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Birth Records
Town of Litchfield
Herkimer County, New York

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1847 Litchfield, NY Birth Records

Number of Births in the Town of Litchfield and County of Herkimer during the year ending 31st December, 1847.

Date of
Name of ChildGenderNames of Parents
January the 8th Nancy Ann Harter f John A. and Eliza Ann Harter
January the 12th Hellen Conelia f Jeremiah K. and Cornellia Matteson
January the 15th Sarah Whitcomb f Riggs and Elizabeth Whitcomb
January the 21st Mary Azubia f Dudley and Heziah Wilcox
January the 28th Clarissa Mality f Sheldon P. and Phoebe Gillett
January the 19th - f John and Almira Kay
January the 31st Charles Coolidge m Ohio and Elizabeth Coolidge
February the 13th Luella f George and Mary Ann Dewing
February the 23d Zechariah E. m Henry L. and Mary E. Clark
April the 11th Lowry f Griffith and Ann Hartley
April the 13th Persilla f Joseph and Irena Dany
May the 11th Mary f John and Sarah Bristol
May the 15th William Henry m Henry and Philinda Carron
May the 21st George L. m Isaac T. and Joanna Hamilton
May the 30th Alonzo B. m George and Margarett E. Everett
May the 30th Louisa f Peter and Louisa Craves
June the 1st Rozaltha Ann f George and Elanor Gould
June the 5th Charles M. m Elijah B. and Amanda Fuller
June the 6th George A. m William and Caroline Nichols
June the 11th - f James L. and Elizabeth Bradley
June the 12th Sarah A. f James and Louis M. Alvord
June the 12th Mary C. f George and Caroline Platts
June the 13th Ellen A. f Charles and Polly Ingersoll
June the 15th Theodore P. m Archibald and Cassandre Parker
June the 20th Ann Elizabeth f George M. and Sarah A. Cary
June the 20th Barnum m Zechariah and Urena Hulsopple
June the 21st Orange C. m Anson and Eliza Rider
June the 22d - m Thomas and Sarah Roslin
June the 27th Alvira J. V. f Henry and Hannah Innman
June the 27th Emily F. f John and Laura Gird
July the 26th Ervin H. m Alonzo L. and Jane M. Fish
July the 30th Mary H. f Thomas and Mary Hollander
July the 30th Sarah f Daniel and Phebe House
August the 7th Elizabeth A. f Alfred and Elizabeth Nibs
August the 8th Mary C. f Ozias N. and Clarisa Gaylord
August the 12th - m Orin and Mary Bates
August the 15th Samuel A. m Samuel Elsa Slade
August the 21st Mary E. f William and Mary Ann Hadley
August the 23d William m Timothy D. and Alice Fuller
August the 27th Alanson m Morgan F. and Hannah Townsend
September the 13th Mary F. f Lewis and Frances Gwin
September the 14th Martha Ann f George M. and Eliza Ann Jones
September the 23d Abigal f Alexander and Cynthia Cramer
September the 25th Mary F. f Evan and Jane Davis
October the 6th Betsey f William and Lucinda Cooper
October the 11th Ella C. f Charles and Betsey Wilcox
October the 11th Abigal G. f Solon and Mariah Palmer
October the 17th - m Danford and Margaret Wheelock
November the 9th - f Jacob and Rejoice Crook
November the 12th Catharine R. f Michael and Eliza McGinnass
November the 13th Abbey E. f Samuel and Julia Washburn
November the 15th Gertrude U. f Stephen P. and Louisa Townsend
December the 9th Catharine f John and Ann McCarty
December the 17th - f Amos and Adeline Anderson
December the 25th - f James G. and Orrissa F. Jervett

1848 Litchfield, NY Birth Records

Number of Births in the Town of Litchfield and County of Herkimer during the year ending 31st December, 1848.

Date of
Name of ChildGenderNames of Parents
February the 9th Charles Jonas m Mathew J. and Janet Everett
March the 12th Fanny Amelia f Thomas and Ersula Jones
June the 8th Mary Francis f Peter and Mary Craine
September the 13th Euginia Lyman m Edward and Almira Gaylord
October the 28th Morton m Sheldon S. and Laura Spencer
- James J. m Owen R. and Lucy Jones
September the 3rd Elen Underwood f Edgar and Ann Underwood
December the 3rd Francis Flint m Robert and Cathrin Flint
March the 1st James G. and John A. Goodier 2m Aaron and Abigail Goodier
April the 18th John J. Hadley m John and Sarah Hadley
May the 23rd Marsdin H. Goodier m Samuel and Esther Goodier
August the 3rd Sariah L. Goodier f Henry and Elizabeth Goodier
September the 16th Davis f William and Content Davis
October the 16th Charles P. Yanner m Silas and Lois E. Yanner
November the 1st Delos Brewer m Jacob and Mary Ann Brewer
March 19th Eunice Alsina f Ira F. and Britanna Dain
May the 19th James Lewis m Ephram F. and Effson Helmer
March the 26th Harriet Janet f Richard and Minerva Heakes
May the 11th Alpha f Joseph F. and Jarmelia Budlong
May the 4th Wallace E. True m Loren and Thetis True
July the 11th Julius Brown m Pichalus S. and Naomi Brown
December the 11th Not Named m Jacob and Nancy Ann True
December the 21st Emy and Emily 2f Nahurm and R. and Mary Grant
August the 26th William A. m Herbert and Nancy Cristman
December the 5th Not Named m Johnithan and Martha Bale
September 9th Not Named m Benjamin and Ladima Vanhausen
August the 15th Elizabeth C. f John and Emily Vanhausen
May the 10th Not Named m Lorin and Olive Ayelsworth
September the 16th C. W. m Wm. And Martty Howard
May 18th Ira Elias m Elias and Mary A. Ball
September the 1st No Name m Vanrensaler R. and Hellen Brainard
March the 1st Jorge m Robert and Ann Sears
December the 1st Hoffman m A. D. and Julia Ann Fish
March the 16th - - Knowles P. and Mary E. Harvey
November the 30th Emma Amelia Dodge f Ira and Hannah Dodge
November the 25th - m Calvin V. and Susan Dennison
- John J. Hadley m John and Mrs. Jones
August the 6th - m Benjamin and Betsey Kersham
July the 26th Mary Sanders f Luke and Electly Sanders
November the 24th David J. m John and Eliza Harter
May the 30th Anna Eliza f John and Cerua Bersley
August the 29th Wm. Lewis m Willaim and Sarah Lewis
October the 29th Mary f Owen and Mary Jones

1849 Litchfield, NY Birth Records

Number of Births in the Town of Litchfield and County of Herkimer during the year ending 31st December, 1849.

Date of
Name of ChildGenderNames of Parents
January 16th - - Jeremiah, Jr. and Mary Kimm
17th Edward B. Holcomb m Wm. S. and Hannah E. Holcomb
24th Mary A. Budlong f Nathaniel and Mary E. Budlong
24th Not Named m James and Lois Orendorff
30th Sarah J. Dyke f Sylvester and Lovea Dyke
February 8th John m Evan and Jane Davis
March 6th Amelius m Homer and Henrietta Warren
8th Byron A. m Anson and Eliza Rider
8th Sarah C. f Alford and Elisabeth Nibs
27th Wm. H. m Wakeman and Lydia L. Smith
10th Boyd A. m Morgan J. and Elisabeth Hammond
31st Nancy A. f Wm. And Mary Lucy
May 21st James Martin m James and Irene Hagerty
June 18th Mary Evelyn f Morris and Mary Rider
28th - - Horace and Betsey Matteson
July 2nd - - John and Infith Walchaff
3rd Ararible G. f Michael and Ester Getman
28th Mary f Archibald and Carsandry Parker
August 4th - - Nathaniel and Cornelia Haggerty
11th Celesta L. f James and Lois Alvord
Sept. 8th Eliza f John and Laura Gird
17th Theresa Adalaid f Mores and Victoria Dyke
29th Charles m Samuel and Abigail Norton
Oct. 19th - m Alexander and Fanny Newton
19th - m Zachriah and Lorane Hulsapple
20th Wm. S. m Alanson and Amanda Miller
Nov. 16th Erastus W. m Samuel and Esther Ann Goodier
17th - - Philander and Sarah P. Keny
December 14th Loring M. m Loring D. and Olive A. Ellsworth
- - m Z. D. and Allice Fuller
- - - John and Almira Kay
March 8th Ann f Thomas and Mary Haloran
May 9th Caroline E. f Wm. And Caroline Nichols
Oct. 3rd Nancy A. f Knowles S. and Mary E. Harvey
December 21st - m Wm. And Lucinda Cooper
27th - f John and Mary McCarthy

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