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Birth Records
Town of Frankfort
Herkimer County, New York

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1847 Frankfort, NY Birth Records

Number of Births in the Town of Frankfort and County of Herkimer during the year ending 31st December, 1847.

Date of
Name of ChildGenderNames of Parents
January 1, 1847 Cary Jane Hunt f Johathan and Patience Hunt
January 13, 1847 C. (?) Ryan m Patrick and Elenor Ryan
January 13, 1847 Clarance Eugene Piper m Nicholus and Diana Piper
January 14, 1847 Sylvenus L. Caspasus m Daniel D. and Francis Caspasus
January 20, 1847 Juliette Powell f William and Sarah Ann Powell
January 20, 1847 George Weaver m Peter and Delance Weaver
January 26, 1847 Rosell J. Grants m Jacob Grants and Adeline Grants
January 30, 1847 Curtis A. House m Solemon and Elisee House
February 6, 1847 Hardy Myers m Jeremiah and Hannah Myers
February 9, 1847 James Hotaling m Absalom and Isibel Hotaling
February 13, 1847 Eugene Balch f John and Paya Balch
February 15, 1847 ---- Johnson m Henry and Lorette Johnson
February 20, 1847 Mary M. Brice f George and Sarah Brice
February 28, 1847 Francis Ann Bridenbecker f Jeremiah and Margeret Bridenbecker
March 1, 1847 Lucy Hariette Nurse f Elisha and Lucy Henry Nurse
March 2, 1847 Mary Wankmiller f Andrew and Ana Mary Josephine Wankmiller, a damd Long Name
March 3, 1847 Highly Respectable Parents f No Name of Parents Returned
March 3, 1847 Not Named Holdridge m Lewis and Mary Ann Holdridge
March 11, 1847 ---- Lee m Osias and Alcence Lee
March 22, 1847 ---- Howard f Madison and Mary Howard
March 23, 1847 Thomas Coupe m James and Jane Coupe
March 29, 1847 Sarah Maria William f Robbert William and Maria William
April 12, 1847 Dewitt Clinton Morgan m David and Betsey M. Morgan
April 3, 1847 Mary Ann Mason f Daniel and Orilla Mason
April 15, 1847 Charles L. Vance m John L. and Abigail Vance
April 19, 1847 Stephen C. Richardson m John and Jalium Richardson
April 25, 1847 Flora Joslin f Lewsi F. and Harriett C. Joslin
April 28, 1847 Died When one day old f Thomas J. and Sarah Edwards
April 28, 1847 Francis M. Hay m Jeremiah and Jane Hay
May 2, 1847 Died one day old f Peter and Lydia Lince
May 9, 1847 Margerett Collis f William and Rhoda Collis
June 4, 1847 Jane Ann Hasslekus m Tayler and Mary Ann Hasslekus
June 4, 1847 Adeline Youngs f John and Nancy Young
June 30, 1847 Daniel Wankmiller m Matthew and Maria T. Wankmiller
July 4, 1847 Lucy Ann Coffin f Allen and Elisebeth Coffin
July 7, 1847 James H. Dodge m James and Elenor Dodge
July 10, 1847 With out a name and to damd poor to give it one f Eligah and Cynthia Johnson
July 15, 1847 Martha Brown f John and Selina Brown
July 23, 1847 Emma Dygert f Rudolph and Elisabeth Dygert
August 5, 1847 Mary Ann Lostis f John and Biddy Lostis
August 7, 1847 ---- Ames m Amos and Mary Ann Ames
August 10, 1847 ---- Devine f Charles and Peggy Devine
August 15, 1847 Elisebeth Harris f Joseph and Mary Ann Harris
August 15, 1847 Hugh Charles Dempster m John and Mary Dempster
August 15, 1847 Charles Sterling m John A. and Sarah Sterling
August 25, 1847 Isaac M. Beach m Amos F. and Matilda Beach
September 4, 1847 Murry Budlong Ellwood m Chauncey and Jane Elisebeth Ellwood
September 13, 1847 Caroline E. Hensler m Lambert and Elisebeth Hensler
September 14, 1847 Catherine Steel f James and Elisabeth Steel
September 15, 1847 ---- Steel m William and Mary Steel
September 18, 1847 C. F. Tucker m Alpheus and Maria T. Tucker
September 21, 1847 Francis P. Pryne m Henry V. and Catherine Pryne
September 21, 1847 Monson Holdridge m Samuel and Lucina Holdridge
September 22, 1847 Mary Amgeline Wolleben f Nicholas and Harriett Wolleben
September 23, 1847 Edward H. Buck m Tealsick and Elenor Buck
October 6, 1847 Charles Irving Folts m Conrad and Eunice Folts
October 6, 1847 ---- Davis f John and Mary Davis
October 10, 1847 no name Brockway m John and Ann Brockway
October 10, 1847 Bridget Glasby f Anthony and Ann Glasby
October 26, 1847 ---- Haskell f James and Annelisa Haskell
October 28, 1847 Louisa A. Lynette Ferguson f Ruben G. W. and Nancy Ferguson
November 2, 1847 ---- Davison f Westhly and Harriet Davison
November 5, 1847 Jacob Fays m Mathew and Catherine Fays
November 8, 1847 Abigale Evans f Benjamin and Orisa Evans
November 19, 1847 Sarah A. Howell m Charles and Melita Howell
November 23, 1847 ---- Osborn f Jonas and Elisabeth Osborn
December 3, 1847 Elisabeth Curtis f George and Elisabeth Curtis
December 9, 1847 ---- Hough f Fayette and Harriett Hough
December 11, 1847 Russel B. Casler f Barney and Almira Casler
December 14, 1847 ---- Cummings m Vanrensler and Lydia Cummings
December 15, 1847 ---- Warrenger m George and Sarah Warrenger
December 17, 1847 Catharine E. Prior f Joseph and Margeret Prior
December 19, 1847 ---- Brigham m Elem and Marinda Brigham
December 31, 1847 John Henry Henesay m Edward and Jane Henesay

1848 Frankfort, NY Birth Records

Number of Births in the Town of Frankfort and County of Herkimer during the year ending 31st December, 1848.

Date of
Name of ChildGenderNames of Parents
January 23 James M. Clark m Martin and Mercy Marie Clark
February 1 Mary Dasy f Patrick and Mary Dasy
February 1 Francis R. Randall f Epaphroditus and Mary Randall
February 14 Harriett C. Earles f Alfred and Sarah Ann Earles
February 15 Harriett Steel f John N. and Ruth Steel
February 19 Louisa Stewart f Pardon and Prudence Stewart
March 15 Hellen E. Howard f Seth and Margerett Howard
March 29 Not Named m Daniel and Elisebeth Slomaker
April 1 Arthur Bargy m Warner and Candice Bargy
April 11 Amanda Dyke f Rufus and Amanda Dyke
April 12 Hellen Russell f David and Mary Russell
April 14 Lewis M. Church m William and Ann Church
April 18 Margeret Furman f Winfield S. and Nancy Furman
April 20 Hellen Dedrick f John and Sarah Dedrick
April 23 Th---- Edwards m Thomes and Sarah Edwards
April 23 Nancy Beach f Edward and Betsy Beach
April 27 William A. Dygert m William and Charlotte Dygert
May 4 Judson Reese m Reese J. and Ann Reese
May 5 Emma Joslin f Edward and Elisa Jane Joslin
May 21 William W. Sprague m Jordan and Catherine Sprague
May 21 Sarah Mayough f Patrick and Catherine Mayough
May 29 Mary Jane Clements f John and Catherine Clements
June 2 Charles Peterman m Crisjohn and Hellen Peterman
June 10 Marjis Woodhull m Richard and Mary Woodhull
June 17 Charlotte Tanner f William and Charlotte Tanner
June 23 George F. Kirkland m Daniel and Elisebeth Kirkland
June 25 Griffith Davis m Griffith and Elisebeth Davis
June 29 Livingston Howard m Daniel and Harriett Howard
July 2 Francis A. Kelly f Robbert Kelly and Susan Cumming
July 5 George H. Stewart m William B. and Barbara Stewart
July 6 Not Named m Fredrick and Hannah Burns
July 7 Alonson Demund m Jacob and Julia M. Demund
July 13 Elisebeth Goodell f George and Harriett Goodell
July 13 Dennis Harley m Francis and Mary Harley
July 16 Harriett Hellen Ferguson f Samuel Ferguson
July 17 Charles B. F. Stunard m Benjamin and Ann Stunard
August 1 Charles Kast m George and Caroline Kast
August 3 Clarance Hager m Edwin L. and Irene Hayes
August 3 Mary Jane Sterling f Nicholas and Mary Sterling
August 3 Catherin O'Sullivan f John and Mary O'Sullivan
August 6 Richard L. Fuller m George and Percilla Fuller
August 6 Augustus Edwards m Danil and Eunice Edwards
August 15 Nancy Margerett Miller f John and Margeret Miller
August 18 Adeline Wankmiller f Andrew and Mary L. Wankmiller
August 22 Sarah Jones f Thomas and Jane Jones
August 25 Sarah C. Richardson f John and Catherine Richardson
September 6 Thomas N. Hadcock m Freeman and Maryann Hadcock
September 9 Anne Foy f Jeremiah and Mary Foy
October 1 Louise Jane Smith f James and Mary Smith
October 6 Edmund F. Potter m Joseph and Margerett Potter
October 8 Mary Molroy f Edward and Catherine Molroy
October 11 Patrick Tracy m Lorance and Margertt Tracy
October 22 Eliza Johnson f George and Elisebeth Johnson
October 23 Joseph Hegeman m Cornelius and Phebe C. Hegeman
October 25 No Name m Enoch and Rebecca Brockway
October 26 Hester Oliver m George and Sarah Oliver
November 6 Adam G. Green m Micheal and Barbara Green
November 10 Ellen Foy f John and Mary Foy
November 11 Bridget Gilegan f John and Nany Gilegan
November 16 Name Not Known m Jacob F. and Mary E. Putman
November 28 Name Not Known f Chauncey and Rebecca Devendorf
November 18 Julia Antonett Hubbel f Geesy and Sarah Hubbel
December 18 Jeremiah and Denning Dauley 2m Jeremiah and Ellen Dauley
December 18 Christopher Macgreven m Thomas and Mary Macgreven
December 18 Roselle R. Carr f Patrick and Mary Carr
December 19 ---- Dodge m Delos W. and Maryann Dodge
December 21 Name Not Known f William and Briget Marion
December 26 Name Not Known m Thomas and Margerett Dunivan

1849 Frankfort, NY Birth Records

Number of Births in the Town of Frankfort and County of Herkimer during the year ending 31st December, 1849.

Date of
Name of ChildGenderNames of Parents
December 11 Jane Newton f Charles Newton
January 15 Warren C. Near m Christopher Near
June 7 John m Thomas and Bridget Bennis
November 4 John m Benjamin and Charlotte Kast
October 24 Michael m Richard and Mary Harvey
May 30 Genett f Jerome and Eliza Halser
October 15 Martha J. f Conrad and Sophronia Edee
June 21 Alvin m Jorden and Katharine Sprague
September 14 - - Jerimiah and Anna Dedrick
June 18 Eugene m David W. and Lydia Davis
November 25 - f Robert and Julia Vanohoe
May 13 Marcellus m Esich B. and Harriet A. Colvin
April 16 Henry F. m Henry and Jane M. Edee
March 2 Henrietta f George W. and Sarah A. Austin
February 26 Elizabeth Roberts f Robert and Margaret Roberts
March 29 Moses Aldinger m John M. and Elizabeth Aldinger
April 8 Margaret Rolland f John and Jane Rowland
June 10 Elizabeth Cook f Benjamin P. and Catharine Cook
July 23 - m Adam and Elizabeth Dunn
August 24 Delia Mackey f Jasper and Eve Mackey
September 1 Julia Linse f Peter and Sarah Ann Linse
December 18 John Folts m Conrad and Eunice Folts
- - m Mathew and Maria P. Wankmiller
February 26 Robert P. Evans m David and Mary Evans
March 13 - m Amos and Miranda Tillinghast
April 14 Julia G. Tillinghast f Jedediah and Mary Tillinghast
September 23 Patrick Donald m Patrick Donald
April 9 Harriet E. Williams f Robert and Ann Williams
August 11 Erwin A. King m Augustus and Mary E. King
June 18 Loisa P. Churches f William and Ann Churches
April 27 Lucinda Brown f John Z. and Salina Brown
July 18 James H. Rushmer m James and Mary A. Rushmer
September 20 Harriet M. Fuller f George and Priscilla Fuller
June 16 Albert Edee m Wm. H. and Sarah A. Edee
January 2 Emily f John and Mary Dunn
March 20 Wm. W. m Christian and Eliza Ann Edick
January 12 Almira f Chas. W. and Adeline Sherman
July 9 George W. m Frederick M. and Eleanor Buck
July 26 Adelaide f Henry and Livona James
August 12 Henry C. m Henry C. and Catharine Prime
April 12 Lewis F. Wever m Peter and Harriet Wever
July 14 Samuel M. Edwards m Thomas J. and Sarah Edwards
November 30 - m Benjamin and Amy Harvy
May 18 Robert Roberts m Owen and Margaret Roberts
March 24 Mary E. Vance f John and Abigal Vance
April 15 Wellington Daymouth m George and Cornelia Daymouth
March 21 Emma Kay f Jeremiah and Jane Kay
March 16 Chas. W. Morgan m John and Sarah Morgan
July 21 Emmet E. Morehouse m Samuel and Almeda Morehouse
October 21 Mary J. Slomaker f Daniel and Elizabeth B. Slomaker
September 23 Ludoviso Johnson m Evert and Ann Johnson
December 30 - m Elias and Nancy Holdridge

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