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Revolutionary War Soldiers
Buried in Columbia County, New York

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Graves of Soldiers of the American Revolution Buried in Columbia County, New York whose graves have been officially reported, located or marked, by the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Revolutionary SoldierBornDiedBuriedRevolutionary Service
Abbott, Sele (Selah)17406-2-1791Cornwell - Tilden PlotPvt. NY
Aiken (Akin), James6-4-175510-12-1841St. Peter's Church CemeteryPvt. NY
Andrews, Joseph17487-6-1840Cornwell-Tilden PlotAlb. Co. NY Mil.
Angell. Joshua3-29-17602-10-1838Chatham Center CemeteryPvt. RI
Ashley, Peter10-3-17604-3-1815Reformed Church CemeteryPvt. NY
Bacon, Asa17439-6-1818Peabody CemeteryCapt. Wadsworth's Brigade
Bagley, Josiah17599-27-1848Green River CemeteryLieu. NY
Baker, Stephen17528-29-1831Wadsworth FarmPvt. NY
Baldwin, Nathan7-17-17483-6-1810Baldwin - Hamilton - Carpenter PlotSgt. CT
Barker, Peter173811-24-1785Barker - Bentley CemeteryLieu. NY
Barringer, John174912-5-1815Reformed Church CemeteryPvt. NY
Bartle, Capt. Philip17313-26-1804Alfred Curtis Farm - Hillsdale, NYCapt., Alb. Co. NY Mil.
Bay, John8-15-17436-18-1818Claverack Reformed Church Cemetery - Claverack, NYPvt. 8th Regt. Albany Co. Mil.
Beach, Edmund9-4-17331-4-1804Cornwell-Tilden PlotPatriot CT
Beale, Matthew17554/8/1831Spencertown Church Cemetery, Austerlitz, NY1st Regiment. Minute Men. Colonel Josiah Smith.
Beebe, Hosea9/30/17515/31/1827C. G. Brown Farm, between New Concord and Red Rock, Columbia County, NY17th Regiment. Albany County Militia.
Beebe, Martin17385-18-1783C. G. Brown Farm - bet. Concord & Red Rock, NYMajor
Bennett (Bennet), Isaac17472-7-1809Baldwin - Hamilton - Carpenter PlotSgt. Mass.
Best, John4-24-175110-25-1820Church Cemetery - Livingston, NYEnsign & Lieut, Albany Co.
Bigelow, Jabez, jr.8-30-17605-30-1829Bigelow Family CemeteryPvt. Mass.
Birge, Hosea17608-16-1843Chatham Rural Cemetery - Chatham, NY-
Bixby, Jonathan17301-10-1811Krum Church Cemetery - Hillsdale, NYAlb. Co. NY Mil.
Blass, Peter17451-22-1832Reformed Church Cemetery - Germantown, NYManor of Livingston, Albany Co.
Blinn, Elisha175310-7-1835Red Rock Rural CemeteryPvt. NY Mil.
Bortle, Philip17599-13-1852Woodlawn CemeteryPvt. NY Mil.
Brazee (Brusie), Andrews F.1753January 1823Copake Methodist Church CemeteryAlb. Co. NY Mil.
Briggs, Elkanah5-12-173512-7-1814Chatham Center CemeteryDutchess Co. NY Mil.
Brusie, Andrews C.17429-22-1795Copake Methodist Church CemeteryPvt. NY Mil.
Bullock, Richard17257-18-1808Old North Chatham CemeteryNY Mil.
Butler, Ezekial, 2nd11/3/17616/10/1830Hudson City Cemetery, Columbia County, NYEnlisted 2/19/1777.
Butler, Medad2-23-17662-27-1847Butley - Bailey Cemetery - Stuyvesant, NYPvt. Conn. Mil.
Cady, Ebenezer17083-16-1779Babcock Plot on Surowiec's FarmCapt. NY Mil.
Carpenter, Joseph6-22-17368-29-1796Baldwin - Hamilton - Carpenter Plot1st Lieu. RI
Carpenter, Samuel17343-20-1813Baldwin - Hamilton - Carpenter PlotNY Mil.
Carpenter, Simon174110-22-1812Baldwin - Hamilton - Carpenter PlotPvt. Mass.
Carpenter, Thomas17551-30-1834Baldwin - Hamilton - Carpenter PlotAlb. Co. NY Mil.
Cjase (Chace), Abraham17371-11-1797Schoolhouse Road CemeteryPvt. NY Mil.
Chamberlain, Jonathan2-15-17479-12-1823East Hill Road CemeteryPvt. NY
Champion, Joel3-4-17552-22-1846Old North Chatham CemeteryPvt. NY Mil.
Clark, William175912-15-1842Copake Methodist Church CemeteryPvt. The Levies
Clum, Philip H.7-27-17629-20-1837Reformed Church CemeteryAlb. Co. NY Mil.
Coffin, Alexander9-21-17401-11-1839Hudson City CemeteryShipmaster and Patriot
Cook, Capt. David12-15-176710-15-1827Canaan Ct.-
Cornwall (Cornwell), Joseph17629-22-1816Cornwell-Tilden PlotPvt. NY
Crum (Krum), Jacob17614-7-1800Dunavin Farm CemeteryPvt. NY Mil.
Crum (Krum), Martin17284-5-1801Dunavin Farm CemeteryCapt. NY Mil.
Dakin, Joshua4-22-174410-24-1813Old Orchard CemeteryPvt. NY
Darling, John17501-17-1827West Lebanon CemeteryPvt. NY
Davis, John17599-6-1820St. Peter's Church CemeteryPvt. NY
Dean, Samuel17445-11-1799St. Peter's Church CemeteryEnsign NY
Decker, Lawrence I.5-7-17624-23-1800Copake Methodist Church CemeteryPvt. NY
Drake, Ovid2-14-17452-15-1803Mercer PlotSgt. NY
Dunspaugh, Philip1-6-176210-31-1838Mellenville Union CemeteryPvt. NY
Edgerton, Nathaniel17468-3-1800Baldwin - Hamilton - Carpenter PlotSgt. CT
Esmond, Isaiah7-9-17558-9-1840Old Methodist Church CemeteryPvt. NY
Evans (Evens), Silas *17566-18-1827East Hill Road CemeteryPvt.
Feller, Peter P.5-9-17607-7-1837Lutheran Church Cemetery, ViewmonteDutch. Co. NY Mil.
Fosmire, Henry5-12-17598-25-1817Chatham Union CemeteryAlb. Co. NY Mil.
Fuller, Beekman10-13-17504-8-1832Baldwin - Hamilton - Carpenter PlotPvt. NY
Gershom, Reed3-10-17497-27-1829Van Hoesen - Reed - Van - AlystynePatriot NY
Gifford, Rowland5-6-17482-3-1817Chatham Center CemeteryEnsign NY
Gilbert, Nathaniel G.12-4-17233-22-1787Cornwell-Tilden PlotCapt. CT
Gillett, Noadiah1-15-17542-27-1837Cemetery of the NaplesCT Mil.
Gorsline, Thomas176210-9-1821Schoolhouse Road CemeteryPvt. Mass.
Gott, John *17623-20-1838Cadman PlotPvt. NY
Grant, Eleazer6-24-17483-13-1806Cemetery of the Evergreens2nd Lt. Quartermaster
Grant, John17542-2-1836Cornwell-Tilden PlotPvt. NY
Gridley, Noah (Noadiah)17367-13-1779Baldwin - Hamilton - Carpenter PlotIn Cpt. S. Hart's Com.
Groat, John D.10-18-17612-25-1845Copake Methodist Church CemeteryPvt. NY
Hallock, Richard17257-16-1808Woodlawn CemeteryPvt. NY
Hamilton, John5-8-17647-5-1842Baldwin - Hamilton - Carpenter PlotPvt. NY
Hand, Samuel17365-24-1839Evergreen CemeteryPatroit Mass.
Hart, William3-14-17554-6-1822Reformed Church CemeteryPvt. NY
Hess, Michael10-14-175312-5-1839Teal PlotPvt. NY
Hoes (Goes), John D.5-25-17531-25-1789Kinderhook CemeteryPatroit & Ensign NY
Hoes (Goes), John L.176312-28-1838Kinderhook CemeteryPvt. NY
Holland, John17531-8-1797Kinderhook CemeteryPvt. NY
Hollenbeck, Derrick17619-24-1833Mt. Pleasant Reformed Church CemeteryPvt. NY
Hollenbeck, Michael17631827Hollenbeck PlotPvt. NY
Hollenbeck, Samuel B.17511820Hollenbeck PlotPvt. NY
Hollenbeck, William17621815Hollenbeck PlotPvt. NY
House, Conradabt. 174110-31-1810Old North Chatham CemeteryPvt. NY
Howard, Joseph17611-22-1838Cemetery on Thorpe Farm, Kinderhook, NYPvt. NY
Hubbell, John17297-19-1820Evergreens CemeteryPvt. NY
Hudson, Elijah17313-24-1799Chatham Union CemeteryCapt. NY Mil.
Hurlburt (Hulbert), Elijah17569-25-1832Chatham Union CemeteryPvt. CT
Huyck, Burger4-3-17642-12-1813Kinderhook CemeteryPvt. NY
Jackson, Hilance17506-29-1798Schoolhouse Road CemeteryAlb. Co. NY Mil.
Janes, Elisha17412-5-1812Canaan Center CemeteryPrivate
Johnson, Lemuel176012-11-1814Old Methodist Church CemeteryPvt. Mass.
Jones, Daniel-1-14-1828Cemetery on James Thorpe Farm, Kinderhook, NYPvt. NY
Kammor, Jacob7-25-17441-25-1810St. Thomas Lutheran Church CemeteryPvt. NY
Langdon, John17422-11-1829Copake Methodist Church Cemetery2nd Lt. NY
Lape, George17442-22-1829St. Thomas Lutheran Church CemeteryPvt. NY
Lape, Thomas4-1-17525-2-1813St. Thomas Lutheran Church CemeteryPvt. NY
Lay, Reuben9-10-17512-21-1835Chatham Union CemeteryPvt. NY
Lee, Israel17583-27-1835East Hill Road CemeteryPvt. NY
Lester, Guy *9-10-176011-4-1845Chatham Union CemeteryPvt. NY
Link, Henry17601831W. Ghent Reformed Church CemeteryPvt. NY
Lord, Benjamin1758Aug. 1810Canaan Center CemeteryPvt. Minuteman
Lord, Joseph, Jr.17632-16-1844Canaan Center CemeteryPvt. NY
Lovejoy, Daniel1738/397-28-1795Lovejoy - Beebe - Smith PlotPvt. NY
Lovett, John17191803Butler - Bailey PlotPvt. NY
Marks, Samuel *Oct. 17579-19-1836Old Methodist Church CemeteryPvt. Wagoner Mass.
Miller, Benjamin17465-1-1832Copake Methodist Church CemeteryPvt. NY
Miller, Frederick9-15-175010-11-1817St. Thomas Lutheran Church CemeteryPvt. NY
Miller, Mattias12-31-17365-6-1823Copake Methodist Church CemeteryPvt. NY
Morey, Joseph17502-14-1823On property of Mrs. Burton Coons, Austerlitz, NYSol. NY
Morse, Josiah17347-5-1801Morse PlotPvt. NY
Mott, Abel2-22-17367-18-1804Cemetery of the EvergreensPatriot CT
Moul, John5-6-17553-25-1841Mellenville Union CemeteryPvt. NY
Mynard, Joshua5-8-17651-24-1843Austerlitz Rural Community CemeteryPvt. NY
Nichols, David17635-25-1844Green River CemeteryDrummer
Northrup (Northrop), Nathan12-22-17562-24-1829Babcock PlotNY Mil.
Palmer, David17613-25-1839Old North Chatham CemeteryPvt. NY
Patterson, Abraham10-23-17401-22-1797Kinderhook CemeteryPvt. NY
Peabody, Parker17368-27-1811Peabody PlotNY Mil.
Phelps, Israel2-5-175210-17-1826Phelps CemeteryPvt. Mass.
Phillips, George8-29-17543-14-1806Mellenville Union CemeteryCapt. NY Commissary
Phillips, Jacobus17476-11-1830Claverack Reformed Church CemeteryCapt. NY
Plass, John E.4-5-17616-25-1838Mt. Pleasant Reformed Church CemeteryPvt. NY
Preston, Leviabt. 17617-6-1811Van Cott - Lee PlotPvt. NY
Pulver, John17519-13-1834Prospect Hill CemeteryPvt. NY
Pulver, Williamabt. 17415-18-1812Kinderhook CemeteryPvt. NY
Race, Ephraim A.-11-4-1824Copake Methodist Church CemeteryPvt. NY Mil.
Reynolds, Ezra4-14-17576-23-1837Prospect Hill CemeteryPvt. NY
Rich, Davidabt. 17405-5-1820Evergreens CemeteryPvt. Mass.
Richmond, Edwardabt. 172012-3-1806Schoolhouse Road CemeteryPvt. NY
Richmond, Josiahabt. 17607-4-1826Rogers PlotPvt. NY
Richmond, Simeon1758June 1827Chatham Union CemeteryPvt. & Sgt. NY
Rifenburg, Adam1-17-17525-5-1843Germantown CemeteryPvt. NY
Rifenburg, George17629-14-1849Germantown CemeteryPvt. NY Levi.
Rifenburg, Henryabt. 176512-3-1849Lutheran Church Cemetery, GermantownPvt. NY
Ringsdorph, Phillipabt. 17489-28-1833St. Thomas Lutheran Church CemeteryPvt. NY
Rossman, George (Jurrie)8-1-17486-30-1791St. Thomas Lutheran Church CemeteryPvt. NY
Rowe (Roe), Peterabt. 17629-20-1822St. Thomas Lutheran Church CemeteryNY Mil.
Salpaugh, Johnabt. 17571-16-1838Lutheran Church Cemetery, GermantownPvt. & Sgt. NY
Schepmoes, William7-17-17522-20-1819Reformed Church Cemetery, GermantownNY Mil.
Schermerhorn, William176610-18-1824VanHoesen - Reed - Van Alystyne PlotPvt. NY
Shaffer, John11-11-174912-30-1830Niver CemeteryCapt. NY
Shaffer, John F.abt. 17433-30-1828Cemetery on Thorpe FarmPvt. NY
Sharpe, Andrewabt. 17651-22-1832Kinderhook CemeteryPvt. NY
Sharpe, Peterabt. 17508-12-1829Reformed Church Cemetery, GermantownPvt. NY
Sheffield, Calebabt. 17271-22-1816Van Ness Burial GroundsPvt.
Sheffield, Johnabt. 17513-28-1803Van Ness Burial GroundsPvt. NY
Shepard, Willard17433-2-1784Hillsdale Rural CemeteryNY Mil.
Shufelt, Henry12-17-17502-5-1830Mellenville Union CemeteryPvt. NY
Simester, Johnabt. 17402-9-1797Mercer PlotPatroit
Simpson, James8-10-17533-7-1842Hudson - Sims - Simpson PlotPvt. NY
Sipperley, Barent17586-8-1845Cheviot CemeteryPvt. NY
Skinkle, Henry, Jr.4-27-17595-10-1847Reformed Church Cemetery, ClaverackPvt. NY
Skinner, Samuelabt. 17355-28-1790Baldwin - Hamilton - Carpenter PlotPvt. Berkshire Regt.
Slingerland, Abram1-27-17599-27-1837Kinderhook CemeteryEnsign
Smith, Henry9-29-17603-25-1816Reformed Church Cemetery, GermantownPvt. NY
Smith, Jacob B.2-6-17648-6-1825Reformed Church Cemetery, GermantownPvt. NY
Snyder, Conrad17642-17-1818Reformed Church Cemetery, GermantownPvt. NY
Snyder, George T.10-16-17609-10-1845Snyder Farm Cemetery, GhentPvt. NY
Snyder, Samuelabt. 175510-17-1832Reformed Church Cemetery, GermantownPvt. NY
Snyder, Williamabt. 17586-13-1844Reformed Church Cemetery, GermantownPvt. NY
Sours, Tunisabt. 17594-21-1835Woodlawn CemeteryNY Mil.
Spencer, David1-25-17556-27-1827St. Peters Church CemeteryPvt. NY
Spickerman, Andrew12-31-17346-15-1813Kinderhook CemeteryNY Mil.
Squire, Jesse *11-11-17603-25-1835Old Methodist Church CemeteryCpl. NY
Straats, Peterabt. 17577-1-1814Reformed Church Cemetery, GermantownPvt. NY
Stewart, Joshuaabt. 17621-6-1848Green River CemeteryPvt. NY
Teel (Teal), Lawrencebpt. 8-28-17475-10-1827Teal Plot on Ogden FarmNY Mil.
Thompson, Samuel17448-13-1808Barry Plot, Chatham1st Lt. NY
Van Alen, Corneliusabt. 17649-10-1830Cemetery on Pruyn Farm, KinderhookPvt. NY
Van Alen, Jamesabt. 17451826Cemetery on Van Alen - Pruyn Farm, StuyvesantNY Mil.
Van Alen, Gilbertabt. 17589-21-1809Chatham Center CemeteryPvt. NY
Van Alen, John H.8-30-17529-10-1832Old North Chatham CemeteryPvt. NY
Van Alstyne, Abraham P.abt. 17626-5-1834James Van Alstyne Family Plot, StuyvesantPvt. NY
Van Alstyne, Leonardbpt. 9-18-17431795Chatham Center CemeteryPvt. NY
Vanderpoel, Andries12-9-17541-9-1812Private Cemetery at PollsburgAlb. Co. NY Mil.
Van Deusen, John J.bpt. 11-14-17619-5-1802Van Deusen Plot, GreenportPvt. NY
Van Valkenburgh, Bartholomewabt. 17532-14-1849Chatham Union CemeteryPvt. NY
Vosburgh, Abrahamabt. 17464-26-1834Kinderhook CemeteryPvt. NY
Vosburgh, Martin7-29-17385-6-1801Tiroli Cemetery ? Old Reformed ChurchLand Bounty Rights
Vosburgh, Peter Isaac10-20-17521-29-1830Old Stuyvesant CemeteryCapt. Col. James Livingston Reg.
Vosburgh, Samuelabt. 17549-10-1845Family Plot on Miller Farm, CopakePvt. NY
Wadsworth, John Sr.7-1-17375-23-1788Wadsworth Farm CemeteryPvt. NY
Wadsworth, John Jr.4-4-17628-21-1831Wadsworth Farm CemeteryPvt. NY
Walling, James1-6-17518-2-1829Old Austerlitz CemeteryPvt. NY
Waltermire, Michaelabt. 17606-2-1813Cemetery on Stupplebeen Farm, GhentPvt. NY
Webster, Moss5-25-17431-28-1815Green River CemeteryPvt. CT
West, Benajah9-17-175212-30-1832Evergreens CemeteryPvt. NY
Westfall, Benjamin3-19-17407-27-1820Mellenville Union CemeteryPvt. NY
Wheeler, Samuel11-30-174612-25-1820Sags - Wheeler CemeteryPvt. NY
Wheeler, Williamabt. 17498-2-1828St. Thomas Lutheran Church CemeteryPvt. NY
Whitbeck, Thomas11-4-17577-4-1844Hudson City CemeteryPvt. NY
Williams, Davidabt. 17299-6-1800Baldwin - Hamilton - Carpenter PlotNY Mil.
Winans, Lewis176210-9-1826Family Cemetery, North GermantownPvt. NY
Woodworth, Roswell *5-1-17637-31-1837Cornwell-Tilden PlotNY

* pensioner

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