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Revolutionary War Graves of Soldiers
Buried in Jefferson County, New York

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Graves of Soldiers of the American Revolution Buried in Albany County, New York whose graves have been officially reported, located or marked, by the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Revolutionary SoldierBornDiedBuriedRevolutionary ServiceWife
Barney, William-6/16/18_4TylervillePrivate Captain Cooper's Company, Colonel Bradfords Mass. Regiment. Discharged West Point March 18, 1779. Grave marked.-
Baxter, John8/19/17574/18/1847Perch River Cemetery, Jefferson County, NYEnlisted at Sanderfield, Berkshire County, Massachustees.-
Bartholomew, Oliver10/20/17577/18/1850 Brownsville Cemetery, Jefferson County, NYEnlisted at Goshen, Connecticut in 1776 in Col. Baldwins Regiment.-
Bentley, William4/25/1765 R.I.5/2/1850 N.Y.Family Plot, Champion, NY At 16 yrs. served under Capt. Bannister, Lyingham, Mass., Capt. Bridgit., Col. Hall.-
Benjamin, Jonas4/6/17606/6/1854Muscalonge Cemetery, Hounsfield, NY Born in Canterbury, Mass. Enlisted Apr. 1781 at Ashburnham, Mass. 10th Mass. Regt. under Capt. Walker, Col. Jackson.-
Brittain, Samuel1762 N.H. 4/19/1835Sand Bay Cemetery, Cape Vincent, NYSerg. Entered Revolutionary War at 14 yrs. of Age-
Brown, George17552/1/1828Brownville Cemetery, Brownville, NY2nd Lieut. 7th Assoc. Company.-
Cleveland, Isaac1/2/1755
Canterbury, CT
May 14
Watertown, NY
Arsenal Street Cemetery, Watertown, NY8 months man in Conn. Regiment, Discharged 1779.-
Coleman, Jesse10/15/1764
Hebron, CT
Rodman, NY
Fairview Cemetery, Rodman, NYPrivate First Independent Company, --- land. Capt. Robert Durkee, --- Regt. Began Jan. 1, 1777.-
Cleveland, Solomon2/27/----6/16----Sand Hill Cemetery, Wilna, nyBorn in Canterbury, Conn. Private in Continental Line.-
Collins, William17591850Stone Mills Cemetery, Orleans, NYBattle of Long Island, Monmouth, Stoney Point and Trenton.-
Crandall, Abel7/26/17579/21/1826Hillside Cemetery, Champion, NY Sergeant in Fletcher's Regiment of Vermont Militia.-
Marshall, Henry17471798Old Watertown Cemetery, Jefferson County, NYPrivate in Capt. Lovejoy's Company under Col. Wentworth.-
Parker, James9/29/1764 1/26/1828Brownville, Jefferson County, NYCorporal.-
Plumb, Nathaniel4/4/17601842Brownsville Cemetery, Jefferson County, NYDrummer Boy.-
Spafford, Colonel John17523/24/1823Spafford's LandingHead of Company of Militia during the American Revolution. Assisted with his Company at taking of Ticondaroga under Arnold and Allen. Directed to assist Colonel Warner in assault on Crown Point. Reached there before Colonel Warner and received the commandant's sword. This remained in the famiy till his death.-
Thompson, Zebulon10/25/17633/8/1832On County Road from Adams to Rodman, Jefferson County, NY Private at Saybrook, Conn. Under Capt. Converse, Col. Heman Swift's Regiment of the Connecticut Line.-
Wherry, Daniel--Plessis Cemetery, Jefferson County, NYPension Certificate 24892, Albany, New York.-

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