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Revolutionary War Graves of Soldiers
Buried in Delaware County, New York

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Graves of Soldiers of the American Revolution Buried in Delaware County, New York whose graves have been officially reported, located or marked, by the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Revolutionary SoldierBornDiedBuriedRevolutionary ServiceWife
Bartlett, Judahage 763-25-1828Old Churchyard Cemetery, Franklin, NY-Luna, died Nov. 15, 1840, age 82.
Birdsall, Lemuel4/12/17491837Quaker Hill Cemetery, Harpersfield, NY3rd Regiment Pawling Prect., Dutchess County Militia, N.Y.-
Boyle, George1848-Revolutionary Cemetery, Deposit, NYPensioner, New York Line.-
Bristol, Amos O.age 8912-8-1845Old Bartlett Hollow Graveyerd, Franklin, NYPrivate Captain Merrills Company, Col. Diamondes Regiment, Enlisted at Lanesboro, MAJerusha, buried in Bartlett Hollow.
Buell, Hezekiah--Old Churchyard Cemetery, Franklin, NY--
Buell, Orangeage 7512-13-1838Baptist Churchyard, Franklin, NY-Sally, died Dec. 7, 1836.
Chamberlain, Aaron, Generalage 688-26-1825Old Churchyard Cemetery, Franklin, NY--
Daniels, Ezekialage 759-15-1829Old Churchyard Cemetery, Franklin, NY-Elizabeth, died Apr. 22, 1829, age 67.
Edick, Conrad17631845Revolutionary Cemetery, Deposit, NYPensioner-
Edick, Jacob17641807Revolutionary Cemetery, Deposit, NYServed in Tryon County. 4th Regiment, Col. Peter Bellinger-
Evans, Henry17348/6/1792Pioneer Cemetery - Sidney, NYMajor in Cumberland County Militia, Vermont.-
Hanford, Levi9-19-175910-19-1854Hanford Cemetery, about 4 miles from Walton Village, NYWhen the Revolutionary War broke out he was sixteen years of age at which the law held him liable to military duty, He then enlisted in a company of Minute Men. At the age of seventeen he was taken prisoner.Mary Mead, born Dec. 11, 1759, died Sept. 15, 1847, buried in Walton Cemetery.
Judd, Anthonyage 911843Ouleout Valley Cemetery, Franklin, NY--
Marvin, Matthew6-7-17549-22-1846Delaware County, NYWas a soldier of the American Revolution. Was in advance under General Lee at the Battle of Monmouth.Mary Weed, died Feb. 24, 1847, age 88 yrs.
Merrick, Joseph, Captainage 8910-12-1826Old Churchyard Cemetery, Franklin, NY-Deborah, died Oct. 13, 1830, age 89.
North, Gabrielage 701827Walton Cemetery, Walton, NY-Deborah, died 1837.
North, Robertage 793-3-1837Walton Cemetery, Walton, NY-Elizabeth, died Nov. 11, 1848, age 85 yrs.
Ogden, Davidage 761840Treadwell Cemetery, Franklin, NYTaken prisoner by the Indians when a boy, was adopted by a squaw and had many exciting experiences before he made his escape. Susannah, died 1849, age 79.
Parker, Wyman, Captainage 685-19-1821Old Churchyard Cemetery, Franklin, NY-Merey, died 1840, age 82.
Phelps, Homerage 693-24-1826Ouleout Valley Cemetery, Franklin, NY-Adah, died Jan. 20, 1856, age 91.
Pine, Johnage 641817Pines Cemetery, Walton, NY-Mary, died 1817, age 63 yrs.
Sherrill, Jeremiahage 951-14-1845Old Churchyard Cemetery, Franklin, NYServed through the war under Captains John Hulburt and John Davis and under Col. H. B. Livingston. Also served as a scout.-
Waters, Josephage 636-15-1811Old Churchyard Cemetery, Franklin, NY-Lydia, died Dec. 23, 1841, age 91.
Wheat, Solomonage 911841Red Schoolhouse Cemetery, Franklin, NYSurgeon during the war.Hannah, died 1842, age 92.
Wilson, Isaacbefore 1758,
Dutchess County, NY
abt. 1805
Delaware County, NY
Wilson Hollow Family Cemetery, above Downsville, Delaware County, NY, about 3 miles toward Walton, NYIsaac Wilson emigrated from Dutchess County to Delaware County and was the first settler in Wilson Hollow near Downsville, N.Y. In the great struggle for American freedom in 1775, he served as an Ensign bearer. From History of Early Settlers in Delaware County, N.Y. New York in the Revolution as Colony and State, p. 63 - Isaac Wilson on the roll of 2nd Regiment of Artillery of the Line, Col. Lamb's Regiment. Eleanor Decker, Buried beside him.

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