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Birth Records
Town of Manheim
Herkimer County, New York

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1847 Manheim, NY Birth Records

Number of Births in the Town of Manheim and County of Herkimer during the year ending 31st December, 1847.

Date of
Name of ChildGenderNames of Parents
March 16 Alvah B. Wolverton m Stephen and Mary Wolverton
May 30 Hanibal Helmer m Samuel and Margareth Helmer
December 1 Wm. Henry Johnston m John F. and Janet Johnston
December 4 Spencer m Thomas and Phebe Spencer
March 6 Charles Addison m John and Catharine Brown
March 16 Charles Hamilton m Adam and Harriet Helmer
December 2 - f -
September 1 Daniel O. Leahy m Mathew and Margareth Leahy
June 7 Anes Kilts f Conrad, 2nd and Elener Kilts
May 5 - f Friend and Ameline Cook
May 25 Erminia Bellinger f Daniel P. and Phebe Bellinger
April 20 Lydia C. Straugh f Mathew and Lydia Straugh
August 4 Alwater Wilson m Daniel C. and Sara Wilson
Feby. 17 Cornelius A. Keyser m Jacob and Elisa Keyser
August 7 Silas Dalein m Illegitimate
November 27 - f Alexander and Nancy Klock
Feby. 24 Catharine Paulina f Hiram and Elisa Ann Allen
March 6 John Lester m Eli and Abigal Timerman
July 29 Susan f George W. and Mary McCammon
October 4 Francis Maria f Benjamin and Amelia Timerman
Novr. 27 Elisabeth f Joseph and Lucetta Quance
April 4 Edwin Romain Snell m Peter P. and Phebe Snell
May 25 Mary Elisabeth Feeter f William A. and Catharine Feeter
Novr. 28 Nancy Maria Rosbeck f John and Mary Rosbeck
October 2 Salina Cook f Hiram and Lucinda Cook
Jany. 15 Byron f Samuel and Lovina Sadler
June 11 Clarisa m Ezra and Chatharine Sampson
July 12 Daniel Werton m Silas and Elisabeth Ingham
August 28 Permilia Elisabeth f Lansing and Mary Snell
Novr. 4 Not Named f Leonard and Nancy Yuile
May 21 Ama Carbline Slawson f Dennis W. and Caroline Slawson
June 20 Webster Gray m George and Lucinda Gray
August Unknown f Daniel and Mary Klock
Novr. 7 Peter m Alexander and Mary Keller
Decr. 23 Not Named m John and Elsey Garlock
Septr. 10 David T. Lindsay m Samuel F. and Mary A. Lindsay
Jany. 25 Byron C. Peck m William and Polly Peck
Novr. 15 Frederick D. Brocket m Zenos and Candace Brocket

1848 Manheim, NY Birth Records

Number of Births in the Town of Manheim and County of Herkimer during the year ending 31st December, 1848.

Date of
Name of ChildGenderNames of Parents
January 3d Illegitimate f Mary Loucks
January 26th Francis M. Spafford m John P. and Jane Spafford
February 13th John Eddy Ransom m Daniel R. and Mary Jane Ransom
March 1st John Moyer m Adam and Mary Ann Moyer
April 14th Not Named m Chauncey and Catharine Jones
April 26th Francis Jones f John and Catharine Jones
May 1st Not Named f Calvin and Lucinda Barnes
May 17th Mary Walrath f Archibald and Lucinda Walrath
May 23d Myron m Joshua and Nancy Snell
July 7th Jane f Hiram and Mary Ann Bidleman
July 10th Electa Sage Timmerman f Eli and Abigail Timmerman
July 17th Amis E. Keyson f John P. and Polly Keyson
August 14th Not Named f Lymon and Mary Mills
August 15th Walter Loucks m Benjamin and Sarah Loucks
August 22nd Viola Vandriesen f Adam and Marilla Vandrieson
August 28th William Henry m Richard F. and Gitty Schuyler
September 11th Maria Elizabeth f Ezekiel and Sena Elden
September 16th Luke McOrmick m Martin and Mary McOrmick
September 19th Lany Margaret f James and Margaret Ellwood
October 12th Samuel m Frederick and Lovina Jeffers
October 20th Lansing m Benjamin and Catharine Houghtailing
October 28th Sophia f Hiram and Elizabeth Van Allen
November 18th Jennett N. f Harvey and Addalina Waterman
November 30th Not Named m Samuel and Lucy VanSlyke
November 21st Daniel m Daniel and Mary Favill
December 5th Not Named m Samuel and Lovina Sadler
December 16th Not Named m Hanibal and Catharine Fink
December 13th Oliver L. m Susanna Ingraham
December 18th Not Named m Henry and Mary Broat
December 19th George H. m George and Lucinda Dockstador
December 24th John m John and Caroline Markell
December 18th Not Named m Uriah A. and Mary Hopson
December 7th Not Named f Jacob and Eliza Keyson
July 10th John Godfrey m John and Mary Shelty
December 31st Not Named f Henry and Lorina Sanders
February 27th Charles W. m Jacob and Sarah Ann Beuren

1849 Manheim, NY Birth Records

Number of Births in the Town of Manheim and County of Herkimer during the year ending 31st December, 1849.

Date of
Name of ChildGenderNames of Parents
April 2 James Carroll m James and Mary Carroll
July 8 Mary Soland f Timothy and Mary Soland
July 9 Anna Matilda McCammon f George W. and Mariah McCammon
November 7 Charles H. Phillips m Henry and Mary Ann Phillips
April 15 Frederick Fink (Twin) m Frederick and Mariette Fink
April 15 Frances Fink (Twin) f Frederick and Mariette Fink
January 1 Mary M. Sanders f Henry and Eliza Sanders
April 1 Catharine Samson f Ezra and Catharine Samson
April 20 Seffeona Lavina f John P. and Lucinda Davis
May 27 Rudolph Augustus m George and Barbara Youngs
April 26 Louisa Augusta f John and Caroline Davis
October 21 Emily f Levi and Catharine Ritter
March 22 Sarah Ann f Izrael and Juliann Neuman
November 18 No Name f Hiram and Mariett Snell
October 2 No Name f Daniel and Mary Ann Klock
October 15 No Name m Chauncy and Jane Cook
October 20 Unknown m Henry and Hannah Putnam
May 15 Emeline f George and Polly Eldridge
May 15 Susan f George and Mary Huffman
Aug. 8 Lewis Benjamin m Jacob B. and Emily Snell
May 8 Philo m Levi and Lavina Bellinger
January 20th James m James and Birdget Harrington
July 16 Emily f Jeremiah and Maria House
Jan. 29 Mary f John Pennings and Mother's Name Not Known
May 5 Justus m George and Thankful Whitcomb
May 21 Mary Jane f Thomas and Sarah Haines
June 18 Edmund m John and Jane Finigan
Aug. 4 Mary Margaret f Hiram and Margaret Woolever
May 23 Charles Reston m Alexander and Nancy Klock
October 21 Charles William m Davis and Rebecca Ransom
Aug. 23 Paulina m Adam and Aneliza Smith

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