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Birth Records
Town of Russia
Herkimer County, New York

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1847 Russia, NY Birth Records

Number of Births in the Town of Russia and County of Herkimer during the year ending 31st December, 1848.

Date of
Name of ChildGenderNames of Parents
Sept. 27 Elizabeth Emma f William and Elizabeth Dickes
July 24 Nathaniel Pebody m Darius and Eliza Pebody
Sept. 7 Susan f Lewis and Mariah Davis
Apr. 14 Lanyzoire f Peter and Elizabeth Reneaskim
Mar. 1 Frederick m David and Catharine Pangbern
May 9 George m Chauncey and Margaret E. Potter
July 4 Martha C. f Francis and Ester Vincent
July 5 Everlina f William and Phebee Mabin
Sept. 24 Jerry m Aaron B. and Ann Hodge
Oct. 9 Morgan m James and Ruth Hubbel
June 14 Azel m Moris M. and Mary Pendill
Aug. 24 Aldrew f William and Susan Murry
Nov. 29 Lydia A. f John and Delia Moore
Nov. 5 Egbart R. m Parson and Lucinda Newberry
Nov. 26 Emily L. f Armon and Sarah Stephens
Nov. 23 - m Henry and Margarett Mussy
May 9 John m Henry and Sally Rich
Aug. 11 Gerardus m Henry and Sophia Looker
May 9 Luestia f Tilson and Luestia Pooler
May 17 Truman m John and Sally Laquay
Aug. 23 Cordelia C. f Andrew and Catharine Morris
Jan. 23 Elizabeth Ann f Loren and Elizabeth Pardee
Nov. 28 - f Theodore and Betsey Looker
Sept. 28 Henry A. m Chancellor and Rachel Ann Wheeler
Dec. 4 - m Amos and Laura Ann Carnright
Jan. 3 George m Roswell S. and Teresa Wood
Jan. 5 John A. m Giles A. and Amanda Russell
Mar. 5 Martha Hellen f John and Hellen Carpenter
July 13 Byron m John B. and Mary Ann Lankton
Oct. 12 Hellen Haddera f William and Hellen Cook
Dec. 11 - f Jared, Jr. and Mary Ann Thuyer
Dec. - - Goram and Roxy Barker
Jan. 10 Emily C. f Solon and Ann Hubbard
Dec. 9 Henry Jones m Hugh and Jane Jones
Feb. 14 Louisa H. f James E. and Lucy Burden
Aug. 4 Laura A. f Samuel P. and Rosetta Sears
Nov. 29 - f Phineas and Angeline Watkins
Mar. 9 Byron m Isaac and Ann Eliza Trask
Aug. 8 Abby Ann f Phineas and Sarah Carpenter
Nov. 25 Sidney Payn m Sidney and Mary Slocum
Feb. 11 Ellen M. f Silas and Autentia Taylor
June 4 Charles H. m James and Lovisa Reed
Jan. 12 Hoxie D. m Hozie and Louisa Ann Payn
July 8 Adelbert U. Truman m Oliver P. and Maria Truman
Sept. 8 Forrest f William and Abbigal Forrest
Aug. 20 - f Roland and Amanda Halladay
May 15 Daniel D. m Peter and Margaret Smith

1848 Russia, NY Birth Records

Number of Births in the Town of Russia and County of Herkimer during the year ending 31st December, 1848.

Date of
Name of ChildGenderNames of Parents
Mar. 13 Laura Ann f Joel and Betsy Lankton
Dec. 18 Francis Louisa f Lorane and Roxena Barker
Feb. 25 Eliza Matilda f Orson and Theresa Moore
Jan. 4 Endoeia Jane f Charles and Jane White
July 28 Sarah Louisa f William and Susan Buck
Mar. 17 Clarence Germanic m Millon G. and Jane R. Varney
Dec. 5 William S. Carpenter m Libbeus and Eliza E. Caprenter
Feb. 19 Daniel Davis m Jacob J. and Jane Davis
June 15 Sarah Adeline f Joshua and Christiam Parks
Sept. 20 Rosell J. Bonner m Samuel D. and Deanna C. Bonner
June 18 Nelson Knights m Wm. E. and Caroline Knights
Sept. 27 Frances Wendover f Calvin and Mary Ann Wendover
Nov. 7 McAntosh f Thomas and Catharine McIntosh
Nov. 7 Not Named m Selas and Calferna Huntley
Mar. 16 Horace m Sylvester B. and Sally Ann
Apr. 6 Sarah Ann f Daniel P. and Mariett Vincent
Feb. 15 Celestia f John and Cinderella Dygert
Aug. 7 Sarah Lucinda Phelps f Bela E. and Lovilla Phelps
Sept. 3 Sarah Adelaid f Stephen and Nancy Payn
Oct. 25 Not Named m Bartlet and Sally Esther Barker
Nov. 6 Harriet f Cameron and Harriet Moore
Nov. 7 Not Named m Elijah Heny and Emma Almira Graves
Aug. 13 Alis f George T. and Hellen Farley
Sept. 14 Sarah f Lewis R. and Ellen Williams
June 28 George Alfonso m Joel and July Ann McMaster
Oct. 9 Aurvilla f Ephraim and Almira Wheeler
Nov. 15 Not Named m William and Jane Rowland
Feb. 22 Tiphena f Danl. And Maranda Moon
Jan. 24 Harriet f Wm. G. and Elizabeth Graves
Nov. 22 Charles H. Haskill m Truman C. and Eliza A. Haskell
June Charles Albert m Solomon and Margaret Graves

1849 Russia, NY Birth Records

Number of Births in the Town of Russia and County of Herkimer during the year ending 31st December, 1849.

Date of
Name of ChildGenderNames of Parents
July 26 Theron C. m John Sheant
May 13 Rowland, Jr. m Rowland Holeday
Apr. 13 Josiah m Solomon Holeday
May 1 Lydia Atwood f Solomon Holeday
Aug. 15 Ethel f Mark Forrest
Mar. 5 Charles Sherman Chemar m Eliphalett and Sylva Chenar
Mar. 4 Elizabeth Maria f William and Jane Vincent
Mar. 21 Delvin Wm. m Nelson and Sarah Matilda Robins
May 23 Oren m John and Cyenderilla Dyert
June 26 Martha Jane Morehouse f Charls and Elisabeth Mourehouse
Nov. 8 - f Archebald and Rachel Thompson
Nov. 20 Elen f Charls and Cathrin Dygert
May 26 - m Sylvenas and Mary Allen
Oct. 11 - m Aron B. and Lauraan Hodge
Jan. 15 - f Robert and Samantha Baxter
Mar. 16 Garret J. m Oliver and Lydia Smith
Mar. 31 Elen S. f Albert and Mary Brinson
June 13 Leland m Oliver and Jane Smith
Sept. 4 Herman L. m Dankin and Clarissa Baxter
Sept. 17 Dwight F. Lockwood m Jeremiah and Jane Lockwood
Oct. 4 Oliver m Oliver and Juliet Murry
May 28 Almira Elisa f Allen and Marian Basset
June 19 Nancy Losier Poolman f John and Pheebe Poolman
Sept. 7 John Henry m John and Juliet Deaken
Sept. 14 William Davis m Lewis and Mariah Davis
Sept. 25 George A. m George and Jane Desbrow
Feb. 8 Leonard Ducher m Hiram and Sall Ducher
Jan. 15 Deneas Mason m Cornelus McCallister
Jan. 29 Albert m Andrew and Cathrin Mouene
Feb. 12 Henrietta f Chanselor and Rachell Wheeler
June 7 Claxissa f Noah and Malissa Stafford
June 12 June An f Danul and Margart Delong
July 31 Seth m William and Matila Wright
Aug. 2 Francis E. f Stephen and Mary Faylett
Nov. 28 Not Named m Illegitamate
June 20 Not Named f Tlailhiah and Asa Newbarry
Sept. 25 Maretta f Daniel and Caroline Willoby
Sept. 6 Margaret f Robert and Betsey ----
May 31 Emma Jane Couss f Justus B. and Jane Couss
June 6 Dwight R. Congden m Benjamin G. and Eizabeth Condden
July 3 Abby f Abbert and Abby Hinkly
June 16 Wm. Hennry m Nicholas Kniskeneant
Nov. 7 George Edmonds m John Hughs and Christene
Sept. 12 John m Richmond and Mary Williams
June 1 George Washington m David and Catharin Pangburn
Nov. 2 Edmund m Whena and Sarah Stevens
Jan. 2 Jane f Russel and Hannal Rindsay
Jan. 5 Solon m Giles and Amanda Russell
Jan. 31 Emily f Warren and Semantha Shaw
May 18 Mary f Nathaniel and Mary Pooler
June 14 - f Ebenezer Bills
June 16 Allice f John B. and Maryann Lanklon
Nov. 5 - m Chadwuladen Loyd
Nov. 25 - f William Williams
Dec. 27 - f Wm. B. and Susan Mussy
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