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Revolutionary War Graves of Soldiers
Buried in Lewis County, New York

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Graves of Soldiers of the American Revolution Buried in Lewis County, New York whose graves have been officially reported, located or marked, by the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Revolutionary SoldierBornDiedBuriedRevolutionary ServiceWife
Adams, Hon. Levi17631831East Road Cemetery, Lowville, NY Attended semi-centenial Celebration Loville July 4, 1826. 1819 State Senator. 1820 Member Council of Appointments.-
Alexander, Capt. Nathaniel Nov. 1744Nov. 182_West Martinsburgh, NY Captain in Col. Edward Wiggleworth's Mass. Inf. 1772 Married Eunice Hitchcock.
Anderson, Joseph4/12/17551/21/1846Riverside Cemetery, Copenhagen, NY Enlisted 1775 in Continental Army. One of 11 men under Ethan Allen who in 1775 captured Ticondaroga. Was in siege of Crown Point, Bunker Hill and at Yorktown. Grave not marked.-
Austin, Jonathan3/18/175510/1?/1783 Austin Cemetery, Austin, NYGrave not marked.Married Mercy Goodspeed
Williams, Bartholomew17626/22/1846West Martinsburgh, NY Grave marked.-
Bush, Captain Jonathan June 17457/2/1825East Road Cemetery, Turin, NY8th Co. 19th Regt. Trained Band of Ct.-
Bush, Zecheus of Zecheriah 174211/20/1811 Houseville, NY Dutchess County Militia, 2nd Regt. His wife Mary died Aug. 4, 1842 age 79.
Clinton, Rev. Isaac 17593/18/1840East Road Cemetery, Lowville, NYBorn in Milford, CT. Private in Connecticut Militia. 1807 Principal Lowville Academy.-
Davenport, Capt. Chas4/15/17511812 Rural Cemetery, Lowville, NY Grave marked.-
Dewey, John1/20/175412/31/1821Locust Grove Cemetery, Leyden Hill, NY Grave marked. Born in Westfield.-
Dewey, Meded10/20/17604/15/1849West Lyden Cemetery, Lewis County, NY Private, Capt. Preserved Leonard's Cp., Elisha Porter's Regt. H???shire Co., Regt. Militia-
DeWitt, Moses17571850 Stowe Square Cemetery, Lowville, NY Grave marked.-
Henry, Jonas 17461821 West Martinsburgh, NY Grave marked.-
Johnson, Edward 3/1/17591851 Houseville, NY 3rd Line Regt. under Washington. Grave marked.-
Lyman, Ezekial7/4/17601845 Constableville, NY Soldier of Revolution Grave not marked.-
Markham, Ebenezer17482/14/1814Constableville, NY Member of Capt. Cook's Regiment. Was in Battles of Saratoga and Yorktown. Grave not marked.-
Martin, Colonel Adam17398/9/1818Martinsburgh, NYCharlotte County Militia, Col. Leanneds Regt. Grave marked.-
Morgan, Ithamer17689/7/1838Houseville, NY Present at re-union of the Revolutionary Soldiers at Lowville July 4, 1826. His wife Olive died Oct. 2, 183-, buried nearby.
Nichelson, Nathaniel 12/3/17514/13/1825Stowe Square Cemetery, Lowville, NY Private stationed at Martha's Vineyard.-
Noonin or Nooney, Zebulon--Lyondale, NYDutchess County Militia 6th L.B.R. Regt. Grave not marked.-
Pitcher, Reuben 17632/15/1844 Martinsburgh, NYGrave marked.-
Puffer, Isaac17635/22/1868Beaches Bridge, Watson, NY In the Battle of Bennington, Came from Princeton, Mass. Married Sarah Miriam.
Rogers, Jonathan3/11/17564/16/1841Old Cemetery near Railroad, Lowville, NYServed in Ulster Militia. Grave marked.-
Ryel, Peter7/25/175912/29/1843 Copenhagen Cemetery, Copenhagen, NY Capt. Ricker's Company, Col. Brincherhoff's New York Regiment. Grave Marked.-
Shull, John17452/27/1827Rural Cemetery, Lowville, NY Grave marked.-
Sliter, John 1754-Lyondale, NYUlster County Militia 4th Regt. Col. Hardenbergh. Grave not marked.-
Smith, Lewis 5/21/17521841 Leyden Hill Cemetery, Leyden Hill, NY12th Regt. Albany County Militia. Grave marked.-
Spencer, Rufus --Un-named Cemetery, Lowville, NY Dutchess County Militia, 5th Regiment. Grave marked.-
Stebbens, John--Martinsburgh, NYIn Battle of Saratoga. Grave marked.-
Stoddard, Ralph, Sergt. 2/4/17512/4/1831Harrisburg, NY Born in Groton, CT. Grave not marked.-
Sturtevant, Caleb-10/17/1837Martinsburgh, NY--
Sylvester, NathanielChesterfield, Mass.3/1/1813Deer River Cemetery, Derr River, NYSerg. Captain Israel Chapin's Company, Colonel Fellows Regiment Minute Men, who marched in the alarm April 19, 1775, and on 27th enlisted in same Company.1st - Sarah Bartlett, 2nd - Mary Leonard.
Van Dresser, Henry 1766 1844 West Martinsburgh, NY Grave marked.-
Wright, Capt. Charles --Copenhagen Cemetery, Copenhagen, NY Grave not marked-

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