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Revolutionary War Soldiers
Buried in Erie County, New York

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Graves of Soldiers of the American Revolution Buried in Erie County, New York whose graves have been officially reported, located or marked, by the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Revolutionary SoldierBornDiedBuried
Adams, Joel17511821Old Cemetery, East Aurora, NY
Allen, Zoeth17601848Rosenburg Corners, Gowanda, NY
Anderson, William17501843Akron, NY
Aitkins, Samuel17601812Forest Lawn Cemetery, Buffalo, NY
Baker, Theophilus17481838Eden Valley
Barber, Thomas17621837Williamsville
Barker, Zwnas17651834Forest Lawn Cemetery, Buffalo, NY
Barron, Joshua17471828Humphrey Cemetery, Holland, NY
Beardsley, Salmon W.17591825Eden Centre
Bell, Andrew17551845South Newstead
Bissell, Elias17591815Rural Cemetery, Lancaster, NY
Blount, Jonathan17581828Fillmore Cemetery, Clarence, NY
Boyers, Jacob17561826Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Newstead, NY
Briggs, Ephraim17531843Sardinia Rural Cemetery, Sardinia, NY
Burt, Alvin17611841Old Cemetery, East Aurora, NY
Canfield, Dennis17631846Prospect Park Cemetery, Hamburg, NY
Carmer, Abraham17601848Clarence, NY
Carpenter, Joseph17641834Rural Cemetery, Lancaster, NY
Cary, Recompense17561836Rural Cemetery, Lancaster, NY
Cary, Richard17501841Patchen
Chaffee, Stephen17571819Fairview Cemetery, Springville, NY
Challis, Enos17531815Humphrey Cemetery, Holland, NY
Chandler, Isaac17651841Duels Corners
Cheeseborough, James17621848Old Cemetery, Alden, NY
Clark, Benjamin17591842Rural Cemetery, Lancaster, NY
Colby, Ezekiel17631848Humphrey Cemetery, Holland, NY
Cole, John--Wales Centre
Cooper, Joseph17571844Humphrey Cemetery, Holland, NY
Corbin, David17571846Quaker Cemetery, North Collins, NY
Cotton, Ward17621812Forest Lawn Cemetery, Buffalo, NY
Crandall, Luke17551832North Collins, NY
Crook, Charles17541834Humphrey Cemetery, Holland, NY
Crook, Thomas17511838Old Cemetery, East Aurora, NY
Darbee, Jedediah17571828Griffins Mills Cemetery, Griffins Mills, NY
Davis, John17611848Denels Corners
Davis, Joshua17611825Humphrey Cemetery, Holland, NY
Derrick, Ephraim17561832Clarence Hollow Cemetery, Clarence, NY
Dumbleton, John17441812Prospect Park Cemetery, Hamburg, NY
Estabrook, Nehimiah17501822Old Cemetery, Alden, NY
Fanning, Jonathan17541844Derby
Fairchild, Nathaniel17521836Harris Hill Cemetery, Newstead, NY
Field, Asa17571831Rural Cemetery, Lancaster, NY
Fillmore, Cyrus17581846Old Cemetery, East Aurora, NY
Freeman, Stephen17591837Quaker Cemetery, Orchard Park, NY
Frost, John17591853Evans Centre, NY
Goodrich, Roswell17551847Sardinia Rural Cemetery, Sardinia, NY
Gould, Asa17521849Colden, NY
Granger, Abner17351816Forest Lawn Cemetery, Buffalo, NY
Granger, Erastus17651826Forest Lawn Cemetery, Buffalo, NY
Grannis, David17551834Gowanda, NY
Grant, Joseph17641834Humphrey Cemetery, Holland, NY
Hamblin, David17521839Clarence, NY
Hamet, Caleb17471842Sardinia Rural Cemetery, Sardinia, NY
Harris, Asa17551812Harris Hill, Newstead, NY
Hawley, James17581846Old Cemetery, East Aurora, NY
Hendee, Joshua17481819Old Cemetery, Alden, NY
Hicks, Daniel17601853Forest Lawn Cemetery, Buffalo, NY
Hill, Elisha17601828Humphrey Cemetery, Holland, NY
Hill, William17461828Eden Centre, NY
Hodge, Benjamin17531837Forest Lawn Cemetery, Buffalo, NY
Hopkins, James17491831Sardinia Rural Cemetery, Sardinia, NY
How, Janzaniah17631838Pine Hill Cemetery, Gowanda, NY
Hoyt, William17651847Old Cemetery, East Aurora, NY
Hull, Warren17621838On his farm, Wilhelm, NY
Hunt, David17611848Humphrey Cemetery, Holland, NY
Hurd, Eleazer17581838North Evans, NY
Johnson, Henry17621838Rural Cemetery, Lancaster, NY
Kellogg, Enoch17641842Old Cemetery, East Aurora, NY
King, Clement17561828Griffins Mills Cemetery, Griffins Mills, NY
Letson, William17611835Old Cemetery, East Aurora, NY
Lindsey, Matthew17631839Old Cemetery, Alden, NY
Little, Henry17581840Griffins Mills Cemetery, Griffins Mills, NY
Luther, Cromwell17611839North Collins, NY
Maples, Josiah17621847Old Cemetery, East Aurora, NY
Matteson, Philip17591827Forest Lawn Cemetery, Buffalo, NY
Miller, Frederick17641830Forest Lawn Cemetery, Buffalo, NY
Nichols, Reuben17521840Sardinia Rural Cemetery, Sardinia, NY
Patterson, Ebenezer17601844Griffins Mills Cemetery, Griffins Mills, NY
Peckham, Pardon17631851Rural Cemetery, Lancaster, NY
Peckham, Philip17251818Rural Cemetery, Lancaster, NY
Pettengill, Jacob1764-Old Cemetery, East Aurora, NY
Pettengill, Oliver17521818Old Cemetery, East Aurora, NY
Phelps, Cornelius175_1844Evans Centre Cemetery, Angola, NY
Pomeroy, Elisha17621849Sardinia Rural Cemetery, Sardinia, NY
Powell, Thomas17541843Sardinia Rural Cemetery, Sardinia, NY
Pratt, Samuel17641812Forest Lawn Cemetery, Buffalo, NY
Pratt, Thomas17531833Old Cemetery, East Aurora, NY
Randall, Elisha17611847Carpenter Cemetery, Sardinia, NY
Richardson, Caleb17561837Old Cemetery, East Aurora, NY
Rowley, Thomas, Jr.17461828Forest Lawn Cemetery, Buffalo, NY
Seamens, Hezekiah17631835Bowmansville, NY
Sears, Peter17631822Sardinia Rural Cemetery, Sardinia, NY
Shed, David17581841Sardinia Rural Cemetery, Sardinia, NY
Sidney, James17591836Forest Lawn Cemetery, Buffalo, NY
Shearer, Noah17641840Oakwood Cemetery, East Aurora, NY
Skinner, Jonathan17601848Duels Corners, NY
Snow, William17531834Alden Centre, NY
Standclift, John17571847North Collins, NY
Standart, Oliver17661841Alden Centre, NY
Swain, Jacob17571845Old Cemetery, East Aurora, NY
Treat, Thomas17581832Griffins Mills Cemetery, Griffins Mills, NY
Warner, Jonathan17591845South Wales, NY
Warren, Jacob17611810Old Cemetery, East Aurora, NY
Washburn, Nathan17581837Sardinia Rural Cemetery, Sardinia, NY
Waterman, Darius17601846Old Cemetery, Alden, NY
Welch, John17581839Eden Valley, NY

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