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Revolutionary War Graves of Soldiers
Buried in Franklin County, New York

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Graves of Soldiers of the American Revolution Buried in Franklin County, New York whose graves have been officially reported, located or marked, by the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Revolutionary SoldierBornDiedBuriedRevolutionary ServiceWife
Adams, Samuel12/30/17522/12/1838South Bangor, NYPrivate in Benjamin Houghton's Company. Marked grave1st. Elizabeth Newhall, 2nd. Deborah Bishop
Baldwin, Martin17671857Smith Cemetery, Burke, NYMartin Baldwin was a member of General Washington's Army during the Revolutionary War. He drew a chain to the North River that was used in stopping the British Army from coming up the River. Marked graveElizabeth, married 1790.
Barnum, Jehial17514/23/1831North Bangor, NYServed as a Private and Sergeant under Captain Jeriah Swift and Colonel Charles Burrell, Connecticut, afterwards was a Minute Man in the Connecticut Militia. He applied for a pension April 3, 1818, it was allowed. Marked grave1st. ---, 2nd. Rachel Finney
Beach, David175412/1/1828Old Protestant Cemetery, Chateaugay, NYEnlisted as Private July 12, 1775; Sergaent 1777; Ensign 1778-1781 and Lieut. 1781; Retired 1783. New Milford, Connecticut Military Records. Marked grave.Anna Clark
Beebe, Ashel17631848Dimick or Maplewood Cemetery, Malone, NYEnlisted March 1778 Col. Craries' Artillery. Hon. Discharge 1783. Age 20 yrs. Marked grave.Armanelle Parmalee, born Jan. 28, 1765, died Nov. 14, 1851.
Bell, Jason10/26/176210/22/1843Dimick or Maplewood Cemetery, Malone, NYPrivate in Capt. Asa Bradley's Company, 15th Regiment, Col. Hooker's Company called to defend the coast and frontier. Marked grave.Lydia Hill of Richmond, Mass. Born 1762, died 1843.
Bell, Oliver17463/14/1839Constable, NYMarked graveRena, born 1758, died May 9, 1833.
Beman, Nathan 17561841East-Side Cemetery, Chateaugay, NY Acted as guide to Ethan Allen at the capture of Ticonderoga. Later served under Ira Allen, Col. Fletcher and others. Recieved a Pension. Marked grave.Jemima Roberts, born 1754, died 1841.
Berry, Barnabas7/13/17608/18/1851Briggs Street Cemetery, Westville, NYHenry Briggs, on or near the first day of May 1775, enlisted in the town of Dighton, County of Bristol and State or Colony of Massachusetts Bay in the Company commanded by Capt. Peter Pitts in the 22nd Regiment, commanded by Col. Timothy Walker, and that the said Henry Briggs was directly elected as Ensign in said Company, and sworn to perform the trust, on the 24th day of May 1775. According tyo the record, Henry Briggs served under Capt. Peter Pitts eight months as Ensign and was discharged in January 1776, by verbal consent of Capt. Pitts but Henry Briggs was not discharged from service, but promoted to a Lieutenancy in Col. French's Regiment in the same Massachusetts line, and continued to serve therein until evacuation of Boston, making, in the whole (he says) nearly one year, and was then honorably discharged. He was in war service 10 months, and in recruitment one month. He received a pension. Marked gravePrecenda, born 1760, died Jan. 1, 1816.
Bowles, Charles 17613/16/1845Village Cemetery, Constable, NYGrave stone reads "For more than 40 years a sucessful minister of the Gospel in the Free Will Baptist Connection. A Soldier of the Revolution". Marked grave.-
Briggs, Henry174612/11/1828Briggs Street Cemetery, Westville, NYMarked graveSally, born 1753, died Sept. 15, 1835.
Child, Abijah17491818Village Cemetery, Constable, NY--
Chipman, Jesse17556/11/1841Dimick or Maplewood Cemetery, Malone, NY Private, Allen's Vermont Militia. Marked grave, Government Stone.Mary
Cook, Stephen3/25/17558/9/1829Burke, NYMarked grave-
Cornish, Gabriel5/1/17_83/27, 1841Old Protestant Cemetery, North Bangor, NYAide to General Washington. Marked grave-
Crippen, Alpheus1760
Sharon, Conn.
9/23/1834Homestead, between Burke and Chateaugay, N.Y.Private under Capt. Noble - Col. Wood, Capt Wales - Col. Marshall, Capt. Warner - Col. Brown (Mass. Soldiers and Sailors in Rev. Vol. IV N.Y. Pension Rolls - p. 310.Phebe Wilcox, born 1762, died Feb. 1, 1840.
Cross, Thomas-4/1/1846Bombay, NYMarked grave-
Erwin, David5/18/1758
Newark, N.J.
12/9/1831Westville, NYAppointed General of the Militia of the State of New York. He was with General Washington (in one of the small boats) on Christmas night at the memorable crossing of the Delaware River.Marked grave.Catherine Munson, born 1761, died 1840.
Field, William8/27/17451/24/1824Long Plain Cemetery - Leverett, Franklin County, NYExpedition to the ?-
Freeman, Elisha17467/8/1838Riverside Cemetery, Westville, NYMarked grave-
Hall, Nicholas-9/6/1831Old Protestant Cemetery, Chateaugay, NYMarked grave-
Hamsdom (Humsdon), John17568/31/1820Fort Covington, NYMarked grave-
Heath, Samuel-5/22/1836Dimick Cemetery, Malone, NYMarked graveLeah, died May 25, 1846, age 83.
Jackson, Asa2/16/17599/11/1844Bombay, NYHe lived in Washington, Cheshire County, New Hampshire. He enlisted at age of 18 as a private in the Revolutionary War. He was with recruits mustered by Major Scott, June 28, 1789. Discharged Dec. 6, 1780. N.H. Rolls. Vol. 3, P. 82-92. Marked grave-
Keeler, Elijah1/12/17565/27/1835Webster Street Cemetery, Malone, NYPrivate in Captain Asa Barnes' Co., Col. Ruggles' Regt. 1775; Sergeant in Capt. Barnes' Co. and marched on the Alarm 1777; Sergeant in Capt. David Wheeler's Co. under Col. Simonds. Marked grave1st. Eleanor Squire. 2nd. Sarah, died Dec. 18, 1831, age 68 yrs.
Keeley, James--Harrietstown Road Cemetery, Harrietstown, NYMarked grave-
Lawrence, Jonathan, Jr.2/20/17302/5/1851Moira, NYEnlisted Sept. 1777 in Canaan, Conn. He served six weeks as private in Capt. Gaylords Company. Enlisted June 1779 as private in Capt. Joshua Stanton's Company, Col. Mead's Regiment.Marked grave1st. Lucy Clark, born Dec. 18, 1771, married 1790, died 1812. 2nd. Lydia.
Leonard, Ebenezer17304/3/1810Westville, NYMarked graveJane Ann, died May 15, 1833, age 23 yrs.
Noble, Saxtonabt. 17592/14/1829-Marked grave-
Otis, John17586/18/1842Harrietstown, NYJohn Otis engaged in the capture of Burgoyne. He was in Capt. Hyde's Company in Pierce's Island, Portsmouth, N.H. Private in Col. Badger's Regiment of Militia in 1776 and Captain John Drew's Company in 1777.Marked grave-
Plumb, Joseph176110/13/1838North Bangor, NYMarked grave-
Roberts, Benjamin17618/6/1828Chateaugay, NYServed as Private in Captain Thomas Barney's Company, Colonel Ira Allen's Regiment Oct. 1780-1781-82-83. Marked graveAnnie Weller, born Mar. 18, 1769, died April 13, 1846, 10 children.
Rockwell, Jeremiah17568/28/1852West Bangor Cemetery - West Bangor, NYMarked grave-
Safford, Col. Joseph17421/4/1807
Malone, NY
Webster Street Cemetery, Malone, NYCol. Joseph Stafford was a Private in the 1st Militia Company organized at Bennington, Vermont Oct. 24, 1764.Marked grave, Government Stone.Marcy (Leonard) Robinson, born Oct. 1748, married 1766 at Bennington, VT, died May 7, 1814.
Saunders, John12/5/17591/27/1844Fort Covington, NYMarked grave-
Smith, Jacob7/7/17427/8/1837Earlville Cemetery, Chateaugay, NYMarked grave-
Smith, Samuel3/17/1759
Nine Partners, N.Y.
Malone, NY
Morningside Cemetery, Malone, NYSamuel Smith joined the Revolutionary Army when he was 18 years old, served in Captain Culver's Company, James Mead's Regiment of Militia 1777, afterwards, in Samuel Brady's and James Blakesley's Companies. In 1780 he was made a Captain of a Company of his own in Fairlee, Vermont. He came to New York to reside and was in law with Benjamin S. Clark. At one time he was County Clerk and County Treasurer. Marked graveDiadema Benton
Spencer, Thomas9/28/17558/22/1840Moira, NYPrivate in Mattock's Company, Colonel Chandler's Regiment. Corporal of Nehemiah Rice's Company, Colonel Isaac Sherman's Regiement, Sergeant in Captain Samuel Comstock's Company Colonel Swift's Regiment. Marked grave1st. Married 1799, 2nd. Huldah Oaks
Stevens, Henry17565/22/1841Brandon, NYMarked grave-
Taylor, James17557/19/1817South Bangor, NYMarked grave-
Wood, Enos2/2/17611/21/1851Webster Street Cemetery, Malone, NYHe served as Corporal in Captain William Hutchin's Company, Vermont Militia, and was at the Battle of Bennington. He was a pensioner.Marked graveAsenath Hazen, born 1763, married May 9, 1782 at South Hero, Vermont.
Wood, John8/14/17679/29/1830Webster Street Cemetery, Malone, NYAt Battle of Bennington with his father and brothers. Marked graveSarah Safford

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