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Transcribed and submitted by Lynn Tooley

Birth Records
Town of German Flatts
Herkimer County, New York

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1847 German Flatts, NY Birth Records

Number of Births in the Town of German Flatts and County of Herkimer during the year ending 31st December, 1847.

Date of
Name of ChildGenderNames of Parents
January 17 Sylvester m Sylvester and Kelsey Green
January 13 Jutella f J. P. and Adaline Newman
January 21 Mary ann f Chancy and Elizabeth Johnon
January 14 Catharine f James and Betsy Holihan
January 25 David H. m Geo. L. and Sarah M. Vanslyke
January 25 Arthur m C. A. and Diantha Griffith
January 26 Margaret f John and Elizabeth Bellinger
January 30 Mary Elizabeth f Richard and Eliza Turner
January 27 Mary Alice f David and Catharine Monk
February 10 Willis f Oswell F. and Catharine Parker
February 18 John m Patrick and Mayeppa Mc Carm
March 1 Ellen f Geo. and Mary Munnigan
March 1 Not Named m Milvin and Lucy Chase
April 8 Milo m Chas. F. and Susan West
April 11 Ralph m Cornilius and Caroline Devendorff
April 11 Susan f Thos. and Susan Mc Carm
May 2 Elianor f John and Elizabeth Cress
May 10 Not Named m Elijah and Roxanna Morse
May 15 Deroy m Geo. and Margaret Broomhall
May 15 Luther E. m Isaac and Harriet Gilbert
May 26 Thos. m John and Margaret Deverough
June 8 Not Named m Jas. W. and Hellen Berry
June 10 Clarence Eugene m Geo. and Harriet A. Wood
June 22 Harriet f Thos. L. and Clarissa Thayer
June 14 Caroline f Phillip and Lora Warn
June 27 Daniel m Samuel and Margaret Morgan
June 28 Not Named f Alanson and Unice Wheeler
July 8 Charles Augustus m Augustus and Adaline Gardner
July 18 Catharine f Owen and Mary Kenyon
July 15 Phila Elizabeth f (colored) William and Charlott Johnson
July 13 Jas. Henry m Henry J. and Mary Schuyler
August 11 Margaret Lovisa f Lewis and Catharine Freeman
August 21 Susan Josephine f Jabe and Hannah Hartson
August 26 Adam m Isaac and Maryann Suller
October 10 Not Named m Solomon and Susan Longs
December 12 Not Named m Jacob and Harriet Morts
July 10 Elmira Augusta f Jacob and Rachael Ann Bunn
July 22 John Marion Casler m Jonas R. Casler and Miss Permelia Prall
October 4 Desta Ovilla Day f Simon and Sally Day
November 19 Mary Elizabeth f Andrew and Polly Peck
August 19 Sarah Fishbeck f Adam and Eliza Fishbeck
September 22 Charles Hike m Isaac and Lydia Huyck
May 1 Ellen Melissa f Merindd Miller Illegimate
August 1 Anna Eliza f Joseph and Emaline Babcock
September 1 Andrew m Andrew and Catharne Delance
September 12 Margaret Mary f Mathew and Catharne Sulliven
September 13 Geo. Alanson m Seth W. and Maryart Dodd
September 23 Not Named m Henry H. and Adelia Knights
- Not Named m Thomas Murphy
- John m David Coughlin
- Not Named m Henry Tuttle
- Lyle A. m A. L. Howell
- Chs. Preat m Andrew Shoemaker
- Not Named m Luther and E. Chase
- Mary f Stephen and Elizabeth Wheeler
29 Mary Elizabeth f Joel R. and Eliza Davis
20 Josepheen f John P. and Christina Quackenbush
December 7 Not Named m Thos. and Hannah Varly
December 8 Margaret f Richard and Phebe Vanslyke
December 27 Not Named f Robert and Catharine Ethridge
September 22 Samual Denison m Stanton and Evoline Denison
June 11 Mary E. Spoon f Daniel and Mary Spoon
August 5 Mary E. Steel f Solomon and Louisa Steel
April 5 Mary Margaret Miller f David and Margaret Miller
June 13, 1847 Jas. Dexter Rankins m Peter and Clarissa Rankin
September 13 Chas. Hawley Shoemaker m Rudolph and Nancy Shoemaker
September 19 Rufus Orendorff m Peter F. and Mary Orendorff
November 23 Wm. Crosslin Peak m Elijah and Margaret Peak
December 15 Not Named m Jas. and Delia Steel
December 16, 1847 Katharin Shoemaker f Rudolph and Nancy Shoemaker
September 30, 1847 Isaac H. Brown m Gaylord and Margaret Brown
April 16 Weltty Brown f Calvin and Emaline Brown
February 14 Chs. Putman m Wm. and Maria Putman
May 31 Mary Ester f Alpheus and Susannah Fox
August 19 Benjamin Franklin m Samuel and Elizabeth Burlingane
September 17 Burden Samuel m Wm. and Jane Hufman
October 6 Jane f John and Ann Hill

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