo to Hamilton, Lucinda both of Pitts-
	field, Massachussetts

Sept. 8	Cole, Seth of Worthington, Mass. to Higgins, Sarah of
	Chesterfield, Mass.

Sept.12	Dawley, Franklin J. to Knight, Almira E. both of Cheshire, Mass.

Sept.19	Fuller, David to Alexander, Lucinda Jane both of New
	Marbough, Mass.

Oct. 9	Eyck, John Ten of Lenox Mass. to Hamilton, Rebecca Maria
	of Pittsfield, Mass.

Oct. 25	Meacham, Jared of Cheshire, Mass. to Jane
	Meacham of Worthington, Mass.

Nov. 24	Michael, William of Lenox, Mass. to Brouk, Sarah of Pitts-
	field, Mass.

1848 Marriages
June 13	Gee, Thomas to Duffy, Margaret (born in Ireland) of New Lebanon

Apr. 23	Harrison, Josiah A. to LeRoy, Jane both of Lee, Mass.

Aug. 5	Johnson, Franklin of Old Stockbridge, Mass. to Lewis, Louisa
	of Lenox, Mass.

Sept.25	Gaylor, Alvah F. of Pittsfield Mass. to Ostrander, Elizabeth P.
	of Chatham, N.Y.

Sept.25	Arnold, Harvey R. to Harrington, Maria of Adams, Mass.

Sept.30	Avison, James to Booth, Margaret Ann (former born in
	England the latter born in Russell, N.Y. now of
	Dalton, Massachussetts.

Nov. 4	Fuller, Erastus to Bates, Nancy both of Pittsfield, Mass.

1849 Marriages
Jan. 3	Parker, Roger to Teel, Mary Jane both of Stephentown, New York

Apr. 8	Crocker, George W. of N. Lebanon N.Y. to Myersof, Mary Troy, N.Y.

May 10	Snifin, John to Thayer, Serepta J. both of Stephentown, New York

Nov. 27	Cady, William of Dalton, Mass. to Griswold, Elizabeth L. of
	Hinsdale, Massachussetts

Dec. 24	Mallen, Elijah to Bow, Sarah both of Pittsfield, Mass.

Dec. 25	Cotton, Norman to Wood, Maryon A. both of Cheshire, Mass.

Dec. 25	Sanders, Edmund H. to Fuller both of Lee, Mass.

Date Lost Crow, David of Middlefield Mass. to Moore, Julia R.

1850 Marriages
Oct. 3	Scott, John L. to Chilson, Martha A. both of Williamstown, Mass.

Oct. 20	Rouse, Charles to Bentley, Frances both of Pittsfield, Mass.

Nov. 9	Jenks, Levi H. to Rider, Nancy J. both of Cheshire, Mass.

1851 Marriages
July 4	Davis, Henry to Kelson, Sarah of Lenox, Mass.

Oct. 2	Diamond, George C. to Tidd, Betsey of Stephentown, N.Y.

Dec. 4	York, William W. of Pittsfield, Mass. to Hover, Jane of
	Kinderhook, N.Y.

July 4	Daniels, David of Williamstown, Mass. to Mason, Ellen M.
	of Lanesborough, Mass.
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